If I Won the Lottery...

If I Won the Lottery...

Okay. Okay.
Am I crazy? I don't think it is the same as squirting. Yeah, it's fine.

Okay. But anyway, welcome to millennial property line worthy tweener for your wiener episode. Welcome for two days in between her for your motherfucking wiener. We have Zachary [inaudible] and we have ag. How you doing ag? Great. Good. Stay. We're going to talk about what we would do if we won the motherfucking lottery. Yeah, because last week we talked about money. Marie Marie or lady Gaga says, that's money, honey. I'm your love and your mistress. That's money, honey. What would you do if you won the lottery? When I think about the lottery, I think about all of these like fat southern people, just true. That's everyone that we see that wins the lottery like a really well put together, well- spoken human being that's won the lottery. Well, because they're not searching for that, you know what I mean? They're not the ones who need it the most. Would you be put together if you add we're overalls and farmed and shit every day?

No. But see my like life goal is to become a farmer. Like have my own farm. You have that. You liked that Vegan? Let me [inaudible] is Vegan. It's produce. Yeah. I want to see you out in a farm. But you couldn't even make, you could even keep a fire alive when we camping I was, oh the fine. Whoa wait. I went down to the river to call my feet and this fire was already out and I'm like [inaudible] no. Got Bed, no bed. I was the only person that could start a fire but and finish it. That fire. And I was the only one that could keep it going. Oh you're right until you got really, really high and then forgot about it. And that's not the same thing. That's not being able to do it because I'm the only one that could build it. I'm the only one that could keep it lit.

We'll we'll talk to rave about it. Cause I feel like disagree. I'm right. You're always right. But if I had to win the lottery and I won millions and millions and millions of dollars, I think the first thing that I would do is buy a new house. I want a big house or the big yard, a big front yard. I want to fountain in the Front Yard. I want a video game room where I can smoke and get high and drink. This is why people who win the lottery end up having no money and go bankrupt. Well also what I would do is pay off my student loans. As I say that first thing I do is pay off my debt. Aw, I'd buy you a Subaru. You're going to pay off my $60,000 in student debt. I mean, yeah, cause I feel sorry for you too. We're not splitting the lottery. No, I'm not splitting shit with you.

I mean, you're seeing loans give you a Subaru and you're good to go. Your life is made. It's true though. I mean, hey, I don't really have my student loans and bought me a new car, but I knew you'd leave and disappear. I will never talk to you again. That's not true. France [inaudible] off Rawls. That's what you'd be like. That means don't you speak French, right? It's not what, that part was partly booming. Well, that part, yes. Do you speak, but you wouldn't say all false. You'd say false. A false say. That's where you'd be actually. Where would you be? I would be everywhere. If I won the lottery, I'd, I would literally just dump everything, Make Stella certified, pay people off to let me take her to other countries and would just travel sales my dog for him in case people, I mean, I would travel too, but I feel like for the most part I just want to not work.

I just don't work anymore. That's the whole point of, you know, the travel. I don't have any ambition. I don't care to be the best. I don't want to be a manager or leader or whatever. I don't give a fuck. I just want to wake up every day whenever I want, do whatever I want that day and then go to sleep. That's all I want. I have no idea. I have no ambition. I just got admitted. I would actually invest a lot of that in schooling. I wouldn't, but I would. I would. I would 100% line video game room. I'm going to have it like

a little section where do live streaming on things, questioning our four years of friendship at this point I'm twitch and youtube and be like pop, pop. I wouldn't play Fortnite. I played dead by daylight, which was a much better game.

But yeah, that's fine. I'd build a big ass farming youtube animal sanctuary. We have very differently. We put the lottery an animal sanctuary for what kind of animals? Rescues dogs. Every kind of animal, any home that any in will. They couldn't get a hold the you have to deal with a day. I deal with you every day. So I mean I deal with your open legs every day, so let's talk about them. I feel like for the most part, if I won the lottery, I'd be taking care of a lot more people than like myself. I agreed because I already love like spending my money on other people, like covering everything. Like, I would just literally put the rest of my life cover everything I would too. I would buy like properties and make money off of that. Oh, I'd love to buy land. You know, just buy like acres and acres and acres of land.

I want to buy a house in Italy. Yeah. That's my dream right now that you can buy a house for a year. Okay. But you have to put a 5,000 euro deposit in and you have to remodel that home. And once that home has remodeled youth that deposit back and shores, which I think is, that's an interesting dynamic. Yeah. Right now and like these really deserted towns where there's like no population, everything's like really run down. If you go there, you buy a home for a year, oh, you put this money down, you remodel, it's yours, you rent it out on Airbnb, you can do this, you can do that. I think it's because their economy fucking sucks, but also the fact that like no one's touched these home and homes in years. I think if it was like one of those like $50 million lotteries, I would probably set aside a million of it for charity.

You know, I thought about that. But I'd have to really research the right kind of charity. Well a lot of mine would be like towards national parks and towards river keepers. Like I would say, you know like animal shelters, mine we go to where like the born this sweet foundation from like lady Gaga. Um, cause you know, it teaches bravery and kids and I remember being going to her tours and she would have a bus where they would have like psychiatrists on that bus for you to talk to you about your problems. And I was like, wow, that's incredible. So I'd, I would donate money to that. Yeah. I feel like also I feel like I would donate money to black lives matter cause I felt like that's, yeah. Yeah. Right now at least no devil. And it could be something like set aside throughout the years.

Like it wouldn't be like, oh I'd donate $500,000 is whatever. Like any, I know I want to donate a million dollar check, go to like a Galaga or gala, whatever the fuck in a tech seed and they'd be like, this is Zachary. He donated all this money. I'd be like, yeah bitch. That was one thing I would want to go to. What would be the met gala ne? I really, this is the only thing that, and maybe like the Tonys, that'd be cool. I don't really care to go at all that, but oh, I'd [inaudible] where they're honoring me and no one holds and all sincerity. Like you know, Zach donated $1 million. Really? And truly think that. I would honestly like do that. And then maybe by like property or housing on like top of a mountain or some like island and then call it a day or by like, like very like islands are not that expensive.

Hundreds without like hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you hit big and hit the like set, you could preserve it to make it like, you know, we could make national fire plan or something. Oh God. And have FEMA tents as FEMA tents. Jesus. They wrote that they weren't really, I couldn't even get through that documentary. It was so horrified. I would suck Dick to water to my, hey my God, we're already so, I don't know. I feel like we would do more good than bad if we were to win the lottery, but I feel like they're really a lot of people that go into lottery feeling that way and then they ended up just going bankrupt. True, true. Well, like I feel like I would pay off all my debt if it goes to [inaudible]. Even getting my Adam's parents debts for your debt. I would buy my dad's other house. I would, yeah, I wouldn't 100%

like I would take care of family first except my brother fuck him, but wow. All right. He knows this already. Yeah, he does.

Well, thank you for talking to me about what you would do if you won the lottery. I know I got a little side tracked. You're a bitch and I'm not how I am talking about morally sound eco-friendly, you know, so that makes me a bit not being ecofriendly. Well, you're like the person who says, I'm going to buy a big house. You know, like, I remember we were talking about being judgmental earlier about money, and then now it's totally just, I don't know what you're talking about. Earlier you went, oh, I would judge someone for spending the money how they want, and then now you're a bitch that you're not ecofriendly sorry. Whole foods. My bad. We can't all be me. Well, thanks fucking God. I love you. I love you too. Thanks for listening. Be sure to follow us at millennial prob pod. That's two L's and two ends on Instagram at Prob pod on Twitter. We don't really post on Twitter, but if you were, send me your news on Twitter, that's fine. Please don't know. If you have a big Dick, send me that. Please don't email us@millennialprobhodatgmail.com for your Instagram handle out there if I'm correct. Um, but yeah, thanks for listening. We'll see you next week. Bye.


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