So webinars in between your four year wiener episode, every other jungle snooze rambled on for 45 minutes. Could you get, do this, you can listen to the podcast while you have a blow job, you know, 10 minutes. So today we're gonna talk about the kind of inability to do anything in life now in silence. Like have you noticed that? Like I, I recently this Adam, I've been, I've been doing it for a while, but it's something I've just now kind of picked up on. There's nothing about my day that is ever just purely quiet. Whether I'm working, driving clucking and taking a shower, you know, even if I'm like in bed, I am either watching a screen or I'm listening to some sort of noise. I thought you meant in terms of like taking a picture and posting it on snapchat or letting someone know.

No. Well, I mean I think even though I think it does like speak to a bigger picture of like a complete inability to disconnect. So you wouldn't consider music silence. [inaudible] mm hmm. Like, I can't remember the last time I just like crawled in the bed or even went on a hike and like hung out in the Hammock and read a book and just like dead silence. Hmm. And I think like overstimulation is a real thing. It is. And by that silence you mean even being on your phone? Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. I make some of those. I'll make those moments. I've been reading a lot more lately. Like how often do you make those moments? Probably twice or three times a week. Yeah. It's usually when I do face masks or something or the shower and you'll just like grab my entire body. Everything's cut off, everything's, I'll scrub my entire body.

I'll sit there with soap on it so I smell nice afterward. Then I'll shave and do a face mask. I don't know. Sometimes it's like the best times that I can think it is, but like I think I have this weird like, and I used to not be this way. I don't know why I'm like this now, but I have this weird, like I think I feel alone when I don't have something [inaudible] I knew that about you. Like I really like, I know also you have a tough time of just being alone. Yeah. Like it's, you always have to have a, be with a friend [inaudible] be with your grant. Like you always have to be with somebody. Whereas me, bitch, I could not, I can drop my phone and not talk to anybody for a week and live in a hole. You know what I mean?

Well, it's so crazy too because it's not even because I necessarily like, as horrible as this sounds like, it's not even necessarily because I want to hang out with that person or that I want to be socializing with people. It's just that I don't want to be alone. And then I think that speaks also to, again, like not being able to unplug. What'd you mean? I can do it. Like I'm not saying you have. Yeah, I can do it. Um, and you'll delete your Instagram and your new instead of, yeah. So stop doing that. What the hell? It's, I like going back and looking at our memories, our memories in my camera roll. What else do you have in your camera roll? I don't have anything. I of tell you, you're setting up expectations for our listeners that just aren't true. I know you're not a slut, but I want you to be a, I'm not a sled.

I want you to be to try. Okay. I know he tried it didn't, it's for you. I just want to live through you. But yeah, I feel like it's very, I feel like a lot of people feel that way though because whether or not you are hanging out with someone, whether or not you are, you know, being very social, I feel like there are times when you, you need to be alone in the thing. And I think if you don't have those moments and you don't get off social media for five minutes and you don't stop looking at people and that kind of thing and you don't feel like you can drive you crazy, it definitely has driven me crazy before and it can be addicting too. Yeah, I mean it's addicting to like, you know, I have to do certain things before I go to bed because that's become my normal routine.

Or like the thought of me playing on your phone, like playing on my phone or like if I, like if we have like let's say we've planned a camping trip or something, like I have prepared myself for the fact that I'm going to be with, this is also sad. I've like prepared myself with the fact that I will be without my phone and like I get excited about it. But like let's say I go to run an errand and I've somehow left my phone at home. I'm like freaking out inside. Same like freaking out. I hate it. I remember when we went camping, I kinda noticed this about you and I don't really so much riva though, but you and I would like pick up our phone and look at it. Even though we did have so folks or this service I would see like you'd be hiking or something in front of me and you'd pull out your phone and look at it.

And of course there are no notifications because we don't have booking service. And you were just going to back into your [inaudible] got back to the top of the homestead and we all, we all, we were all like, oh yeah, it's the blue light. Like it's disappointing I think when you make a promise Herschel's to have moments of being yeah. In silence I've been, I've been working on trying one, being able to say no to like constant like hey, let's go to this bar or whatever and rip and by the way find my friends is not showing your location. Yeah. It hasn't been like a month and a half. I've been meeting until a year just saying weird. Yeah. So I can't see you when you're running. And ripping and if you die and I can't see your location or you get kidnapped, I will be very upset when just say it.

No, I definitely like I need to get better at saying no. Yeah. Cause I remember I'd would facetime you and you'd be out at like 1:00 AM on a Tuesday and I'm like Gracie, uh, constantly. Do you ever get tired of it? Like you just like, I hate people. I hate people, but I don't want to be alone. So I put on this very bubbly, like whatever. I want to be in bed and she can always call me. I know you don't call me that much. You know, you're always with Adam. So you guys are always watching something naked. We were safe that to the podcast or she'll text me and she'll go, can I facetime? Are you naked?

Yeah, cause usually Adam's naked. I make it all the time and I face have you all at Macon? Yeah, but I don't want you to see my dick and balls and also you look good. I don't look at me good. You look good. Naked. I pee while I'm on the phone with you. You pee in front of me, I'll be talking to you and you'll walk to v for me and pee in front of me. It's so, you know, I, um, I saw, I sometimes struggle with like feeling alone even though if I'm not alone. So I think that's normal. You know, I think it's, there's a difference between being alone and being lonely, which is important to keep in mind. Also think it's really important to have a little bit of both. Agreed. And also don't recognize it's okay to feel lonely or alone.

Totally okay to be alone. Yeah, it really is. But you know, I'm always addicted to social media. It's such an intuitive part of our daily lives and it does make me feel less lonely though. It does. But that's, then I have to ask myself like, what about this is making me feel less? It is a real, I just actually watched that black mirror episode with Miley Cyrus. I want to see you so bad. Good. But the m the Ashley too, it's this little Bot that they make that talks. It's kind of like a Siri, like an updated Siri, but it talks like Miley Cyrus, it's called Ashley too. And it's this little robot and um, it's, this girl is like only friend. They've moved to another town. Everyone's really mean to her. It's this girl's only friend. And I mean the show is about much more than that as well.

But I always like God, are we really? And then like, I watch movies like her, which I adore that movie. It's such a good movie. Um, but I'm like, are we, I feel like we're kind of moving in a direction like this. I mean, you know, there are, these men aren't here that shell tens of thousands of dollars for like a sex robot doll. You know what I mean? Not that there's anything wrong with that, like if that's your kink or whatever, but I feel like, yeah, we are kind of replacing like human connection with something. I

wouldn't say it's not real, but it's, it's not as, it's not as tangible as actual human connection and that kind of thing. Very one sided. You know, I volunteer that anyone out there wants to make a sex robot doll of me and you want to use my body as like a plan.

Just reach out to me. Email millennial prop pod@gmail.com people from like the dark web are going to be content. Please don't email us. If you want my news, just let me know. Or if you want to send me nudes, sent it to at millennial prop pod and this is ags Instagram. If you want to send her news, unless you want them posted publicly on mine. Oh, I hope someone sends us nudes and we can find their mom and send it to them. That's hard. Have you ever been sent a nude? Yeah. Really? Yes. Like in voluntarily? No. Okay. You lucky. Boy You, that's bull. It's a little bit more of a female thing, you know, I would never send my Tibbs voluntarily or involuntarily. I would, I mean I, I don't know. I don't like my body, so I wouldn't ever send a need. I just can't put that shit out there and I don't trust people.

Yeah, I don't. You're my husband, Adam, of course, almost Ngu nudes. Well we've been together eight years. It's different. I think this is a good topic though, because I think we need to like remind people, you know, to be alone. Yeah. You need to be alone. Turn the, turn the phone off, turn, turn the TV off, you know, it'll all be there when you wake up. Like it really will. But I think [inaudible] you know, also finding friends who help you in those moments and fish cause you've been there for me. Yeah. And I definitely do. You want to get to hold each other accountable to like, you know, like if I'm on my phone too much while I'm with you, you're like, hey, you're on your phone. And I say the same to you. You know? I mean, it's just [inaudible]. My favorite is when you're on your phone and I get on my phone and then you get off your phone and then you go, you're on your phone.

And I'm like, well I think, you know, like I said, that stuff will always be there when you wake up. But like a moment of intimacy, like with a friend or like a, a memory to make like that won't be there. So I think it's important and it also is driving me fucking crazy. Like I'm telling you, I've started realizing like I listen to music in the shower, in the car. Like even if it's a podcast or in PR or I'm watching a movie in the background or more, I'm on my laptop doing work or like whatever. It never fucking ends. Like I never just take a step back and like breathe and like drink a cup of tea or like read a book or like even go for a run without music. Like constantly being stimulated. Mike was, I intended to be this stimulated was this, was this God's plan to be stimulated, stimulated 20 ways, not in the right way. I think this is a good topic. Things for bringing it up. I'm glad we got to kind of share this with, cause it's, I'm very annoyed with myself right now, so I got it out. I'm annoyed with you too. So great.

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