Rondell (Depression)

Rondell (Depression)

[inaudible]. Welcome to the winning ugly podcast, a place where we are real, raw, entertaining, energizing, and encouraging come experience real conversations that go deep and relationships that extend through the media to overcome testing times. We can't continue to keep our trials and tragic stories to ourselves. The people you will hear from are facing, they're ugly, stepping out of their comfort zone and sharing your victory. Storms are a guarantee in life and when they come, we want to be right here building you up and empowering you to win ugly

welcome to the winning ugly podcast. I'm your host Trish and I'm joined here by my husband and cohost Emory.

I am super excited guys, uh, for the show. I'm looking forward to it and glad to be here.

Yes. And we also have a very cool guest joining us. We met him only a few months ago and his energy is super contagious.

Yeah, he's a hype guy, so really high. We've got to keep him in the building. He might jump out of the building.

Yeah. So Rondo, thanks for joining us. Thank you. Thank you for having me. I'm super excited to be here. This is awesome. We're just going to be a good show man. Where do you get all your positive energy?

Um, I think, I think now like I have to create it like you know, cause it's just everything. You know, the world, a business, everything is so crazy. So you heard it like yeah, you have to, you have to just wake up and like a positive attitude like this. It's a choice. Yes, it absolutely is a choice. Yeah, absolutely. Like yeah, I don't like, I like the, I like to get up in the morning and look myself in the mirror and like my trusted it, right. Owning it's mine. What I always up world would always say in the morning is today I'm going to be successful in all I do. I always tell myself, you have to, you got to speed into existence. I really believe. I'm glad you said, I really believe in that. Like speak it out, leave it, love it.

And actually believe it or not, something I started recently, I know you said speaking it into speak it into existence, I believe writing it into existence as well. And I've started writing things down and when you see when it comes to fruition and you're like, Dang, like it's actual tangible, you can see it, read it.

I agree. I definitely write all my goals and everything down and they go back and see it. To be able to see it from six months ago, a year from an hour from now or whatever, to see that it actually did come to fruition is a very satisfying.

It's so satisfying. And I like to read the Bible a lot and it's, you know, itself talks about like, you know, write the vision down, make it plain and see it. And then when you actually like can write that down and actually start living inside of what you wrote down that you manifested it. Ah, stay as power, feeling powerful.

Well we're going to start off with a few icebreaker questions. These are some fun things you do not know where about to ask you. So hope you ready. Let's do this. I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm always nervous. I think that's good. It is. It keeps you on your toes. I think alert, maybe alert

is better. What advice you love to give advice? The advice I love to give is, I always like to tell people like to keep going because you know, you turn on like, you know, we live in a world of social media, so he's like, you turn on social media and everybody's just like living their best life at the time in your life. And it's like everything's perfect. Right? And like people think, you know, when you start off something, it's just supposed to be like so easy. That's why I love to tell people like, keep going, because it's not easy. The road is hard, but when you actually get there, it is a pleasant, it's fun. It's exciting that you went through that journey and you made it to your destination as well worth it. It's worth, it's worth every tears, worth every downfall. It's worth all of it, man. I love that. Yeah. All right. So the next question is a little more fun, but uh, do you have a hidden talent? Yes. Well, I think I'm a man of many talents.

Yeah. I liked the, I liked the Dan's also all, yeah, I like the James Brown in my kitchen. Yeah. I love doing that. Kitchen Day. I'm a kitchen dancer. Like you do the sly, like Tom Cruise [inaudible] slide. I like the pop up on my roof. I like, Hey, I made it. I don't know if that's really a hit. He does more of a, I don't know what you would call it, but yeah, I'm a dancer,

sir. Man. I like to dance. I love dancing. I love, and I'm an actor, so that's, that's one of the, the acting is Mike my heart. That's your thing. Yeah, that's my thing. That's cool man. It's a good time. That's my thing is not easy. It is not. I love it. It comes really, it comes supernatural to me. I think it's definitely one of those things that, you know, a lot of people think they can do. Like, oh actor, it can't be that hard. Right. You kind of be yourself. Super hard. Super hard. I have a lot of respect. Yeah, I love, I love that. I love that was, that was my, that was my childhood dream. But you know, you just gotta keep going after.

Cool man. Yeah. Well known on the podcast and I both cannot dance. We would love to take some lessons from you. Let's do it. Let's do it. Like to think I'm a pretty athletic dude. You know what I mean? So I think I would and I have rhythm, which, which is weird. So you'd think that would correlate in the meat? I do. I do. I think anybody, I think it's more of a, of a, of a car. Everybody has their own type of dancing. It's good. If it's good to you, hey, it'd be nice. That sounds like there's definitely some tears. Leave it at that. It was good. The unit, hey, that's all. If your spouse enjoys it, you know. So He's all types. All right. Well this question, what's your go to most often used

Emoji when texting my goal? Yeah. My goal to one is that that purple mean face,

the purple meat alien here is out here. I love it. It's just that one display. That one. Just how would you use it? Like when I'd be like, yeah, let's, let's get up and crush it and I put the purple. Yeah. Like, yeah, method. I'm about to go work out. I'm not gonna start use yet. Yeah. That's my, that's more me. Me? Yeah. They'll probably be like, yes, it's on today. Probably like, I like the, uh, the bicep pose. Yeah. I like that one too. I mean, that's kind of boring, but I like the bus I pose my all time is the purple many faces. That's why I'm calling. I think I'm gonna start putting that money into my weekly. Any takes that you sent to you put that face. They're like, oh, this guy's here, this guy's purple mean for not messing around. Not Pretty sure he's successful. Facebook.

Instagram. Okay. That's a Facebook. Facebook, because Facebook brings me more business in Instagram right now. So I'll say Facebook, right?

Nah, I knew that'd be a tough one. Yeah. Media. Yeah. So Instagram is fun. It's like

a great marketing tool, but right now Facebook is is my, is like my lover.

It's an old, it's an Oldie, Oldie, and trusty one. [inaudible] been at four year thing that happened to our generation gonna come through. Yes. It's gonna. It's gonna dis. It's gonna love you if you lovey. Absolutely. Yeah, so this is perfect. I remember when I started Facebook, I was in college and I was liking, my friends were telling me, you need to get a profile, and I had no idea what I was. Yeah. I didn't even, oh man. I didn't even care about it. Because you had to beat in a university, right? Yeah. You had to, you had to have the, you have to have the email. That's it. Yeah. You have to have any built Facebook. Yeah. Facebook. Yeah. Yeah.

That's crazy. Well, the next one, beach bomb or snow bunny is this. W is this a, a woman

you, you take it out you want is a snow bunny. It's definitely not. Definitely want to say snow bunny. That's an interesting, yes. I not gotten this. Yeah. Sometimes I want to say, I feel like I should explain the question, but I think I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna yell even explain it. This is, let me say snow money destroyed it so bad. Just keep my truth. It's entertaining. So I'm going to, I'm going to leave it at that. Keep my true. All right, let's go to the next one. A cake and ice cream or

cookies and milk. A man. Okay. I gotta go with, I gotta go with cookies and milk. I mean, when you wake up in the middle of the night and you just need a snack, ain't need something to drink at the same time. I mean, what kind of cookies?

Chips Ahoy. Chips Ahoy. Tittle is my favorite. I like to go on sand and they melt it real quick. Trips to Hawaii, as soon as you dip it in the middle is none. It is Milt that chips Ahoy is the legit just milk. It just plop it in there. It's like, oh, it fell in. You get out with a spoon. Oh, I'm going back to sleep. I really wanted sweets one night and my brought home Pecan sandies and I've still have not gotten over that disappointment. There's a terrible cookie. Every morning you wake up, better light. Remember that day you did horrible. It's like sawdust and Chord board in a nut all together eating healthy in his house in that his final you is what is the point? I remember being, I think I journaled about it. I mean that was highly disable. So serious. That moment was an epic moment. The journals full of tears. This is the water marks everywhere. I'm crying about it. I love it.

Okay. Netflix or good old cable.

Netflix. Yeah. Cause you can, I don't like, I've got to go with Netflix.

That was options. Yeah. Like no waiting. If I get bored or something, I'm like, yeah.

Okay. Let me just go through the next affordable. Yeah. And this is perfect. I love Netflix. I love Netflix and chill. I agree. Netflix is cool. Well those were fun. Um, but we're going to get onto your story. So we,

I started this podcast because we desire to hear stories of others and how they overcome trials in this life and stand victorious. Yes. And I don't know about you, but I'm in constant need of encouragement. I always need my dose of encouragement to feel good and just to hear from other people and I'm being encouraged by their stories. So Rhonda, what makes you,

you? You Man. What makes me me is I don't care what anybody says. Zero. Confident. I'm so like, I'm just so confident in myself because it's like people, it don't matter if you're doing the best in the world, people will always have something negative to say. It don't matter if people just are like, it's their native.

Sure. And actually the better you're doing, [inaudible] hates you. Like it's kind of like a scale. It's like, yeah, I have this many people that don't like me. I must be killing it. I must be looking great. It's like, yeah, you gotta just turn it around.

I just agree here man. It really just a crack. It makes me laugh and I just like, that's what makes me so crazy. It also also say if people are hating on you, you must be doing something right. I have to be doing something right because people, people, they liked it with blue. The call they say, you know, people fear the unknown. People hate what they don't know. So they'll know. Yeah. Like is look at this. They don't understand like what you had to do right. To, to get to that place a comfortability. No one knows. They don't understand anybody that's been successful and is successful. Anybody I've got to go through a lot. You got to go through it. You gotta you have to suffer, you have to cry, you have to, you gotta like feel the pain in your chest, you know, and it's, and it's real. Like anybody that's at the time will tell you like, like I don't wish that upon nobody write in. That's really what it's part of the process, part of the process. And it's lovely because when you own there and you're on top, it's like I came from that. It makes it a lot sweeter too. Yes, it makes and it actually helps people

[inaudible] that actually really sets up your story because, um, you, you've struggled through, um, depression and now you are standing on top of this huge mountain and you are hollering to the world, look at me and I'm here and I had to win ugly. So let's move into your story.

So I always, always been in like, you know, like regular nine to five jobs. Like until I'll say 2009 I started, um, I just got this, this, this urge to like just sale. And so I, I got, um, I had got a little, you know, loan from uh, some from my parents and I, I opened up a woman's boutique. That is, yeah. And like literally like, I mean within like the first like month, I figured out that women just love to have fun. So I would turn up the music in there. I start like giving them some wine and make it a cooler, but making it cooler environment. Like they just come with their kids kids and sit on the couch. And I'm, the average boutique makes about like five to 700 bucks a week. Like mine was making four to six grand a week and it was, yeah.

And was all started off very well. We'll start, it was perfect. I was like, this is the light. Like this is awesome. And then the, the depression hit like 2009 and literally overnight it was like no one has showed up. Well, like after like a few months, I like, I had to, I was like, okay, I gotta throw in the towel. Like, cause it was, it was no business anywhere. And then, um, after that, you know, I just went back to working and then, and then, you know, I just, uh, just started doing other things. And then I heard the call or real estate in, um, in, uh, 2000 in the end of December of 2015 going in 2016.

So Rondo, I want to park right there whenever you were, you said you hit a low in your business boutique in your boutique shop. Um, and you're so positive, you have so much great energy. What were people saying or thinking or giving you encouraging words, what was happening with the people surrounding you and what were they telling you?

Well, it, see, that's the thing about me, like I don't, I don't really hang out with like too much people, so like keep the circle small. I keep it really small in, but honestly, like people just didn't care. They were

just like, okay, we can just like the rest of us and you know, and, and, and I, I love this coat. It's, you know, 90% of people don't care about what you, what's going on with you in a 10% of people are glad that you have the problem. So it's like, I keep a lot to myself, you know? Yeah. And it's, that's so true. Like I don't, I don't like to, I don't tell anybody or I didn't at the time, like tell anybody anything about me, you know? I just kept moving forward because I know like people will hold you back because they don't want you to go higher than them, you know?

Wow. So even you didn't share with your parents, they didn't see any, you were keeping all this in.

Keeping all this in, in um, in my parents are entrepreneurs, you know, my dad is like a really it, yeah, so it this, they had businesses closed numerous of times and they like, literally it's like shrugging it off their shoulders like, okay, well let's just open up the next one. Like that's all they've ever done. So when when it happened to me I felt like it was kind of normal. Like, like I was expecting it is normal. It is, yeah. It's like, you know, I was expecting something to happen, you know, that's what people have failed more

than you just takes that one or two times. Oh man, like Phil so much. And it's like you got to fail forward and like they, it wasn't, but to me it wasn't like, it wasn't like a failure was just like, okay, well gotta do it again. It was learning. You're supposed to learning. Learned a lot in, in, you know it. I did actually learn like, you know the women, they do love this shop so they let, I don't know if you found that. Pretty sure people have been on that. I'm like, wow. Like when you got them, when you got them excited, they love to spend money. You want to know something?

Oh, weird fact about me. I absolutely 100% do not like to shop.

Lucky. I got to look, wait. Oh, I know. I got really lucky. No, it was a blessing. You got really lucky.

The thing I like to shop for his groceries because I love it.

Ticket man. How did you get, how did you get so lucky to have that? Like I think, you know, I love to eat, which is good. Yeah. So that's

awesome. So yeah, I am probably in the 1% I get, I start sweating. If I know I'm going to go to a mall or a strip mall or anything,

not a big shopper. We just hate being in there. Everything, everything about it. Yeah. Everything, which is great for me. Know what pairs together. Yeah. It's not great. They listened to me a couple of off with some good. Yeah. It's almost like someone needs to open a boutique. You make it easier for you and easy and super like a women's clip. Maybe you man. Yeah. You should do that. Personal shopper come in. Neck is definitely coming personal. Yeah. Personally like summer we are open. It is one, it is opening. We actually just had the pat and go through for it after four years. So I owned the name and in Texas and New York. Very cool. It was awesome. Yeah. So it's a blessing.

Okay. So you moved on from that. So let's, um, let's go to, so your next venture,

my next venture was timeshare. Oh yeah. So I didn't actually sell the time. I was the person getting the people to go do the timeshare presentation. Okay. And that was like the best thing that happened in my life cause that's the first time I made $100,000. Wow. That was really, yeah, that was, that was

awesome. So that was a good turning point for, it was an excellent turning point for me. But see with me, like I can't stay at one place. If I know I can make that from actually a company, my mind starts saying, okay, what can I do for my own site now? You know, like I gotta go just take it up a notch, take it up a notch. And then that right after I started doing that, I did that. We did that for about like three years. And um, right after I did that, I went into real estate and um, yeah, so that's cool man.

Yeah, it was, it's cool now, but it was, it was definitely, I mean, wow. I mean it was, it was nice. I was like, am I stupid? Why are you, what did I do? Like, like I need to go back. But it's like you got too much pride. Like people go laugh, like told you, you be back here with you. Thank you. Doing, yeah, I know those people. Yeah, I've got those people. We all have those. Everybody has those people. But if they're good to have, yeah, it's good. I keep it good. Push me up with me. I mean it w it was a lot, but

it pushed me to keep going harder and harder at it. Of course, now it's paying off or grind in and out and everything. And then what? I mean, were you a steel exp dealing with depression or were you still feeling what kind of give us, I want you to go deep. I was, I didn't really start dealing with a depression really until I lift the timeshare to go into real estate. So it really started kind of in the boutique you were like get and it will take, it was like that was, yeah, it was like, it was okay. Like that was kind of fun and it was like, it was a new experience and it's like, okay, I knew and I knew I can just go back and work a job and make some money, but when I left the hundred thousand dollars to $0 million in my lights off, that's the pressure.

That's like, okay, I can't go to the store and get nothing to eat. I got to go to Sam's and get, uh, samples and bring him home. Right. That's, that's hardcore. Very hard is hard core, but get, getting down to that level is really such a motivating factor is, I mean motivating man. And I mean it's, when you're going through it, it's, it's like so hard. It's, I mean, you, when you're going through that, it's like you feel like you're worth nothing. And then the fact that I had like somebody with me that like she was going through it with me and it's like I couldn't do nothing for her. I'm like, okay, like it, like what am I doing? Like this is hard. Like I made the wrong with steak, but then when I wanted to go back to timeshare, the company closed down.

Oh Wow. I was like, Oh, I'm stuck in this. Right. So it was no way for me. So like my only option was to crush it in like the literally wake up in the morning at three o'clock each day and say, okay, I need the, I need to make something happen. I need to do something. And it wasn't until like I actually tapped into my gift that gave started. I started making some type of revenue from it. Yeah. And that was, that was like about six, seven months after, after the fact. But man, I'm telling you, I mean it was so many nights of literally crying in a corner setting my door, asking the Lord like, where are you? Like my lights are off. I don't have no food in refrigerator. Like I don't have anything like what's going on right now? And like actually keeping my faith and thinking like, okay, I know the Lord is real.

I know that something's has to happen. Like I can't be just going hard like this. Nothing happens. Like I know it. But that kept me in the words of, you know, of the person that was with me. I mean she like really helped me like my soul cause I was like look like forget this. Like I suck. I can't do nothing like you. You give positive state policy. It's hard to stay positive. Like everybody likes to say like, keep going kid. It's like, well when you're going through it, those words mean nothing. It's like you just living you good, you got money, you don't know what I'm going through. But they do know what you're going through, you know? But it's just, it's just hard. But man, I mean, well that's what I'm saying. When you actually get out of that and you actually get a dollar, oh, I mean you are like literally a dollar like oh yeah, this stuff because I'm Raymond noodles.

Just success a little bit, a little bit at a time, a little bit of time and in any in, it's like what you, it's like you know that you fought for that that paycheck is almost die for that paycheck. Like it's a good feeling to pay your rent. Oh it is. It's the best. And you're learning a new business, a new trade learning and it's, yeah. And it's like people think like, you know, you just going to jump into and it's just going to skyrocket off the ground. No, it's not like you literally have to slow grind. You literally have to put your all into it. Even when you don't have nothing in return, you got to keep going. Like keep doing it like it is. It's no return at first in no businesses, no return at first. Like you gotta you gotta keep, you gotta just work it hard like out there in a farm, pulling it with your own weight and the heat.

Like that's, that's how I picture it, you know? And you've got to keep doing that until you actually see some type of something break through that little little circle. Like one quote that I love is, is um, a rock doesn't mean a water doesn't cut through the rock because of its power. It cuts through the rock because of his persistence. Like it just keeps going and going and going and going and going and going and going until it's like, Bam, we made a path. Keep passing. And your middle name should be persevere. I love that. I love that. That's my new quote. X, maybe. I love that word. You legally. Yeah, I think we'll get you to, I think I'm a that that's going to be awesome. But yeah, it's really hard and it's really tough. And you did say that one person really did help you get through that.

But I mean at night would you lose sleep, would you, and where are you losing weight? Well, I mean, oh, losing sleep. Like there was no sleep. Like I would literally go out cause I was studying all night trying to figure out, because I know like if you, the only way you can be good at your craft is if you know your crap better than anybody else. So I would study literally till about 12 1:00 AM then wake back up at 3:30 AM like this is real. Like literally back up at 3:30 AM I will go to the gym and I would just like, okay, like what do I do? But when I wake up at 3:30 AM I'm like, what? There's nothing to do. So I'm like, what am I doing? Like oh this isn't, yeah, it's like I gotta wait and it's like, man, like I didn't, but I knew like that's what I had.

I, I just knew I had to be up earlier than anybody else. Successful people get up early. They get up super early and that's why I was like, okay. They getting like I didn't know. So when I would get up early and I'd have no business, I would literally just sit and study some more cause I knew I couldn't be in the bed. Like I knew that was like I made the, this, this is a true statement. I actually stopped sleeping in the bed. I would sleep on the floor because I wanted myself to be uncomfortable so I can get up in the morning. I would, I would not do it. I would sleep on the floor. I made my Palette. I wanted it to be so uncomfortable so I can get up at three 30 and just have my like get up like out. Like I had to like, it was like putting the alarm in the other room.

I liked that one. Gotta get up. You got to go turn it off so you'll probably stay up. That's what I like. Oh Wow. I love that. Yeah. The bed. But yeah, I love that one. Yeah. That's awesome. Yeah. Cause you got to be like, oh my gosh, I'm up now man. Yeah, I got to get up. Yeah, I guess I'm going to stay up. But yeah, that's what I was literally getting up and I had nothing to do. And um, I, I just kept doing it. I didn't care. I was like, I know something's going to happen. I mean then I would get on the phone and cold call. I would cold call like 500 people and I would get zero every day. And I was like, and then you listen to the stories like people like, yeah, I was cold calling, I got 10 people.

I'm like, it really, it really will drive you into a place of like insanity. Kinda like, okay, I'm studying, I'm doing the work, I'm working out, I'm doing this right. I'm doing that. Right. I know my business. Why am I not getting any clients? What is wrong with me? But you were making the proper investments. I was mad. I was like, I just kept doing it, man. He kept doing every penny that I, any penny that I had or that

like my, like my girlfriend had, we would put it into this thing that was giving us no money. Like it was like, but we knew like, I was like, if I keep going like this, I know like within like two or three years, like I'm gonna be at the top. But, and then like I did, um, I was, I was doing that. Then I started door knocking.

Nothing I got, I would just get leads. They were, the people was like, no, we don't want to buy it until a couple years from now. I'm like, what? Heck, they don't have a 24 month, any escape from this. Like, you know, like, are you serious? I'm like, you sure you don't want to buy now trying to force something. I'm like, shit by now. Yeah, you should definitely buy a house now, man. You're not going to be your tornadoes. You know, slugs. This neighborhood's going down. I heard. I know, but that didn't, nothing, none of that worked. I mean, none of that work. It wasn't until I, I actually tapped into and like I said, I'm a man of the Bible. Like that's just who I am. Like when it says tap into your gifts cause they make room for you and it literally made some rooms. So that was all absolutely, yeah.

Did you ever come to a point where you thought you really need to go see a doctor or maybe a counselor? Cause you did say yes, very small circles. Yes. It was that something that you wanted to seek out to go talk to see I had to, I had no choice because you know when your, when your spouse or whoever's that lives in the house, you're telling you something, it's like they trying to just make you feel better. So it's like you can't even hear them either. So it's like you've got to reach out to somebody. So I reached out, it was a pastor in Corpus Christi. I mean he just got, we got really close and he was just, I mean he, I mean he built me up to a point to where it was like, I felt like I was like, Superman. I, even though I still had no money, I felt like I was like, I know what's coming.

Like I like, it helped me out so much. And it was, it was, you gotta be in that mind frame, that mindset before you make that money. Yes. Show they have to. You gotta beat that guy like he was and he told me, cause he was a business dude as well. He said, he said, you got to act as if act as if you already have that money in your pocket. He said every time he said, every time you get a hundred dollar bill, he say take the a hundred dollar bill and you put a, and you take all your ones or your old small bills and put it inside because you want to know that you got money in your pocket all the time. Like you feel like you just gotta stack in your soul and your pocket. I was like, okay. And I mean it really helped me like I was, I'll go into like meetings and stuff, like we're literally like a hundred dollars for the three weeks and people are like, man, you just got it all together.

And I'm like, thank you. Yeah. You know like give me some gas money. Success comes from a place of strength yet. Oh Man. Yeah. A lot of people think they need to make it or you know, make it before they can come from that place of strength. But you really don't. Yes. If you can get yourself together and come from that place of strength, you'll get there at some point. Yes. Nobody ever does anything from a place of weakness. Yes. So that's, that's good that you get that. And I think that probably great advice. I mean it helped me so much. I mean he really like, it got me to where I am right now. It's cool. Like you guys are that good dude. He man. Really good man. His name is pastor John. What's up man? So he's like, so it just, it really got me to this person right now like left.

Like, get out of that mind frame of you can't do anything in that. You can do everything. And that's why I'm like this now. Like I feel like I can do anything. I feel like I can just jump in and do it, you know? Cause that's it. I feel if I just do my gift in it and it's gonna work, we just need to get to some energy. [inaudible] good to go. You ever heard a Joke Cola Joke Cola? Like I feel like sometimes I have too much, but it's like now it's like this is who I am. It's like I just don't have time. I'm so comfortable with this being me now. It's like I don't, man, I just don't care. You know? I just like, I don't care what people are to talk about to

all day. It's like I'm going to give you more to talk about. Let's do, yeah, it's freedom. It's like a, it's like a freedom in your mind and your heart. It's like you just free to be who you are. It is, feels so good, man. It's good man.

Yeah. Thank you to the, I mean, right now, do you still see that in your life currently? Today speaking? Do you deal with depression? Yes. Yes. Like I feel like that'll never leave because it's like, it's not to the extent that it was, but it's like no matter where you going in life, you always want to have some type of pitfalls. It's just inevitable. Like it's going to happen. And like in, especially with you being in, Oh, you're in your own business. Like th there's no promise checks in entrepreneurship. Like there's like, there's no, like you're going to get it every week. It's going to be on your mailbox. No. Like you literally gotta fight like a lion to get paid. So it's like that feeling. Yeah. Like I don't want it any other way. It's like now it's, I'm used to it. Yeah. And it's like, now I know where like I gotta go, I gotta like align has to, they gotta they gotta get their kill every day to, to fill their bellies.

Like that's just like entrepreneurs. Like you gotta go out there, hunt, get it, like eat it and like, and now your bellies full. So it's like man, you can, you can lose a client any second. Like, I mean it's been situations, situations where it's like, okay, I'm going to get this for my rent, it's going to be perfect. And then we go to the closing table and the people don't even show up and I don't got no money for rent. So I gotta I gotta like I gotta Beg and plead with the people at the office to like, if you just give me like please just give me three more weeks, I'll have everything. Like it's, it's no joke. So it's like, I'm like go through it every day. It's not to the extent like it was before, but it's still like, okay, like in your everyday business with your children, if you have children, which are, you know, your ex, if you have a, a kid's mother, like it's, it's every day something is not, nothing's ever perfect.

It's not, it's not perfect, but, but the process and that every like there are moments in my life that are perfect, so I'll focus on, those are focused on moments like, hey, I do got great children. I focused on moments like, hey, you know what? I am going to get this close into this house and I'm going to be able to pay everything. I focused on moments like, Hey, guess what? I got food to eat tonight. So like all the other stuff I don't look at like, okay, like yes, there's a lot of bad, but I, I focused on the good that's going on and that that pushes me and pulls me

well that's awesome because each day I'm, I kind of started something, I actually heard this on another podcast. Each day you look for the dimes in your life and it's not an actual dime, but the dimes that are the, Oh, I saw a rainbow today. Oh you know what? Thank you. I have food on the table today. Or Oh, I was able to, someone bought me a coffee. Like, you know, those kinds of things. You look for the positive and that's what I think really drives people in because if you stay under this cloud of just darkness and sadness and discouragement and depression, you're going to just sit in that. But you have to actually look for the good and the things that are right in front of you and we can miss it so much.

Yeah, and I think those a dimes or whatever you're saying is basically looking for or looking at small blessings, which really is trying to get you to a place of thankfulness as whole point. Yes. Because if you're grateful and thankful for little man, you going to succeed, you're going to succeed to a whole nother level.

I will tell you just one story, one simple story which really touched my heart. Seven years later we were preparing, you know, to move on the mission field and we were going to go on a coffee date and I was like, Oh, you know, love a cake pop. And he was like, well, you know, I mean we're raising money, we

really can't afford it. And I was like, okay, it's fine. We get to the place, get our coffee, and this lady says, you know what? We're about to close. Would you like the rest of these cake pops

mean? Yeah. I mean, isn't that a beautiful [inaudible] sandy [inaudible]. So we took them away, but it was awesome blessing. So I see things, I was like, thank you so much. And I just put it on the ground. No, no, I did not pre-con call w l I remember that moment. It was a sweet moment. It was beautiful. You know? And I mean, we ain't never going to let them know we're going to say

hi. I'm, I mean, every day in our life people are just, I see the kindness and that's what we need to look for is just the kindness and the goodness.

Yeah. Fullness. You need that page. That's like, people need that in their lives. Like that's why now it's like, I know what it feels like to be down, but I also know what it feels to be up. So I like, I like I, I'll make sure, like if I see somebody, I don't care. Like if I have a platform like on my social media where people are actually watching, I'm going to put something out there to where you're going to feel good when you're looking at me or my stuff or whatever. Like cause I like you, it hurts me. It hurts me, you know. Got Nobody there. Like if people need encouragement, they need it. I said that's what we're here. Yeah man. And like that's why I loved it. Even this like to talk about this, like on this podcast, I could talk about like that encouragement and that depression.

Like some people don't got nobody there with them or don't they know to reach out to nobody or they can't reach out to nobody. And it's like, oh, like if I didn't have no one to talk to like a girlfriend or a pastor hole, my goodness. That was the big motivating factor for this podcast was to give a space for maybe someone that doesn't have a past loved one or whatever to turn to. Oh, hopefully we can be that encouragement for you. It is, man. Like I feel good like even getting stuff off my chest now, like it feels, I feel like like Whoa, I'm excited from your energy. [inaudible] you know what I mean? Is there a treadmill anywhere? It feels good, but what, what would you say to someone that's really dealing with something like this? Um, I would, I would tell them, I would tell him like to, honestly if you're dealing with that, like just keep going.

Don't, don't, don't focus on what other people are doing in their life. If they're like winning at something like focused on you and getting yourself together and keep going and it's okay to reach out for some help. Like it's okay to reach out to someone that you see successful in. Just like literally cling to them like it, like in ask them like, what are they doing? Like w like help me. Like how do you have this successful family? How do you have just successful business like the car? Like how do you, how do you do this? Teach me how to do that. It's okay to reach out to people. Like don't feel like you've got to keep it all in. It's shutting and [inaudible] be in the house, in the dark. Like don't, don't feel like that. Like just go out to someone, talk to them or, or follow some people that are extremely positive and just like, you know, live vicariously through them.

Like what are they doing? And just start following that and doing that. I'm glad you brought that up. I think depression in general sort of isolates people and makes you want to withdraw from society. Withdrawal from, Oh you told me about your life. Yes. That's a bad place for someone like that to be is to be isolated. Yes. So don't, don't be isolated. Don't be isolated. Go see your friend. Go see them. Yeah. National, whatever. And I'm telling you like, um, I mean I, I think cause it worked for me, uh, a pastor, they would just be on the phone with you all day, talk to you, love you, whatever you need and just like literally like be a blessing to your soul. Like, and it's not just like business though. I'm talking about like

stuff that just helps you and they live in. Yes, like everyday, like all levels like that helped me so much so I know if it helped me cause I was like actually like really?

I mean depression, past depression, like, like don't even wake me up in the morning. Like so if I know, if it helped for me, like work for me, it'll definitely work. You know, for another person. You feel like you going through this makes you who you are today? Yes, it makes me, it makes me appreciate a penny. It makes me appreciate, um, a hot meal. Like I'm telling you, no joke. It makes me appreciate anything that I eat or drink I put on my body for clothing. It makes me appreciate a water when I take a shower. Like it makes me appreciate the little things. Like I'll literally, I literally get up in the morning and be like, thank you Laura for let me, oh go take a hot shower and it makes you stronger. Oh, maybe it makes you social. You're at a place in your business right now and you've been through some things and that's great that you're at a successful point.

There's going well, but if you're going to continue to grow, expand, whatever that would look like for you, you're going to hit all new trials, man, new and new noodles. Oh Man. But it's like those, if you like, in my mind I'm like if I can survive that like nothing, everything else is like, Huh? Like it makes me laugh at it like, cause those times were so, and you're prepared. Oh I'm prepared for it more than ever. Like when it comes, like my stuff happens to me now. Like I literally, I'm like, oh that happened. Oh God, I don't care. Like we'll fix it. Like it's no problem. Like it rolls off of me now. It's like, it's like I got like a happy chip in my back or something. Like how happy chip, like, you know what I mean? Like yeah, like whatever, who cares?

Like let's just go listen. Yeah. Let me turn this on in the morning. Like I liked it. Ms. Good to go. That is awesome. What are you most proud of? What I'm most proud of is being able to take my sons out to have fun and you know, and have money in my pocket to do those types of things. That's, that's my most, that's, that makes me feel good. Cause you know, you can do good things for them, do great things for them and then a smile on their face when they like, Dang my dad is, oh that like we going to play paintball, we do it like, wait, we can do all this stuff. Like they literally asked me like, we're going to do all that today. I'm like, yeah, like you take this look, you know, used to be like, you know your dad got you.

Like, no, that is fine. To be able to feel so good man. Because it's like we would go into the stores for when they'd be like, can we get this? And I'd be like, ah, I don't like that. Let's go. You know? And it's like they, but my sons are cool. Like they used to, they knew like I didn't have nothing but they didn't care. We were fun. Yeah. Yeah. They just wanted to hang out with me and now it's like we can do whatever the heck we want to do. Like whatever we think about, we can go. Do you want to go on the camping trip? You want to go play some pink ball when we're on some dirt bikes we can do it. So it's like that's, that feels great to me. That's all you know, that feel that that's like that. That gets me up in the morning and keeps a smile on my face so I don't care if a deal fell through or anything.

Guess what? Me and my son's about to go rockets. Y'All good? Yeah. We just feeling like, you know, we haven't fought. We're having a great Christmas. Everything. That's great man. It's awesome that you actually shared with, do you actually share with them, you know, good, bad everything. I tell them every cause I want them to appreciate stuff too. So, but I don't, I make them work for everything. Like I make like I teach them how to save and how to, you know, do things and then I teach them like, you know, like chores and stuff, you know, just to keep it like, like nothing's easy because they gotta keep that in life cause it's going to be hard. It's even, even though dad is there, you're going to have situations that's probably going to break you. So that's what this is. This is going to help you when you grow up.

I tell them life lessons. Yeah. And Ain't no man. Right. And what, and I'll take them eats Christmas, we'll go on a Christmas eve and give it to like the, like the really less fortunate where, I mean, where these people don't, you've got windows on their places in my sons to see that and be like, Dang that, thank you. [inaudible] right. Like they like, wow. Like it really opened it. They like me. They don't, they appreciate everything. Instant thankfulness. Instant. Yeah. I mean like some kids come outside, he thankful for it. They think before whistle. Yeah. Like, oh that's good. They know that. Oh, there's a lot of people I've never seen the other side of things. They never seen it like, and that really opened your eyes. Like they couldn't believe that the kid like this was a real situate the kid. We gave the kid a whistle.

In the little case our crime was like, this is mine. And my son's looking at him like what is this real? But then they disliked things like dad, like w look, let's give him more toys. Let's get more with, yeah, let's give him more like they, and they was like, man, like that's cool. Now they not. They look forward to doing that and helping and they actually know like the value of a dollar and then being thankful and then them being givers will make them more successful. Yes man. Yes. It's a great foundation. Giving, giving, giving. That's all we do is give. Giving makes your heart filled. It makes you feel good when you can actually do that. We have, when the Lord gives you that power to help someone else, when you're no longer the borrower, where you can actually help somebody. Now, you know, if it just feels really good,

what's your perfect Saturday outing with [inaudible]

your kids? My perfect Saturday out is us waking up early in the morning and making some breakfast. Listen to some good music. What's, what's your breakfast food for you? We, we always eat waffles. The same thing. Waffles, eggs and sausage and uh, in this case, yeah and we always put, uh, we, we always the stack the waffles up and put a syrup and whipped cream all over him and just like stuff our face. But look man, we put it on one to be over. We put it on one day late in the middle of the table. Like we, like we have a fetus eat off the table. Awesome man. We get dressed and we go play paintball. I'm going to crash this correctly next time we go. And we have, we just have fun, man. We just literally wake up and we wake up early and have fun. So I was like a blessing. It is man. It, that's why I say it's all, it's worth it. It's worth those, those tears and that heartache is worth it. It's worth it. Yes. Okay.

Well, I know you're here sharing with us, but how are you sharing your story with others or what are, what are you doing? So

I do, I do videos. Like I like in my videos, like I encourage people, I talk to people when I'm like, I sing, I dance like in people, they love it. They, I mean they, I mean everyone watches it and I, I know that that's, that has to be the Lord because I mean, I say send the same stuff other people say, but when people actually know that you're authentic and it's coming from your heart and you're not trying to like just get business out of them, like really just trying to help them. Like it really helps in people like are literally like, I'll put a video up and we'll get like a thousand views overnight with like, like, like 2050 comments. Like people like, thank you. Think you're gonna really is going crazy. It's cool. Yeah. People can spot a phony. Oh man, they spot might be real. [inaudible] they just, they love it. Yeah, they love it. The videoing

right now. We'll make it online.

Yeah, definitely. Well, we want to be in it. We want to be an encouragement. Everybody who there. Yeah, this was awesome. This is, this is incredible.

Yes. Well, I thank you so much for being with us today. You've encouraged my heart.

I think I'm going to go run a marathon right now and I have boots on, but I'm going to do it anyway. This is awesome. Like this is, I love doing it. Actually. I've got the happy chip. Y'All got it. Y'All gonna invite me back again. This is incredible. You're going to be back yet, but I want to get the dancing chip. Yeah, we can go in like dancing. It was too early. I don't think the dancing kipps going to help you. Honestly. I love you a lot. [inaudible] you gotta practice you gotta friend. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is your, this would be a judge right here. Yeah.

So I just want people out there to be encouraged to go and share your story with someone today. You never know where you can encourage someone if it's in the grocery line or at the park walking your dog or just going someone sitting next to you in a cubicle, just share your story or even just open your ears to hear someone else's story. I remember, don't isolate yourself.

If you feel isolated, if you're feeling depressed, reach out to someone, please reach out, reach out, reach out like people are willing to help. Even notice world is people are so negative. There are people out there that really just want to just help you and really care about you. That just, there's a lot of good options. Yes, a lot of good out there. All you gotta do was this. All you got to do is open your mouth. That's all you have to do and for everybody that has a business man, keep going. Like it's not the end to tomorrow's a new day and you will make it. You just gotta keep. Just keep positive, man. I know it's hard, but just keep doing it. Yes. One foot in front of the other. Yes, yes, yes. That's so simple, but that means so much. It does.

And those moments, not good news. One foot in front of the other like that. It's been so much. Right? Like, and you can, you can always know when you're talking to someone that's, that's been in your situation like, cause they just like, they feel it. Boy, you bring it back. Some memories see flashbacks babe. Like I know it's real. It's real. It's definitely real. That one foot full of see Matt or something. Y'All are entrepreneurs, right? Absolutely man. So y'all know, like always getting it. Yeah. Always. So y'all knowing they had done that and those moments. That's awesome man. Yup. Well thank you again. Thank you all for having me. This is awesome.

Have a good afternoon at a blast. They need to go get me something. Somebody drank now. Some coffee. Yeah, you need some dope joke. Y'All have a great day. When the ugly moments come, remember that light shines brightest in the dark. Love radiates brightest among hate. Life stands most complete against them.

Scott (Grief)

Scott (Grief)

Georgia (Anxiety)

Georgia (Anxiety)