Internet Etiquette

Internet Etiquette

Have you ever leaked with a diva cup? I have, but I really, really heavy periods. Like I, I flood basically when I, when I'm having later periods. No, I've never leaked out of it because it literally like it, it's complete. That entire area is taken over by the cup. It's, it is like a Suction Cup almost. Yeah. Well I meant your vagina as a suction cup. Well, the cup would be the, the sections. Have you heard those stories of people putting stuff up their butt and they lose it? No. Oh my God. Have you seen that guy who sticks a glass mason jar up his buy in it? Burke cracks and breaks in his butt hole and he is like blood just streaming out his book deserves that Shit. What a dumb ass. Yeah. Oh my God. I know.


what up Queens? It's your girl Zachary t and welcome back to another lovely episode of millennial prop od. I'm here with my co host a g stop. Oh my God. Um, but for every episode of millennial prop, Pod ag and I play a game to ease into the main subject of the episode. It's a little bit like lube and for this week it is internet etiquette. Uh, for this game I have 10 SMS or texting abbreviations for ag to saw God they have to be one by no one. No, that's the whole point of the game. You'd dumbed you're at Queen Agee, you will be graded on how many you get out of 10. Are you ready? I guess. Great. And even if you don't know what it is, just guess. Okay. All right. You ready for the game called t nine at me? Daddy. For any generation x is listening, we used to have flip phones where it called t nine on the keyboard.

That's how we texted. Way To click three to get the letter f three times. So t nine me, Daddy. The first one is l o l laugh out loud. Oh my God, you're so smart. Number two is brb. I'll be right back. The third one is a s a p as soon as possible. Good job. Number four is h. A. N. D. H. A. N. D. Am I just spelling hand or is this an ad for hand job? H. A. N. D. O. Fuck me. I don't know. Can I phone a friend? You can phone a friend. Okay. Have a nice day. Yeah. Ah, so smart. Uh, number five is h. M. B as in boy hit

me back. Wow. You are so Hibbing days. And that was again number six is t. I. A. N. T. I. A. N. T. A. Thanks in advance. Yeah. Oh my God. These were literally acronyms I old people use your so good. Number seven is s. T. B. Y. Five four, three, two, one. I don't know. Sucks to be you. Uh, you didn't get that one right. Tby so sorry. This one might be easy. ISO in search of, Oh hell yeah, no, I'm trading places and Facebook. I knew him. Them or Tinder. I don't use that in search of a heroin. I probably am not gonna Swipe. If you use that in search in search of a nice Christian lady who follows God likes to fish on the weekend, like sufficiently cores, black by the lake. I make sure I have dinner ready every evening. I ac, I'm a true but wrong in any case. Fuck he uses the old people do. This is a literal chart that either found on the Internet that was like, oh, these are the most, so it's not I'm a cunt. No, it's true that you are one. However, that's not what record. That makes sense. Oh, I see. Five, four, three, two.

Oh, I see. You're a dumb ass. Wait, but you didn't say it was, oh and then I and then Z. Yeah. That's act. They're all to, yeah. Yeah. That's so stupid. I now, oh, I see. You're a con I ac. Oh, I see. You know, we should redo this chart and send it out to old people and like an email forward on their 2009 imax. So they get them and use I am a cut or do we have, that's it. Oh yeah. Not Bad. You got a couple of ones. I was surprised. I was like, Whoa, I've never heard of this one before. Good job. Those were hard. Yeah. Are you going to use, which one would you use in the future if you could pick one?


oh God. I don't know. I would use IC. Yeah. I only, oh, I just don't fuck with people. [inaudible] well, thank you for playing. Yeah. I'm excited to, uh, talk about Internet etiquette today and the do's and the don'ts. But, uh, first we'll have a word from one of our lovely sponsors. Are you tired of buying into consumerism? Is this shit you never use or only use once

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Welcome back to millennial prod pod. Thank you for playing that game with me. Uh, a g anytime I think. I think you really should though. Check out fucking burn all of it.com for all of your burning. You need to not be announced. But anyway, we move over into our main segment and that is internet etiquette and internet etiquette for the sake of this conversation also includes the use of I messages, whatsapp as well as Messenger. Any way for you to communicate via the Internet. Yeah, you're online, you're talking to somebody else. Doesn't matter how it goes without saying don't be sexist, racist, or homophobic or hateful in general. Um, I want y'all to check out a great article written by Clive Thompson for wire.com called online hate is rampant. Here's how to keep it from spreading. Uh, we're going to put the link in the, um, not bio, but the, uh, show details.

We're not really going as put on our bio's. Sure. Why not? We're not really going into online hate because it goes without saying that you're a loser if you go online and trouble people anonymously and an attempt to Raul someone up or to hurt someone if that's your thing, find help. Yeah. Because something's seriously going on. Find somebody, talk to somebody. Like, don't, don't spend your life doing that shit for real. That, I mean, go find something else to Jack Hoff over. I mean, there's plenty out there. Well, I mean it's just like if you're hurting, like let someone else know, like don't take it out on other people, but we're not going to go into all the hateful rhetoric rhetoric and something like that. This is really reserved for more nuanced Internet etiquette. How and when to say something or maybe not say anything at all.

Um, and the first point that I would like to make with this subject, or like the first rule of Zachary's internet etiquette, I should teach a class. You do already teach a class or Mashburn. Yeah, but like you know, hey, I can teach you beat a better you. You don't always have to comment on everything. I can't remember who mentioned this to me before, but it really did resonate with me because at one point my life on Facebook, which I don't have anymore. Hallelujah. I was commenting my opinion on everything, especially posts where I disagreed with politically, like every single post that I would see. And I don't know why. I just had to get, I had to have my voice known for whatever reason. Well I think it's tough because we are at a point where I think it's important to be outspoken and confident within your beliefs and who you are as a person.

And it's frustrating to see people that that might disagree or even even take it as far as to be hateful about it. And so I understand wanting to comment on everything, but it's a balance, you know, it's having to say like where, where is my opinion helping other people as opposed to am I posting my opinion just because this other person believes differently? Oh heck yes. And also is your opinion hurting your side? Whether it be the, your opinion itself or how you say it because it goes both ways. I know liberals and conserve. Yeah. Who are, cause you know in your head as a millennial, and I'm sure

our target demo is the most liberal person cause that's who we are and what we talk about. But you know, I bet in our minds the first thing we think about is oh the hateful conservative who just no, you can be liberal and like make other people hate you and hate your cause and hate your opinion.

Well and those are the liberals too that I question, are you liberal because these are things you actually believe in and support. Are you liberal? Because it's the opposition right now. Exactly. And Are you liberal because it gives you that I'm not point up, but it gives you that a corner to make that argument online. And I feel like part of me, Mike, especially growing up on Facebook and stuff, that was part of it, like just wanting to be heard and you know, you're not, everything needs your comment. Not Everything needs your voice. You know, straight white men were talking to you. I'm sorry, but not everything needs your voice all the time, you know? Well, and it's true. I mean the majority of the kind of outrageous irrelevant comments that I've had posted on my feed have been white guys who are considered themselves conservative. And um, you know, it's just, it's frustrating. It's really, it's totally like a first world problem. But it, it's super, it's like why? But then also like I do, I have quote unquote liberal friends who post super hateful things. And yes, sometimes it gets so funny because the majority of people that really, and occasionally I'll get into it with someone like advisees, something crazy I've seen any, but I get in there, I don't it on ever actually

rarely do it and my thing is do not post your opinion if you cannot fucking back it up. And I see time after time, the majority of people that comment the most to get a rise, to get a reaction, do not have this. Why are you not tired? I'm like, fuck bitch, I get off work. I don't want to fucking argue with bitches online. Your life to make you think that this is necessary. I used to do it all the time so I'm not yelling at anyone in particular. This is something that I've gone through personally that I, I did until about like two years ago. You're not going to be taken seriously if you have a comment on everything because sometimes there are times where you just need to bite your fucking tongue and that's just life. That's it. That's it. Well, I don't know what Internet etiquettes you have for me.

The majority of the ones that you know we're going to talk about. Actually you and I have very similar kind of rules on that, so I'd love to just comment on whatever you have. Well I want to ask you as a female with a vagina, um, when is it appropriate to some Dick pic? So right out the gate like surprise, tick pics. Well I have to say first of all, in general I don't enjoy getting them at all. I you're not ever gonna hear me ask one, but I'm aware this is like a personal preference. If I were to look outside of my own feelings on it, the only time to me that it is appropriate is if you have found a way to ask whether that's, you both have been engaging in some sort of sexually based conversation and it's been brought up to the point where you kind of know that's where it's leading to.

I feel like that's when it's appropriate. And then to ask if the conversation hasn't been had and whether you're on snapchat or text messaging, I might continue to kind of fade you out and not talk to you, but I would you have a better chance of me talking to you if you've asked and not just sent it to me without my permission. Have you ever gotten one of those messages that was like, Oh yeah, I really want to fuck you. Or someone's going to dim pit dick pic and went, oops, my bad didn't mean to. I've never had the ladder happen. I've had, I've had good guys where I accidentally kind of unknowingly have started a conversation that then leads to it. Um, but I've never had someone like, I thought people would just blatantly send me one, but I've never had someone like Megan. I want to let you know, if you're sending a dick pic to a woman who has a gay friend, she's going to show that gay friend. I just want to let you know, I've seen a show every week to everybody, so, so let me warn you now, but I just want to say if you want to send me a dick pic, you're more than welcome. My Instagram handle. Is that Zachary Mashburn or you just send it to the millennial

pro pod? DMS, please don't because I read those too. Please do not. Or if you think, if you're thinking of sending one to ag soon, it's going to happen. You're going to send us a dick pic and then I'm going to gather all the Dick Pics and rdms and I'm going to make a collage out of them and then I'm going to take it a step further. I'm going to cut out your Instagram handles and I'm going to paste them under the dicks and then I'm going to sell that piece of art for a thousand on Etsy or Pinterest. So send the Facebook marketplace. We need content for a collage, honey. But to, to summarize what you were saying, to me, sending an unsolicited Dick pic is the same thing as someone going to a park in a trench coat and just opening their coat. Also, y'all this like aggression towards people who have different opinions.

My sister posted on her a Tinder bio. Uh, parks and rec is better than the office. Oh, my sister got death threats flying over parks. In fact, no, I just want to say like calm. This goes back to what we said earlier. Yeah. Calm the f down. Get some help is better than the, it's not wrong. It's so much better than the off this. I'm just like, I don't understand. Oh, our producer would like us to call the collage a cock lodge, which I think is brilliant. So saying your Dick pics for the caulk lodge. A will tag your Instagram handle and embarrassed here. We'll put it on like some feminist website or porn hub for oh yeah. I go there all the day. All the time. Anyway. Um, okay. This one is my, one of my biggest pet peeves. Stop posting about your kids.

Like, I mean at least if you're gonna post about your kid, like okay, their birthday or on Christmas on Easter, they look really nice, they look really sharp. Go fucking right ahead. But God damn every fucking photo, every other tweet, every other, I just stopped posting about your kids all the time. It seemed fun cause you post about kids so well this creepy. I was a nanny, just posting pictures of children. Their parents were always tagged in it. Please don't make me sound like a pervert. Um, I loved the kids, I nanny and it was just one of kind of the ways that I expressed to other people how much I loved those whole unit. But here's the thing, you didn't post all the time. And here's the thing. You would imagine being a new parent and like going through all in, like social media is so prevalent in every other aspect of life. So why wouldn't it be prevalent when someone has a kid? That's a very good point. I'm, the only thing I have to say is I don't like kids. Um, very


I'm scared of kids. They're terrors. They the youth thing. I'm scared to hold babies cause when I was a young kid I was like 10 years old. I held a really tiny baby and I hit its quite head on the corner of a table and a certain bleeding everywhere. So I'm really freaked out by kids. Okay. I just, kids scare me. They're really easy to break and if I break a kid honey, if I can push my brother down the stairs in a suitcase at three years old and he survives it, a kid can survive any of that. Yeah, but you'd go to juvenile bitch, I'm going to go to jail if I heard a kid. I'm just saying that's a big deal for people. Right. I mean my thing is like everything in moderation. Like I don't want to hear about how your day is going every day. Yeah. Like I don't want to hear about your political views every day. So maybe why this is more like a repetition. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. I get that. For Real. I feel like everything in moderation. I think that's another good role for Internet etiquette. Like, you know, if you post an ass pic every day, I'm going to get bored of your ass. Yes.

You know, for real. I do have one fn three though that I don't think you have mentioned yet and maybe you have, um, or at least it's among the ones you're supposed to talk about. So when I was growing up, my mom, the older I got and you know, the more I was kind of allowed to have access to the Internet and when I got my, you know, first Facebook profile and all that stuff, even though some monitored by

my mother, it was basically hers, not mine, but, um, like she would monitor my posts, like tell me what I could post. And we went, I couldn't, she, she said to me, even at like 12 or 13, she was like, you need to understand that this is all public information. And she was like, it's there forever and you have employers and future, you know, important people in your life that are going to view that.

And she said, it's not right. It's not fair. But that is how the world works. And for some employers and schools and, and you know what have you, where you need to put your best foot forward, they're going to look at that and they're going to judge you based off of [inaudible] and I still, you know, I kind of, it's a balance with that as well because I, I don't want, I'm not just going to post stuff that makes me look like this in Gel Lik you know, whatever. Cause Bitch you ain't cause I'm not, but I also like, unfortunately the reality is that that is the way things work. And so you really, like I, I sometimes I see people's profiles and it's not fair, but I'm like, I cannot believe you are publicly posting that for other people to see. I mean I see stuff sometimes on like Instagram or Facebook and our employers follow us.

Yeah. This is, this is a thing, you know, like I see people posting sometimes where I look and I'm like, what would I do if I was a boss or if I was an employer? There are people that I would fire over some of the stuff that they've posted. And even though it's their personal life and I get that, you know, one, I think everyone's in, I'm going to say this and mine's probably public at this point, but everyone's profiles should be private. I'm just saying I think you should be yourself wholeheartedly, but just like everything else in life, there are consequences to the image that you put out and that's, it just makes me sad and it's kind of like if I look at it from an employer standpoint, there are people that I wouldn't hire

well I wish it weren't that way. I really do because I feel like if I come to work and I do my shit and I'm professional as fuck and you don't have any problems with me, whatever I do outside of work is my own business.

Some of these companies in some of your jobs you are what your putting out there. If people know you work there, that is a reflection of your workplace. I mean

I feel like that's kind of like an older way of thinking. I feel like for the most part, especially all these startups and people our age, like we get it, like we understand the duality of social media versus your professional appearance. And so that's why there finstas and that's where their fake Twitter accounts that people have so that they can communicate freely. However, I think people our age like get it. I feel when we're older and we're in those positions where we hire, I feel as if that's going to slowly go away cause I feel older because you know you mentioned kind of like our employers follow us, however they're more laid back because you know, the company we work for is a lot more laid back than most. So I feel like we're headed in the right direction for that and I'm really happy for that.

Does not make it right. And I do think that people our age kind of can draw that line more so than I'm just saying. I don't think we're at that point yet. And something I've had to learn actually in the hard way, you know before is that it does matter at this point. It still does matter. Especially like my former line of work nannying, I had to be so careful about what I posted and the previous job

Venmo that said this is for last night baby, thank you. And you greet because your employers on your events

[inaudible] because I'm watching someone's kids, you know and it sucks because I don't ever want to be filtered and I can say all day that if I ever had Devin nanny or something like that that I would pick like wouldn't judge

them based off whatever. But it is my children meeting. I probably will. Yeah. I'm just saying that's true. Not, it's not that it annoys me, it just still shocks me. I mean like I've seen people do lines of coke on their Instagram and I'm just like, what? Oh it's, it's crazy to me. And like you said, like our employers specifically where we work right now are really laid back. But I've had previous employer employers, not even when I nannied where like I did not let them follow me on anything. Yeah. Well I'm pretty careful about what I post. Yeah. I feel I'm very cautious. I think it's inherently in some of them. I just don't do that shit. Crazy snapchats to just anybody know. I mean, I send it to our producer, Zoe, AEG, Riva, my husband and my sister, and that's pretty much as crazy you snapchat, SCO, you know, just be more careful just as a precaution for your wellbeing, not because you know you have to conform to societal norms, which tells you you can't be who you are even though this is how everybody else is, but also survival.

Survival. Yeah. My thing is don't post a meme about something or a story or an article about something unless you have verified that it is true and accurate, like don't post. What are those stories? Oh, every time you repost this on Facebook, this kid with a cleft pallet gets a dollar from Facebook to go toward child surgery anyway. I mean, yeah, I see this constantly on Instagram. It's like this, like this for good luck or like this and you want to have this flawless skin like this, like this for Jesus to bless you. I mean, we're past that age anyway. I don't know. We're past that age, but those are the ages that are still do like the older people. I can't wait for the baby boomer age to be over. I'm just to ready for them all the time. I'm just so ready now.

I'm talking about the baby boomers today. Get on my nerves. Nerves. I mean my God, stop posing the shit. And by the way, if something's at Hillary Clinton's emails revealed and it's Hillary, I hate Hillary. Dot. Eagle. That's not a legit website. You dumb bitch. Don't post that shit. Neither is box. Oh God. When I see people with like they're reading Fox News at like Barnes and noble or they're like in line and they're reading Fox News. I'm like, why are you doing this? I mean, let's be real. CNN super slanted. MSNBC for sure. I mean big. We need to all just listen to NPR. Oh, pretty damn slanted bame. The study they did though, they were actually the most neutral. They're not neutral at all in terms of news coverage or that that may be, I feel like you're basing them on like the shows that they have.

However, as far as news coverage go, do you ever hear a conservative listening to fresh air or car talk or wait, wait, don't tell me or per like any of the shows that they broadcast on NPR? I don't, I don't hang out with conservatives. I can't give like a accurate, but I feel like the like fresh air and stuff like that. I feel like those are more about people's stories. I don't feel, I don't feel like the hosts are being like this is our opinion and this is it because you go watch Sean Hannity total or something like that and then like this is in the CR is considered pretty slanted by who? By all I mean as a liberal. I'm telling you that they're slanted. I just think, I just think you just need to do some research before you post something. I do it. I don't ever post anything that would really, you ever read a headline and just share it? Like be honest?

Yeah. We all do it. Wait, no wait earlier. The only time I can tell you that I ever did, and it's true. It has been the one publication specifically. I read every other one. This is done by, what is it, the New Yorker. Oh yeah. I'll just see like a hair, not slant. Oh, I've never claimed it. Roll read. I'm just making and I just put like, you know, slant in publications, but the New Yorker, I'll literally just pick, pick a headline that grabs my attention. God for your apple news subscription. I love it. Oh, you're using even? Yeah. I paid

for her apple music and she pays for my new subscription. It's wonderful though. I love it. So great. I showed my mom and she was like, what? Oh. Um, what else do you have about Internet etiquette? There's so much you kind of go over, but you know, oh, I want to go over one Terri.

Okay. This specifically pertains to dating apps for Eden and for your whole law. Can you do that? Whoah. Okay. Anything like Tinder or bumble or grinder or her or whatever, use her. Her as if it's a a lesbian app. Okay. Keep going. It's actually great. It's a great app anyway. Don't say crazy shit to me. Do not start out the conversation like making some sort of like weird inappropriate pun or like Redl or like, like we're one, we are all too fucking old for that shit. Second of all, you know it's just not, that's so rude. You wouldn't come up to me in public and do that. Why in the hell do you think it's okay to do it over the Internet? Like what the fuck is wrong with people will, I mean I've seen some, cause we've put your Tinder on airplanes on here.

I remember one time that was not what consent. Very intoxicated and pass out on the couch. So Riva and I put her tenor on airplane adoptable and then a riva dated one of them that she met through Gracie's tinder's and dated seven months and he turned out to be fucking nuts. By the way. My thing is don't say something that you won't say to somebody whose face, which I mean granted some of these people you talk to, you would probably say it to your face on the first date. Not on the first encounter. I don't know. Some of those people there, they are crazy. Some of these bitches are crazy out here. Ones I've gone on dates, but they did not start out conversations like that and I know they think it's funny and I know they think it breaks the ice. It's super fucking annoying and it's really inappropriate and very childish and that is not, I don't care if it's just a one night stand that is not going to get you what you want.

It's just not. My thing is people who follow you, who you Kinda sorta know and you follow them back, follow me, follow them back. They unfollow you. Yup. Fuck you. If you ever fucking do that, go fuck yourself. I hope your mom dies. Fuck all y'all just kidding. Ain't that deep. But it's annoying. It's like, okay. We kind of already knew each other in high school you were there, you were a fucking slut or whatever and I was gay. We probably could have been best friends, but you didn't make the time or effort to make us best friends in high school and now personal want to follow me? How many fuck I graduated in 2012 how many years? That was seven years ago. Hey those six years ago. Who Hurts you?

I've kind of let that go that the following thing just because I follow so few people and it just doesn't matter to me. Really does. I just don't care. Well I just, it's just a tiny pet peeve of mine. I mean sometimes on my petty and like if I can tell they've unfollowed me all and follow them. Have you ever had someone follow you and you're like, no, I'm not following you back. You kinda sorta know them or whatever. It's a boy and they involve you and they follow you again like two days later. Has it ever happened to you? That is so weird. Why would you do that? I've also done that to people but that I didn't know you click this. What it says is like if they, if you, I don't know if it's like this now, but it used to be that if you didn't let them follow you, it would give you the opportunity to like follow them again.

Like it wasn't like request nine. So sometimes it'd be like a couple of days later and I'd be like, oh, maybe Instagram just didn't like I'd go to like check on it or whatever and it would just say follow. And then I'd be like, Oh shit, maybe I didn't follow them. And then after the third or fourth time I realized it was, it wasn't me. What if I told you I catfish catfish someone you did not before was fishing. Oh, we need to call me for right now. Okay. I was 13 years old and I came across this boys my space and he was like, you can't be friends with me unless your 17 year old or whatever. So I found someone's pictures, made

another myspace, became 17 years old, older, made all these friends to look like it was real. And then I found a request from start talking to him.

Yeah, yeah. It went on for like a year. Yeah. Oh my God. So, but he always asked for pictures and always wanted to call me and stuff like that and I was like my little voice when I was 13 I didn't know. Well, you know, at least I stopped. I was 14 when I saw it. I was like, this is not okay. Then I went back to being straight and like online dated a girl for a little while. Oh. And her mom was really into it, like wanted us to be dating and stuff and I was like, yeah, I think I'm gay the next year. Oh God. I know. Internet life, man. It was crazy being shady with your comments and likes. Like when people get an arguments, I like the person's comment that I agree with, you know, I don't really do that. I don't really get involved in online arguments.

Typically. I remember [inaudible] Dot Com my role. I remember you doing that on Facebook when people would like argue polit about politics and stuff. You would like mints posts I've made. Okay. I mean, maybe I did. Yeah. I don't remember doing that a ton. I would have done that more so on Facebook than I would've done on like Instagram or anything like that. I typically don't, again get involved with shit on like Twitter or Instagram cause that shit's ridiculous to him. Well Twitter is mostly people. I don't know. You know? I mean they're fun to look at. Yeah, I mean I'll, I'll spend all day Horne is great on Twitter, Twitter, not Twitter. I want a tweener Williams know what else you got from me. Boom. Any other Internet etiquette we could go on and on. There's a lot of different stuff. Also, stop baby. Stop wanting to call you baby.

No, that's not right. Boo. No, I'm trying not to sound sexist. What should I say? Okay, cut. Stop. Stop deleting your Instagram and making anyone. I wasn't deleting it. I did like a pause on it. You have deleted and started so many new Instagram. I'm not doing, Riva is shaking her head up and down. You've done like three or four? Yes. Saying you've done it three or four times. Why do you keep doing that? I had no, typically I'll just go on like a highlight. Oh my God and make a new name. We pull up the note. They used to not like used to not be able to like put a hold on your Instagram account. I used to be that you had to delete it. Now you can just deactivate it for a certain amount of time. How long have you had this one?

It's been less than a year. And you do it with your Facebook too. So I have two Facebook's. The only reason one of them is still active is because I've been meaning to get all of the pictures off of it and then delete it. But I've been an old person. Fuck you all my pictures off of Facebook. Those, those Facebook is the only place I have some of those. Get your digital life together. That's a form of internet etiquette. Okay. It's not bothering anybody. I'm not. It's bothering me. You don't even have fucking Facebook anymore. Yeah. But your Instagram have one Instagram cause you keep deleting them. Oh my God, you are too involved man. I'm too involved with you. I'm sorry. I'll you back the fuck off the media. Okay. You post almost every day. Yes. You, oh girl. Okay. Let me see how many days go by between these posts.

Okay. Two days ago it was one also two days ago. It was one six days ago was one May 29th is one May 29th is another, May 28th is enough. May 27th is another, May 24th is another May 22nd is another. Do you mean keep going on or keep going? I mean, you only have 29 posts and they're all 29 per short. So that means that I don't because you deleted an Instagram and made a new one that this one since February. And I've only had 29 posts since February. February, March. Maya, can you do it? Months and months and months. 29 posts. Let's just agree to disagree. You're wrong. You're fucking, I took my major, my degree is in social media marketing, honey. No, it's not. I swear to God it is like just

marketing. It's social media and marketing. I had a double major. Um, we are now going to hear a word from one of our lovely sponsors

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even though you still live at home or a dad quarter, which can remind you what you need to do. Like when are you going to cut the fucking grass?

It's supposed to rain tomorrow. I need this product. I want to grandma quarters so I can hear the same stories of how it was being poor in the 1960s over and over and over again. My favorite is the grandpa quarters so I can be reminded not to drive out of the city in my old ass car. After being asked why I wanted to have dinner. Go to parent quarter.com today and use Promo code MPP. Yes. I can't wait to be uplifted so I can be torn down later. Bye.

Not to Brag on you bitches. I got a double major and I can't get a job in what I majored in. Yay. Cause it is useless. Oh Jesus Christ. What a waste of fucking money. All right, well thank you all for listening to remain subject. I hope we gave you some good pointers and tips of what to do. Just don't be a dumb ass. Don't be a [inaudible]. I want to repeat this again cause it's so important. Not every single conversation or space needs your opinion or your voice. It's going to be hateful. Yeah, I mean just get alive. Don't be a loser. Thanks for joining us on the couch. We love making millennial prod pod, and if you want to get more social, please follow millennial prod pod on Instagram and prod pod on Twitter. Email, millennial prod pod@gmail.com for Fan mail questions, corrections and suggestions. Tie Queens



Monkey Sea, Monkey Do

Monkey Sea, Monkey Do