I'll Do It Later

I'll Do It Later


Fuck Zack. Nasty. Fuck me. So let's talk procrastination. Let's talk about it. Let's, let's, let's start like with an io. Let this get personal doe how you came into this podcast. Procrastinating. I was prepared. Oh, we're here. Yeah. Oh Great. I put a lot out there tonight. I'm not a procrastinator. Oh, I am. I'm a Master Boyd's procrastination. Fascinator my best work is procrastinated. I wasn't, my best papers in college were ones that I wrote like three hours before they were due. And the best tests that you took were the ones I helped you in. Astronomy. Yeah, those were so good. God, astronomy was like, yeah, it was bad. That's just the part of my brain does not work. It doesn't not work. Here's the thing. I procrastinate on a lot, like going to work, like I procrastinate, getting ready, getting up, whatever. But if there's something like, like the has to be me and only me.

Like if I'm presenting something, if I'm like teaching something, if it's me that has to perform, I cannot procrastinate or I will be stressed out as fuck. I don't think I necessarily like procrastinate on things that I genuinely enjoy or things that I'm like super passionate about, which is what? Nothing. Exactly. So I procrastinate on everything we, yeah. Who's The guy? Wait, where's this guy? I don't know. I'm soulless. So well like you know this podcast for example, you know what we're talking about. If I am deciding the subject four days in advance and we talk about it when you're coming up with it, it's the day of, I thought we said this wasn't going to get personal. Well, it's it. This is us talking about us. How's the not going to get personal and I feel like I understand you as a person because for example, the camping trip, I was very organized.

I planned everything out. I came over the list, I sent it to you and our other friend, like everything. But I felt like you, the day we were supposed to go camping, you were having to go to Walmart to get some, you see what I'm saying? Yeah. That's not a bad thing, but I'm just like, that's just how it is. I think when procrastination starts to take over your life, that is when you have to take a step back and say, you know, what are my priorities? Or, or how could I make my life easier by not waiting until the last minute. All this is procrastination doesn't stress you out. It doesn't, I'm quick on my feet. I'm very good letting me the fuck out, bitch. I can't procrastinate for too long. I like anything that I do, it's, I can't do it in advance because I'm really good under pressure.

And so like I am I really okay. It really, all right. I've never seen that. But okay. You see me on your couch or in the Woodstone just so listen a lot of each other. Well, I feel like procrastination, you know, a lot of good things come out of procrastination. I also feel like, for example, like my anxiety is something that really keeps me from procrastinating, but at the same time, my depression keeps me procrastinating. So it's a constant like battle between who's gonna win today, your anxiety before you get to work or your depression before you get to work. So I don't know what's gonna happen that day if I'm going to be on it. If I'm going to be like, okay, I'm going to get up, I'm going to take a shower, I'm going to eat breakfast, I'm going to like prepare myself for the day or if I'm going to wake up satisfied and then procrastinate the day away and get up 15 minutes before I have to like leave.

You know what I mean? So a lot of that like affects if I want to procrastinate or not. But I feel like I cannot function as someone who procrastinates everything. I think I'm really, again like good with going with the flow with the exception of every once in a while with certain aspects of my life, I will hit this point where I'm like, this shit has to get done. Like this shit is driving me crazy. Like for example, like, I mean you are my ra, you've seen my dorm room. Oh my God. It was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life for the same time. Like women were that discuss you did see is that like shit would get crazy and

very messy and ridiculous, but I would have these days where I would wake up and I'm like, I can't do this. Yeah.

And I would spend like an entire day like going above and beyond like borderline OCD, like making everything perfect. So I think subconsciously like, well here's the thing, you would do that after I failed you for a room check because let's be real. As an Ra, I let everyone know before I did a room check, I was going to do a room check because I didn't want to do the work. I didn't want to come back again and see your room and I would email everybody. Then I come into your room and it would be a disaster and then I would fail you and then you would have that moment where it would actually be clean so well. How would you explain that? I dealt again, like I think it's like this subconscious thing where yes, I'm someone that can imagine for me. No, I know, but like I think it's something was your roommate who, oh, it definitely is a whole other situation, but I'm a tornado over human being.

It's one of those things where I, I think I acclimate like under pressure very well, but I also like subconsciously like refuse to recognize that maybe that is something that I could work on and like I don't recognize like how much stress it might actually or maybe not how much stress it's causing me, but how little stress I would have if I just didn't procrastinate. Like there are things, like I said, like writing papers or things that are like creativity based that I think I like. I think it's a good thing for me. Like I think I'm much better with shit like that under pressure. But I think as far as like just a daily life, like for like cleaning up my car or cleaning up my room or you know like meal prepping or, or you know, making plans beforehand. Like if that were a routine I could get into that would make my life a hell of a lot easier.

I would be less emotionally chaotic. I feel like when I procrastinate, I'm doing the bare minimum. Right. I feel like even in school when I did papers and I wrote things and I studied for tests, I began to would make like A's or whatever, but I felt like I was still doing the bare minimum because I could have started maybe days in advance and be way less stress and then you know, get sleep and be have normal human functions and actually eat and all these kinds of things. But I feel like procrastination takes a lot of that away. Especially like sleeping. Oh I agree. And I think like to your point, you know, as hard as it might be to start something in advance or like being prepared for something, I think oftentimes like especially pertaining to, you know, school or work or having to come up with something like I've procrastinated, I've come up with this idea that I think is great because I don't have time to think about anything else.

Like I don't have time to like come up with something different. And I think, you know where I do try and start like days in advance if I have something prepared, I almost second guess it. I'm like is this really what I want to do? Is this good enough? Cause you don't have a choice. Right. You're procrastinating. Exactly. So maybe it's not even that I'm like I'm going, I do think I'm good under pressure but maybe it's not that like my best work comes out of being under pressure, but it's like I don't at that point have any other option. Do you procrastinate different things because like when Adam and I got married in a different country, that's not something I like procrastinated like getting around to things and going to like the board of health. But when you talk about like cleaning my room, bitch, I'll procrastinate that shit forever.

I don't think I would procrastinate that required a serious amount of time. Like something like that was not, I mean, I mean we're totally particularly extreme. I mean life or death is extreme but like dependent on like someone's safety or their like you know, enjoyment like for like you said a trip for example. Like I don't think that would be sort of thing that I procrastinate. Right. Okay. Alright. I disagree with that. Say I failed to see how am I procrastination. We know you failed to see that but we'll just move on.

[inaudible] pied gas has affected you. We got to the campgrounds in one piece. We had everything there. It was a great trip. The first camping trip was great. That hadn't well great. Okay. Point made by I think, I think they need content and also feel like you shouldn't make yourself full of super guilty about procrastinating.

You know what I mean? I feel like everybody does it but there comes a point where a bitch you need your shit together. Not You. But I'm just saying like in general like in order to be in a wake up and be like okay bitch I've been procrastinating this, let's get started. Cause at the end of the day like are you going to fail at everything in life? Well and you're not performing. You know what I mean? Best you know when you've waited until the last minute and it affects everything else you do as well. Like I can't procrastinate something that affects other people into that shoe stresses me out. Depends. It doesn't depend for me. Like if it affects someone else I'm talking about like such minor things. Like if it were something that were going to seriously affect like the camping trip. Do you know me having to get groceries the day of the camping trip, was that procrastination or was that procrastination?

Yes. Do I think that the like emotionally fucked all of us over me getting the whatever like updated and however you fill the realize we were supposed to get there too. We got there at four 30 you see what I'm saying? Like it's not like it's a big deal or whatever, but what I'm saying is you can do that. You can procrastinate in an effect. Other people negatively. I can't do that as a person. Well, we all know you're the golden child. It's not that I'm a golden child, it's just no different. It's like, here's the thing, you're sitting here and saying, Oh, if it's small and it affects you than whatever, I'm different. Like if it affects you because of my actions, it's not okay with me. Not to say that it's bad. I mean, we got there two and a half hours later than we expected and that we planned, but I mean, you know, it's one of those things where it's like different people, different strokes, different folks, whatever, however you say it.

You know, different strokes for folks and went to Yoga on time. That's all you can ask me. Trust me, bitch. I don't ask why you keep your standards low, keep your standards. High standards are to the ground with you honey. Right. Why am I doing this with you? Well, no, I mean, you know, at least you can admit you procrastinate. Oh, 100% you don't, you can't fully admit that it affects other people, but at least you can emit. I never said it didn't affect you. I just said it's not a big deal to you at all. Exactly. It's not a big deal to you, but for me it's a big deal. Yeah. Like if I make plans with someone to meet someone at two, if I get there at two 15 two 30 that bothers me. But like that stresses me out. Whereas you, you're late everywhere you go.

You know what I'm saying? [inaudible] it's not a bad thing. That's that's who you are. I, I'll tell you she was going to be, yes, thank you. Thank you. Our producer, Zoe mentioned at least Gracie texts me when she's going to be late after she's already late and I really appreciate that. Like we've made it to two oh five I get a text, hey, I'm going to be late. I'm going to be 20 minutes late. Great. Good to know. Did you all know that Zack? Nasty. We'll text like an hour or two hours beforehand and just completely bail on plans. I do not even like the day before or the morning of, it'll literally be about the time we're supposed to meet up and he's like, yeah, I don't want to hang out. That's true. And you know like I procrastinate things also but also depression hits or I'm really, really anxious that day and I don't feel like, yeah, I love, wait, let me just say I love that we're sitting here and you're like, you're a terrible human being.

You procrastinate. Everything you like really drives me crazy. But then as soon as I say you cancel plans like an hour before you're like Whoa guys, depression hits and it's a thing. It's true. It is. I agree. It is true. But we all have our thing. Here's the thing. Yeah, I can admit my shortcomings. You cannot and that's okay. It's fine. I really hope our listeners are enjoying this. I really fucking do cause I'm going

through a lot right in this moment. I am being attacked. I am not attacking you. You are. I don't feel like I am. It's fine. It's okay. I mean it's one of those things where we're different. We all have flaws, we all are flawed. We are very flawed. Some more than others. And hand, Oh my God, I'm done. I quit.

But here's the thing. Even though you procrastinate and typically you are late more than often than not. I still love you like I wouldn't, I wouldn't, you know, I wouldn't change it for the world, you know because you're my best friend cause you're my best friend and you stress me the fuck out. I'll be real like you really do. But you know it's, we're going to still like go with that first camping trip. Babe, you're going to, you bring in a boy more than I do but I know you pack. You know everyone that we work with, they know about it because you've told them we were supposed to. We went camping the very first time we ever went camping together. I didn't do what I was supposed to do. What do you mean by that? I had a list that was given to me, a very basic list. How far in advance? A solid like couple of days.

I disagree. It was a month or two in advance and I waited the day of and I failed night. We were supposed to, well I was working until like we were not going to check in until later that night anyway. Oh yeah. But, but I, but forgetting shit and so we would get all the way to the camp site and then we would have to leave and go to Walmart and pick up shit that I forgot and this, so ultimately we didn't actually set up camp until probably like nine o'clock at night in the dark. And, and that trip was such an epic failure. It was, we woke up the next morning, my dog kept sack up all night, the whole thing. It was not a secluded campsite like we thought it was supposed to be. It was a whole thing. I didn't pick his campsite either. It was my fault.

And Zach was so angry. We got in this massive fight. It was like real housewives worthy. Like there were people from other campsites below us watching the fight go on. It was families like children and parenting their with their hands, like mouths open, hands on hips watching us like wow. And I was like, well, I'm going to go take a walk at the lake. And I came back and Zach had like called his parents and I call dad, I'm sorry, called Adam and was bitching about me. And then I go up there and the next thing I know is acts like Adam's gonna pick me up and he leaves me at the camp site and I was so angry and I was so upset and I called my granddad and I was like, oh my God, I don't know what to do. By the way, we were like 15 minutes out of town.

It wasn't like we were like hours away. We were like 15 minutes. We were this last time. And um, he was like, I mean you have your car, can't you just drive home? So I packed everything up and we were supposed pay. Like we weren't, but I didn't feel like we should have to pay since we weren't staying that second night, which was a very like, bitchy attitude from here, cause this is not their problem that we were fighting. So I go into the little like check-in and I told them that Zack had left me there because at first they were like, well we're not going to refund you. And I was like, my boyfriend left to me and they were like, oh we won't charge you. And I was like, actually, if you'll just charge the card on file, that'd be great. And it was Zack Scott. Totally cool. Cause I got you back for this last game.

We even, but yes, sometimes procrastination can overflow into relationships and friendships. You know what I realize you've finally realized. Sometimes it does, but again, with the leg easygoing, like go with the flow. Like I think that's just part of my personality is like nothing is ever as it seems and I just kind of like run with it, you know? I mean you were honest with me. That's all I can ask. I was honest. You were honest. I was receptive. You weren't, but that's fine. Can, we're going to end it now. Great. Yeah. But thanks for listening. I guess I'm with the host right now. Um, and we'll talk to y'all next week. Bye. Thank you for joining us on the couch. We love making millennial prop hod, and if you want to get more social

with us, please follow at millennial prop hod on Instagram and at pro pod on Twitter, email, millennial prop hod@gmail.com for female questions, corrections and suggestions by Queens.

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