How DIDN'T the Internet Scar You?

How DIDN'T the Internet Scar You?


Welcome back to our inbetween her episode. Oh, this is our first in between. In between for your wiener in between her for your Wiener Daddy. Do you like it short? Do you like a long, do you like a bit long? Could you do a full blanks on it? But no subway bitch. They're not really that long though. I fell in love subway. Anyway, today we're going to talk about, and this is not our normal episode where we talk about stuff for like 30 45 [inaudible] minutes. It's going to be pretty short today. We just wanna talk about one subject and one subject only in what is that? Well, I want to talk about, it's been something I needed to get off my chest for 10 years now. Uh, Omegle and chat roulette. Oh Shit. Yeah. How the Internet has scarred you. Yeah, I mean it was, you know, I think you always get worn like, especially on this site, it's like, you know, 18 years or older and you know, warning of like content.

Yeah. But it's like a 14 or 15 year old. You're like, how bad can it possibly get? And then someone's penis just shows up. That's why I went on there. Like I remember one time, my friend, this is my first experience with drag ever, not going to say her name, but she put me in drag when I was like 14 years old and I went on and pretended to be a woman. And you can not believe what I heard get these men to do on Omegle Darling. It was, I haven't do a lot for me. Yeah. Yeah I was, I was still pretty innocent. [inaudible] worry. I was uh, I was looking for love. Oh I can in the wrong and the way I think this is the right place. There were a couple of guys that I ended up actually corresponding with for quite a time.

No Way. One of them, no. Yeah, we read, no, we're looking at our friend where re and the studio, no, he knows all about was there were two specifically, there was one from Iceland actually was from Turkey potion, family relocated to Iceland. Oh Shit. His name. Uh, I probably won't say that on the air. Just, you know, on the off chance, cause that's how my life goes. But, um, he was so hot. Like, even like even to day, if I saw him on the street, it'd be like damn. Hmm. But uh, he, yeah, he did. He said you knew. No, he tried. He tried. Uh, his English was proof pretty broken, but you know, I got the gist, I got what I needed out of them. Um, and then there was a guy from, and this from New York, I would have been, so this is how sad this is.

I think I was probably 17 or 18. I was still, and I, cause you know, like it gets like you get bored. You really do, you get bored. Yeah. You can't sleep. And you're like, well let me go put on some Mascara and lipstick and get on chat roulette, the Wikipedia page for lady just to make sure everything's correct. I got you. Absolutely. So, uh, I met this boy from New York. I would have been 17 or 18. He would've been 22 or 23. And, um, I had not even in my first kiss yet, but, uh, he and I talked for months, months. Uh, yeah, I was about to say his name and then I say, but um, he was super cool. He was someone I would totally like date now the stuff he was talking about. But um, you kinda hit this point as you get older where you realize, um, it's not, not meant to be, it's not meant to be let it Omegle what I mean, the entertainment back never jacked off.

Absolutely not. Absolutely not. Why do not trust the Internet? And I do not trust the Internet with a video. I mean, I mean I jacked off because people can steal all the IP can find out where you are checking. It didn't last very long. I would always like, I'd click through and like see guys jerking off and I'd be like, oh, come on. Like, is there anything else on here? Like get like annoyed me nowadays I'd probably be like, yeah, but no. At the time I was like, Hill penises rose. I've never been like that. You know, some of us take a little longer than them.

I like hot area, you know. Well around the nipple. No, you say Ariel's Harry Hoes. I'm trying out ass broad holes. Well anyway, the Internet has scarred me. Do you know what blue waffle is? Uh, I am familiar

with the myth of blue waffle. Yes. Okay. Tell me in your school, and don't worry everyone in the studio who hasn't seen it. I want to put it on the apple TV. I did not find out about this until college. Well, I was in the third mother fucking grade and I'm gonna say his full name. Like I should just join a convent now. Almost like Caleb. But you know this, you know, did your school have like filters for like when y'all went on the Internet and shit? Absolutely. I don't know how this got past the filter. I don't know. I guess cause blue and waffle didn't pick up, you know, like penis and vagina did.

But I'm going to show you blue wall full because it's scarred me for so long. I'm gonna show everyone bitch. Yes, there are pictures of this bully wall. Oh, it is a real thing. But I mean like, oh my God, I just searched it and it says blue waffle disease. pictures.blogspot.com blog. We're still using blogspot. Oh my God. I need to find like the actual civil block spot. I think I had like those are with an a, I forget what it's called. It's like Angel Demon or something or what's called, I can't believe you haven't seen them. Me From looking at this. It is real. I swear to God it's 110% we're real. It's a disease. It's a disease. This was a fake STD that was created. You think these people are Donald trumping us. Look at that y'all. It's a disease. Be more respectful.

That's an asshole. You know what it looks like to me it kind of looks like something from like men in black. Like one of the, no, no, no, no. It looks like one of those creatures from Harry Potter with like the multiple heads. I don't know if the blood parts like spotting another picture of a blue waffle they put on there to the caption. This is scary. Like blue waffles in men. What I'm telling you, this is not what is, oh, that's his penis. Oh my God. It's like, okay. We, we have to describe it for the viewers. Okay. It's like the sky's holy kids day hot dog. Like I had backed out of the, in case it's his ground. It's his grownup hot dog around his penis. It's like coming out of the head of his penis. Y'All. Oh, look at that. It looks like a pepper Rooney completely be cut out of this.

This, this. Okay. Our producer is saying he's leaving all of this. This may be a mistake later. Um, oh no, that's peanut cancer and y'all are laughing at a cancer victim. Y'All are going straight to hell. You better donate to a cancer society immediately. Damn. Oh my God. Look at this one. Penile cancer and blue, blue waffled. How could you imagine the look I'm telling you right now out. I'll show you like this is not okay. That's fine. Show me. It's not real. I want to know. I want to know. It's a fictional sexually transmitted infection that's believed that bloat turn the vagina blue and disfigure. It is also said to originate from women who get around and or their lack of hygiene. Why only transmits from women to men? Fictional sexually transmitted infection. Oh yeah. Who's the source? Very well. Health dictionary.com STD who often isn't a real, so what you're saying is blue waffles disease created by people who want to police female sex.

That's what I was about to say. That's literally was about to come out of my mouth. Wow. Basically what in third grade I was learning is if you want to be a woman and have sex, you better not a little waffle. When we had the sex talk at my school, it was condemning women. Like basically you are a slot if you had sex before marriage. I remember that. Yeah. And they like separated the boys and the girls and I'm sure that they had a male conversation, which I did. It sucked for me because being like really gay, growing up, all my friends were female, like and being separated from boy to girl was so traumatic for me because I did do, I did talk to guys about guy stuff and I'm like, I don't know anything about this unless it's about Pokemon that I could talk to you about Pokemon, but I can't talk to you about sports.

I was good at dodge ball. That was about, it was good at football too. But then I came into closet then I couldn't play anymore. So. Well I think that gay men should totally play football. They want to, I mean me too. But when you're, you know, 15 years old, you miss the load. Fuck no, I only miss football

because I always want to say his name, but I was the center and the quarterback was so hot and you know, I, he would put his hands on my thighs and I would get the fields. No, no, no. I would get the pills. It was different. It was, it was very different. Well, thank you for listening to our, in between her for your wiener.

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