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welcome to Millennials, Rob Paul with Zachary t and aging. Let's turn it over there. Um, thank you for listening to our episode about beauty last week. Uh, this week we kind of want to still touch on that subject a little bit. This is not our part two. We'll come out with that a future date where we will have other people that aren't super white like us on the podcast to help out with this. But I want to talk about today is something that is beautiful and that is dogs. [inaudible] aren't dogs beautiful. Get me started. So I want to tell you about my first ever dog. Her name was Zack. She died when I was like six years old, five years old maybe. I don't know. And I remember being a little kid and we lived right on a busy road and this dog would, if I would walk toward the road, jump on me, knock me over and hold me down so I won't go near that road.

But a babe. And that is basically that beautiful that is babe worthy in my fucking, I think I had a diaper. Well let's be real IP on the bed. 1210 but so I probably had a diaper then, but I feel like dogs are beautiful. They're the definition. Have you seen stellar? So it was really cute. Still lose. She's a what mix? She's happy pit half loud. Her coats black. She yes, some white spots and her eyes are like, this ain't riser bird color. They're gorgeous. But let me tell you, that dog is such a dip shit. She's a lot. She's still a lot. And I love her more than local. The show she's, she's got to be to now, maybe not any older than two, but she's got documentaries when she gets older. You remember when I first adopted her, the day I adopted her, I took her to Roho and went over with me.

Yeah. And then we went to my house and remember she went and laid down. She would not say you. I was like, what? But she was so scared. She was, I got, I have two mascots now for the podcast there. Bambi and Rashi. You might hear them in the background barking sometimes. And I remember that first night we started playing and I would lay on my back and go, you go just like that and this bitch will go crazy. And that's the start of our bonding. And she's really loud. She's, but they told me, you know, she's a quirky doxa mix. So like, you know, third naturally loud, but I still think her bark is beautiful. It's horrible. It's absolutely bled curtains. She barks really loud and everything. Hear Stella's, I mean Bam, B's Little Yap. And then here's cellos like woo woo. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, she does this like little house Raja.

My other dog, she's a terrier mud. Her fucking bark is really low. It's funny when they, all three of them get together and they start barking. Yeah. I'm finally glad that a Roger has someone to play with and that's Stella because poor little baby, she can't keep up. She's so tiny. She is, Oh my God, Raj Siller the best of, if you could be a dog, what kind of dog would you be? Hmm, probably like a sheep dog. Why? They're so like fluffy, but also just live on a farm. And heard and like they just like live their lives. Like I would be a sheep dog. I feel like I would be, I would be a Corgi. Yeah, I could see that. I'm sure a bitch. So I'm a bitch, but I'm also a positive bitch. DMV is not positively like really happy all the time. But she's is, she's a docksin mix. So doxins are assholes, but I feel like Cory's are very happy. Go lucky. They have big bouncing booties. I have a big solid, it is evening. I'd be either a sheepdog or maybe a greyhound. Greyhound.

They're so ugly. I know. They're the ugliest fucking dogs I've ever seen. No rich bitches. I don't break. The ugliest docker I've ever seen is what make no mistake. I still think it's like the cutest dog ever. But bull terriers are the ugliest fucking dogs are cute. No, they are not cute. Have you've seen toy story and then dog in toy story. Bull terrier. Oh, that is. Yeah. Hmm. They have that long ass nose but, and they're so cute because they're so ugly. Bull terriers. Oh my God. One of the hottest guys I know owns a bull terrier and he, it's pretty damn hot too. That makes God, he's beautiful in his Voltaire, but that's the target dog

too. It is the target dye. I had never thought that the target dog was attractive. Oh my God. But that's why they're cute. I'm trying to think of what dogs that are ugly, but they're cute.

Chihuahuas. Chihuahuas are just ugly. Do you know, Remember Lulu, I never met Lulu. You never let me mean. Blue was this tiniest little Chihuahua. She was the sweetest, but she snorted like a pig 24 seven and she got fat. She used to be so tiny when I first adopted her in the, my grandmother kept feeding her people food and she got fat as fuck. What show was like, oh chihuahuas or brands. Oh, broad city walls are bright as a joke. We'll talk about that show way too much cause we love it. I still haven't watched the last few episodes. Do you remember the dog episode where they have the Jewish dogs and the two gay owners or like the little like traditional, like oh my God, the Jewish way, the glass in the bag. Oh my God, I was living God and Leo was like, why does he always have to make it about him?

He was sweating the whole, he's like, I'm sweating this whole time. Like that is me at any formal function. Abby's sweat. Abby's fucking, Oh God. Yeah. Was that your foot when Stella push you off the fucking ravine forgot. Celebrate with my ankle and I was supposed to be, how did she break her? She ran down this valley because I awfully sure when we hike and she knocked me on my ass and when I finally landed, my ankle went one way and my leg went the other. That makes me so and I had to hike back down to get to the car. Were you at that point? Yeah, but like at what point? Oh, we were like still close to the, the view. Oh my, that's a little bit of a high and we had to hike back to the car and I get there and it was all kinds of fucked up.

I mean like I suppose being crutches for weeks. Do you remember me picking you up or no, your grandfather dropping you off over here and then I'm like, we're like, you're like, we're going to hang out. And I was like, are you sure you just fucking broker cool. Are you sure you want to come over here and hang out? You're like, yeah, I've been in the Er all day and this bitch sits on my couch and we put on a show in two seconds later. I was like, first of all, this bitch doesn't snore. I was so high off that pain killer and I watched a couple of episodes. I was like, Gracie, I'm taking you home. It was a storm really badly. I know. That's why I wanted to take you home. And then I went to a concert the next night and they had [inaudible] painkillers and I went to go see shaky graves on Avondale brewery and I was still like coming down off of the, like hydrocodone or whatever the fuck they had given me.

And I drank and I was on crutches and in a boot. And let me tell you, I don't recommend it. Don't do what I've done. But I was on some next level shit. I those snap I was, I remember those texts. I was as happy as could be. I was so fucking high. And the, the way, you know someone is like really fucked up is when their auto-correct doesn't fix their fucking tie for that night. I face timed the parents I was nannying for during the summer. Yeah. Cause they like that. Yes. And I had sent them videos and it turns out the videos I sent were just of my faith in the son of the concert. God. And then they, but they knew because the little girl I nanny was with me when I'd broken my ankle. And so the next morning I was like, Oh my God, I'm so fucking sorry.

And they were like, Eh, we figured you were on pain killers. We didn't think anything all because of at all. Because of my fucking 60 pound God. Alicia has beautiful eyes, but she's gorgeous and she made no mistake. She is the sweetest dog on the face of the planet. She's just bat shit crazy. But I'd rather have a bad shit. Crazy dog than another dog. When you far does your dog smell it or runaway? I'll tell you a funny story about that one. So one night I was laying down watching TV. I was like under the comforter and Stella Sleeps under the comforter with me. That's her thing, man. Yeah. And it wasn't even like about this smell. She had fallen asleep and I farted so loud. Like first of all I thought I'd ripped my asshole into like, it didn't even feel normal. Like I really, I was like, it's not going to be intact.

Like I can tell you right now. But it woke her up and scared the living hell out of her. And I had this big like she's afraid of everything and so I fart and it wakes her up and she like, like Scooby Doo, like still like tries to like scramble out from under the covers and comes out and is like, what is happening? What's going on? What was that sound? I mean I'd never made a sound like that in my entire life. This was on like a new level of you ever heard before? I don't think. I don't think you have either. I have farted plenty of times and these dogs won't take any chance they can to stick their nose up my ass. I will bend over to pick up something and Rogers noses up my butt. God forbid I've bent over with no underwear.

We will know how the bat goes. They're so weird. They are. They're very weird. They want to stiff my butt so bad. It's not my ass. I have to worry about Stella will eat the crush out of my underwear. I forgot about that. We'll sellable, eat anything. We'll eat anything. She will. She ate your Apple Watch. She did what? She did. All of my leather shoes. Do you remember those sandals I was wearing the other day? The brand new ones I got from Madwell. They go, they go, oh dude, God, I forgot to put them up because like now I have to keep everything nice that I own in like a bin and lock it up and I forgot to put them in there. Ma'Am, you need to buy. What I do is I buy like 30 Nile bones. Oh, with this. The thing is she still has toys.

She has toys and she'll play with a couple of them, but she chooses my stuff over the toy. I think he's trying to send you a mess. Do you remember that Harry Potter book set that? My grandmother got me hundreds of dollars. It was like a limited edition books that Stella chewed up all the books, every single God damn know what I think happened. I think she read them first, right? She thought they were trashed and so she was like, I'm a twilight group, Lord of the Rings. Your doorbell rings. Fuck you. Rodo all the way. I'm more of a a No. I'm Harry Potter and yeah, there's no, and I love me some Lord of the rings, but it's Harry butter for me and I was Haggard's dog and Harry Potter thing. I hang. Oh my God. So cute. I thought about getting Stella new friend. She needs someone to play with while I'm at work. I will like kill you. That is not a good idea. Listen, any humane societies in the area, if you're listening and a woman by the name of Ag, I'll say yarrow name later to your humane society. Do not give her another dog, Johnny. This is from her. That's for me and her grandfather. Do not give her another dog. We do not want another dog. Stella. Paul. Paula, tell about Paul. Paul was tired. Wow. I can't believe we talked this long about dogs. I could go on for hours. You could talk about still over it.

Well, I think the most beautiful thing in the world are dogs. I love cats too. I do, but God, Gigi is ancient. She's like 16 years old. My cat. Jesus. Yes, his name is Jesus. All right, that's a real story. He died like last year. So it's been a year rest in peace. Hayes's he was 16 I think. Yeah. Well I'll tell you this story real quick before we go. He's like banks from Hocus pocus. Well he was, he was the sweetest cat and so loving and loved on everyone. But when I was a little kid, I was like 10, my sister was eight. She named him angel because she thought he was a female because she was really into God at that point. Now me and my sister are both very atheist people and then we find out it's a man that he has seen, don't get neutered instead of spade.

And then she goes, okay, well named him Jesus. And so that became my God saying if my favorite thing ever was the pizza guy coming over and Jesus running and he always loved to run out the front door. He was crazy. And uh, like trying to escape kind of shit. And my mom goes, Jesus, come back here. Jesus come back. You better fucking come back here. And the piece of guy just go on. What kind of house am I at? Are these people on drugs. But anyway, I think all pets are great. I mean, I told you the beautiful, I told you the hamster story, the last pod game know about your hamsters. You're right. It could have been as the same. No my father, other than the gadget at God, he's the same for doing that. The one nice thing he's ever done for me. Wow. Well thanks for talking with me today by dog. Any day, babe, any

day. Just make sure you subscribe. I have to like, that's pretty important. Make Sir. Make sure you listen to every week. I also have an Insta and a Twitter. Yes. And if you don't mind giving us a rating, I'm not going to tell you what to rate and leaving a comment about the podcast. That'd be great. Also like maybe tell us something you want us to talk to us. [inaudible] my apple pay cash.

There's no cash app. Just let me know if this shit don't happen for free. I mean, yeah and I can send you names, whatever. But uh, we'll see you next week. Next Sunday. Hi.


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