Beauty Babes

Beauty Babes

I know it's really funny is when someone tells you they're really good at sex and then you have sex with them and they're not, oh, I've never had that problem because I've only had sex with like one person. What's even funnier is when someone goes down on you and they claim that that's like their whole thing and they can't even find like where to actually go. Hm. Yeah. Do they do the alphabet? Is that like a thing for real, real thing. Amy Schumer said it so I didn't know real thing. A, B, c, d on that cliff.

Disgusting. You like it. So if a guy did the alphabet on you, you wouldn't be happy about that. I would actually notice they were doing the alphabet until they verbally communicated to me that they were doing the alpha. You really don't know, like you can't tell the a from a something else. Am I able to tell him a yeah, like an upper case. A not a lower case say cause like the lowercase a could be like an oh that they accidentally just put it through. What? What about like the Icelandic alphabet? That would be crazy.

Okay. Okay.

what up Queens? It's your girl, Zachary t for millennials. Prop Hod. Thank you for listening and thank you for coming back. We didn't think you would, but I wasn't. Here we are on another day, another dollar. But you know, we're not making anything in this bag. Can I those words, this is all for free. If you're listening, we pay to make this. Hey, make this for you. Okay. Um, but for our new listeners, what do you think millennials prop od is? Well, I think it's supposed to be fairly lighthearted, lighthearted. I think it's supposed to kind of, you know, validate one's feelings about, you know, current issues socially. But I think it's supposed to be fun. Well, I feel like it's more of one of those things where we talk about real millennial problems like beauty and the millennial age. But I think it depends on the person you talk to because for some people that might not be an issue.

True. It is an issue for me though, and that's what we're going to talk about today is beauty and the millennial age, which I don't even know what that fucking to be completely honest with you, but it's one of those things where don't you feel like we view beauty a lot differently than our parents did. Totally. Grandparents and yeah, actually I don't know because in some ways had, it's so difficult because I know from my perspective, just from personal experience, like high school and you know, you're definitely like, you know, just trying to survive and so you'll do whatever it takes. And, and there were a lot of kind of beauty trends or concepts that I would follow with call. I was a Hollister, basically. I wasn't allowed to wear Hollister. I was not Edward Hollis. No. Wasn't allowed to wear Abercrombie. I was allowed to wear postel.

Okay. But there were a lot of things I did in high school. I still have an Aeropostle duffle bag that I actually still use. There were a lot of things I did in high school that did not fucking matter to me, especially when I got to college and just stopped giving a shit like wearing makeup and you know, presenting myself as a certain way. I definitely think you should, you know, for a lot of things in life, put your best foot forward. But I also think that you should stay true to who you are and, and you know, for me that was, you know, not doing anything crazy with my hair, not wearing makeup, not spending, you know, a crazy amount of, of money on clothing and that kind of thing. But on the other, the flip side of that, I have friends who every single day they put their best foot forward.

They wear makeup, they have the best clothes, they present themselves in the best way possible. And what you, how you present yourself and the way my friends present myself are both equally important. I feel like both equally valued. I absolutely, but you know what I, that was my point in everything deferring. Is that something that might matter to one person, doesn't necessarily matter to the next. And that is so true. And that is something we're to get into a little bit more for the, uh, main part of our discussion. But you know, at millennial prop pod, we like to make things fun and exciting and we like to, uh, kinda loosen up a little bit before we get started. And so I've come up with a bottle of wine. I just drank would agree with you. Oh, well thank you for agreeing Bluefin Moscato not sponsor. Uh, when a gone please somebody fucking sponsor. But, uh, we set a little needy on this episode where I'm, well, I'm needy every fucking episode. Okay. I want to start off with a game. And what do you think about this game where we play beauty and the beast? Yeah, I won. Well, before you agree to the terms, I'm going to lists a group of 12 men who are considered probably the most handsome and Hollywood. Okay.

Um, and another thing too is women aren't beast. No matter how they look, how they act, how, whatever. Cause that's sexist as fuck. Um, but these men, I want to say who is your beauty and who is your beast? And by beast I want to say like, you know, we're not saying he's ugly, we're not saying whatever. I think we should go. He's our beauty. Like he's the most beautiful in the world. And our beast is the one that we want to savagely fuck us. How's that? Okay. Oh yeah. You are more agreeable. Before we started this, I didn't know what it was about into variantly. Well, okay. Okay. Or do you want to do Butte? Prettiest. Ugliest. Speeding bs. Okay. Savagely fuck. But I'm same wavelength that you're on. Okay. I got you. We're on the same wiggling. So our first pair is Chris and Liam's.

Liam. Liam Hemsworth. Who is your beauty and who is your bees? Well, no, no, no, no. Let's discuss it first and then we'll decide. I can't tell the difference between the two. Let's be honest. Can tell the difference. 100 who Liam is engaged. Miley Cyrus, correct? Married. Married. Oh Shit. Yeah. They're all what it is. We're in. We're old. They're old. Well, the thing about Miley, wow, I'm talking about Miley on this little game. The thing about her is after she, I loved when she came out with bangers and then she had her Malibu song was like, I announce drugs and the lifestyle bubble. I'm like, fuck you bitch. Think she ever really denounced anything she did. She was like, it was not really me. I was like, oh, I don't think that was ever, I think it was this very, you know, there are two sides to it and like I've grown up and it's whatever. But I don't think there was ever a point where she really, because then, but still smokes a hella amount of weed now. So like, I don't think there was ever a point where she was like, oh, I'm this good little, like whatever. I don't think that was a thing. Chris. He is Thor. Bryson married to Elsa who is hot as fell suck. Who's Elsa?

Oh God. I'm sorry, Pataki. I don't know who that is. Oh my God, I'm so sorry. Right now. Elsa Pataki. How do I spell that?


Oh my gosh. She's gorgeous. She's, she's like from Spain. She's beautiful. She's, yeah, she's Spanish. She's, Oh my God, look at those banks. Okay. Well for me, uh, Chris is older, right? I producers looking at belts and now just to look at her here to knows who she is. My beauty would be Liam,

my beast would be Chris. Cause I want him to savagely fuck me. I'm an older man. Can Chris be my beauty and my beast? Yeah. Okay. That's, yeah. Yeah, definitely. Well the thing about Liam is very like who I would have been attracted to in high school. Exact, he's very like boyishly and very boy. Chris is also kind of like the boyish like Badass, like always gets into trouble. Kind of look going on but also very

smart. And Leanne was always like the football player type, you know Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt. See I don't like Brad Pitt but I'm not, I don't like super sorry. My knowledge, the both of them are very talented men, but I'm not actually super into both of them really. I think. But here's the thing, Amityville horror dude. Oh fuck. Every time you say that. I remember bill when he's shopping, that was, and that wife beater, he didn't have a wife beater when he shopping that would though he was shirtless.

But then like he was always, he was all the more, Ooh. And he went crazy. I'm like, give me my beauty and my beast. I love it. Okay. Same here. He's my baby Brad Pitt. Like I durable in some way, somewhat mentally unstable and other like also Scientology, whatever wasn't he's in Scientology. Oh, he's nice. Oh fuck. I'm thinking of um, Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise. Yeah. Old. I think he's man look right in our generation. I think Brad Pitt is old hall Hollywood. You know what I'm saying? Like old Hollywood. I haven't seen him anything recently, so we both agree our beauty. It's like just strictly right. And here's the thing, that version of the movie wasn't that great, but he was so hot. It was so good. Okay. Will Smith and Bradley Cooper. Oh, Bradley Cooper. Oh, I got to tell you, I got some beef with will Smith. I don't, I just think he's doing whatever he can to stay relevant and it's getting on my nerves.

Here's the thing, I feel like I would like more of a longterm relationship with will Smith because I, him and Jayda have been together for like ever Cheetos have a very interesting relationship. They do. But Bradley Cooper I think is like psychotic. I really do because if you can act like that for like a star is born, you have to be a little psycho. He might've done method acting, but I don't know that I'd call it psychotic because there are other actors that have done much worse for roles. I don't know. I think my beauty for that one for like basic attractiveness will Smith, but yeah, I think he's attractive. Is that really there's something about him that kind of just annoys the shit out of me and also every Bradley Cooper like Romcom that he's ever been in, noise is the fucking best hangover. It's such a good movie, but I'm talking about like calm.

Honestly out of the thousand of them, there weren't any that I would be unwilling to watch again. Okay. My beauty is will my beauties, Bradley, my BCIT is my beast. Rappy like will from fresh prince. Oh yeah. Those were like nostalgic times. Ooh, this is hard for some, but not for me. Johnny Depp and David Beckham. Beauty and being mad. David, Becca. Miso, gorgeous. I think Johnny Deb is ugly. I'm sorry. Both of them were, sorry. I know people who are listening. Johnny Damn, we're gorgeous. John Leads Mustache. He doesn't always have that mess, but every time I see some of David Beckhams hairstyles, I, it's whatever. Like, you know what I mean? I met Nelson Mandela with corn rows, you know, but he's Britta, so you know, isn't that okay? No, it's not fucking Mandela, but I don't know, but, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. But that's like, uh, okay, sure. I'm trying to make an excuse for it, but I can't, it's not okay for white people to do that. Oh yeah, I've seen it. God Damn. But I still find even when he has his corn rows as horrific and as like culturally insensitive what you're saying, because you wouldn't with this from anyone else, just because it's David fuck up. Oh my God. Have you seen him play soccer when he listens? Shirt Act. I don't like parts of the Caribbean.

I don't know. I don't know. Backing an after he is absolutely not an athlete. You need to watch him cry, baby. You need to watch what's eating Gilbert grape. I've not seen either of those. Oh my God, he's not that kid. Who's your beauty and who's your bs? Johnny. That's why my beauty and my beast. But I mean, I can agree with you that David Beckham is hot as fuck. David Beckham is my beauty. Um, Johnny Depp is my beast. I don't really want him to savagely fuck me. He's just not that attractive. So as Jack Sparrow, okay, this one's fun. Ryan Gosling and Zach Efron. Oh, Zac Efron beauty up east. Hands fucking down. Here's the thing, Zach, everyone's new body. Holy Shit. And know I've told

the story previously on the podcast about me chipping my tooth, watching high school musical too, because I was so into Zac Efron and everything. But Ryan Gosling, when he picks up Emma Stone in that movie, what was that movie called? Crazy, stupid love was the girl, I think. Holy fucking shit. I, I think I was still in high school. I was like 15, 2011 no, 16 in 2000, no, 17 in 2011. And um, I remember like almost coming to him picking up Emma Stone and I was like, please pick me up. Oh he's so gorgeous. And also his face is like a normal face too. Like it's normal [inaudible] to have a normal

yes, he does a very boyish face. Very like Hollywood. Oh he's a very whatever asshole climber. Outdoors- Y boy, that's your fucking type. What the fuck are you talking about? That is what the, you fucking see. Fuck you like every guy I've ever, it's like you went into rei and you're like, what? Who should I book today? You Rei. Oh I know. Really close by in the toys r us. I know they fucking my beauty, my beauty is Ryan Gosling cause I see a like a longterm relationship between us by Zach Efron, his muscles though I feel like Ryan Gosling is someone that's going to age really poorly. So for that reason, Zachary Fund is my beauty and my beast. Don't cause like everyone looks like a boy. Anyway, our next is

Idris Elba and Leonardo DiCaprio
Leo. Ah, I just, okay. I can simplify this
beast. Idris Elba Beauty Leonardo DiCaprio one. Yeah,
because he just Elba is coulee early. The Mora, attractive human being. Clearly this, but it's fine.

Ganglion artist. I hate you so much. Leo just is not attractive to me. Also, I have this mega crush on this woman that he was engaged to and just knowing that I would be a step closer to her by being near Leonardo DiCaprio. I think you want Leo more for life and nostalgic purposes. Easier. Shoba oh my God. I saw captain marvel today, but have you seen Barr? Have you seen Bar Rafaeli? No, look up RFA alley. It was a fiance of learn a captain. You know what? Look her up. No, no, no. Just do it. Just do it. Liquor.

You know, she's pretty, she's gorgeous. She's into, okay, here's the thing, she's blonde and Israeli. You know what? I know so many blonde it. Kau Borgias

whatever. Our listeners don't need to know that information. We're both, they see pictures of us on the fucking social media. Okay. My beauty and beast is Aegis Elba because I saw him in the fast and furious commercially today. Catherine Marvel and I came and my opinion is fucking Christ so gorgeous. He is in that salt and pepper beard and hair and whatever else might be salt and pepper. I'm really into it. He is such a smooth talker, like his voice of like I told you, I told you that Idris Elba is the more attractive human being, but also again, fucking leader DiCaprio. But it's because you grew up with him. Okay. Who's your beating bs? Oh wait, you already said that you simplify Leo Beast as teachers. Well I just want to say thank you for playing along this game. It got a little heated. We have very different tastes in there.

I just want to say, but you're the ones that I picked cause normally I am into darker men. Hashtag colonialism. Anyway, this game, I know we're talking about beauty and B, so there's no real beauty and

there's no real obese. It's all subjective, but it's fun to talk about really hot man who get everything that they want in life. No Fun to judge people on their looks. Fuck it is. But, and that brings me to another point. We're going to talk about being beautiful in a, in an internet age a little bit later, but thanks for plan a g man, have fun. This is a good one. Hey guys, what's up?

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Welcome back to millennial prop pod. I hope you like listening to our last never introduced Maddie pass. I was about to welcome cohost ag to the podcasts, the townhouse and the townhouse. I love how you specify that. We want to talk about beauty today and I want to start off with a disclaimer that AIG and I are not going to get super deep into the subject. We're not going to enter the world of race and LGBT issues and other like societal issues. We as a culture have with beauty. Um, we're going to be very surface level and we may touch upon those issues I think in the future. What do you think about this? US maybe doing like a part two to this, see how it goes down, especially since it's such a broad topic. I think that would, that would only be fair and it's such a broad topic and I think that it is so broad because I think everyone deals with beauty and I kind of want to start off this episode with a question.

How do you define beauty or describe something that is beautiful? I think if we're looking at it from a surface level, it's someone you know, if someone's athletically pleasing features, which can differ from person to person, but I think ultimately like if we're talking, you know, socially and based off of societal norms, yes, I think that that is what in some ways define that. That that defines the initial attraction. For sure. For me, I describe something that is beautiful is something that is hairy. Something that is hot, something that is warm. I love that. I'm like, you know, ask them uncle features, the things that defining we want to keep it cool. We just talked about this surface all uh, you know, like Haribo, we know this guy. Oh God, yeah, we love dearly, but we happen to know for a fact, don't ask us how we know, but we happen to know for a fact has the hairiest ass.

He's straight to Yass we've ever seen and we've seen it, we've seen it, we've seen it well. And I think that's um, place where we can like disagree of like something that we're attracted to. Well wait, wait, wait, wait. What I'm trying to say is I feel like I still see beauty as more than what I see that I'm attracted to is a very like shallow perspective for sure. Like I might again, with the like initial initial attraction being aesthetic and physical, I do think that ultimately what makes a human being attractive is their heart and their personal [inaudible] about a tragic truss. It's about like beauty. Like I see, let's, let's keep this level. Let me say this. I see beauty as your laugh. G I think your laugh is beautiful but also at the same time I don't want to fuck you or your laugh.

You're also gay. And it's, it's one of those things where, you know, especially as I'm growing older I find more things beautiful than things that I've found beautiful in the past or didn't think that was beautiful in the past. Like go through phases where like I might be attracted to one thing for years or a couple months and then the next thing I know I'm not attracted to that. And very true. And you know, I think another question is what is it that changes are like standards of what we think is beautiful. Because as you know, a millennial, we were forced on from our parents who in our grandparents who grew up in times where it was very black and white. It was very, people also didn't necessarily, and maybe not necessarily our parents' generation, but especially my grandparents. And I'm not saying they didn't love each other.

And I'm not saying that there wasn't some sort of initial attraction, but I think for, you know, lots of couples in the fifties and sixties it was more about, this is someone, I could procreate with this to someone I call. What is it now? I think it's, I think we're picky as hell. I don't think it's just be, I mean, I definitely think that like when you look at someone you're like, oh, I could see myself having children with them. But also, you know, times are different. People's priorities are different. I think it oftentimes is who do I mesh with? Who Do I get along with? Who do I emotionally connect with? Well, have you ever seen madmen? You know what I'm talking about? Well, even so I feel like, you know, we can look at who we mesh well with and all those kinds of things. But don't you ever like just see a really hot guy on Instagram and you're just like, oh I do, but then just get thirsty. Hey you. But that fades and it's not something that is sustainable. Well, I feel like, do you feel pressure and you don't have to, you know, go too far into this, cause I know for some it can be like a touchy subject, but do you feel with like youtube and Instagram and Twitter, they're all these like makeup things that are out there that completely now that it completely changes how you look, but

there's a certain standard in that type of beauty default pressure. It's not made quite the internet makeup like oriented or let's say like makeup tutorials that usually pressure me. It's just seeing someone else's life or the way they've taken care of themselves. That makes me, I don't know that jealous is the right word, but it makes me wonder if like I could be like, is that something I could be? And I've just chosen to kind of fuck around and not, you know, work towards that. But also like I have to kind of create this boundary where I'm like, yes, this person's life looks perfect. Yes, they're gorgeous. Yes, they have whatever. But there's always something. In terms of beauty though. Oh definitely. I mean as as like have you ever altered the way that you looked because of something that someone posted online? No, but I can tell you I've altered the way I've looked based off of maybe somewhere I was going like let's say I were going, you know I was to go like clubbing or to go out in search of like some sort of shallow interaction.

That is when I might alter the weight. Like I wouldn't like let's say I'm going out to the club the way I look, then I do it because I think that that is going to attract more attention. So yes, I do think that there are, although you know, normally I typically like no makeup, wake up, my hair is very short. I don't do anything to really maintain that. Like I'm a clean moving but like little things. There you go. But like I say, I'm going to the club because I, because for whatever reason I feel like that, like my normal appearance might not cater to the standard that a sander that then I will like dress up, you know, accordingly. And that does suck because I would honestly like as crazy and this is totally first world problems, but like I definitely am like, oh, I'm not going to get any attention.

So I put on makeup and dress a certain way because I feel like that is what is going to get me what I want. What do you want? Doesn't matter. Depending on whether you know, it could be a conversation, it could be sexiness, just depends making out maybe, okay. Well something that I uh, have an issue with

is how we define the words beautiful and beauty and I'll kind of read those out. Beautiful. The pleat pleasing of the senses or minus theoretic aesthetically, let me read that again. The definition of beautiful is pleasing the senses or mind. Aesthetically, the definition of beauty is a combination of qualities such as shape, color, or form that pleases this statics, aesthetic senses, especially the site. The second of that is a

beautiful woman and I just want to say, bitch, I'm a motherfucking beauty. Okay.

You had talked about where the just you have to think about where those [inaudible] started. Well, I don't give a fuck. We live in a [inaudible]. I agree with you. But there have always been beauty standards that have, you know, specifically pertain to women. It is net guys have pretty much been able to get away with whatever they call them in a beauty. But my beauty standards for a guy could be completely different than my beauty standards for girl, just based off of the world we live in.

Mom, I mean, so you don't have the same beauty standards for a guy and then him?

I don't, which sucks but I don't. Okay. Let's ingrained in me. I mean I might now I am attracted to women who don't usually wear makeup or if they do, they don't wear a lot. And with men it's very different. It's this very, my, you know, particular type at the moment is very outdoorsy, very, you know, kind of go with the flow chill, which is completely opposite of the women I am attracted to because while I like a natural woman, my standards for a woman are much higher than they are for a guy.

Well, I gotta be honest for most people, I have very low standards for men. Um, compared to like what society thinks. And I don't know if it's because I'm someone who is fat now I know, I know you, every time I say that, everyone's, you're not fat. It's a descriptor. It's not something that I carry with myself everyday and those kinds of things. But I see the way that I look and then I see, and then I see more beauty in the people that look like me, like the men that look like me. And I know that's like not what a lot of people do. And I feel like, especially in like, you know, the gay community, you have to be a certain kind of way. You have to have abs, muscles, Tan, cisgender, white, very masculine. But I don't know, like I see lots of beauty in like being feminine. Like I don't know, I mesh well with gay men who are more feminine than masculine. Maybe it's because I'm that way, which it's

so interesting that you say that because you and I, you know, pertaining to our friendship are two completely different people when that, you know, as far as that goes, like the women that you, that I see you typically hang out with or women that also are very into kind of the art form of makeup and, and you know, making it work for them and, and wearing it and dressing a certain way. And it's just always so funny to me. Like the way our friendship works because I will literally show up to your house and again, like I know this sounds very, you know,

kind of shallow and very white almost, but like, you know, I shipped to your house and like sweat pants and a tee shirt. Well so do they, they have a, do I feel like, you know what we see in like public and everything? Cause I see you have makeup on right now. Like I see you wear makeup pretty like not often but every other two days or so. Like it's, it's one of those things where we have this connotation that those who wear all this makeup and stuff and go to work and they're out in public and everything. They're that way all the time. None of my friends who wear makeup when they come over have makeup when they come over. Yeah. And I feel like that's also a cool thing about like being a gay man is you see different parts of like women that like straight men don't get to see.

And I not saying that like, you know, when you're comfortable with someone in relationship, you don't ever see that. But what I'm saying is like, I dunno, it's cool having like female friends, like it's very, you know, seeing their beauty in different ways. That's not in public kind of, you know, sexist comment. But I do think that women are typically end up being more multifaceted or multidimensional than most men do just because it's also ingrained in men because masculinity is at its core like toxic. I'm sure we'll have another conversation about that, but I don't, I understand where you're coming from. I hear Ya. As far as kind of the social pressure to look or be a certain way up until maybe college, I would tell you I was missing days. I just agree with you. I'm that way now. I disagree with you because, and I love you but let's get real with each other.

I mean you're out there by and like you know outdoors equipment and stuff and like taking pictures and you're, you know doing these things and like buying like different tee shirts from like specialty, like whatever and you're posting it and you are sharing it and I, and I'm not saying that's a bad thing, like I think it's cute and that be kind thing ever since I liked your picture of that tee shirt. I've seen ads on it every other day on Instagram. But what I'm saying is you see all, you see for, especially some of the women that I'm friends with that you're not friends with and you see I'm hanging out with them. You see the makeup and you see everything that they put on every day. But let me finish. I feel like they only see the be kind tee shirt. They only see the outdoors-y shoes. They only see the $300 sleeping bag. You know what I mean? Like they see these things too. And I feel like that's kind of like a way that you know, you want to portray yourself for other people to see you. Oh No. You know what I'm saying? I think that all of us in

our own way are trying to, you know, like I definitely the people that I surround myself and the people that I follow, you know, social media wise and that kind of thing are people that cater to the identity that I have found. But I do think overall majority based, there is more of a societal pressure for kind of the girly feminine. You know, I, I'm not saying that I'm not falling following my, well let me ask you this. Do you feel pressure to have the upkeep of the image to be super outdoors-y yes and no more? No, that was yes. Oh, I agree. But like probably more no than yes just because it's so much easier to follow that. It's not this content. I have to have this brand of makeup, I have to have this whatever. I have to, you know, wear this certain clothing.

I mean, yes, in a sense like I spent an ungodly amount on like shit that, you know, I know caters to that image, but it's, it's just different. It's the same but it's different. Well, because what's cool about that, like on a, I don't mean like cool for me, but like what is cool about that image is the whole concept of kind of getting back to your roots, getting back in the dirt, which oftentimes is not as expensive. Instagram, right? Snapchat. But it's not, to me, it's not as expensive as a persona to keep up. Well, let's just agree to disagree because I want to say, bitch, I spent a lot of money on skin care. I fucking wash my face every fucking day. I do a face mask every single night. Bitch, you saw me, I spent 66 bucks at so forward and I am one of those people that having good skin and that type of beauty, it's really important to me.

And I want the world to see like how beautiful and Dewey and moist my skin is. I mean I think, and I don't mind spending an extra couple bucks out of my paycheck to make sure that happens because my question to you is growing up I grew up with really bad rosacea on my nose. It got to the point where you still have flare ups. I flare up, my skin gets so flaky and dry and itchy and y'all like, y'all think of Rudolph, this bishop is Rudolph, this is minus, you send a picture and it's, it's not nearly as bad as you make it out to be Hashtag make up. Even when you send me like, but you know the whole thing about

that is, and we're kind of getting off topic but like I don't think we're off off. That's what made, I don't think if this was a cultural thing, I don't think of this.

It was like a social thing. I don't think. If there was, obviously this stems from social pressure. Like yes there would be something you would do to make yourself feel comfortable physically. Like, you know, with like itching or pain or anything like that. But if there was not this norm of, you know, you have to look a certain way, which there has always been, I'm not saying this is a new concept, but you would not give a flying fuck. You really wouldn't. That is my point in that is that, you know, social beauty standards are not, they're very shallow and they're very surface and they're very, you know, kind of Corny. And because at the end of the day like yes, if I'm like out looking for attention, I will dress and look a certain way. But the people that I genuinely want like love from or kindness from or something like that, I don't give a shit what I look like. And that has never been an issue. So like I think it it, and again, we're not going to go into it, but I think it comes from a much deeper place that to them, I think it comes, I think it comes from my much deeper place of this is what I think everybody else wants to see. That doesn't necessarily reflect what I actually see as beauty. Do you think you're beautiful? I do. In some ways, yes. Okay. I don't think in every way, but I think in some ways.


I think I have really great eyes. I think my eyes are great. I think that is like one of my biggest features, my eyes and my smile, but I don't necessarily think that my features of beauty.

Are you? No physical. Okay.

I don't think I would have been beautiful if I'd never met Adam, like honestly, because I've met him at a time where I'm so young. Yeah. I was 17 I threw up every single day from when I was about 15 to 17

but Adam's beauty standards were not, oh, I, you're beautiful because of the way you look. Adam's meetings too much. So he wanted in my ass. Well, but you know what I mean? Like he could get that from anybody. Adam loves you because of who you are as a human being.

But what I wanted to say was I never, I didn't feel beautiful until I met Adam and reason why. Okay.

You know, I told you I throw up, I threw up every single day from 15 to 17, and I remember meeting Adam and him making me feel like the most perfect human being in the world. I didn't have a flaw in those kinds of things. And Bitch, I gained so much weight. I stopped throwing up, I started eating, and now I'm at the weight that I'm in. And even though I'm still this way, he still makes me feel so beautiful. And I think it's something to be said that I just want to say, you may not think you're hot, but somebody out there fucking thinks you're fucking hot because bitch, you may be the ugliest car in the world. And if you're listening, you probably are so sorry. But somebody out there wants to fucking fuck you. Okay. Someone out there once a year ass, they want to lick your you nowhere.

I almost said, you know who you're Voldemort. Um, but I've, I've learned, I've learned that at the end of the day, like beauty may be subjective and it's not very objective, but you're probably not the ugliest one out there. And that should make you feel great. You know, today's standards are not having any hair as a female, especially being pretty damn hairless. I think Harris kind of as coming back girl, we went to the yoga session that Bishop Shafer, our pacing my in her legs, someone could say, oh no it's really hot to have like a belly button trail or something like that and then everyone would do it. That is my point is that like it's always subjective because it's always changing.

My thing is I as a gay man find many women beautiful and may times I want to be like the many women that I'm around. However, I feel like I kind of get away with like telling women like, you know, this is kind of fucked up. Your Mascara is kind of messed up, your blush looks kind of whatever. But I feel like if I was a straight man, I would not be able to get away with that. I think it would be tough to touch on the subject of whether it's really tough societal norms because they are constantly changing. Well, no, but what was popular as far as let's say why example makeup in the early two thousands this is not what's popular now. You know what's popular still after all these years being white, we're both white. We're not, you know, touch on this subject girl. I get, yes we are. We're both white. We're both cisgender. What up Queens? Before we get back to the podcast, listen to a word from our lovely city sponsors

the nasty what up Wayne theory are tired of seeing real people and tender. Well, I'm married. So yes, we want to talk about what your three-sentence does out there who aren't married. There is an app out there to impress the girl, the guy you choose to match with and all of these apps that you wish you weren't on. And it's called lie to me. Why do you take the Selfie? Yeah, upload it. You change it. You don't even look like yourself. I mean like you could, you know, look like mother friend. What about a robot robot? Your choice would you see is not what you get. Hocus pocus shit. And that's how it should be. So I'm going to say in Zach will kind of give you the Promo Info, but a happy hunting if you would like to try out. Lie to me. Gonna lie to me, daddy.com/mvp for your 25% off. That is a lie to me. daddy.com/m p P. Good Brian.

I want to say that we both have very different ideas about beauty. Yes. Um, you know, I, but I think that ultimately we feel the same way about like what beauty truly means. Do we, I think we do. I really do. I, you know, I disagree. Okay. But you know, that's okay because I feel like at the end of the day, beauty is so subjective and I feel like a major part of what we believe is beautiful is stuff that's been fed into our minds by generations, by society, by media, by everything else. And you know, I'm going to say this disclaimer again. We did not want to go super deep into these subjects. We didn't want to, you know, go more into race and you know, LGBT issues because you know, that'll be her part too. That'll be for part two. And also we're very white and very suburban white and Lenny, both of us were bond haired blue trucker hat backwards. So that's how white we are. Lungs, our producer. So, uh, but thanks for talking with me about beauty. Thank you. Yeah. I love you. You're beautiful. I know I am. But you are too. I think next time we should do a makeup tutorial on the air. Yeah, let's do it. Post it on Youtube. James Charles, we're coming for you.

I love you. Let me see. Peace bitches. Thanks for joining us on the couch. We love making millennial prop pod and if you want to get more social, please follow millennial proud pod on Instagram and prod pod on Twitter. Email, millennial prep. [inaudible] gmail.com for fan mail questions, corrections and suggestions by Queens.

[inaudible] [inaudible]

wine. It's okay. I'm sorry. Jesus fucking Christ. Okay. Are you ready for this? Yes. Are you ready? Great record US arguing. My favorite thing in the world. We do argue so much. You don't even fucking know. Okay. You should have seen us on the camping trip. My thing is, yeah, let me, let me first one was by far the worst argument we've ever had. Let me talk about the second Kaymarie trip. This is Gracie. Oh my gosh. We need the little sticks. This is her just standing there and I'm like, we need little six. She's like, yeah, we need smaller sticks for the fire and I'm like kept the mother Epping fire going bitch, you mother fucking did last night. You, you let the fire go out most mornings. I was the only both nights like get the fires overnights getting started the farther you and your fires are bigger than I am the only one that could keep the fire going and do the second time.

Yes I did. Bitch, she sat in your chair and I said, listen, you are listening. Only one just for one second, let's want, I have to say the second night I went to the creek and I was like, Hey, I'm going to the creek. Please watch the fire and don't let it go out. Guess what happens? I go in the creek for maybe 30, 45 minutes to cool off my feet, you know, put my legs in there. Cause if they'll great, it was really cold and I come back and I'm like, wow, I guess the fire went out while the vegetables were cooking. And guess who? Guess what? You let it go out because you were so high. You don't know how to pace yourself with weed. It was not how, how to pace yourself out. Bitchy was was you heard me tell you I was so passive aggressive at this point.

I go, well I guess the firewood fucking out. Like that's what I, I was so mad. Anyway, let's do this right after, man. What the fuck? Y'All could not keep a fire going if it wasn't for me. I'm the only one that knew how to keep that fire. Yeah, but we're your little foragers and your little, uh, what happened? He's the mastermind behind it. I'll have to do all those. You're just standing there and it's not just standing there. I made the majority of the food. Actually we'll get it for you. I Made Dinner Two nights and I made breakfast and lunch. That makes us equal you dumb drag queen three days. That makes it equal. You made it for two nights. I made breakfast and dinner for two nights. Three days made it for one day. I didn't have breakfast the second day cause I left. That's when my, you

may so you may breakfast for Riva for another day. The point is I made, we had an you didn't. You did not. I did. He made a breakfast Ms. Case. One case of the year. I don't even remember what I had for. Oh no I had breakfast that you cook to. Thank you so much. Then I had lunch that you cooked. Guess what Yo Bitch ass was eating those fucking hot dogs. I was grilling yo bitch ass in that corn that I was grilling yo bitch ass ain't that fucking motherfucking expensive steak that was brewing Yo ass and have a motherfucker probably eaten $20 worth of fucking stakes that I'm on the fucking cooked this bitch bitch eat that bucket. Stay right? Yep. Okay. Let me tell you how that you ate that thing. Let me tell you [inaudible] I'm done. Explain how the camp site was like set up.

So it was basically like in a valley. Okay. And I kept telling Zack throughout the packing process, I was like, we're bringing a lot of shit and bringing them to bring two years worth of dog food. Just the, by the way, only thing I overpacked on the only thing, yes. The only thing Zack brings like five days worth of shit on like a mother. Can I just say try to say we have to carry that shit down the valley and back up the valley. I'm the one who brought the cooler. No one else brought a cooler. Just FYI. Second of all refrigerated shit that I brought, someone asked me to use. Oh, can I use your lantern? Can you not use your blankets? [inaudible] but can I use your app? Can I use this? Can I always do that? Ted? It was like he was saying in some like five star resort.

It was a four person tent. I slept on the ground. Riva slept on a cheap ass mattress pad. We both left in sleeping bags and when I got into Zach's 10 there was a mother fucking below up mattress or mattress

with multiple Blake gets up pillow this, it completely defeats the purpose of camping. Who complained the whole fucking time? I did not complain that this is Riva. Am I wrong? Is this Gracie? We need to get this. We need to get that. We, we, we, we, you better be lucky you had this friend right here cause I wasn't going to do shit for you. She was the only one who would go grab, do your dirty work. Okay. I don't recall anyone ever doing my dirty low bitch. Believe she did. Yeah. Oh my God. We need the mustard. This visual get up outta her fucking seat while she's eating to get you mustard. You Lazy. It is a day. It was not a damn lie. Yeah. She would up out of her seat

while she's eating and go get something for, you know, just recognize the fact that any of this and that's okay. Just say, hey, I don't like to do anything. Just say I like people doing stuff for it. I do like to do things. I built the, goddammit, she built the fire. Okay, great. Good for good for her. She built the fire, but let's not, let's not pretend she didn't stand there poking it. You're supposed to poke it. I know how to build the Goddamn fire. Okay. You were poking it. You and your mother [inaudible]. Why'd you let the fire go out?