You Cute Sis - Guest Chic

You Cute Sis - Guest Chic

Okay on this episode of You Cute Sis

if you didn't tune in for the first, you cute fifth, you cute. This is a basically a competence. The booster. It's like the little angel on your shoulder telling you and giving you that extra boost of confidence saying you cute things. You cute. You cute. Okay. Just remember whenever you had that friend and you just down yourself when you about to go out and use this like I don't know. Do I need to try again? Do I need to start over? What do I have on? But I'm going to be that friend to tell you every single time in your ear you Q says, right. Okay. And so last time on you, cute says, we talked about what you should wear as a graduate and as a guest, but this time we're going to talk about something different. Isn't that race funky? Yes. I'm so excited.

His wedding season. Yes, it's wedding season. We are missing a part of girl. Um, for some reason, you know, we can't get it together on the, the episodes of you. Keith is so we're always missing one. Life happens DB miss mullet occasion, but we're always trying to piece it together and so, uh, but anyway, but um, you're listening to BB talk and here right now and we're really going to talk about weddings, about the do's and the don'ts, the shooters and the waters. I'm this way. But no, the definitely the do's and the don'ts of what you should wear when you attend a wedding. We're not going to talk about the bride and the bridal party. We're going to leave that part out. We're just going to talk about what you should wear as a guest when you're attending weddings because quite frankly, summertime weddings are like a lot.

Yeah, there's everybody's getting married. It's literally every single month. Yeah. Multiple people getting married. So you have to be ready for when you're going to get married. I mean, not married when you're going to go [inaudible] right. They do. She, man, it's all good. But all this information that we're giving you today is going to make you prepared for any wedding, whatever season it is. So I'll go ahead and start off. So one of my dues as well as it as a don't, depends on how you want to put it, but the dress code, the dress code really, really matters. Does like you can't go to a black tie wedding being casual. A lot of people try sometimes and it's just like, okay, did you not get memo? Did you not read the invitation? You've got to look and you probably should feel out of place. I know, I would feel like, oh for sure I hate going places and I feel underdressed and I just be like, what's going on?

Usually that never happens with me. Cause if you know me, I'm listening and I'm a little over the top right. So one thing with me, you look dumb, don't go any place underdress yet. Go overdressed. So again, if you're going to a black tie wedding, make sure you wear black tie wedding material. You don't want to go in there. We a nice, um, casual jumpsuit on when everybody's wearing like they had luxury gown all the way to the floor. We didn't, it's not matching, it's not matching. You're going to like the odd ball, a different eyeball. And I do actually have some tips when it comes to black tie wedding. So I like to mention those as well. So say for instance, the wedding is in the afternoon and it's considered black tie as the dress code, then you should pretty much wear anything from a cocktail dress to a long gown.

But preferably more on the cocktail dress. Um, side cocktail just always kind of confuses me. So is that more like homecoming ish or how would you define cocktail versus work? Cause sometimes even on the Internet, those dresses seem very similar to me. Cocktail and like the work wear dresses at times. I mean I get what you're saying there. I would for it to be an example, I would definitely say I'm cocktail dresses. Look like a homecoming dress. Okay. So I know a lot of people nowadays, homecoming dresses are kind of long. Um, and then when I was growing up, some people were long homecoming dresses too. But at the time most girls wear short dresses. So just think of back when you would go into the eighth grade

dance, um, and you had to wear your little dress. Just think about that. Like that could be something very similar to our cocktail dress.

So, and then compare it to the dresses that you wear as business attire. It can essentially be that same length, but the patterns and the way that the dress looks is what makes something a cocktail dress. So most cocktail dresses, the print is a little bit more bold. The fabric is a little bit more bode versus just a business attire type of dress. Um, it's more simplistic when you're talking about business tire dress, but the length of the dresses is very, very similar. So a length of a cocktail dress usually goes right above your knee. Some are shorter, um, but most of the ones that are appropriate, especially to wear to a wedding, cause you don't want to out shine the Bri. Right. So there is a mindset that you shouldn't go in there. It's a little still the show. Exactly. You should not attempt to steal the show. That's not the mindset you should have. It's about the bride. It's not about you. You can still be cute. Remember you always cute says, but the point of the matter is the bride is there to shine. It's her day, not you and guys. She's speaking as a former briars so she knows I rose.


DVR was like, oh you got to go just to fly yoga. You got to go you you four and five. You don't. To be honest, like since you brought that up, I had friends texting me, Tom, awesome. Is this appropriate for where I don't want to be sitting up here like real friends be like that's a valid point. She's a really a valid question because, and that's another rule that I have. Like if you, when in doubt bone a friend, if you feel like it's going to be too much or if it's going to be a little too skimpy or whatever, ask a friend's opinions. It's too much technology yet based on this and pictures or, sure. Pinterest is your friends. I say in Pinterest. Okay, so back to what we were saying. So now if you're doing it in the evening, as far as a black tie wedding, it's all about long gown.

You should have on a long gown you can even wear a jumpsuit. There are very nice formal jumpsuits if you're not a dress wearing woman. So was it they would jumpsuits. Okay. I have this phobia and not necessarily probably a bit, most of them don't come long enough when you wear a heel. Like they are long enough when you wear like sandals. Yeah. Is that wrong to feel like I feel like it should be touched the floor. No, cause I'm the same way. I love a jumpsuit that touches the floor. I don't really like jumpsuits as much if they don't come past my shoes. Exactly. And the tall girls out here aren't gonna like what I'm about to say. But I usually order them in the tall side. Cause you want them to drape? I don't, I don't know. I'm that person who likes him to drape over the Shaklee versus the shoe show some what? Some women are more. I want to show the shoe, the show show. If it's a skinny leg. Yeah, but it's true. It's kind of like a palazzo pant or something like that. Yeah, I love the pants. Anybody else caught that? Bethany Soviets. Y'all need to Google it. I'm gonna Google it right now to let me look how you spilled it, Pia.

Okay, so

just those are the two rule of thumbs when it comes to a black tie wedding. If it's, if it's in the evening, anything five o'clock to a well you really, five to six starting time, you should wear a long count of his black tie. Anything for a afternoon wedding, black tie stick around the cocktail. But again, you could wear a long gown if that's what the bride and groom desire. And then for casual weddings, um, I know some people like to get confused thinking that you could wear like some real lax type of outfit, but just keep in mind, chic, flirty, feminine and elegant. So you can wear pants, the pants can be a little edgy and

they can be silky and flowy. Um, so keeping in mind those Palazzo pants, the wide leg pants, those are all different things that you can wear when it comes to casual weddings.

And then for dresses you can wear, um, anything that's a little above the knee and a little over the knee. So if you're looking to wear a, some type of pencil, a pencil, a pencil skirt, or if you're looking to wear, um, a cocktail dress. But in this bay and this point, it won't necessarily be a cocktail dress. So some of the stuff that we mentioned in the last few cute says some of those shapes, like a Chiffon dress is very pretty to wear to weddings. Um, anything pleaded, those are pretty, pretty things to wear to weddings. I know a lot of, when we talked about the pop-over meaty, those were something that you could wear to a wedding as well. Now, does body type play into any kind of factory as far as your suggestions on what people show here? I mean, yes, body top always matters.

Um, you shouldn't wear things that are too revealing regardless if you're a small or B. Right? Because again, it is about the bride. If used an up here wearing a slit, this as high as your Cudi cat, then everybody gonna be snippier paying attention to you. And that's not what you want. You don't want any right. Pay attention to you and your cootie cat. I know some women love to go to weddings, but you can get a man and all that kind of stuff. And vice versa. Men like to go weddings to get a woman, right? But there's a way and then there's a time for everything. And then weddings are not it. Right? You're not there, mom and grandmother is going to be, exactly, that's what I'm saying. You got older people there. You've got older men there. I don't want to see Oh, cha-cha, right, which is so just casual weddings.

You can wear pants, you can wear a dress. Um, nothing along. Do not sit up here and do anything like our long luxury formal gown, but you can wear like a long nice SheFind dress. Um, and all along nice pleated dress or skirt, things of that nature. You keep that in mind. So what you got, what's that? What's the do or I don't for you, spunky. So I had several do's and don'ts we can touch on a few earlier, especially at the venue. I know I went to a few uh, outside weddings and compares the inside wedding and saying you do have to be mindful of the temperature for sure. The outside it was very uncomfortable for some nudges that would have worn if it was an inside wedding. And I would definitely prefer lighter colors. If it's outside wedding, I prefer lighter colors. Um, shorter lymph dress, um, is delicious, mindful, be mindful of the neatest.

But I definitely would say lighter colors and a shorter dress for foregrip is the outside wedding. Um, I don't know too many formal wins that occur outside after five or six pass. True. Um, for the most part those was going to be inside when we talk about the, uh, what's it called? The attire for politics, the black tie likes how weddings. So I would definitely be mindful of that. Yeah. And then like to piggy back off what you said there, like what layers, that's when layers com com is a big thing because when you're going to a wedding that's outside or it's a little colder during the time of a season that you're going to this wedding, you should always make sure you bring some type of light jacket, Cardigan, Shaw, something like that. That way, you know, like, okay, even in the summertime, sometimes it can get a little nippy at night depending on where you are.

Spiritual. A nice little, um, a little shock can help that, especially when you get a little cold and stuff of that nature. Just keep drinking. There we go. Just keep drinking, just trolling. I can zone an alcoholic beverage that doesn't your preference. However it will definitely help the situation. And then even in the wintertime, keep this in mind ladies. If you're going to a wedding, you may need to wear tight. Yeah. You may need to wear leggings, things of that nature. Sometimes when you're, you know, you're going from um, uh, outside to inside, you may not need the leggings inside. And if you want to take them off, just feel, just know that your dress needs to be long enough in order for you to take those leggings and

those tights off. Yes, and I'm going to give you a tidbit, which I haven't even shared this with my friends and it's just something that I particularly do, but it's certain dresses I can wear if I have a form fitted long sleeve shirt and no members of course works best with a black majority and color dress.

I can wear a long sleeve shirt and people really think that the dress is long sleeve and said like most of them are sleeveless and with a long sleeve shirt underneath it, I can turn it into a winter dress just for in the case that if you didn't have a winter wedding later in the, this one over here keeping you on, it takes time to share. You know, things that I did, we made a summer dress and to winter dress come on deck for the layer. Right. So I also wanted to kind of touch on the shoes. So shoes are extremely important. I know at the women's I'm majority goes to, we like the dance. So whether it is the little line dance stuff, like what's the Cha-cha slide? What is it? Or the money. Huh? The money [inaudible] the new before I let go, I'm going to have to learn that.

Oh my God, yes. He has the Beyonce before they go challenge. Yes, we need to get up in there. Right. We're going to put that on Instagram once [inaudible] it's going to super dope. But anyways, so just to be mindful of the fact that you're not walking in and just sitting down for a reason. I mean you could be their person, but yeah, it must be that person who wants to go to a wedding and sit down. You don't need to go is that you just need to go to the wedding and [inaudible] as the Brian, I'm sure you could speak on this. You want people to have fun and you want everybody to have a good time because the wedding is for you. But it is also for other people as well. So you have to keep that in mind. Like you don't want to go to a wedding and just be a bump on a log if that's your thing. Well I guess, right. But I mean, you know, get you a little drinky drink and just have a good time. Find you a little dancing partner. Even if you can't dance. I don't know about the candidates and you need practice for Yukon. I mean look, that husband came dance. He ain't got no rhythm. He should have saw us on our first.

He did better than that but also good. So along with the shoes I will also come in on the bag. So I don't think you should walk in with the big power. No, for sure. You don't want to walk out like all bogged down. You need an acute. I see. That can be for winter or summer of course colors, depending on what season it is. But you can very eight that with depending on the, the season, but definitely not coming out with a big bag. Now, banks are not necessarily appropriate when it comes to weddings, but there are women who do it, especially when they want to put those shoes, those flats sandals in the back. I feel like if you are going to do that, of course don't let the bag be super big cause that, cause I know some women carry really big large totes around.

Yeah, I wouldn't recommend that. Bring it to a wedding. If you could find a smaller bag that will, you know, occupy all of your belongings as well. Especially if you don't know a lot of people at the wedding and you want to get up and dance. I can take my toe or mount, sorry my clutch on the dance floor. But I mean the trick, I can't can't it up and we'll have to sit in the seat and not to say that you can't show somebody with the wedding, but you just may not know. I've been a witness where I've known like one or two people. That's so true. I rather have my purse with me versus when that happened I crept up there back then. No it didn't. [inaudible]

it goes, but you know, one or two people, you're actually there for the [inaudible] bone. Right. It's like I've ended up, yeah, I actually went to a wedding that I've never been to. I mean, I never knew anybody. Um, and I only wait, no. Oh, okay. Because of my brother, he was going to the wedding and we went to go visit him in Chicago. It was when he was living in Chicago at the time and he was like, Oh yeah, I have to go to this wedding. And then there's this thing, oh, just going, okay, come on. But we didn't go to the reception, so it was good. We only went for the wedding, but I literally knew no one there other than my

brother and my sister. But it was cool. The wedding was nice. Right. I've noticed the coworkers wouldn't, it's been like that and it's just, it's, it's different versus going to a friend's wedding because I mean, like I said, you don't know any of the relatives or outside of friends.

It's like you just know that bride or that group, it's his soul. And it can be kind of, I definitely know it was in and out for me. Um, so this is a rule that I always have, whether going to a wedding or just anywhere, there's just not overexpressor us. Yeah, for sure. Keep it simple. Stupid kids is always a rule of thumb with fashion. So for some times sometimes you can just bold and I guess it depends on where you're going. Like I mean, I wouldn't dress the same for New York fashion week that I would for my friends with the occasion. Right. You know, you have to dress appropriate for the occasion. Again, there's a time and a place for everything and you just have to know, you know, what time it is and what place you're going to, to wear what you're gonna wear.

As far as accessories, to be honest, you really only need some nice simplistic, either silver and gold or rose gold type of jewelry and it doesn't need to be like super popping. It could be something real small depending on what type of attire that you're wearing. If you're wearing a nice dress, you know, you could wear a popping necklace and maybe some simplistic earrings, but you don't need to do too much. Being over the top is not necessarily the time. It's not that necessarily the time. Because again, it's not about you. It's not about you. Oh, remember days, it's not about truth. It's about the waiting party, right. At all times. Yeah. And then this is another one, since you brought that up about being bold, this is not the time to be bold is not the time to wear all these exotic prints, all of these bright, bright colors.

It's not necessarily like bright colors are great, but you want to, you know, um, you don't want it to be to screaming where it's just like every, all the attention is all eyes because you have on this super, super popping neon color, right? It's just like, oh, this beautiful, it's a great time for it. Spring, summertime is great color, but it's just like too much attention is being drawn to you because you have on this popping color, um, you and in, you know, wearing sequin and I'm wearing prints, let's just snake print and all that kind of stuff like that. It's not necessarily the right time to wear it. You can wear a sequin dress, especially when it comes to those black tie evening wear as well as like a, a formal, um, wedding. You can wear a sequin, but again, you don't want it to be over the top right. Just keep in mind you don't want anything to be too much. And also, so I ha I read this article where it was like, if your family then you can choose similar colors. Yeah, I mistakenly did that and one of my cousin's wedding, I mean, I don't even know his parents don't do it in my wedding and I just didn't want to wear red

what you did because somebody told me about those dreads say go back to the reveal the, so I thought I was cute. I, you could tell me. I work blind and my brother was like, hey bro, where are you going? He feels like I was here for it. I was ready to see it. Yeah. I mean she told me about the dress you, oh, I'm about the apple mop y'all with this red dress. And I was like, okay, you can wear red. Cause you know, my colors were rants and I was like, no problem. You know, you my family, whatever

here boy, him and his also BB does end diversity. Yeah. Shout out to res

the hard to say day shot out to Birmingham alumni chapter. Okay. I got to do a small shout out or thank you. Thank you. Okay, shout out to the race T-Mobile's out that the bell rang eight [inaudible] I had to go back every group method. I mean I was ready to, my brother was like, Nah. Yeah, they told me. So. I

mean, so I mean we, I think we all had these moments and luckily my brother was there. I don't remember the tips. Oh to bring, yes. You definitely have to remember that and that, and well at that point I wasn't even second guessing myself. So I guess it's just good to just collaborate with someone else that's going through the wedding. You always see somebody to tell you that ain't your real friends be like, so I'm mistakenly you at one of my cousin's weddings, uh, wore the colors and honestly it did look in the pictures because I kind of blended in with like some of the bridesmaids and the scam her flowers.

And so, you know, working out like this, so that can be in mind. I mean that's nothing that's you an assistant necessarily have to do, but it's just the option of your clothes. And then I feel like you should always ask. So you should always look at the invitation and ask the, uh, the bride or the groom, whichever one you're close to or somebody who knows the bride and groom what the colors are. So, you know, if the color scheme, like my wedding was red, then you may not necessarily want to wear red unless the bride or groom says that you can. Um, if they do not want you to match that of the bridal party, well then we'll be at, you just do not the bridal party, the awkward conversation. Also, you just don't match the broader party. You just go when wear something else.

How do you feel about the witness where the brides say everyone wear black or everyone wear gray or some say everyone will. Why everybody's so I have no problem with that to be honest. I have no problem with it. A as far as like everybody wearing one single color, if that's what you, if that's what the bride desires is what the bride desires. I was more like, I almost thought about it with my waiting though. I almost thought about everybody wearing one color, but then I was like, you know what, I'm not going to do that to everybody and I'm not going to be that over the top. I'm not going sit up here and have it right. Force everybody to wear one color. I'm just lazy, right. To do what they want to do. Um, but yeah, I'm, I'm here for the whole, you know, everybody wear one color. Kind of who, I have a good question. So this is necessarily fashion, but, well, while we're on the topic of lettings, how did you feel about people taking pictures, um, before you kind of posted to Instagram or social media?

Like did that bother you at all? BB. So lay back, I'm the type to click funnels at the door and you can't come in. [inaudible] I gotta sign NDAs. We all walked through the door, but I'm, to be honest, I really didn't, I didn't care as much as like, it didn't really affect me as much, but I did care a little bit. I was like, well darn, I would say it's like, I haven't even posted anything but knowing me, I'm that person who waits a while. You should appear him bow. He should, we didn't be like hand my picture of it in yours eating right. But, um, and her pitches were absolutely gorgeous, but not a posts almost. We get our social media site. It's true. So we, um, so yeah, that's how I kind of felt. I was just like, no, I knew already knew that people were going to post pictures cause I never said that you didn't, you couldn't post pictures prior to, the only thing that I was kind of tripping in about is people had the Hashtag wrong.

Oh and I was over here late. Oh did you have it on your own? And asked me like, oh your invitation. Okay. So then, cause I made a a, cause I got married in an art gallery. Um, so I made this basically CD cover for um, one of the things that go on the TV to protect on the TB. And so it had the Hashtag on there as well. So if you didn't look at the TV or you didn't see, you know, but people had it, but they would put like emojis in it might have the net. My was um, two hearts one Hollis. And so people would literally put like two heart emojis, one Hollis. I'm like, well that's not it. It's written in two parts. One Holly. So guys follow the heads. So hashtags are meant to be for a reason. So, but that was the only thing I was really true about it.

I was like, the hashtags wrong, but you're so well I'm not, I wasn't really at picky Bri because the one thing that I learned about being a Bri was regardless on that day, let everything go. Because if you don't, you're going to miss out on the whole day. Whole Day goes as fast as you can open your eyes and blink. Right. Um, so you don't want to sit up here and stress about stuff. There were things that I could have said, oh, oh my goodness, this then no, I don't have time for that. I was just so in the moment and had a happy and great time. So I was just like bumpy. You put two hearts and one Hollis with emojis. It's okay. It is what it is. So we can tell their BB got married for the right reason. It's not for just for having a wedding.

She actually loved just because I planned the whole darn thing. That's another topic for another day. Okay. So we'll get back to the outfit. So what you supposed to work. Have you ever been to a beach witness and my best friend had a beach wedding. No, I've never been to a beach wedding yet. I would love to go to one. Okay. Don't show up in basis girl. Who would do that? I'm just saying some people may think some pay someone. One girl had like on the, I guess it was a cover up and then she had the thing, is she not appropriate? It's not a wedding even though you're on the beach. I know is laid back and everybody's in a pool. What is she wears? She thought she was mine. Girl out on the beach afterwards. I guess maybe cause I mean the house that they got married behind had a pool in it so maybe she was just ready for both because just bring it back.

This one. Okay. That's wrong. I would have pulled her to the side. Maybe come here on like the only thing I would say as far as like to go back to the shoe piece, you could get away with not wearing shoes. Oh yeah. To a beach wedding. Yeah, that's it. That's about it. As far as the only thing I can see. But as far as you wearing a bathing suit cover up, right? No ma'am. Right. Cause it goes back to the whole attention piece that it shouldn't be focused on the bride. And I mean she had her wedding dress. So no, that's not good. No, no, no, no, no, not good. Oh, and since we're talking about beach weddings, I'm the forecast. So just make sure you look at the forecast so you, if it's going to rain, um, just make sure you bring the appropriate umbrella necessities that you'll need.

Um, that way you know, if it does rain, you won't sit up here and get all the way back. Right. And natural hair, ladies. Oh, natural hair ladies. Natural hair lady is the Bosley hot. It's about to get a hot. So wave your hair at the drop of any humidity hoof up. You hear me? Poof. Up. You just need to go ahead and put that wig on. Get a board, get a bon twist said that day. But don't let that straight here out. No, he's not. The time for it. Oh my gosh. So I mean I'll go break. My hair is trained, my hair is natural, but it's trained so I can wear my hair straight and humidity with it. My friend got upset because all her bridesmaids one on that too. As far as being able to, cause she wanted us to have our hair down and with light curls.

So ladies, I mean I know this people for particularly in the wedding versus just attending, but I guess it can be applicable for both because I mean it still knowing your strengths but at the same time, I guess on my case I was a bridesmaid so I had to adhere to the breast decision and I mean I was fine, but it was some ladies who just hair wasn't just saying this to be it and they show a little bit. So just know your own strengths and if you're sure Brian is so you need to do something that you know is not gonna look good in the pictures later, half a conversation pull into on it and be like, girl, you know I sweat a lot. Meeting, Midi is not gonna do well. My hair's just about to poof up. Yeah. So then you may have to just, you may not like weeks.

I ha I have no hair. I have a fate. I don't wear weeds. BV Is the only girl I know who could be top model. What I don't, I don't, you know, I don't wear wigs, but I love them. I, I, you know, I have a best friend

who when I say slave slaves, her weeks, okay, she doesn't colorism, she's just great. But I just don't do weeks. But you may have to take advantage of a week, that day. If you know that your hair is going poof up, it's better to look presentable and put together and cutesy is versus not. Right. And that goes for attending weddings as well. Just be mindful of what you can't. You're stressing, you're not. So what do you think about wearing a white in general? So if they say that, you know, this is not, nobody's not wearing, everybody's not wearing white, but they say, okay, you can wear whatever you want to.

It's a casual or a black tie wedding. Do you feel like women should wear white? Why would you wear white? Some women do. I've seen don't do that. Like again, it goes back to this is not here day. And then to me, okay, so even wearing white, like in general, I'm always nervous about wearing white because I'm scared of spill. Someone's on on it. So why am I going to go out my way to wear color where something does get spilled onto my night's room. Don't wear white to a wedding. And then you have to keep in mind too, like not to only not wear white, but just keep in mind cream. Yeah. I've re, you know, even Tan and a blush sometimes because now the new age, a wedding, excuse me, bride can wear blush as a wedding gown. Tan, ivory crane. You don't know until you show up.

Exactly. So it's just like, I would kind of avoid those colors just to be on the safe side. Because again, you don't want to match the same color that the Bryan has done. And you know, nowadays women like to change multiple outfits. I know I did, I had changed to was fears as well. Put it on. Like I had an IP dress and I had a blush address. So again, you know, if you had on one of the colors you car's you over here matching me. You know. So it's like you just have to keep these things in mind wherever you're, and again, you like that person in the pitchers. Like when you take a picture next to BB, Yo, why your cream juris, you're officially that person. You're especially that person. So try not to do the white. Okay, y'all. What about black? What do you think about black?

I like black. I mean you can't go wrong with black. Black is to me universal. I mean even if you had a black dress on at a beach wedding, if it had the right mish and the right places, it still can be formidable. I'm sorry, not formidable, but I guess it can be okay to where in that particular occasion. So I think that black, you can't go wrong with black ever, no matter. I think this is a safe option, honestly. Like some, I've worn a black dress tune because I wasn't sure about how I dress up or how I dress down. There would be, so I was like, let me get black. That'd be the safest option. I think black is, I know some people would like black. Why would you wear that to a wedding? Cause being pure and all this other stuff. You know, I'm blacks for a funeral, but you can wear black at any time.

It's just the way that you wear the dress. Of course, if you wear a black dress that kind of looks more like for a funeral, well we're probably going to fake. You're going through it. But you know, there's always the little black dresses is, is it's a ray of different styles. So just keep that in mind. You can wear a black, um, I do want to touch on underwear, like undress. Our mates are really important. They really matter. So again, everybody has, you know, different body shapes. If you know you're super top heavy being, you know, you have to make sure that you wear a bra and then the needs to be a supporting bra too. You can't be spilling over, you know, the chas, the cleavage can't be everywhere. Okay. Again, under garments really matter if you really need to wear some type of Spanx, put all some spanx, right?

Thanks for your friend. Regardless if you're a size two to a size to some dresses, even though you're small, you can still look big and exactly. So I was just like, it's okay to wear spanx and just know again, undergarments as far as um, tights and when it's cold or outside, that's another important thing to wear, um, as well. So just remember that you wear the proper undergarments. And then before we go, I do want to touch base on the man cause I know we're over here. Um, we're preaching to the women in

power to the women, everything, all women, but men are probably going to be listening to this podcast as well. Shout out to my fellows. Hey homies. Have doing. Um, so I want to keep you all in mind and in not skip over y'all. So I'm gonna briefly touch on what guy should wear to a wedding.

Um, so when in doubt, a suit over a Tux. Okay. Um, the only time you're going to wear a Tux is when you're at a black tie wedding. Other than that, don't bring out, I took Skeeto and that goes to back to location. Like you'll know, like my brother had his wedding at the club. If you're going to sound like that after five, I'll wear a Tuxedo for sure. But if I'm having this up and I'm going to a more relaxed environment, I'm definitely not pulling out the [inaudible]. No. So just ran into down guys just wearing a suit, wearing a suit, you know, don't be up the mess that girl, how do you feel about this? I mean, I guess it depends. You don't want to sit up here and be too, uh, totally opposite of the, the girl that you're, you're know you're bringing, or the guy or whoever you're bringing, whatever significant other you got going on. Um, to be politically correct. Right. Um, so yeah, you don't necessarily have to match, but you don't want to be too opposite where she has noticed the boys, just like the gentleman here to got on yellow, right. It's got all, you know, purple is just like, Whoa, what's going on? Yellow on purple. Go together. Shout out to Lakers. But be careful because then girls can be like, oh, they ain't, I don't want to call it [inaudible].

Okay. Okay. This one, the next it'd be where it's high guys where it's high. Um, regardless if it's a bow tie or a longer tie, just make sure that you wear a tie. And even if you get to the point where it's more of a casual type of wedding, you can always say tie off. Definitely. So wear a tie guys, wear a time. And the next one would be short sleeve shorts are a no, no. What do you deal with?

That's why you chose my house with a deep sleep. So you go up, I guess Stuart Sleeve shirts.

Oh, I know. Okay. Regardless if it's a rusty outdoor wedding in the springtime. Summertime, no, I, short sleeve shirt is a negative bow. Okay. Just keep that in mind. Okay guys. All right. And then the last one would be sneakers and jeans. Yeah. It's not gonna work out. Okay. The only person who should be allowed to wear sneakers is the groom. Right. Okay. Other than that, you as a guest, you're not wearing sneakers might exactly save it for another day and jeans. No, no, no, no. I'm, I'm even kind of skeptical about the khaki pants. It just depends. But uh, yeah, jeans and sneakers. I leave them at home because I mean you're think about the khaki pants, you have to have a blazer on and then we'll usually they'll blazer off. What does the button, I mean now you're super casual. Yes. So if you want to be, I guess, hot and sweltering, that blazer all night.

I mean, I guess the Keck is going to work, but exactly without it. No, for sure. That says anything else you'd add before we wrap it on them? I think that you hit on all the points. I mean guys, as far as like their days, I do feel like there should be some correlation as far as what color the t, even if it's just the tie. I mean, yeah, that'd be great. I mean, I like to match with Joseph. Um, sometimes he's be over here like, I don't want to match you. I'm like, no, I'm gonna match. They're right. But, um, but yeah, that's really, I think we touched on some really good points today is so just remember the next time that you're going to a wedding, the Jews in the don'ts for the guys and for always the women. Um, and just remember you cute sis forever.



GUL. Your Hair, Your Crown

GUL. Your Hair, Your Crown