Nate (Big Dreams)

Nate (Big Dreams)

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to the winning ugly podcast. As always. It's your host, Trish.

And my most favorite sidekick Emery. And we call him Mr Voice because he has a radio voice and our listeners always keep telling us that. So Emery, you really fit the part. So thanks for being such an awesome [inaudible].

Apparently I have a a great voice so I'm excited about that. I'm more excited about our next guest. Finally have athlete on.

Yeah. So headphones are not crank this baby up. You are in for a special treat. Our next guest is known as one of the top five athletes coming out of Louisiana. He is also one of the most genuine and thoughtful people you will meet. He will be sharing how as a child he had big dreams of making it to the NBA, but his family had other plans for him. Are you struggling with the dreams and goals you have for your life? Nate will surely give you some encouragement. So Nate fry, welcome to the show.

How are you guys doing? It's good to be here. Doing Great. I'm excited to have you on man. Yeah, I'm excited to be cool. To have someone like in my comfort zone.

Emory is a great man. He loves sports.
Yeah. Cause I mean we, we deal with, you know, obviously some different topics, some deep topics. So Nate, if you would introduce yourself, tell us a little bit of who you are and what you are to now.

My name is Nathaniel fry. Everybody knows me as Nate. Right now I'm working as a software analyst for South Central Planning and Development Commission. Okay. Right. I just, uh, my job description with them is that we implement our software in different cities. Uh, and then I basically go out and train, train the people on how to use our software. So it requires a lot of traveling, which I'm used to at sports. Sure. Other than that, I'm just been talking to a lot of agents. That's been my, uh, my big thing this whole past two or three months, been kicking out 10 or so emails a day to different agencies trying to get the right fit. That's always a big challenge as like an interview process. You know, you want to see

who's your right fit, who has your best interests at heart, which is not always easy to tell who has your same goals in mind, who can see your vision just like you.

So all those things go into play. In our location too. So my big thing is that I want, I want an agent in states. There's agents, basketball agents, baseball agents, football, all over the United States and in other countries. So I wanted one in state just for the sake of communication purposes. The one I had before was, um, from, uh, South America, which is allowed me to land the job there. My first professional career that was in Uruguay, right as in Uruguay. And it was just the language barrier was a little bit hard in a time difference. Anytime he was asleep I was up and vice versa. So communication was pretty hard from that, uh, from that standpoint. And um, just, uh, just him realizing what I actually want. I could never meet with him face to face. Everything was either a whatsapp or a over the phone for whatsapp. Yeah,

I know about whatsapp. Oh yeah. So you're looking for it. It's more an agent in Louisiana, not just in or just you. Yeah. You're shopping for an agent. I'm shopping right now actually

to get on the phone with a guy right after this, a potential prospect. I really liked his, um, his motivation, his drive, he brought some really good points to the table. He's also a Christian Guy, which also like as well. Yeah, I've always prayed for that. So, um, it's kind of a dream come true. All, all the things that God was telling me, what happened is kind of falling into place. So it's kind of exciting.

That's awesome man. Very cool. Very cool. So you're an off season right now. What are you doing? Are you in the gym every day? Training?

Yup. A lot of them. A lot of training. Um, so after I'll see, I go to work at about eight, seven, eight o'clock. I worked there for about eight hours. After that I leave directly. I have my bag go straight to the gym and that's where I'll go train my kids, uh, who was, or who are a part of Alpha Omega, my, my training business. And they usually have a younger group. And I do, I do an older group and then by that time it's about six or seven o'clock and then it's time to train myself. Okay. So you're not actually train yourself to at nighttime with that? Yeah, to at night and it's pretty, it's pretty tough. I had to get used to that because, um, when I became a full time analyst, um, I was only before I was only working 24 hours and 40 hours a week, kinda like eats up into the day.

Absolutely. Yeah. Eats up into the day. And so I'm getting home later, 11 o'clock, 12 o'clock at night because there's two parts to my workout. I got to shoot your [inaudible] court work and gym work. So it's like, man, it's, it's tough, but um, it, it develops you as an individual develop me as an individual. I'm just meeting new challenges and I'll often talk to my brother and my mom and my dad and my sister about it. And they often encourage me, just, you know, stick through it and it's making you better. It hurts, but it makes you better. It's good to have that support system around you. It sounds like you have a good one.

So you're, you have a training business called Alpha Omega and you teach children, is it, it's for children.

Yeah. So I'm Alpha Omega is a faith based business. Um, Alpha Omega being a biblical reference. Yeah. Um, I started it when I was a sophomore in college just to make some money, but, uh, I kind of grew as, um, my vision for it grew. I saw that because of my influence, uh, in the community here and the influence that I was beginning to grow in New Orleans, that I was able to turn this turn us into

something right. Than just a moneymaker. Um, I train, uh, basketball players. Football players haven't really trained a baseball player yet. I'm looking to actually hire somebody for that, for that aspect. But those are my two main sports. Um, I do strength training, speed and quickness and agility. Okay. So you can do field work with the football player, right? Like doing the ladder work and sprint work cuts and that's all I went to school for.

I majored in human performance and health promotion. Okay. And that kind of doesn't line up with what I do now, but no it doesn't. Right. You know, and I thought, I thought that's maybe what you want. This I assumed rather that maybe you went to school for that. Right. So I'm glad you and a lot of PBL, a lot of people ask me that. When my boss came to me, um, and presented me with a job, it was solely off the fact of a mean me being able to adapt to different types of people, uh, me being able to command a room and talk and learn a software really, really gradually. So yeah. So you had some skill sets outside of just maybe, you know what, those guys that are doing that, you're working with them, they may have went to school and were educated on a certain aspect, but you had a lot of other tangible correct.

That also made you fit for that job. The other thing is too, when you have been working behind a computer for so long, that's the only person you know how to communicate with. Ah, you know, you don't really know how to deal with I'm a disgruntled customer as a big deal yet. Right, exactly. Cause it's going to happen. And a lot of guys who work with a computer information so they don't deal with that on a daily basis. I know what you mean. I've talked to cats like that before and it's like, man, have you been outside and stuff? So, um, I work with those type of guys and that's another thing. I'm working side by side with those types of people in this, there's nothing wrong with them. They're cool. I love talking to them. I learn new things every day. Okay. Going to teach you a lot. Oh my goodness. I've learned, I've learned how to unsend an email. Did you know that was a thing? I did not know that was all you all, you see it on movies. But when we, when we close this podcast, we're going to learn that I learned, teach me something. And that was just one thing out of a hundred things. That's awesome. Yeah. Cool.

Okay. So you went to college where?

I went to college in new, uh, New Orleans at the University of New Orleans private two year private to your nation. Baby Lo Dai. Yeah. Very cool.

Okay. Well, what is one of the most memorable games for you in all of your career? Like all of it? Yeah. Like it does one game specifically stick out to you. It's

tough. I know. That's what this is really, really, she was going to put it to like, uh, maybe just college or professional, I would say. Yeah. I would say my most memorable game was, um, and it was kinda like a climax of a movie. I got to my senior year, my first two years of, um, of college were really, really rough. Uh, Uno if just to give you a little background information on them. Uh, they were coming from d too because the storm, yeah, they lost enrollment. So they had to drop down to division two. And, um, when they got back out of it, when they got back out of division two, we had a probation year so we couldn't qualify for any, uh, postseason anything. And this is something you didn't know, you found this out after you were assigned with them. And that was the other thing.

They were very up front with me when I express my interest. They were like, Hey, this is what's going on here. Well that's cool that they were like, yeah, very, very honest. And um, I appreciated that over and over everything. Yeah. They could have tried to treat me. Yeah, they could have told you anything. And

um, it was, it was, it was good. I was, I was glad that they did that. Okay. So back to the original question. The first two years were really rough. Third Year, um, things start to get a little better, but then just took a turn for the worst. Things just started to get really bad in terms of team camaraderie, players getting along, getting argument coaches. But then my senior year hit and I just wanted to make the most of it. And now is the season that the new university, New Orleans gonna remember forever.

Yeah. Yeah. I remember on Facebook seeing different posts and stuff. Everybody was crazy. We were trending on Twitter. I've never turned it on Twitter in my life. Everybody was talking about Nate fries and Louisiana was crazy. We played in the national tournament March madness. Everybody watched a year round. People fill out their brackets to try the wound. The million dollar prize. Yeah. Right after we won the conference championship. And Katie drove home to Texas. Yeah. Katy Texas drove home that same night. We had a, um, it's called selection Sunday and they take the ESPN, um, the ESPN what anchors from each state and they bring you to your school and that's when you find out who you're gonna be playing in the tournament. So it was a really, really big deal. It is a big deal. And they show each team throughout the United States who's going to be playing in the tournament.

So in New Orleans came up, we were in our, like, we call it the cove. It's like we're all the students hang out at. And, uh, when they call New Orleans yeah. When they call New Orleans cuts private tears of course. Yes, sure. And um, when they call it New Orleans name, our Ne Are our pictures showed up on the TV. We were so crazy. My goodness. It was like I said, it was like a climax of a movie. We found out who we were playing on a Friday, got on the bus and flew to a private jet that brought us to Ohio. Nice the next day. Wow. Private jets are awesome. Yeah. No, it just, it was crazy. And we all each had our own seat. Good. I had never experienced anything like that in my life was cool. And that's not even the best part. Not even the best part.

Not even the best part. So you're going to stop there, right? No, seriously. And so I get to the game. So many people we were at, um, we're in Dayton, Ohio, at the University of Dayton and like 15,000 people getting never played in front of that many people before that. And these weren't even people who were fans like from New Orleans. These are all people from Ohio. So the first quarter I only had two points. Well the first half when we had two points, I didn't finish with 18. Like I scored and turned it on. I turned it on, I scored like 12 back to back points. What was it that I had got the momentum going? I know, cause you're not at home, so no one's really cheered for it. Nobody was really cheering for me. Um, I mean obviously I had my team, but it was just, it was crazy.

Like I just felt so good, flexible. I couldn't, I couldn't miss the zone. Right. I get it right. The eye blue gets so big, you know about it. Yeah. You can put it up there. Yeah, seriously. We're in the zone. It's like you can throw it at the basket and you're not know what you miss is clicking. Everything's just clicking for you. Yeah. We ended up, the only bad thing about it, we ended up losing by one heartbreaker game. That is tough. And then we would have been playing the defendant national championships, uh, champions. Villanova. Wow. That is a story book. Yeah. College ready for basketball. They go way back, man. That's, that's when in history. Oh yes. You know, always have good teams. Yeah. But that's my most memorable game. And then probably after that would be my, my first professional game as in like, hey, hey, wow, I'm really made to here.

Like I'm really playing professional ball, getting paid to play basketball. I made right, exactly. No more, no more free games or the famous player. Have you played with her practice with I haven't played with any per se. Um, I played with some growing up with AAU, I played against a whole slew of guys that are in the NBA right now. Uh, Kelly Uber, he played for the um, Washington wizards, the Harrison twins. One

of them plays for, uh, Charlotte. Uh, but in, in South America, I don't know if you know who Anderson, various hours. He, Scott sounds familiar. He sounded, he actually played with Lebron. He's from uh, Brazil. Yes. If you look up Anderson marriage, y'all, he played with Lebron his first, I want to say four or five years in the league and we played against them in a place called the Palazzo in Uruguay.

And that's the center, a powerful [inaudible] the center. I figured he was a center. He's like six, nine was tough thing to play against. Um, Nah, he wasn't as like, and that's, and that's the thing that gives me the confidence that I do now when I see these guys I've been watching on TV for my entire life. Cause Anderson, he was getting a good career in NBA. He did. Yeah, he did. And he probably honestly could still go back. I watched him growing up. Yeah. And he's not, you know, someone that's well known in the states, but a lot of people know him. He's played years in the NBA. That's a big deal with one of the best player who's ever lived. Lebron James. And now I'm on the court with this guy and like, oh, should I surreal. Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's crazy. I asked to pinch myself a couple times, like

happening, like I have to play them on eight focus. You can think about it after the game. Yeah. Autograph after, right? Yeah. Everybody was going to get his autograph. Oh my goodness. That's cool man. Right. Well, professionally speaking, did you play on any teams with winning seasons?

Yeah, so, uh, the University of New Orleans, uh, obviously, uh, that was, like I said, one of the best seasons that we've ever experienced in history. That's crazy. Which was, you know, kind of a, a kind of a big deal for New Orleans because like I said, we, we'd been trying to rebuild, get the building blocks back up from Katrina and it's still like there's, there's still a lot that needs to be done. Like you can, there's roads that are still messed up. Um, and just so many people rally behind us, you know, New Orleans school will love their sports hot man. So basically what you're telling me is you're the drew Brees. Ah, what not what you're saying. I would not say that I'm not putting words in your mouth. I would not say that, but I felt like it was a catalyst. Yeah. Cause people like to sort of forget about things and enjoy sports. Right. Yeah. And it was, it's just, um, it's great to give people something to cheer about. Absolutely. Man. You know, whether it's, um, it's basketball, football, it's a good thing. Yeah. It's, it's fun. It's fun to give people hope. Absolutely. Yeah. Cool man. It's cool to see. Um, whenever you have in any sport, you see a city go through a disaster, natural disaster, and then their sports team does something. It's kind of like, yes, it's inspiring. Yeah. There's a story there. Yeah.

Speaking of winning, Emory probably doesn't know I'm going to share this, but in school he like won the all the free throw contest. Yeah. You were like so proud of it. Yeah. You're pretty good in basketball. They were free throat. What type of free throw we did with the free throw that she's talking about? I was a kid. I was probably eight, nine or 10 years old and I think the, uh, maybe the elk [inaudible] the one around here and then congratulations. We had to go somewhere, you know, talking about. Right. I wasn't crazy. Participated in those events. Yeah. Thank you. And then the three point was just like a, um, a little school event in high school. It wasn't a major things or something. And within the school did you look at that? But yeah, I do like to shoot some baskets. I'm like, Hey, I can go open up and Jim, we can go shoot. No [inaudible] in general. So yeah, I had my moments. Yeah. Well what was what life like in the NBA? Um, give us a rundown of what a week, what did you do in a week's time

in Uruguay? It's called the Lub. It's uh, the, uh, the Liga League legal, something that's Lub I forgot what it was called, but um, I guess the B's basketball. Yeah, the basket. Yeah. Yeah, it stands for a basket or something like that, but I'm not a typical day is actually really, really chill. If you ever talk to a guy that's actually in the NBA, he would actually say their day is really boring. Really, really? Yeah. Um, you get up. Um, it depends on like your coach or your organization. If you have practice in the morning, um, you'll

do have, you'll have your regular practice in. Then you have your individual work to see what you have to work on and put your training away, the weaknesses and stuff like that. Yeah, deficiencies and stuff like that. And you'll have your workout, you know, your, you have your gym workout in strength or resistance and then after that it's nothing. You've got your own time. You got your own time walking around. What does it, Monta [inaudible] what does the Montevideo Man Dale was beautiful.

That's awesome. Do they speak Spanish in Uruguay? I thought they spoke. See? Yeah, they only speak Spanish. South America is Spanish except Brazil. I know that, but I thought you maybe spoke a different dialect or something. I don't know why we poke wars. I put in deem I put in the most often the most Spanish in Colombia. Quando [inaudible] in Bogota. Oh, okay. Three years. How was that? It was awesome. Then the capital is 10 million people. It was, I mean, pretty comparable to New York City. It was big because like most of the population in Uruguay's in that city you're talking about, right? I mean it's like that's the, that's the, it's the main city, right? The capitol. Yeah. That's cool man. Okay, well I have to know, do you have a nickname on the court?

Yeah, so I mean, other than people calling me names, people call me rock. I don't know why people like to call me Terry cruise and I'm a big dancer.

Terry Cruz. [inaudible] I could see that was not nice. I hope. I don't look like too, you know, but I know what you mean. Yeah. I like to dance a lot. I'll look like, do you want mom? And that's my Instagram name and now it's only was why. It's because my mom calls me that within fry is such a cool and unique last name. Does anybody do anything with that? With the FRY? With the last name? I've heard a couple of commentators be like fry sizzling. I thought. Okay. Yeah. Gotcha. People call fringes French fry. That's pretty weak. Yeah. No, because the French fry, you didn't really think like awesome. It's Kinda just weak. Yeah. They call me, people call me. Uh, my teammates call me. Like I said, rock people call me [inaudible] for a while. Like my senior year, they call me nasty Nate. That's cool. Yeah. Kind of aggressive swagger. Yeah. Just, just because of a on court types. Yeah. Well you have a few. Well that's awesome man. Before we move into your store, we always like to go into some fun questions. So the first question I have for you, what's your favorite song that you have on repeat? I know you got some

your music guy, right? I am a music guy. I love, um, and this because I would call myself an old soul. There's this new song that came out called, uh, I don't know if y'all familiar with computer computer love back in back in the day. Who was the artist? Oh, that was the artist. That's, no, no, no computer love was the name of the song, but the name of the artists, God, I forgot the guy's nineties r. And B. It's just, yeah, it was genuine. But now was the guy that he would

stick, he would stick the, um, he would stick like a stick in his mouth and he would like auto tree. I think it was the first one I ever do auto tune. So that was why it was a big deal. He was Kinda hit on the side, but then there was a new song that came out called uh, love through the computer and like I'm sitting at a desk all day, so, oh man, that's perfect. It's, yeah, and whenever I put it on, he just, it helps me get to work, man. It puts me in a mode. But what about like getting hyped for the basketball court? You know, it was crazy. A lot of people think that, uh, you know, listen to upbeat music. What should it is for some people. But I'm a, I'm a real classical guy. I love Frank Sinatra. Nice. Um, New York is, is my song really.

I'm fly me to the moon is my songs. So I think it was very troubling. I think it could be zap and Roger. I think Peter Love Song. Terry, Tim Cook's last name. Thanks. What about Miles Davis? She like Miles Davis do love miles Davis. And the thing about my, my college coach, he loved him too. So you'd always play him in the locker room. I was like, I don't even need headphones. He's awesome man. I love

instruments mom. All my parents play them. Yeah, sure. Yeah. You come from that type of family, but I don't know, I'm just wondering if you have music talent musically inclined. Get it so ever. Cause your family can sing. My mom can say they got it and my dad and my sister. Oh yeah. That's cool man. Yeah. I'm gonna stay in my lane though. Yeah. You gotta know where you're at, right?

What you're good at. That's the next question. Do you have a hidden talent? Do I have a hidden talent? It could be something weird. It doesn't have to be. You can dance. It's really not. Yeah. Yeah. Cause you're Terry crews. Dude. You would be surprised how well I can catch candy in my mouth. Huh? That is exactly what we were looking at. We have some grapes over there. We're going to try and listen a bit. Some Greens. No, I'm very good. Like that is a weird, that is a weird skill to find out. Why? What were you doing? I would run routes in the gym in high school and I would tell somebody to throw a skill and I would go and catch that. Then yes. That's a interesting, you catch your when a kid like when they catch you off guard and they just throw in, you're like, yeah, I mean I've never tried.

I've always been alert like, Hey, thank you. This I'm going to catch. I want to show you [inaudible]. I'm waiting for the skittle, right to hit me in the face, but I've got it. Yeah. No, I would say that's my weird, strange talent. That's a cool one and skittles are awesome. All right. A greatest fear. Ooh, greatest fear. I hate snakes. I feel like snakes are, I think that's probably a good one. The devil. Yeah, they are terrible. Snakes and cats are in the same category. Thank you. Snacks. Not a cat like dogs. Cats. A creepy man. Yeah. And as, as docile as they are. I think that's the word I'm looking like as calm as they are. They pop off at any time they do. It's like you never can domesticate them. Right? Yeah. Always wild. Like I'm always looking at him like, am I, am I making you mad right now? I don't know what's going on. Am I supposed to be petting you or not touching you? Lot of mind games going on with the kids

and I don't need that. Not from an animal. So I'm not a cat fan. Cats are best left alone. Yeah, I agree. I agree. Okay. Emery, can I ask the next one I came up with this question, they might even make sense, but since you're an athlete, I thought it might protein powder or pre-workout protein powder or pre- workout. Believe it or not, I'm not a big protein powder guy. Cool. Nora pre-workout. Awesome. Great question. I'm glad I asked it. And it's funny because a lot of people, they look at, um, my physique and they asked me like, what type of protein powder? I've never used it. I was always, um, I would always do stuff at night, eat protein food I would eat. And now, yeah, I'm a big eater. Sure. And that's the one advice I give to people. Real food. Yeah. I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna ever tell my clients anything that I've never done.

Good. That's cool. Oh, I don't want to hurt anybody direct anybody in the wrong direction. All I know is increase your calories, increase your protein. Sure. Limit Your carbs, you know, to get shredded and stuff like that. But I've recent, I don't know if you guys heard about the bangs that just came out. Um, yes. Black Canyon. Yeah. Well they have different flavors, but yeah, no, you're talking about, yeah, those just came out and I just wanted to try it and I didn't like the way it made me feel. Yeah. My heart was about to beat on my chest. It's like 300 milligrams. I think it's a little excessive. Oh Man. And I think that one has a, the creatinine as well. Now it worked. I was up til about two o'clock. I had to do some unnecessary. Right. Yeah. I just started folding clothes for whatever reason. And this was after I left said you should write the review phone close at 4:00 AM right.

Well A, I don't know if you do this either coffee or tea.

Oh, I've just became a coffee person working in corporate. Good man. Yeah. I figured this computer guys would turn you being juice. That's what they mean. Juice man. Call at our office. Um, I kinda, I kinda had

to like back off of it just because all the sugar [inaudible] tease more, more for the nighttime where I wanna relax, get some Kamma meal. Uh, green tea. I like to drink green tea in the morning. Give me energy. Yes. Macia yeah. March is really good for weight loss. Yeah, it's really good. And um, smoothie king has a really good a matcha green tea that I like to use. I like to go shop the smoothie. Yeah. Shower,

try to match your green tea latte from Starbucks. And it was terrible. Really? This might not have been a good, our producer is the one that told me about it and I was like, okay, I'm going to go try it. It was like if you cut the grass and went like scoop, literally it was disgusting. And in blended I could not even drink it. My mom, my high hopes for it go her but couldn't do it. She's a stud. That's awesome. Well the last question.

All right man. Uh, early bird or night owl? Not [inaudible] easy. So you'd like to hang out with me and for my workouts I tried cause all throughout college we would have to wake up five 30 in the morning to go to workouts even throughout the summer. Okay. So we really didn't have a summer and that kind of like traumatized me, I feel like, so I do need to be harmed. Right. Yeah. I do have the option of waking up and doing my workouts and stuff in the morning, but I just love working at night. Okay. You know, so what time you lift weights for yourself? You said eight o'clock, seven o'clock, eight o'clock and then I get into like my own court stuff. It's either it flip flops. It varies. I'll either do like on-court stuff first or go into the weight room. Yeah. Impressive. It is. Yeah. It's hard. But you know, you get used to it. Yeah. You got to get it done.

Well, we are about to move into your story, but I just wanted to let our listeners know we're gonna, um, link your training website Alpha and Omega training in the notes for the people since this is a Louisiana series, right? Um, and those that want to use your services. Nate, let's move into your story and we're going to share a quote by Calvin Coolidge.

He said, nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not, nothing is more common than unsuccessful. Men with talent. Genius will not. Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not. The world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. I believe you are one persistent and determined young man who has unlimited power and ability to do anything because of your [inaudible].

Your big dream started when you were young and um, you always wanted to play in the big leagues. We know that you are in the off season right now and you're always pushing till you make it and trying to find the best agent out there. And that is what we love about you, your persistence and your drive. So you did grow up as a PK, a pastor's kid and your upbringing was somewhat conservative. And normally when parents see the athletic potential in their child, they want to put you in the best training facilities, the best schools, just the absolute best for you. And, but what I think is just speaks volumes about your parents is that they were more interested in how you turn out as a man and a Christ follower and you're deep spiritual foundation. And like I said, that just speaks volumes about them and I'm how great they are. So we have major respect for your parents and they are some of the best people out there. And truly appreciate that. I mean, truly they are. Um, I love when he preaches. I do too. Oh, he does? Pre the church we were married in, he is, um, one of the pastors there and he is [inaudible]

phenomenal. He is, I like when he talks about his stories, like from when he was a kid. They always so funny man. Yeah. He is a number of them. He does that. We've heard multiple times. I'm sure y'all heard him a lot. Yeah. Yeah, they're always good.

Great. Um, but as we stated earlier, you started playing basketball at a young age. You went into high school at a disadvantage. So I guess we kind of want to start there, um, with your basketball, you know, career. Okay. Okay.

Um, let's see. So home a Christian, um, at the time when I was in elementary school had a total number of like 250 students. Wow. Where it wasn't bad. All Ma, our graduating class was Max 20 people. That's incredible. Yeah. Yeah. And a small, yes. So and my dad come in from um, Eleanor such a, uh, uh, one of the biggest high schools in this area, um, down shifting to homer Christian in terms of size and um, quote unquote pick of the athletes. Um, it was, it was very tough for him because the talent level wasn't always the same. You have some incredible athletes come through that through that school and I often hear about them still today. Yeah. So your dad was a coach, right? He was a coach at Allendale. I remember when Eleanor had a squad when I was in school, like in the late nineties.

They were a great man. 97, 98. Yeah. On the team. Yeah. And they still have those banners hanging there to this day. I think one of the seasons they, I think they only lost like two games. All they ass. My Dad's my dad's entire career at Ellender. He only lost three, I believe it. Between JV and Varsity. They were good. Yeah, they were really good. They were really good there. Their JV could have be varsity teams. That's incredible. It was. They were pretty good. And so shifting to home Christian, um, was presented a real challenge, a real challenge for him, but he readily accepted it and it was for the cause of Christ. Like he's at a Christian school doing this thing. It's, you know, and that's his, um, that's his, his thing. He loves preaching the Gospel, but also doing the, the athletic thing at the same time, kind of combining those two together.

So, um, as I was growing up, I think my sixth grade year, my dad came to me one night, he was like, um, we just graduated like two of our best seniors, uh, and we're going to play varsity next year. So then I'm like 11, 12, 12 years old. And I'm like, no way. There's no way you're battling against, I'm in seventh grade, just getting out of elementary school, always. There's no way I'm going to be able to compete. And he was like, Whoa, who else are we going to use? Like, we need more people. And so, uh, that first year was very, very tough to say the least. I bet. Um, lot of bloody noses, uh, busted lips, uh, games being lost by 50, 60 plus points. And that could really take a toll on stuff to stomach yet who hasn't really gone through anything?

You know, I have these big aspirations of going play ball. Um, I kinda follow the track of um, where the guys NBA have gone. They've gone to these really big colleges and even before that really big high school. So I'm like, you know, where does that leave me? Right. And so, um, seventh grade year, like I said, was tough. Eighth Grade, uh, wasn't much difference on ninth grade even, even still. But then my, my 10th grade year, things started to get a little better cause they started coming to your own. At that point I started to [inaudible], you know. Right. And the, and the thing about it, your guns started coming in. I, it caused me to, uh, get in the weight room. Really, really good man, which, you know, my whole message to people and I do have a book coming out called stronger. Yeah.

I didn't tell you guys to build for you, man. A book coming out called stronger. Um, I just have a few more chapters left. But that's exciting. The basis, the basis of the book is, um, people allow their circumstances in their situations to give them just the negative perspective on it. Yeah. And not, and not, um, they don't focus on the other's perspective, which is what it will make you become or what it will develop you into that school. And so I had started working out at seven eighth grade just to be able to compete. Yeah. But I didn't see that I was being miles ahead of the game than other six, seventh, eighth grades. Cause you're comparing yourself, these big high school dude. Exactly, exactly. And that,

that's just the way God works. He, you know, he turns everything around for our good, even though it doesn't seem like it.

But, um, so I get to be in 10th grade and there's the Jamber read the parish number every year. And then I come out looking like a stud. Like I look, so what happened to me, right. Yeah. That's it. And that's what everybody's saying. Yeah. Wait, do are you taking a sterile? Like what are you, I was like, Nah, man, I'm trying to just been working hard trying to keep up with these other guys. And it's like that night to 10th grade year, that's where most guys switched from JV and Varsity. Right. But by that time already, yeah, three years, like two, three years of varsity experience. [inaudible] been playing ball. I'm playing with kids now. You were training, who was training you, your dad? My father. My father, uh, I went to, um, I went to youtube a lot to find some stuff and there was no one I could really, you know, and that's not to downplay on any, um, any past players.

I'm a Christian, but there was nobody that can mentor me growing up, you know? So it was sort of a new thing there, right? Yeah, it was, it was tough. Uh, basketball resident, really like a priority to the school and then we had really great basketball players, but none that made it professional, you know, to that degree. That was my question too. Who were, who was walking alongside you and like encouraging you besides your father. Did you have, I mean, since it wasn't such a big basketball school, I'm not, that was pretty much, it had my family and my lord and that was it. That was it. I, I clung to the f to the fact that I could be the, the one that was different. I could be the one that set the tone for, for everybody else. But my 10th grade year came and I just started turning a lot of heads.

I turned a lot of heads but only in this area. Yeah. And um, 11th grade year came and uh, I was playing a, you, I think I started AAU was travel basketball. It allows you to travel to different states. You call these, go to these things called showcases where he's a big deal. Right? Yeah, we have a big deal. Really Big Day was big for me because, um, as I mentioned, my e My v, my interview with ESPN, not a lot of people come here for basketball. So you have to go to football town. Yeah. Football. Baseball is the main sports here. And uh, so I, I, we got a team together and we started traveling all over the place. We're not like California, Texas, where you just got to pick of all types of athletes, you know, so I'm having to compete with neighbor and Texas for, for scholarships.

And those songs only submitted. Oh my goodness. I remember when I first played AAU, I was, you know, 12, 13 years old. And I remember seeing a 12 year old dunk the ball for the first time. You were like, holy. I was like, there's, there's no way you're 12. And they showed us papers. Yeah, he was, he was tall as a man. Right. And there, you know, there were some teams that we played against that obviously they were not 12th, they were scared. Some lock guidelines there somewhere. I, yeah. But I was able to see, I was able to see basketball on a bigger scale by playing, I'll travel basketball. And that really helped me develop as well. I also took some beatings there too. Oh yeah. But, and the thing that was going on at these showcases, I would play, I would perform so well, but no coaches would ever come talk to me.

None. They would never contact. I would always contact my AAU coach like, Hey, did anybody say anything? Yeah, no, nothing. Score 20 points. Right. And nothing. And this happened all the way to my senior year. And I was like, I really started to get discouraged cause I'm like my, I feel like my dreams are like crumbling before my face. Like I'm trying everything. I've worked harder than everybody. Um, I put in the work, I've prayed, I've done everything. And I finally got a call from a coach and, uh, Chattanooga, Tennessee my senior year and I was assigned, my dad pulled me out of class and, um, which was crazy. The girl that I was actually dating at the time was gonna be going to Memphis, Tennessee to play

softball. So I was like, Oh man, this is ordained by got. Um, and then two weeks later, um, he actually actually came, see me playing a playoff game, had 43 points.

Wow. I career high. That's, that's a good time to have. If you talk to a lot of homer Christian people, they'll remember that game. But that was another game I just couldn't miss. I remember there was one before the fourth quarter ended. We were like taking the ball out in half court, literally launched it across the court and just went, didn't matter. It didn't matter. Kicked it in it, it was, it was crazy. But two weeks after that is tough. Two weeks after that, um, I went to go pick up my dad because the protocol is that when you pick your school, um, you verbally commit and then you fly up to visit the school in Chattanooga. Tennessee is beautiful. I did it looking him up. Yeah, I love it. I can, this group actually just went to Chattanooga and I saw pictures. I was like, wow, really close to college there.

And um, my senior year I was getting out of class early. So I went home, packed my bags and went to go pick up my dad and I walked in the coaches office. And like you ever walk into a room where the vibes are just off, you can tell something's up, something's up. And so I Walk Into My Dad's coaching or my dad's coaches office with the athletic director and they were like ne sit down and they were like, the coach that wants to recruit you and athletic director just got fired so we can't go. Which that's basically everything for people that don't know exactly. Those guys are gone. Cause there's new people that are in there, they're going to get their own guys. Yeah. Et cetera. The own got their own guys. They were looking for them guys they were looking at. So, um, so I'm back to square one now.

That was my only, my only, anything from the whole, you know, four or five years I played a year. And this is, I'm assuming it's homeless, such a small town. Like you said, I'm a Christian, even smaller, you know, so I'm assuming there's not a lot of limelight, so to speak. No, not, not at all. Um, to shed more light on that, you know, limelight, there was an all star game that I played in, it's called the buy you region versus river region game. And there were people I ended up winning the dunk contest and the MVP. And the only reason why I didn't win the three point contest, I feel, cause I didn't, I just chose not to do it. Like I wanted to show everybody, you know? And people still didn't know who I was today. Who's this guy knocking, right? Yeah. I was from Tibideau.

I was born in timid. Okay. And there were people there like who, who is, who is this? Right? Like Christian, where's that? What is that? Yeah. That's a school, right? Yeah. And I liked him. And normally when I tell people, yeah, it's across the street from the YMC. Oh. It was like, Oh yeah, we just thought that was a church. So it, you know, that's tough. Yeah, it was [inaudible] you know that growing up. Yeah. So that's stuff that like, be like, yeah, I'm doing all this scoring 40 some points. I'm dunking on foods winning competitions. Yeah. And no one's like, what if someone who lives 20 miles away from me doesn't know how is someone sure. 200 miles here, you know, so, uh, yeah, they both get fired. And so I'd go on Twitter and I'm just saying I'm opening up myself for recruitment again.

Yeah. And are the coaches, do they check Twitter? Are they supposed to check? How does that work? They do check Twitter. If a coach is following you, he'll follow you on all social media. So it's good to do what you did. Right. So my, my advice to just throw this out there, always be careful what you post in social media. I'll always be careful because they want to see what type of guys they're getting. Um, character-wise and characterize that. That's a big thing. A lot of people don't realize that, but um, so I, I started exploring the Juco route. Juco is stands for junior college. Yeah. You go there for two years and then you can possibly come out with a d one or division two scholarships. So I went visit, um, I went to Coffeyville, Kansas, which is, there's nothing there. Coffee, heard of call.

If you can put two words together that would make me think no way. And going nowhere would be Coffeyville and Kansas. Yeah, it was, and I got there, um, you know, the people were really nice. They checked me out to eat. I'm on these visits. They try to cater to you. Oh, of course. Yeah. They want you to come there. Right, right. They put you in an in a pretty nice hotel. But I think the hotel was the nicest place there. It was probably, it would have been tough. Yeah, it would have been. But, um, I felt like as if this would, I have to do then this what I gotta do. So you wouldn't scared of grinding it out? Nah, Nah, I had, I had been doing that, so.

Okay. I want to kind of pause there though. Like you are, you know, you're kind of looking for colleges and things like that. And as I said earlier, you kind of did grow up with a conservative background. Was there any resentment though or just, I don't, I don't even know if that's really the word, but frustration, maybe. Maybe frustration in where you were sent to go to school.

No, resentment is the right word. Okay. Use the right word. Um, I would often get mad at my parents for sending me to home a Christian knowing that you had another quote unquote private school across the way in Vanderbilt. I was like, wow. I was like, we could, you know, let's compromise here. I'll go to Catholic school and a I can do well there. It's a bigger school. Right? I think they were like four at the time. Like, no, you're staying here, you're going to grind this out. And I was like, oh my gosh. And we argued about that for months. So that was a common, I guess arguments. Right, right. A common argument. So between you guys? Yeah. And then the games like the, the, the rides home or even worse, cause I'm just fuming from a loss we just had, I'm like, dude, if you just send me to another school, like this would be so much easier.

Right. But easier isn't always better. Absolutely. Here is not always really [inaudible] right now. I realize that now and um, man, God is so good. The on my way back from Coffeyville, I got a call from um, coach Chris Arkin Berg at the universe in New Orleans and um, the uh, guy that they just had picked up, his name was Jared lafont. I don't know if you guys know the Lafond Danielle Danielle's brother. She's married. He's married to, I forgot her name. Sharon. Sharon. Yeah. Shower LeGarrette wall shower. The font. Now Jared had gone there and I think he had played for like a year, but it was just that and he, I think he was dealing with a lot of injuries but it was just that that was able to get me into the door. That was the connection down. Yeah. That was the lafond guy. Just saying, Hey, I know a guy named Nate that's good at basketball.

Right. Simple as that. So I had started learning it. And this is another funny, I'm just thinking about this. I started researching how to edit videos, dealing a lot with technology, which is crazy cause it's what I'm doing now. But I taught myself a lot of that stuff to make highlight videos, every highlight videos, every, I made all of it. Right. Cause most of these, you know, blue chip cats that are coming out of high school, they've got people doing this for people doing it for them. And I, like I said, I had nobody to, you know, kind of fit the mold. Kinda a template myself. Pioneer, right? Yes. So I'm like, man, I'm trying everything. So I look up, I was some computer programs, computer and I just taught myself how to make all of it. Anything you see on youtube is directly from me.

It spent hours doing my watch. Some of them. Yeah. You like them. Yeah, absolutely. Man. I appreciate it. Good. It's a lot. I thought someone, professionals, they thought they were professionally done. Yeah, no, no. That's all. You know, I literally just, before I do anything, um, I just asked God for wisdom, had like, God help me do this to the best of my ability. Yeah. Um, and then the outcome is, you know, it is what it is. So man, I ended up getting signed to university, New Orleans in like early in the show. They, they, you know, they were upfront and honest with me about the, uh, division two thing, no post-

season, right. Stuff like that. So in that, I felt that was very honorable on their part to be honest with me. Yeah. And I felt like if he's going to be honest with me up front, he, you know, he's going to tell me everything now.

Dan's right. Right. And coach Les was a Christian Guy as well. That's great. He often invited us to church. Not a lot of guys would go, I wouldn't even go to church with him just because he was a hard man to deal with. He was a tough guy. Like after basketball, we're good. Yeah. I don't, I don't want you to see that breather, peace, peaceful moment at church. I hear just, I'm looking at you and thinking of, of running and running my legs. I was intense coaches. Yeah. That's, that's, that's what that was. And then, uh, get to college and not like I had the climactic year, my senior year that I had. And it just, it kinda brings everything together. Oh, you don't really realize all the stuff that you've actually been through until that climactic moment. Like sometimes how you've seen the movies and Kinda Kinda run back in your mind to all this stuff that you had to go through.

The tough moments, any moments, the ugly moments would be up. And there was so many ugly moments. There were so many. Um, so many mean things. I said to my dad that I wish I could take back. There was so many walls that I punched that I wish I could patch them. Right? Yeah. Just and I, all of that. And the crazy part about it was, and Jarret lafont and a lot of people, not a lot of people, but my dad often tells me it's already done. Don't worry. It's already a good, I like that. So Jared graduated four years after. I know before I did. So I was, I think an eighth or ninth grader, if I'm adding this up correctly. It's about right. So when he went off to, he went off, he went off to Delgado first. So technically when he left to go to Delgado, it was technically already done because he went from Delgado to New Orleans.

New Orleans is right up the street from Delgado. You're the university New Orleans. So you're already taken care of. At that point I was already taking care of guy. Just didn't know it. Yeah. And I feel like he sits, like he sits from above and watches, like he knows the end from the beginning, he sees the hole, he knows the whole movie. He knows the whole script. He wrote it. Yeah. And so, um, he saw that frustration and I, I wish I would've just listened to my dad and said, it's already done. I wish I would've kept telling myself there and I tell myself that now. Yeah. And it's tough in the moment. And you, you know, you're ambitious and you're wanting to do your best and you're wanting to, so I can understand that. Right. And that's what anything, a lot of people, I, I normally paint this analogy to people and I also do like, um, I do sermon sometimes people call me to go speak at their schools and that's a great honor.

It's very, I never say no to those anytime. Um, anytime you have a opportunity to impart word into your generation, you have to jump at that. Well said. Yeah. And um, often paint the analogy that um, if you're walking through a jungle and it's raining, it's pouring. You don't just sit in the jungle and look at everything and complain about that. It's rainy. You keep moving until you get out of it. Yeah. Keep chopping the weeds down, chopping the trees down until you get out of it. You don't just sit there and you know, and complain and whine about it. Yeah. And um, that's good that, that's, that's how I see the jungle analogy, right? The jungle analogy. I imagined myself cutting myself a path and telling myself, I'm going to get outta here. You know, it's kind of how we live our life. We persevere and keep our head up.

And you just have to keep going and look above. Exactly. I like that look above the waves very well. In regards to training and preparing for pro level, was there anything that did not work out for you? Um, yeah. And so I'm thinking after my, um, 18 point performance, 16 points in one half of basketball in the, in the NCAA tournament, Dayton. Yeah. Well this was against Mount Saint Mary. It was at Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. Yeah. So, um, I'm thinking, okay. Literally in the middle of the game I'm like, I got an NBA contract today. You feel good. I felt so good. Just did it. I got there and I killed it, man. I felt, yeah, put up

18 point right dude. I already felt like, right. I was like, God, this is not going to be my first private jet on me and the bronze game texting next day.

Exactly. I felt I felt like that. I know what you mean. So, uh, we, we get back home a week a week flies by nothing from no coaches. Two weeks, three weeks, a month, two months, we're getting ready for finals. Nothing from any coaches. And so I kinda start to revert back to high wasn't a you, I'm like, did it, did I really not use, you know, did I really not do enough this time? That am I not good enough? Like those doubts started to kind of creep back into my head. So kinda just had to shut those off. I really looked to my family, to my Lord a lot to motivate me cause that's what got me through everything else. Yeah. You always gotta have somebody to lean on accountability partner, someone who's been there with you through those hard times. And cause it's not as hard for them cause they're not in it, but they can remind you, oh yeah, sure.

They can remind you like, Hey, get that perspective. Right, right. Yeah. Cause you don't always see correctly when you're glowing, you know, the perspective can be some very, very, very hard when you're actually going through it. But you always need that person look from the outside looking in. That's true. So you're undrafted. Yeah. So I didn't get drafted. I put my name in the draft and then uh, I didn't get drafted but I went to, my first contract was in Canada and with the Niagara River lines. Nice. Is that near Jaeger, like New York? Yes it is. It's a, and I didn't, I didn't get a chance to go see Niagara Falls. You can youtube it man. Really? It's on youtube. Instagram, right? Yeah, definitely movies. Yeah. But I would've, I wouldn't have liked to see a person that went, I'm like okay I finally made it to the professional level.

I get there to training camp, I'm, I'm doing well and I ended up like hurting my ankle or something. So I'm like not going as hard as I w as I want to kind of be careful, kind of be careful and I don't want them to cut me because you know, cause I got hurt cause that's a real thing. I haven't signed really signed a contract yet. I just got invited to training camp but I ended up getting cut on like the second to last day of camp. So it's like all this build up. They do all the announcements on their Instagram page and like they welcome, they welcome Nate fry from Houma, Louisiana. So I'm like, wow, this is it. Like this is the starting, right? And then it's like a teaser. Almost like you give, I give you a snicker bar and you're just taken away from, that's my favorite candy.

So that is a good candy. So I'm like, oh my goodness. Like nodding. Like what are these problems gonna ever stop? Yeah. I wouldn't win over this. I went, is it just going to be like, I can put the car on cruise control and just enjoy my career. But in order to, um, in order to develop as an individual, as a player, as a man, the problem's never going to stop. Life is like, they're going to continue. Right? Life is like, you know, fighting a box that doesn't get tired. Can you imagine fighting like Floyd Mayweather and he just doesn't get to stop. Exactly. That's how life life doesn't stop. It doesn't. So how are we mature and complete? Not Exactly. Exactly. Always going to be pruning you. Always scripture. Yeah. I love that scripture. So yeah, that's the way I look at life and I'm right now I'm taking on any challenges head on skip man.

So Canada didn't quite work out or whatever. And then, um, maybe I had some other calls. South America kept calling. Yeah. So I actually had to sit out an entire year of basketball, which I hadn't done probably since I was four years old. You had to from, from Oh, well, not because of the injury, just because no one picked me up. Oh yeah. Gotcha. It was hard. I hadn't, I hadn't sat out and, but it was, it was crazy because I wasn't worried at all. I had, I had seen so many ways, so many things worked out in my life. So many things worked out in my life and I w I just wasn't worried and everybody around me

seemed to be more worried than I was. I was like, I'm like, guys, I'm fine. It was, are you sure? I know you haven't, you've never stood out basketball this long, but you matured too, it seems like.

Yeah. At that point where you were maturing and right. You had the correct perspective. Right. My perspective was, you know, was great. My outlook was great. I just kept telling myself he's preparing me for something better and maybe I just need this time for my ankle to heal. Yeah. You know, something like that. So I get to, let's see, a year goes on and I think in August, in August I get a call from an agent saying that, um, team welcome in Uruguay. It's looking for a point guard and yeah, and see that's the other thing. Yeah. The team was called welcome. So it was kind of, it wasn't TPM. Benito's it was English. I saw it. Yeah. Welcome. Yeah. And it's crazy get cause that's what welcome means in Spanish. So, um, I just like, man, God, you're so funny, man. It's like he's messing with you.

So funny dude. And right now I'm just working to get to the NBA. Do you still see yourself fulfilling those dreams to be in the NBA? And if not, would you go to coaching? Um, I'm in Isis question a lot. Uh, my dad, obviously, he's a pretty well known coach around here and I'm very great with kids, but I don't want any kids yet. Just kinda like, I don't really want to keep, you're younger, you're not married yet, so I'm not married. You're young dude. Yeah. So I just, I love working with my patients is like through the roof. I don't know how I just have, where'd that come from? Right. I don't know. Yeah. I really don't know. But I just have a heart for kids and wanting to see people do better. Great man. Whatever cost. And I know, um, frustrations arise when I'm like, hey, keep, keep going, keep sticking through it.

Yeah. Keep sticking. Like I'm, you know, hammering that in the people. And so that, that kind of helps with my job as well because you have, um, and it's not to knock on older people, but they did not always the best with technology. Sure. So they get very, very frustrated. They're like, why are we moving from paper to putting everything on a computer where we don't really get to see everything, you know? So it's like, no, it's okay. It'll actually help you in such and such a way and I'm walking them through it and yeah. Yeah. And not everybody and I, I really see that as a gift. Everybody has a gift and this mom as a gift.

Oh Man. The height or you and your dad pretty much the same.

No, he's [inaudible]. His Dad is tall. Not even close. Yeah, he's like six, six, six, seven. That is six. Five. Okay. And you are barely sees the media. If you ever watch a, if you ever like look on the media guide or like see me play on Dale, give me six one oh nice. Extremely just athletic height. They all do that. This football is the same as Manny, your brother and he's the same height. Really? Yeah. I was think that and see that was another thing. I was mad. I was like, why did you marry my mom? I used to say that all the time. I had to stop. I was like, why did you marry such a short person? Shit. He got a taller lady, right? Yeah. I had to stop saying that because I caught that to be kind of rude. Sure. I know what you mean though. Yeah.

Um, well speaking of your family, um, you have such a huge support system and do you think you could have, um, done all this, had it not been for them?

No, definitely not. Yeah. No. God sends people into your life cause he knows you're going to need them. Um, he also does vice versa. He asked, there was some people that I had to, you know, leave behind. Yup. That would have been detrimental to my journey. Oh yeah. I noticed that I wanted to keep them,

but you know, I see now that it would've been, um, I would have been held back in a lot of areas and that's all I'm going to say. So.

Well, at the end of each day, what is your win? Um, for you? My

win is, um, just being able to still play the game that I love. Um, I thank God for health and vitality. Um, I thank God every day that I get to wake up and, you know, be able to work to, there's so many people who aren't working. That's a win within itself. It is, you know, people in the, especially here in Louisiana, in the oil field, so many jobs have been lost. Yeah. And I'm just happy to be able to work and to be after after that I get to go and impart wisdom into people in part motivation and the kids. And I don't just work with kids. I work with adults as well. Um, men, women, uh, that I haven't really touched the elderly too much. Yeah. Just for that. Just cause I feel like that's more of a sensitive type of training that I have.

I want more training on before certain, uh, they might know certain issues that yeah. That I need to be more well versed on before I move into that area. But, um, so yeah, just being able to work, being able to impart wisdom and motivation and other people and also be able to, you know, train and play basketball, the sport that I love. Yeah. Cause, I mean that's, you know, sports in general, uh, is a young man's game. So, I mean, yeah, never take that for granted that you can, like you said, vitality going out there and able to play. Yeah. And I, I, I'm getting older every day and I can feel it. Yeah. So I can definitely feel it. Things are starting to snap. Crackle, pop a little bit. Yeah. There was some days, well, actually everyday I would never, I'll wake up at five 30 in the morning, never stretch to get on the court and be a hundred miles, no problems, no problems. Now I'm having to learn how to stretch. Yeah. And you know, where do all my athletes out there, please stretch. Yes. Yes, please. Please stretch. I'm not, I'm not that old, but please like, please tell, I'm telling you, stress is important. It's very, very important. Yeah. Gotta stay limber.

Well, one of the last questions I want to ask you, what, um, would you say to someone who is seeking out their big dreams and not getting the results that they want?

Yeah. Like I, like you said, um, who, who said that I was at, uh, the quote that you just, that we just talked about about persistence, the coolest guy, Calvin Coolidge. Calvin Coolidge. I love that. Yeah, I'm about to write that on, on my computer, on the sticky note. Actually give it to you. I love that. Persistence, persistence, persistence. Um, I used to be the type of person that, you know, we can sometimes our faith can be a big detriment to us. A lot of that the devil uses anything. So I used to be the type of person that I would rely on God so much that I wouldn't do anything at all. Right. Then I would not do anything. And I used to be like, yeah, I'm good guys. Got me. Yup. And my mom was like, have you contacted any yet? I was like, right guys got me guys made.

She was like, no, I got the best agent ever. It doesn't work like that. Right. You know, and I mean in some cases it does, but sure. I know what you mean. And I love painting analogy sense. So I was in my room one day and this, this was actually very recent that I kind of switched my mind, switch my thinking. Um, and God talked in parables and I feel like that's also another one of my gifts. So I picture myself in a, in a dark room and my goal is to get to the other side and um, often. So I'm thinking, how am I going to get to the other side? I'm just gonna wait for God to tell me, or am I going to start moving? And we forgot to redirect me because he, he can, he can work with somebody who's working with him.

Yeah. But he's not going to work with anyone who, you know, who's not doing anything. I put some feet to it. Exactly. You gotta put some, you gotta put some, I call it active faith. Yeah. And that's actually a brand that Stephen Curry is a part of. Is it really? Yeah. I usually wear the wristband. I don't have it on right now, but they're, they have a close faith act of faith. It's, um, I love their apparel. I just haven't bought any yet. That's cool man. But uh, yeah, you gotta you have to put your faith in action. Yeah. You can't see really where you're going. Um, our path is always very, very unclear, but you have to move forward and let God direct you from there. Sure. It's true. That's true. Good

advice. Well, Nate, we are so thankful for you being on the show and sharing your story, being here. Big Dreams and um, thank you audience out there for listening. I'm sure you have big dreams out there and are you doing something about it? You need to take that step and take action and I hope you are encouraged by Nate story. And until next time, if you haven't done so yet, hit the subscribe button and all the new episodes will appear for your listening ear. Remember to rate and review. It only takes a few seconds and you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook at the winning ugly podcast and on Twitter at winning

underscore ugly. Thanks for listening guys.

when the ugly moments come, remember that light shines brightest in the dark. Love radiates brightest among hate life stance most boldly against.


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