Fam or Sham?

Fam or Sham?

You know, I've been using Twitter a lot for porn. Like it's really good with porn. That's a lot of work for players have, you know, it kind of is, but you know how like, you know, Facebook and Instagram, it's all censored and like, you know, when you go to like pornhub or whatever, like you can see like the up votes and down votes, but like, you know, it's not very fun. But see, you know what I mean? Porn is that it's not something that I'm like, Hey, this is what's getting me through it. It gets me to a certain point. Okay. Imagination's plenty. Well why can't we just add the social aspect of porn, you know? Well then you would have to change the whole dynamic of like the viewpoint of porn, like the, the culture behind it. Porn still pretty taboo. Like we're talking about things. Oh yeah. Oh God. Oh yeah. For who? I mean, you don't go around telling people what you watch on. I do. Yes, I do.

I have, I think I've told you. But there's different, and I think I told you, and I would love to get to a point where I could pass a stranger on the street and be like, guess what? I just watched on porn. You Watch this new porn episode got like 80% thumbs up or not. I should do like, well they already do a subscription service, but make it more like Hulu and Netflix, like, you know, make it dramatic and then have porn in it and then make it like a movie. I know they have those already, but like a subscription service, you know where it's like a porn movie, movies, you know, just things are so funny. When I was probably, because I started all of that and I'm very, very early. Hopefully. Okay. When I was probably 14 or 15 I had been turned out on the desktop in the living room.

Okay. And porn hub featured a Alice in wonderland musical. Oh, is a porn musical. Oh my God. Do you have that bookmarked? This was years. I mean this was 10 years ago. Jesus Christ. But I would watch her. I remember being so ashamed, but also being like Alison Wonderland in porn at 15 oh, I was like 13 or 14 so you were, oh my God. Yeah, you are so culturally I allowed to say that. It's okay to say that at 13 or 14 I was watching porn me and we've all done it. They're not a camera arrest. You, by the way, isn't there like a statue of limitation for porn watching as you're younger for like we're past it now. Honest to God, I've done much worse.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

what up Queens? It's Zachary t m a g and we are here to deliver the millennial prob pod. It's kind of a mouthful. Just a little bit. I don't know. A p. MPP. Okay. Kind of like CNN. NPP would give you the real news. The real shit. Yeah. Yeah. My grandfather would strongly disagree with [inaudible] grandfather, but we are here to talk about millennial problems, but we don't want to talk about the fucking economy. Why we don't have fucking jobs. We don't want to talk about why we've ruined every industry there is out there. We want to talk about real problems. See what do you want to talk about? Um, men and being able to have hair on their legs, but women can. Hmm. That's a good one. You don't want to talk about white gaze. That's what I want to talk about. [inaudible] we have a lot of problems with white gays.

Well I'll let you handle that. Thank you. I want your input though, cause I am a white gay, so I need your input. Thank you. So on millennial prop hod we like to get things started by playing a little game each week. We will play a little game with each other. That's related to the main topic. Uh, for example, this week our main topic is uh, families. And the game that we're going to play is called fam our sham. Are you ready? Emoji. You're ready for fame champ. So the goal of the game is I'm going to read off two different families. We're going to compare the families, we're gonna say what's good about them, what's bad about them? At the end, you pick who you want to be your fan and who you want to sham. Got It. Are you ready? The first family that I want to talk about is, uh, the Tanner's from the full house.

Is it the full house or just full? Having it's just full of the house. Yeah. Uh, and thought the banks fresh prince of Bel Air. Um, so yeah. What do you, where do you think in, um, where did you watch more? God, I watched both of them. Yeah. Probably equally. I mean both came on nick at night. Yes. Nick at night. Full House came on during the day when ABC family was still free forum or, I mean it was free for now. I was like, no, wait, it was ABC. Okay. Yeah, it's free form now. Yes. Um, but as far as kind of which family, it was more of like who I could relate to, which sounds super weird. Full house was just bullshit to me. Like it was just such like the whole concept of all of them living together at the problems were very, it was very dramatic for very like not dramatic problem.

Yes. Here the banks. So it was, it was realistic problems. Like it was actual shit that was going down and with full house that was very like, oh Michelle wants the bedroom tour herself. But you know DJ but they share. Right, exactly. And so it was very hard actually to go house in San Francisco. Yeah. It was super hard to relate to. And even the fresh prince is like in Bel Air, it's still the problems they had were things where I was like, oh shit, like actual shit is going down. Well I watched both too. I did like full house. It was one of those shows where I could like put on the background and like do my own thing. [inaudible] going. Yeah. I'm, my issue with full house was it was very like white suburbia problems, which oh and like, you know, they're not middle class. Like, at least at the very least, upper middle class, very wealthy to live in a big old house and in San Francisco and where all those nice clothes and those kinds of things.

And I just never related to that. And also after every fucking episode, it was like, it's like their problems were tied up in a little bow and everything was just fine. Whereas first principle there, I don't know if you remember the episode of will's Dad and he came in at the very end, um, his dad was like, yeah, I can't do this. I can't be your dad by that is I can't even, there's no, and yeah, and I don't feel like the show over tackled racism, I don't think, I don't think it ever tackled sexism or anything like that full house. Whereas I feel like first principle or alerted and also a first friends of Beller, they had a butler. Um, fuck. I always forget his name. Jeffrey fuck. And Jeffrey, one of my favorite lines is when he has uncle Phil, uh, oracle goes like, go get my tools for me.

He goes, do you mean a folk a nine and I just die every time. I think, and also I think it's more, all the problems were related more to our generation that the kids in in fresh prince were very much taught to be independent, like family was important. But it was also, you know, I know what Carlton and his sister Lisa, right? I think Hillary, not Lisa. Fuck. Um, I felt like they were pretty dependent on their parents and their wealth. Like the comedic relief cause will wasn't pleasant and with full house it was always, you know, I think it's important to recognize when you have a solid support system. But with full house it was always very much like, you know, your problems are going to be solved because of the people around you. Yeah. It was always like a learning lesson because of the people around you, not because they had to learn it on their own, but also uncle Jesse, you know, I mean I love spawn this bug, but like I would bend over in a heart beats, don't you think?

I don't know. I was just, I feel like maybe I was just a really realistic kid that is an uncle. I would want to fuck. Okay. Pick who's your fam and who do you want to sham? [inaudible] fam is fresh friends. The banks, same. I will sham the tanners for their fake family. Um, the next one that we want to talk about, uh, the next two families won't talk about, uh, are the Maguires and from Lizzie McGuire and the Baxters from that. So Raven, do you, do you have any thoughts? I loved Lizzie McGuire. I really did. Yeah. Um, that was actually kind of the, the setup between those two parents. Well, not realistic. Kind of reminded me actually a lot of like, my friend's parents that I grew up around this very, not, I don't think naive is the right word, but very kind of my stupid, no, they weren't even stupid.

They just were very like trying to find a balance between being parents and almost being the kids' friends. And it just always didn't translate very well. And I had been around so many parents like that, so I can totally appreciate the McGuire's. Um, but that's the raven was such a good show. It was, and it tackled some, some problems that I don't even think Disney channel was ready for it at the time. Like the episode, I think it was for black history month where, uh, Raven, she tries to apply to that job, that retail job in let her pocket, she's black. It shows the vision of that woman being like, oh, I don't hire black. Yeah. And you know, it was just one of those things where I felt like a, not a lot of shows tackle those kinds of things, especially children shows that income a lot later until I have you heard the show?

Good Luck Charlie. Or they have like the lesbian moms that came on the show like that was, I felt like that was way ahead of its time for a kid show to tackle. Also. I really, uh, I liked more of the topics that, uh, that's a raven touched on. Like for example, there's an episode where they threw a party, were raven and Chelsea threw a party to try to get Eddie's parents back together after they divorced. Like they touched on divorce, which was pretty crazy. Um, but whereas Lizzie McGuire Kinda touched upon like, oh, I don't want to go to grandma's, I want to go to a pool party. You know what I mean? Like the difference in kind of going to Rome, bringing up like the tanners though, back into that. In a weird way it was, I think it was meant to kind of be like, oh, a lesson learned at the end of the show.

Lizzie McGuire was totally unapologetic about the fact that it was just supposed to be funny. Like it was just supposed to be this kind of comedic, like ridiculous, you know? So that's why I love to that show. Well also like can we compare them now? Like Raven Simone and like her controversies where she's like, I'm not African-American and causing this big stir about race and everything like that. Whereas Hillary Duff is still kind of like a golden child, like checkerboards and advocate for a lot. Especially like body shaming. That's been huge. Really? Yes. I have not seen anything from her to follow her and stuff. Oh, is that what I'm missing out on? Yeah. Well, something I want to also bring up about, uh, that's a raven real quick. Do you remember I'm coffee and I'm Korean. Do you remember that episode? Where there in the Afros and Chelsea yet?

You know what I'm talking about? Oh my God. And they talk about that lunchbox and I loved that. Saravia but who is your fam and who is your sham? That's a tough one. My Fam is the Baxters. They're more relatable. Their parents aren't stupid, but probably more so fam, the Baxters and the backstretch, but kind of sham the McGuire maybe kind of, uh, well our next two families, um, this one can kind of be a tough one. Are The Simpsons in the Belcher's and I'm talking to me at all. Well, yeah, but for a lot of people it is. I'm talking about the Simpsons from like their golden age from season three to I think season 13, which to Simpson's now is kind of Shit, except for the lady Gaga episode, which was great, which was fantastic. She had, you know, a fiery brawl. She flew across the stage and a sort of voice too.

Um, and also I feel like I felt like watching the Simpsons, I feel like there's no like character development. I agree. But I kinda sorta felt that way about the Belcher sometimes. Like every show is not always adding to that person. Well, and also, you know, interestingly enough, you know, the Simpsons have been around forever and there's never a point really where the kids are, you don't see any development, especially among the kids. Whereas with the belchers, especially with Tina and Louise, not so much Jean, but those two you start to see what your gene, oh yeah. Um, you start to see like Tina and Louise kind of go through these different like adolescent and coming of age things you never really see. Yeah, that's very true. Well, I don't know. Um, I felt like, uh, Marge does go through some adolescent things, you know, and also she has that meme where she's standing in front of the board.

Have you seen it? And it's like the truth memes. Fuck no one knows what means I'm ever fucking talking about God damn it. Well, I feel like the belchers are also way more lovable. I feel like millennials can relate to a lot more of that humor. Also. I, I liked the juxtaposition. That's a big word. You're welcome of like homer Simpson and Bob because Bob like the voice of reason. Where's Homer's stupid as fuck. You know what I mean? I'm a, and I feel like the kids are also characatures not just the adults. And I felt like the adults in the sentence are always stupid, whereas the kids are not. So real quick, who is your fam and who is your champion up the Belcher? They're my fam too. They just way more relatable and I want to point out, uh, with this little game we played, uh, you know, all the families that we talk about talked about our very nuclear families and a lot of the families don't have like family friends who are like family members. They're all blood marriage related hype and that kind of thing. Yes. Cause I feel like, you know, most audiences kind of connect to that. But at the same time, I feel like in television they're missing a huge like audience of people who don't identify with that nuclear family. What do you think? No, I 100% agree with you. Yeah. Just from like personal. Yeah. You know, history. 100% agree with you. I fucking hate you sometimes, but you're still my family. Oh, I love you. Love you too.

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What up Queens are welcome back to our main segment of the day. Families and I really want to start this off by [inaudible] skiing. Miss a g, why did you send a straight man gay porn sound? What? What was that about? It wasn't on purpose. How do you, how does that happen? There's anything wrong. We live, but it wasn't. Thank you. The gay say thank you, but why? I was feeling some type of way. Okay. This guy that I've been talking to for awhile. Okay. And I was, we send each other like these really stupid, like the Little Jifs, you know? Yeah. And I, there's this actor, he was in Teen Wolf I think, and he's actually at, he's, he's gay, but he was straight in teen wolf. He's very attractive. And I, when I saw him, I thought it was one of the other actresses that was in the same room.

I couldn't see it yet. Oh, you can see the bottom no Armenia. And now even saying this out loud, I feel stupid about something like that. But, um, then when I sent it, I realized that it was a man underneath him and I was like, well, babe, um, that was really the vibe I was going for, but that's the vibe I'm always going. I was like, let's just roll with it. Well, you know, I felt like that's a great way to start off families as gay porn. We've talked about porn twice already. Yeah. Have, you know, um, but you know, I just kind of wanted to sit down with you and kind of, I know we've kind of talked about, you know, our families

before and how the look they annoy us and them being racist and homophobic and all these other things. But you know, when we were creating the idea for this podcast, families came up to me because I feel like you're a part of my family and you know, I know you, we both have friends who are part of our families and you know them is sitting in this room right now where, yeah, just kidding.

Reread. Thanks for shooting my bird. But you know, I, I really, I think as a gay person especially, you don't always find family with like blood relatives. For me personally, because I remember when I came out, my parents were okay with it. I mean, my parents always knew I was gay since I was five. They had a conversation about it because I was, I was obsessed with like Barbie dolls. I do your lemmings. I mean, it gives you a clue at least. And also I was very flamboyant or another power. I'm not saying that it makes you gay, but they saw the signs, they had a convo about it. And I think after I came out, I had, you know, an aunt and a cousin who were asked, asking my dad, uh, is Zach really happy being gay? I think he'd be much happier being straight.

And you know, me, I'll cut a bitch off in an instant. I think that's how we differ a little bit. Um, you're a lot more forgiving than I am, but I remember after that happened, it, it hit me really, really hard and it made me see everyone that I'm kind of related to in a different way. And after that, cause I came in when I was 15 to my parents, but then I came out to them when I was like 17, uh, when I was, you know, dating my now husband, I, you know, and you know, it made me really who [inaudible].

Um, it really made me think, Gosh, I, my friends are more of my family than my aunt and my cousin who were complete assholes about the whole situation. And it really made me value friendship a lot more. Living thing is also like, and my, you know, my upbringing was obviously a little different than yours in some ways it was actually very similar, but it was different in other ways too. And um, I definitely have throughout the years, especially getting older, you know, found solace among people that were not blood-related. Um, you know, it's so funny and people always use that, that phrase blood is thicker than water, which by the way, that's not even once the grueling water. It's, you know, Cummins really thick. Well mine's not that thick, but just let me know when you're done. And then, I'm sorry, but come as thicker than water.

Is it not? You know, it's, it's one of those things where it's, it's never been that I've found the majority of my support throughout life among, you know, biological family. I mean, I grew up with a very hippy dippy mom, which is great. I mean, my mom was my biggest support system for sure, but the majority of my family was very conservative and very extreme within that and religion. Um, so that was something that I, I, I think oftentimes like growing up, I tried very hard not to be, you know, necessarily conservative or, but also to kind of, you know, be a neutral party within that. So that I got along with everyone and then I finally hit this point as I got older where I was like, fuck this. You know, I'm just, this is so I'm miserable and this is not love. You know, someone telling you how you should live your life or what you should believe in, you know, shoving something down your throat like that.

That's not love. That's, that's basically, you know, I'll love you as long as you meet these standards, meet these requirements. And you know, I found people throughout time that didn't care. They did not care. And that was so important to me. People that wanted me to be the best person I could be because that was me. Not because it was ob the best person you could be, which means you should do this and this and this. And I think he's straight. But I also think that there's kind of this, you know, like you know, my grandparents friends since have a really hard time understanding that I'm as close to my best friend's or, or you know, people like good sit are like second moms or second dads are like big brothers. They don't

really understand that dynamic. And so they get kind of confused when they're like, well why are you hanging out with this like 40 something year old woman or where are you?

Whatever. And it's not really like Chanel my buddy. We're not like going out and drinking like this is someone that I have, you know, in trusted emotionally. Well, I mean, you know this person ever, but you knew them before you turned 21 I mean these were people that, especially throughout high school after me, my mom and my dad now. Right, right. It's kind of thing. But like, even like after my mom passed, it was something where there were people that kind of picked up the pieces where, and this sounds super kind of selfish almost in a sense, but these were people that picked up the pieces when my own family wouldn't, you know, people that kind of like picked me up by my bootstraps and was like, you have to keep moving on. You have to keep going and we'll be here to do whatever we need to do to make that happen.

And so I definitely, you know, families what you make it for sure. Well I have, you know, stories of my Dad's side of my family just going after my mom and making up these like lies that my mom was doing all these like illegal things and stuff like that. Like, you know, there's no drama, like your own family drama, you know, like watching it on TV and shit like that. Like some of this shit like you can't make up like the stuff like they accused my Mama of and it makes in, you know, growing up because of that reason I never went. You know, Christmas tree shopping with everybody in my family, like me and my sister were never invited to anything and we were always left out. And now these rows has, we're trying to like forge these like relationships with us when they miss out.

Like the best opportunity to have a relationship with us when we're younger. You know, it's totally like, it's, it's 100% unacceptable. I mean, it's not the only way I've been able to kind of stay forgiving or to make peace with familial situations that are kind of, you know, in a sense deal-breakers almost. It's like dating a bad guy or girl, you just kind of like this, this flaw is a deal breaker. Right. Exactly. Um, great. And I'd love, I'd love to swipe left on all of them, but at the same time, you know, what's kind of made it a little bit easier to cope with is, you know, someone said to me one time, it's a really good friend of mine that it's not that people are doing the best they can do. People are doing the best they think they can do. And so they, you know, live their lives under the impression that like if they're religious or something like that, this is their calling to make, you know, this person, a better person to make this person a believer or like even politically, I mean, oftentimes that becomes very much a religion for people.

And it's one of those things where I don't have put up with it. Yeah. I don't have to be that person and I don't have to feel uncomfortable. But at the same time, you know, empathy is huge with that, like empathizing and realizing like, yeah, this person's super fucked up, but it's, you know, they're that way because they think that's the best they can do. They think that's who they're supposed to be. True. Um, but at the same time, it's no excuse. I agree. Or like your shitty behaviors and actions and not trying to turn someone Christian, well let's make no mistake. These are people that I communicate with regularly. Yeah. But in order to not need therapy for it or to go crazy, it's, it's one of those things where I have to tell myself like, we are all different. It sucks and it's not okay.

And I will absolutely fight it so hard, you know, for other people to not have to have the same experiences that I did, but it's, you know, you're, there's no reason you're not benefiting yourself by being a bitter human being. Yeah. And so to sit there and say like, this is why they are the way they are, you know, it doesn't change the fact that they're shitty people, but it's, you're not going home feeling like shit because you're angry. Yeah. Well, yeah. My question for you and something I've always kind of

wanted to know, and we don't have to talk about it, like we can cut this out later, but did you, after your mom pass, like was there a sense of like, comradery in your family? Like everyone get together to like make it better for you and your brother? I know your grandparents are, were credible in that we're kick ass.

They really were. Um, because I can't imagine, you know, losing your child and then having to kind of pick out the pieces for two kids and raise them again. Um, dad's parents, not so much. Dad's parents kind of interpreted it in a very, you know, a kind of religious way. And it was, um, there was a lot of praying going on and a lot of shit like that. Uh, it was, but it was never like a, there was never a point where like, you know, when I lived at home with my mom's parents, I moved in with them. It was, you know, I could beat on the wall or I could scream or I could just, you know, stare at the ceiling and it was acceptable. It was normal. It was part of the grieving process with my dad's parents. It was very, you know, we need to pray about this. There's a reason for everything. And I was like, my fucking mom just died. Like, there's no reason for that shit. Like, what the hell? And I mean it's, you know, but then again, it goes back to like, there were lots of my mom's friends and adults, you know, that I'd grown up around and my best friend at the time. Yeah. Yeah, they were, they were also, they were awesome community. Right. They're actually both bitches.

But Noah's spy, like of definitely among my, like normal friend group for sure. And you know, people that I'd kind of been around, you know, parents of like kids that were my brother's age, they were everything. I could not have done it without them. I mean, that was really kind of what made that process a little bit easier. Yeah. But no, as far as like, you know, blood related family there, there wasn't a lot of support. Well, I remember growing up and after coming out on my mom's side of the family, like we couldn't tell anyone. And I mean, I don't know how they didn't know, like, my family had Facebook and I'm clearly gay on Facebook. I mean, all the lady Gaga posts should have been like their first sign and you know, 2010, 2011. Um, which she's back now. Bitches, y'all said 10 years ago, she wasn't gonna be shit she is anyway.

Um, but like you got that off Twitter. I got this off IRL. I was one of her number one vans from the beginning. But anyway, I remember like having to hide and act straight when I would like see them, which was very rarely, I mean my mom's side of the family except for one aunt and like my grandparents, uh, very into drugs, very into meth. You know, it's a very like, white trash thing. And you know, I've, I remember like, you know, when I was 15, 16, seven years old and seeing them and like their trailers and seeing like, you know, how they live their life and you know, wondering, wow, they don't accept me, but it's okay for them to like be on meth and act crazy and wild. Find about the people that are the most judgmental and unkind are the people that are unhappy with themselves.

Yeah. And unhappy with who they are or you know, what their life has become. You're never going to find someone who's a genuinely, you know, happy person that's going to sit there. And you know, I mean my, My, you know, dad's parents for example, have been to hell and back with certain family members and you know, they constantly put on this front because they, you know, they, they feel the need to, but they are two of the most miserable human beings I know. And then again, it's like big house. Yeah. Which is, you know, a nice neighborhood and nice cars. Again, it's something where you have to realize that everyone is dealing with shit in their own way, but you're not, you are not obligated to put up with, you know, their projection. Yeah, exactly. Bitch, I'm depressed. I'm anxious all the fucking time. I don't treat people like shit you a little bit.

But I mean we've Kinda at that point where you'll come over and just slam your shit down and make yourself at home and you'll make a fucking mess and not clean up after yourself. And I'll yell, you yell at you about it later. We're not one fight. I can't remember what we fought over, but I called you and I was, and it was right off the bat, I was like, I can't believe you acted this way, blah, blah, blah, blah. And you just, I think they need a little con and I woke you up. Well, so it was something that had happened. I remember actually the night exactly what happened. Oh my God, when you were dating the gay guy. Yeah, yeah. And I had invited him over, which you already pissed about and he was, no, I'm sorry. Not the most you invited yourself over. I just want to say, could guess he was not the most charismatic guess. Yeah, he comes into the house and kind of, wow, this is neat.

With his little hand motion. We broke up a couple days after that, but um, alright. So it was probably eight or nine o'clock in the morning and I actually woke up because the cell phone was ringing and it was you. And I'm like, hello. You just start screaming in my ear. Yeah, you were at work too, like you were like outside or something like that. And you'd be like, we need to talk on my break. And you were like, you're such a fucking bitch. You just say, Oh yeah, I called you a bitch when I say fuck on me. And I remember hanging up the phone and then you called me probably an hour or two later cause I couldn't get back to sleep after that. Why not? And that would relax you raping me a new one. And then you call me crying and you were like, I'm sorry.

And you're like, did you go back to sleep? I was like, no god, how the hell was I supposed to go back to sleep after that? Well I think that's something about us cause I felt like, you know, we have our emotional moments and then we come back later and we're like, I'm sorry I fucked up. I did something wrong. But the camping trip, no, that was your fault. We're not going to get into that camping and like two weeks. I don't want to get into this right now. But you know, it's one of those things where like for you, for example, and you know, so many other people like I have found, you know, and also it's work to keep family. Like it's fucking work. Like you have to call these people text emails and no cards and invite after invite you to my fucking reception for whatever reason I will get into fights with that will just cut me off.

And you know, I think the people that matter the most are the ones that oftentimes like you get into fights with and there might be a couple of days of awkwardness, but then you can sit down and it's so important. Like I would never with my dad's parents be able to sit down and say, hey, this is what I'm feeling about this. Like, yeah. And I mean that's something. And like all of these things that we're going to talk about right now seem really trivial, but like you know, you, a lot of these are deeply rooted and it's, it's important to recognize that there are people that are not always going to agree with you, but people that love you no matter what. And there's something really shitty about having where you questioned that. Yeah. Yeah. It brings me, and I think something that's helped me a lot with this is Harry Potter because that bitch had the worst fucking family.

I mean God, I'm over here complaining about people telling my dad best families he had x the best family because the shitty in her mind, shitty family that he did have the shitty leg biological family that he did had made him the way he was. Yeah. As far as like Kinda arrogant a little bit, but also like not putting up with other people's shit like that. Yeah. And then he had, yeah, I heard mine, he and Ron and like Ron's parents and which solutely Ron and Harry got into it a couple of times in the series. This is normal. This is just being a human being. Yeah, I know, but I think it's a really, that story really helped me get through the shit. My, you know, extended family kind of put me through and I think, you know, I, it makes me like stories like that.

We need more stories where the family is not your quote unquote blood relatives. It is your family. We'd emphasize that a little bit more because you know, at the end of the day, you know, when your family dies, who do you have left? You know, I think it's always important to recognize like honestly, and it kind of sounds morbid, but like the bigger picture is yes, having a support system is so important, but also you are always going to have to go to bed with you. You are always going to have to go to both you and so you have to find a way to be happy and be your own support system regardless, regardless. Yeah. You know, whatever works. Yeah, whatever works well. Thanks for talking with me about this. Yeah. I really think you're my family. You still need to put your dishes at the scene, but that's all

So a Zachary team. Have you ever wanted to get high but also wanted to pleasure yourself at the same time? Uh, yeah bitch. All the damn time. Probably every day even. We'll get a load of the button by your personal vibrator and vaporizer in one. Wow. How does it work? It's crazy. Just load up your vibrator and get to town. Once your chamber's packed, get to town on your most sensitive areas. Urban Bun will beep once you're ready to take a hit after it's warm. Oh, the creator's a button. I've made sure that none of your herbs spills into your pleasure centers because after all, you aren't an ashtray. Are you sure about that? Not really. Get Your Bun mun today@faroutcrotch.com and get a 20% discount with the code millennial crotch. It's like a bong where you take off your Thong.

So Queens, that was it today. How did you enjoy talking about families? AGM? It opened up a, you know, it was deep. Yeah, it was deep, but it's good. Um, it was great. And I love talking about porn today. That was pretty too, that was

much easier to talk. I love porn. Thanks for joining us on the couch. We love making millennial prod pod, and if you want to get more social, please follow millennial prod pod on Instagram and prod pod on Twitter. Email, millennial prob pod at [inaudible] dot com for fan mail questions, corrections and suggestions by Queens.

How DIDN'T the Internet Scar You?

How DIDN'T the Internet Scar You?