You Cute Sis - Casual FriYay

You Cute Sis - Casual FriYay

Hi Ryan. On this episode of you Q is, this is the girl podcast. I'm your girl bebe and I'm spunky and we are missing Joey. I'm just like some of the ones earlier o m t we like four weeks or maybe five, doing really well and having all of us together. And I'm so proud of us. Yes, I'm so proud of. But shout out to Joey. She, you know, has a, uh, a job, a very good gig out in, uh, uh, in Los Angeles I think is what was, and so we're proud of her for taking that on. So, um, she'll be back with us, I want to say maybe a week or two. So you'll hear from Joey on another episode, but now it's just me and spunky and we can hold it down. Sorry guys, if you know, we bore you a little bit.

We're just trying to do our best. We don't bore them. Don't worry. Did you take a poll or something or how can you know? I just know competence to me. Like, it's us like oblivious [inaudible] we asked for all three of us do not bore anybody and facts. I don't think there's been an episode where anybody has said Y'all are boring. That was just so boring. I don't think so. And if they did, we probably won't be friends anymore. So that Derrick thing, so don't play with spunky cause you're still paying per review. But I mean we need the negative for you beg too. You know it's like we do though. We do that let us know in a, in a a great constructive criticism, you know, don't just throw out shades. That's true. Like if you're going to say some say we can do this better.

If you were to write this is the way to do that. Fearless feedback. Exactly. Yes. Get it. Send that all to BB cause on the wrong day you may not get the right coming back. So it's all that negativity BB. Right. Okay guys, thank you. And I'll take it and then decipher it and then send it to [inaudible] and then she going to be over here like, okay. That's how we handle a, B and C. I love that. So thank you guys for tuning in. We are going to talk about on you cute cis, we always talk about fashion tips. So you're here to get some styling tubes and today we are going to make you feel confidence and boost you up about the do's and don'ts in the workplace as well as has fashion deteriorated in the workplace. Oh, that's a good one. Cause I mean, I mean to be honest, I really feel like it has.

Um, but again, it depends on where you work. Um, because you asked me the place that I work, um, I work in a retail settings. It's pretty lackadaisical, you know? Yeah. And so it's just like, you know, we don't have to wear business attire. We literally wear a tee shirt every day. Super Cool. How do you feel about, like, you know, his fashion deteriorating in the workplace? I would definitely say is, and I guess anyone that didn't believe me, you should go downtown around lunchtime and you will have a vivid depiction of what exactly it means to I guess not necessarily not care, but just have a very lackadaisical approach to your everyday look because at the end they used to have to remember that you are your brand and even if you're not feeling well that day or you may or may not feel like Justin up that day, you're still going to have to at least look so par as to what industry your own on.

It may not be every industry. I'm sure. I think the medical professional has the most awesome everyday wear with the scrubs, the scrubs. So great that you can even with the doctors, I mean they have scrubs on them, which is true, the white coat. So I thought, do you think they ever get tired of wearing scrubs? Like I have friends who are in the medical field like as nurses and sometimes I have, they have said they wished they could wear something else because of course it's normal in that you know you, it's monotonous. So you're always picking out scrubs. You can make your time in the morning, you don't waste time and then you can make your scrubs cute. I see some, you know, scrubs that are really cute and then you can always dress it up. We have some really fun tennis shoes or comfortable shoes.

So I think that's a way that you can kind of, you know, be break up that monotony. Well Yeah, some people do wish they could wear actual clothes to work. So that just goes to show that we're just never going to be happiest if you have one way. I mean it's just annoying another way it's not. And I mean I think that it just all goes down and said wait into, she are like, I think I read something on us news and there was saying banks, accounting firms and law firms are currently the most conservative places. That's true. Totally true. Because if you go to a bank, you're always going to see them in business attire, even from the tellers. [inaudible] business attire. So what do you consider as business attire? Cause I know some people get that confused. So there's a difference between business attire and business casual.

So or in, let me back up. Business professional and business casual. So there's a difference. So what do you, in your field of work, what do you wear on a normal day basis? Well, when I have to go to court, I would have to wear a suit. I mean if you came in there, anything less than that, you're really going to feel awkward. Yeah. So a suit with either a bud noun and because it's getting warmer now you can get away with a sleeveless silk blouse on the Napier jacket. But I would definitely say the easiest thing for you to wear is just a suit. And I mean with ladies, of course we get this switched it up cause we can have a skirt with a jacket versus just paying us everyday. But I think and then colors, so colors matter. Especially I'm in federal court with bankruptcy so they're more darker on.

I feel like state court is a little bit more Lex unless you're in trial, but you can get away from some lighter colors in state court, but in federal court you definitely will look out of place that you came in with a, yeah, a light blue suit. I can imagine that. You're not going to feel they all have dark. The navy's. I mean some were black, some were gray. I try to mix it up of course, but not be too, I guess thinned out this with me and then that you want to look professional and if you don't blend in, unfortunately people aren't going to take you seriously. So I think you're weird in what you wear to work every day. Plays on happy would receive you, right? I mean it's just one of those things where it is what it is. You can go against the mold and the grain and blow people out the water with your intelligence and once they speak with you, but their own set opinion of you is going to be how they see you like straight on before you speak, before you smile.

I mean this what is going to be so that's so true. That's so true. So in her field of work, um, it would definitely be categorized as business professional. Right? Um, so in my field of work, mine is casual, but if you were, say for instance when I used to work as a software consultant, oh yeah. Um, when I used to have to go onsite cause I used to travel on site to work and do the trainings for the software, I would, it would be more so business casual so I could wear a essentially, um, some, a nice dress. Um, or I could sincerely where if I really wanted to, sometimes I would wear business professional and wear like a blazer and a pants. Did it depend on the audience? Depending on the audience. So like if we had a, a companies such as, um, if we were trying to visit the CEO and we were talking to you, then of course I would wear, you know, business professional attire.

So I would have on that blazer with it, uh, basically a pant suit. Um, and then if I had, say for instance where I was just going to train like the admin or the HR team, um, I, I may dress like with just a Cardigan on and a nice, uh, camisole underneath and either a skirt or a pair pants. So it would be a little bit more business casual. With the business casual, you can also wear, um, I know some people have worn this, like you can wear jeans and then you could wear a blazer and a nice top underneath that. So that's be more business casual in that you can wear a pair of heels with it or um, flats depending on, you know, what your day to day is going to be. So that would be the kind of, give you a mindset of what a business casual versus vision, business professional, a line of work would give you.

And again, this all depends on where you work. You all places have a location as far as like demographics, like, Oh, do you agree that those men are as well? So like people who work in Florida, yes, they may necessarily have, um, they may be able to wear sandals and open to shoes to work. Um, people that work in say for instance, uh, to Maine, they open toed shoes. What, what do you mean there's no time for that? So it just, again, depends on the location. It depends on your job. It depends on your dress code. Cause every job line of work has a dress code. If your dress code is more lackadaisical like it is at the apple store than hey, I buy by that. If you are your, if your attorney or if your, I'm an entrepreneur and that's something that you, you want to stand out and wear business professional attire and that's what you're going to wear.

So what do you think about, um, when somebody's about as far as like a tire, when you first see a person, like do you judge a book by its cover? Depending on their tire, unfortunately is everybody does. I feel so to be honest. So even my parents, like when they were saying you're dating and just, you know, looking for particular guys, always look at the shoes. So this the goats, it was almost like the tires on your car. Like if you take care of that, I guess minimum standard. Cause it's true though, people take it for granted because they're like, oh, it's about an Mfi. I'm just gonna put it on whatever. Cause let me do you got holy shoes, that means you got some holes in your life that may have been their mentalities. So yes, I was going for more. So you know, you just Kinda, I guess piss off the bottom.

But she's talking about their finances. So I guess that does correlate BB, that's like great. It's a great assumption. So yeah, I mean it's kind of hard not to judge a book by its covers. Like, as much as you don't want to, you don't want to be that judgmental person, but it's just you do, because that's the first thing that you see. If somebody comes up to you and they have on a wrinkle tee shirt they have on, um, just some regular beach shorts and some flip flops and they're supposed to be your realtor agent, depending on the geographical [inaudible] that's, you know, that's perfect. But if there's somewhere like we're here in Birmingham and they come on with that, you're just like, oh and not take them seriously. Right. It's just like, okay, are you here to sell me a house or are you here to buy a house?

Right? Which one is exact? So, so it's like you kind of struggle with, you know, trying to be who you are and then trying to, um, of course sell your brand. Right? And that's a good, this thing are. So sometimes people say, you know, I want to be more casual cause that fits my personality. But at the same time, you can't go in there too casual because people would think that that equates to your knowledge level. I'm so, that's true. I'm sure that's a struggle for certain people who kind of have, I guess mild personalities, but they're in a corporate setting. You know, I know it everyday they kind of struggle to, um, I guess coexist and being the element. But once you make enough money, you can be, that's true. Wear whatever you want to wear. Because again, just because you have your style is not really up to par.

Depending on your, whatever your profession is, does not mean that you're not an expert in your profession. So, you know, what people should not do is just like, oh, you don't look good, or you don't look to the standards of what I thought this proficient is supposed to. Or You can't be, you know, you can't work with me. No, I just feel like, you know, people should not, and don't think that brands equate sooty intelligence either. Or some people think, oh, I've got the Chanel bag, or I got the Louie, you know, the Ferragamo shoes. I'm automatically going to be perceived as tickle typical person. And that doesn't always correlate. You can have own gear from JC penis, TJX, and you may be more appealing to someone that had those term name brands. And don't think that you have to spend a lot of money.

Cause again guys, remember I find this episode, we have to be mindful, we cannot go and just blow money. Fair. Exactly. And if you haven't listened to that episode, it's called good boss. Check out. Yes. As

far as like you wearing either professional attire, casual tire, a business casual, whatever it may be. Depending on your line of work, you can still let your own personality and styles shine through. Just don't, don't think that you cannot. So you, whoever you are, like if you have to just wear solid colors and dark colors, you could still wear, um, things that you know, basically speak of who you are. So just think of that. Your style can always exude through. So just remember that. So we're going to take a quick break and when we come back, we don't talk about the do's and the don'ts of what you're supposed to wear on a casual Friday. So stay tuned. We'll be back.


and we're back back in this thing. Welcome back guys. On this particular part of this episode, we're going to talk about the do's and don'ts of casual Friday. I used to love casual Friday. She just holds it in high school or yes, I used to be that awesome. No, you pay like $5 I don't know where that money went or what his funding shall pay $5 queen. Wait, this wasn't high school. This was middle school because high school, I didn't wear a uniform. So you had to pay $5 I don't know where it went. Maybe. I don't know to wear regular clothes because we wore uniforms Monday through Friday, so on Friday if you were wanting to dress out, you gotta pay like $5 that is crazy. I've never heard of yet. I know my fingers borrower, like they didn't even know about it. We were like giving this money for the teacher's vacation trip or something.

I mean, I have no idea what in many ways they didn't know that you were paying $5 we did it. It did not. I think about, you know who you're looking at. You just like, Yo give me $5 I'm just going pay all the ask no questions. Like a casual day. Like I'm heavy. It was like, oh I can do it. Right? Yes. Yes. That's so funny. That's strange. So you didn't have to do it in high school because you didn't where you exactly. We didn't wear uniforms. Okay. That's the nice thing that I need to call or email my teachers and be like, so where did that money go? Right. I need a bag for my student loans. Like did you wish the last episode of the shy, do you want to stay with, with the, um, was it, what part was it? Pablo complain about with the money yet.

Hey, the whole video of it this size also show comes up, show time every Sunday. You guys have to check it out to see that too right now. But yeah, he went viral with the video. What am I funny at? Exactly. Oh, this is what my email, my teacher Brian is $5. Everybody used to have to give you back in the day when I was in middle school. I know I'm a little old now, but, and this manipulation I need 10 to $15 back. Give it back. Yes, absolutely. So yes. Do's and don'ts of casual Friday. This is this in like a corporate setting. This is apply for just any kind of apply for any setting to be honest, regardless if you're working in a casual setting or business professionals, cause I always be kind of nervous with the title. So is this just casual dinners?

Is Business Casual N****s? You know, I think those two different it is. So we're going to talk about casual Friday. Okay. So the persons who would wear essentially, maybe you know how some workplaces have, um, you wear your favorite for nail, your sports paraphernalia in jeans and sneakers. You know how some settings are like this. I know when I intern at NASA, we used to have that every Friday that you could wear a, your favorite sports team, pier familiar gas. We have a hidden figure on the color chart. Now I just want to say, can I have your autograph later? Can I get a picture? Sure. You can. You sure can. Awesome. Put me up against Genoa Naf. Tavia Spencer and wait, wait, you ain't, I like the fanboys when we get the real people, but I really want the real people, but I might be deceased. I know. Especially Katherine.

I think she just passed away. She was Taraji's character, so I can't get you a picture, but I can, I can do the other ones. We'll get the characters to Philly. So we're going to do 'em do's and don'ts. So I'm going to say a specific piece of clothing. And then from there we're going to either say do or don't for a casual Friday. Okay. Friday. So here we go. So the first one is sneakers. Sneakers. Okay. There are different types of sneakers. Are we talking about js and comers or are you talking about the casual shoe sneakers? Let's say we could do all of those. Do you feel like js and commerce are acceptable on a casual Friday? I think depending on where you work, really, if it's casual Friday where we are like the basis meaning of casual Friday, I don't see why Jay should be excluded.

I feel like you've kind of stepping on some toes there. If you say you can wear covers with the j true. Kind of be excluded as holding people like tennis shoes, like sneakers that you wear in the gym. Are those appropriate? No, because that will be associated with tights. And I'm saying later, so no sneaker, no run his sneakers. But a casual shoe. Yes. And that can be a tennis shoe. Some shoes are tennis shoes, but a cash like, you know, um, Adidas, Nike's will certain Nike's. Right. You know, like air mix. Yeah. Those are nice. Uh, convers, Pumas, all certain pumas. Again, just be careful. Sneaker, not 10. A shoe is a difference. And I mean it's one of those things you really don't notice until you faced with the decision. I mean, we are in a store, you just see shoes, right. And you're just like, oh, I like those.

I'm going to put those on. Exactly. Yeah. Sneakers but not tennis shoes is ado. Yes. Sneakers don't tennis, tennis shoes. All right, next we have flip flops. It depends on where we are. But in Birmingham, no I don't like the flipping of flop around the office. That would bother me. Somebody opened down the hallways. Yeah, I agree. It depends. Again, it depends on your work setting. So if you say for instance you're working, it's a clothing store and you're in Florida, depending on where you are, flip flops are definitely acceptable. Um, depending on where you are. Again, it depends on like, like spunky said, Birmingham flip-flops, casual Friday. No, I wouldn't do it now if you want to. What you can do if you really a flip flop type of person, you can just wear them underneath your desk and you'll keep a, oh, and I didn't think about that. If it was just kidding. [inaudible]

is casual, casual. I want to take advantage. So you can do that. Just make sure your boss is in Seattle. Yes. Okay. So flip flops. Location depends on if it's a Du and then most of the time, don't know. Next we have wrinkled shirts. Never, no, I don't know. Whenever [inaudible] however, I will admit I do not iron. So what blouse stick on the dryer? Um, I send the stuff that, wait, can I do nothing but with shirts that need to be on, they're going to go to the cleaners. But those casual like kind of button-downs they're never wrinkled though. I don't know if monitors fit it and maybe department to video. So you don't so don't, I don't, I love ironing. Like, Hey, can I drop my clothes on? I don't know man. Oh No, no, no. Oh, stop. I love to do, I wouldn't mind to have other people don't know.

I mean, oh, I already got somebody who's I gotta do. Oh, what I'm saying. So now just out the loop because you got a man, is that what you're saying? I think single lady, she exploded us. You know, I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. But no, I really do not. Bob. I love, I love irony. My clothes, it has to be Chris, but our, every now and then where I may not iron, but then I always have to ask like, is this wrinkly? And in case somebody says, a parent says, yes, I've got to go back in the house.

But it does appeal to the girl. Whole appearance. I mean I used to have a professor in graduate school. He was great. Yeah, but he was wrinkling ankle. The first thing you notice is he was so wrinkly from head to toe. Y'All. Oh Wow. It was bad. But then you, you figured out when his wife came back into town, he's behind her. She will hold it when he was not, when she was out of town, he was so wrinkly. Wow. Wrinkled clothes. No, I say it's a dome. Yes. Just make sure if you, if you like smoking, you don't iron.

Just make sure they're nice and neat. You don't want to come out here looking raggedy. Right. Because again it goes back to your brand and everyone wants a strong brand, so it's true. All right. Low waisted pants. Never low waisted pants. Like when you've been over your butt crack. [inaudible] like saggy pants. I don't really saggy pants. Oh, you mean like the guys that like kind of walk around with bags and went to wear belts? Like why would she do this jail? Right. And I mean I just feel like there was just so played out. I'm really hoping that the world is grows out of there. I agree. Why? I don't even know why they became cool to begin with. Like what's so cool? Would you walk and you get the walk? They walk so fun. I just be like, come on now. [inaudible]

actually I can visually see those guys on the shoot. I'm just like, where are you? That can not be, it's not, it could not be any other words. Shorts on the needs. Yes. It's just too much clothing. Aren't you hot? Right? Aren't you hot and you must have some shawl. I guess w w workout would she be working out with it? Because whatever it is is to hold up your pants. So never we low waisted pants in a casual Friday in a workplace in general, general aid don't forever leave that wherever you got the casual on the weekends after work hours. But definitely not in the workplace. No. Next we have jingle jewelry. I don't think that's ever appropriate. I mean, just because you have to be mindful of other people's, not even about you at that point. Yeah. Like whenever you move, you're like a cow. Like it's like a cow. What bill? Every time you move, I know. It's like you walking down the house. I'm like there go Ashley again please.

Yes, exactly. [inaudible] I know exactly when she's coming and going. Say every time he goes to the bathroom, I know exactly when you go [inaudible] she must be drinking a lot of water than that. Like you, you're not wear anything that draws lots of shitty. The jingle lead jewelry, you know, I get it. Women, we love us some jewelry, but it can become very excessive and so try not to wear that when it comes to the workplace. You know, you can always Dane tea and you can lay her up to nice dainty jewelry. That way it won't be all clickity clickity Daly Jangling so we say that's a don't do rags. Bonnie hair wrap. So unless a bar, a medical profession, like I've seen certain doctors have to walk in with the cat songs for vent, the patient coach, I guess I'm here follicles this. Other than that, I can't really think of an instance. A lunch lady. That's my fair knit.

No sites unless y'all fit me throughout, you know Farsi. So grace, I appreciate you ladies. But no. Yeah that's a no, you know they had a um, whole ruling and some of the moms came out and spoke out about it. I was like somewhere in Texas and they were abandoned. The malls were coming up there with the hair wrapped up in kids. I just kind all basis, but maybe they were going to work with their heads. I don't know. They woke up late or what, but the, they had to make like a bylaw most saying you cannot come up here with your hair tied up late. Interesting. I feel like do rags and bondings. I have a pet peeve about bonnets and doo rags. Like wearing them outside in general. So that's like something I just do not like but for, so that's a don't in the workplace.

But as far as like head wraps, I guess it depends on your work environment. So like, um, where I work, you can wear head reps. Um oh is it a religion thing though? Or is it just people in general? So like if of course if you, it's a religion thing, then you have to wear that. But if it's something that, you know, he's not a religion thing and you just want to wear it just cause it's cute and goes with your outfit, then again, it depends on your workplace and if you can wear it you can. So it's like, it kind of head wraps can be falling the line of a hats. Yes. And I would think like hairstyles and makeup artists. I mean definitely if you're in a setting like that, yeah, you can definitely get away your head wrap on you. I guess it always depends on your workplace.

It does. So next we have fish net stucking. Oh Wow. It depends on your profession. You know, stripper Buble stripper girl, fish nets. All Day are you as fishing all day and eat those in your wardrobe. And then again, fish nets can definitely be classy. Oh yeah, they definitely can be. So you can dress them up and make them look presentable. So don't think we over here talking about, you know, I use that when I'm at my club clubbing. Dazzling fishnet. Greg has a fish out and I wore recently when it was cold outside. You can definitely be classy again. Depends on how you wear it is actually. And I mean I don't think, I can't think of a time where let's is like a roaring twenties party. You're wishing at work and they having a particular day or that can be fitting though for a professional setting on the weekends is cool. That's fine. All Day. I didn't mean like they were just for strippers or prostitutes. [inaudible]

wait, they listening? Oh, okay. I was one week. We accept all. Listen as you hear me, everybody we meet all, y'all ain't knocking nobody. Alright, next we have tracksuits wait like run DMC one, DMC Grad, DDS. I mean I hope ways though. No. Like to wear them outside like cool. Like if you're going to a gym, like an AAU tournament? Yeah. Or just a run around on a Saturday. I can't see you wearing it. To work. Yeah. To work. No, unless you work at a gym. Yeah. Unless you work in a gym or foot locker or something like that. But even then you got to wear the shirt but you could wear like in his pants or whatever. So I feel like that's the only feeding part. Yeah, with that. I agree with that onesies weight. Like from, you're like wait, so you know someone's use, you can put them on layer on, you know where I'm my jeans.

But you're talking about from your neck to your yes. No, no. That's a definite don't ever wear that. That'd be so charged. You work. People probably admit you. They'll probably think something wrong. Yes. Not Way that to work. No type of ones. These women who like to wear, you know the kind of skin tight eighties type of ones. Ease. That's a negative too. That's like a party. Do not. That's doesn't get much. Next we have animal print. What do you think about animal? Oh, print can definitely be classy or professional. I definitely that you can trust this. Definitely Ado. Yeah. Yeah. Depending on how you rock it, you can't do to shirt and a pants. Oh, you can't come up with it if you're a rapper. Yeah, you can her. I can see that in a corporate setting. [inaudible]

I was surprised when I was at ice being in rose and we, you know, you have those conferences where they tell you how to dress and all different things. They always used to say, don't ever look at the show girlfriends as a mirror to what's supposed to wear to work. They always used to say they were dressed a little bit too, I guess seductive and more going out after work ish instead of accidental professional. And I could kind of see that though. Some of the tops they were low and see-through and that's true. You're not supposed to wear those things to where they were preparing for happy hour. They were every day, every five o'clock somewhere. Alright. Negligee wait, light laundry. Yes. Okay. This is the becoming like a new thing. People are really having this thing where they fly. They can wear a Negla j or lingerie.

Yeah, out in public. I don't know when that became a thing. It depends on how you wear it to be honest, because I've worn a like lingerie type body suit out when you going out to a party. Okay. I was going out to a party. So if you're going out to a party and you with your friends, happy hour type of stuff, that's appropriate depending on, again, how you weird. Did she have a jacket or like did it look like laundry? Well it didn't really look like launch away. Kind of look like a regular body suit. That was sheer. Okay. But it wasn't like laced out. Oh No, no, no, no, no, no. I don't know why women like to wear things like that. I mean of course they just wanted 10 [inaudible] I'm here for it. But some stuff and at the workplace is a do now.

Ample? No, please. No. Please. No, no, no. Especially want to be taken seriously. Yeah. I mean like I always have this mis, I mean emotion when it comes to women being sexual arrests, we are, they always

accusing, you know, but kind of you put yourself out there. Is there any kind of room for advancement about them? The story. A whole nother topic. Okay. Let the phone Evelyn had to say up another week. Tee shirts. When we think about t shirts, like a Hanes tee shirt or just like tee shirts with graphics on it, graphics on it. It depends. Nothing vulgar. I mean if you, I mean especially when you say casual day where they wear tee shirts on those days anyway, it just don't come up there with something inappropriate stand on there. I mean, I don't care how grown air coats you think that you are still save that for again, you asked to work hours, you could change it so that yeah, this the same t shirts are appropriate.

Just don't have anything. Um, derogatory on them. Oh, let's see. Distressed jeans. It depends on the beans or Sherman, I think, I love this dress. Jeans. I think they're super durable. But you know, sometimes even in New York where going cause they have the ones with the big gaps like the baguettes by me semi be out. I'd be like come home girl. Exactly. I really can't think of my environmental worries appropriately. I mean you could have the stress where we will have to post some options about because I have on some distressed jeans he could see me. But yeah I have on the appropriate distressed jeans now with like the butt cheek. Yes. Like I suppose I started to give me a song but I girl you are not too old for names. You are nice. But I mean of course guys, this isn't for a work way.

I just marry your booty ain't gonna be hanging out. It's the way they do it. So it's just like when you've been over yourself like oh we have a go to show you a picture of a girl who's eating. I was like, you have to send it to me next leggings unless you have something over them like it's cold. And you were Lexi guys. The only way you gotta do, you can't get away with it. But if you just wearing leggings and t shirts like you going to workout, that's the negative, do that. That's not what you do in the workplace. You're not going to be taken seriously. I don't care where you work at to be honest. Unless you work at a gym or like you know they're trying to advertise some special leggings and you work at a store like the [inaudible] you can get away with it.

But other than that, no, that's an they're so comfortable. I get it guys. Because joggers, and I hope this not your list. I hope I didn't ruin it. No. Are appropriate. I love, I love joggers and call. I really do love me a jogger. So I love them. Can be a little bit more comfy, comfortable. It kind of looks like a track pant versus a, you know, a jogger. So you know, just be careful with that. But I love some joggers because they actually have some nice professional looking joggers too nowadays. So look out for some of them. Those are appropriate. So let's see. We have our last two on the list. We got some short shorts and skirts. No delicious. No, no, no, no. That's a negative. That's a don't even the skirt it needs to be. And I, I mean I need to follow this rule.

It needs to be a to your knee. Yeah. It needs to be Nealon and for a little bit over the knee. Yeah. Hello? Excuse me. So it's a little bit above the knee, so it doesn't have to be like always knee lands, but it definitely does not to need to be Thilan. No, it's not appropriate for the workplace and even where you're sitting now. So test it out. Like don't just do the stand up tests, like sit down in it. Because I mean it's true because women, I mean some of us are a little bit more hippier and so, you know, when we sit down things can ride up. So just keep that in mind and we can't help them. I mean, it's just the way that made us, we can love your figure and unfortunately though, you've got to be mindful of, and when you do have more cards.

True. And the last one is stripper heels. So those six inch heels, five inch heels, who are you trying to impraise? First of all, I need them all day. The flaps going to be under no seat. Okay, so does she. Okay. Okay. Just make as soon as no, no way. You can walk around at six and she goes all day. Not at all. If you

a special talent, please let us know. If you can walk around in six and see those all day, that's a negative because I could just kind of imagine that's true. So we've come through our list of the do's and the don'ts. Just remember, it always depends on your location as well as where you work. That determines what you will wear on your workplace on a casual Friday as well as your fashion in general. Has it deteriorated? Is it still going? Always a by by that dress code and you'll be good. And just let your style shine through every time. So before we leave, you know we always got to hit you with that quote. Yes. Can I get you with the quote? So our quote for today is, quote to glamour never takes a day off. Wow. That's by email on. Oh, and I love her. She's great. She's so classy. She's beautiful. Yeah. So yes, Glamor never takes a day off, so don't take a day off. Always be cute. Fabulous. And always remember, you accuses

GUL. Family Feud ft. Jasmine Clisby

GUL. Family Feud ft. Jasmine Clisby

GUL. Mentally Present ft. Destini Love

GUL. Mentally Present ft. Destini Love