Okay. Mm.

Let them do the in between her. Thank you for your, uh, thank you darling for your winner. Oh, I thought it was inbetween. Winker homophobe are we going to do that every time though? I don't know. I just, I won't be able now. What is the in between her, in between her, in between your, for your Wayne or what is it? Yeah, so a, I don't think either one of us felt like doing a full on hour long podcast every week. Every week we decided to cut it a little short and have a little fun. Yeah. Easy to go in. Easygoing on the couch. Just chilling. Is that your Tinder bio? Okay. I thought so. Easygoing. Always down for a good time. Not Hillary Clinton, but also if you're not into stuff like serious swipe left. Oh God. Okay. So anyway, uh, childhood stories. Mm. I want to hear yours.

Oh my. I thought you were to start off with your, go with yours first. I feel like mine is actually like the more I'm thinking about it, I feel like as I start saying it out loud, I'm going to be disappointed in the story. I pick who cares. Okay. Cause I don't think I've ever told you this and that. I was like trying to find something that I've never told you about. So when I was is probably, I didn't, it would've been before my parents split up. So I was probably six or seven. Okay. Uh, I really wanted a hamster. Okay. Like really wanted a hamster. Okay. Just something to take care of. Cause fuck our cat. I want it in. They're cute too. We take eaters, I liked them too. One of them bit me. So, and my dad got my hamster and I named it prissy.

It was this tiny little like brown blondish, like kind of light colored hamster. She's, Oh my God. Like you. Yeah. And I worked like I'd killed all my sea monkeys. Like I'm not very good at keeping anything alive. And I was determined to keep this fucking hamster alive inside feed it, take care of it. And I mean this went on for months, months and months and months. I mean, I had the same shirt for awhile. I mean back then that was awhile. Now they live to be ancient, but I feel like more research has been done. So what, what are you saying? So I come downstairs one day, her cage, her little like run and cage and everything was um, in the dining room. Okay. And I go to feed her and like refill the like little water droplet dispenser and she is a dead, I mean like laid out dead on her back on her back, not just, not just leave on her dad.

Okay. Teeth out, which by the way, this is all relating to our next theme, which is going to be childhood. Um, but anyway, I'm, I'm freaking out man. Like freaking out. This is the first encounter I've ever really had with like a dead animal. Oh baby scarred. My Dad's like, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay. And I'm going, I lived with this for years and then it was probably about a year or two ago, I was talking to my dad about something. And I was like, Hey, do you remember pricy he was like, who the fuck is that? And I was like my hamster that you got me. And he was like, which one, Gracie? No. And I was like, what the fuck you mean? Which one? No, there had been not one prissy, not too pricy but three prissy, no, three, three. Oh my God, your dad and I, it was like feeling that same feeling from when I was like actually looking at her.

How do you get some that look exactly alike? I guess I just didn't, I mean obviously I wasn't taking care of the hands. I would have noticed that it was a him sir. But I just remember that sticks with me. Like that story sticks with me all day cause I have a whole fucking dog now and I'm just waiting for my grandfather to be like, oh that was, you mean Stella number number four? I think you would known. I think I would know now. But yeah, I mean that was of all of the betrayal that has ever happened within my family, that to me is the biggest one. Like just telling me the hamsters fucking damn three hamsters. It to me all looked the same. I thought it was the same God damn hamster. Damn. Yeah it was crazy. Kids are stupid. Like honestly, kids are really dumb.

But like how sociopathic to get me three hamsters and then just think that you wouldn't even notice a difference. We could have probably like saved those hamsters lives if he would me Graham fucking reaper. I really, um, well I, well that's a really good story. Like it's really funny. So I don't know how this is going to compare. I could probably fit two in really quick or three in that or whatever really quick my, if we get to it. The first one is, I remember being, I guess 10, 11 years old, high school musical came out two years beforehand and my parents were very lenient about like us. We don't always have to eat at the dinner table. Like it's not that big of a deal. My parents would probably want to have dinner in front of the TV than with us anyway. Cause you know, we're kids, we're boring.

We don't, they don't want to talk to us like whenever. Well, I remember the c like the premiere of high school musical two came out that day or was going to come out like seven o'clock when we would have our dinner together. Normally we'd sit around or whatever. Well, I'm in my room and I remember what we ate. It was pork, two pieces of pork in Mac and cheese. I don't know why of laughing so hard right now, but I remember, uh, the second movie of high school musical. I don't remember the song, but I remember Troy Bolton on a fucking hill. It looks like a fucking head on it. It was girl. He was on a fucking hill. It looks like a fucking golf course. It is. I don't remember everything, but what I do remember is that bit stepping out and I had the biggest crush show you.

Oh my God. That hair, everything. And he was Tan for that movie he was saying, but I'm scarred for life because of this movie because he steps out and I am not paying attention to what I'm doing as I'm eating on the floor in my bedroom watching this movie, having these gay fantasies about this man or that time child. I don't know. Was he 17 years old? What was he? I don't know. Was He 20 whatever. I'm like 11 years old or whatever and I bit so hard into my fork that had a piece of pork on it and chipped my goddamn too because I was so enthralled by this high school version of what I want to be and who I want to be in and so I'm a little embarrassed about it. I might, that tooth is really sensitive as this one right here.

I'll take a picture, I'll put it on our social media. It's this one right here. They fix it, but it's so fucking sensitive. Anytime I take a sip of cold water, anytime I eat something really fucking hot, that to fucking hearts. I like fucking chip. That shit took like the center of the tooth, which let's say she was like, what were you doing? And I was like, I was watching high school musical, Blah Blah Blah, blah. And you know, she knows she didn't, well she always knew I was gay, but at the time I wasn't out. So I couldn't say. Yeah, I was dreaming in my head about being sexual with a boy on television. Like I could say that. And Disney was good at that shit. I think they wanted us to be gay. All to be gay. Probably. You're not 100% straight. I'll straight. Are you on a scale of [inaudible] scale?

I'm not super familiar with it, but oh hm. I'm attracted to good conversation. That means you're a slut. Oh in it. Have Fun with it. Roll with it. Another childhood story. I remember I was so scared of going to the bathroom cause I saw a scary movie with my parents. I think it was Chucky and then they chase me around the Spencer's door. Would the doll Chucky and I was scared as fuck. So part of this is on them. So I was scarred for Chucky for life. It's still hard for me, for me in general, but I wouldn't go to the bathroom. I would go and pee in my toy box and I remember my mom finding it and she goes, I don't know what you were thinking and what was going on. And she's like tossing all my toys and throwing them away. And I'm like, I was scared.

I was so scared to be alone at night by myself as a kid. And my brother was two. My brother probably slept in the bed with me until he was like 10 mm. Whoa, weird. No, it's normal to be scared of the child. Go to sleep in his bed because my mom would force him to, and then when he thought the coast was

clear, I could hear him go sis. My sister would do that too. Like every night, every night slept in my bed. I remember one time I pushed my sister off the bunk bed. That was fun. Sorry Ashley. She's probably going to listen. These are some good ones. Yeah. I was hoping she'd die or like when I pushed my brother down the stairs, it's always so mad at her. You Press, Oh I remember you told me about that up. Did he want you to though?

Well he was like pushing me around the hallway, don't push me down the stairs and I zipped him cause he was this tiny ass little thing I making like tie so big now he's like six, six foot four five. Oh yeah, he's huge. But he was, he this scrawny like anorexic, like malnourished looking kid and he had these big like blue, like Gollum eyes and like bleach blonde hair. But he was the cutest little thing you've ever seen. And he couldn't say his R's. Oh he was like, don't push me down the stairs like northern kind of. And I zipped him up in the suitcase and I was like literally and we had like 12 stairs going. I mean it was this like steep flight of stairs going up to the second floor and I zip that bitch up and pushed him so hard down those stairs.

And it was so funny because when he hit, I thought I'd killed him. He made no sounds like no sound came out of that suitcase and my mom wasn't home. And I remember the first thought was not like, Oh shit. Like is he okay? The first thought was like, oh fuck, he's dead. Mom is going to kill me. I was like, the neighbors probably heard it. And then all of a sudden I hear this little Moan and he's like, ah. And I unzip him and he's literally just like, like deformed. Like, okay. He's like, Huh, that hurt. Oh, it was? Yeah. Or baby or Jacob. Oh, we wonder why he's such an ass now because of you. Well, cool. So thanks for listening to our ridiculous childhood stories. Thank you. I'm sorry you had to put up with that. Thank you for joining us on the couch. We love making millennial prop pod, and if you want to get more social with us, please follow at millennial prop hod on Instagram and at prop odd on Twitter. Email, millennial prop pod@gmail.com for female questions, corrections and suggestions by Queens.

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