Millennials have big problems. As you know, news, parents, and LIFE in general won't let them forget. Millennials also have small problems that matter, but ones that often go under the rug: porn is taboo to talk about in 2019, families on TV don't represent theirs, and the Internet scarred them for life. Why is the media not talking about it? Why aren't you talking, or more importantly, laughing about it?

Get an intimate look into AG and Zachery T's close friendship while laughing about all the millennial probs you relate to. No, you will not hear millennial bashing; and no, they don't only talk about what's on YouTube or pop culture (unless you count the late 90's and early 2000's, which was the best era of music of all time). AG and Zachery T discuss what you and your friends wonder, question and laugh about. You'll feel like you're right on the couch.