You Cute Sis - Oh, What a Night!

You Cute Sis - Oh, What a Night!

Hey guys, welcome to this fake man. You keep this from the girl or glow up ladies podcast you keep. This is always at booth of competence

that you need to let you know when you go out for any function that you look good today. So we're going to provide you some fashion or styling tips that way. The next time you go on a different event, you're going to look good and you're going to be cute. Says, Hey, I'm your girl baby. I'm spunky. Hey y'all. It's Joey. We are all here. [inaudible] I just love being altogether and you know on some of the earlier you cute. This is, we're not always together. Yeah, I gotten phone calls. Okay Tom. Okay guys, not all about your body needs a little me time so I can understand why you were trying to avoid it. Just kidding. Just kidding. But life happens. So we can't always be here and do the same thing at the same time all the time. Go. We're here today. Okay. So today we're going to be talking about what you should wear or some tips as to what you should wear for date night. It's eight, nine hours. Talking about the first day, night, second, third night. What are we going to be honest, they claim they're all we'll event for any date night to be honest. Um, but essentially, you know, we'll talk about the first date night cause you know, when you on first date you trying to look a little bit more cute, right? Second, third, fourth time.

So I'm so we're just gonna you know, talk about what you should wear, some tips. Um, so yeah, so I'll go ahead and start some, one of the first tips that I would like to provide to you ladies as well as jeans, ladies and gents. So some of my first styling tips for what to wear on date night is number one, don't try too hard. Be Yourself. I would say look polished, look clean, smell good. Um, look presentable. Um, Sheikh, you can be sensual and sexual if you will. Um, I say all those things are really important on your first date. If you're not wanting to be extra birth date is not a great time to be super extra or you come off as awkward. Yeah, exactly. So it's just like don't come in there with, if you don't wear neon colors, don't let your first date be neon green top.

Even if it's really cute, like no, if that's not who you are, don't let your outfit exemplify who you're not. Exactly. That's good advice. And so my second tip would be, even though, I don't know, it may be a little contradictory to what I just said, but I would say add some, put some flare in there. Add a little edge. So say for instance, you know, you can add a little edge with the top that you have on. You may want to wear something lace. Um, you may want to wear something along the lines of a snake prints clutch, maybe a shoe that's um, snake print. Um, something that's just a little edgy. If you want to wear a pop of red. So if you want to do a red lip, um, if you want to wear some cute little eye shadow, um, that just kinda stands out, but not too much.

I'm like, if you want to do a smokey eye, if you're going on a late night dinner or to a very nice restaurant, a smoke, yeah, I would be something cute that gives you a little bit of edge, somebody that makes you stand out and makes you a little bit more memorable, um, from the appearance versus just what you're, of course you're going to stand out because of the person that you are. But, um, do you know something that's gonna make you stand out? Um, you know, regardless of that's makeup, regardless if that's your accessories or the outfit as far as your top or bottoms that you have on. So those are my two, two,

but you guys got the, those are really good tips. I think that first date or I'm gonna focus mostly on a first date because it's the most important day to me. It's almost like an interview for sure. You're going to go in and have these expectations in your mind and just hope that it kind of correlates with what you say and do the entire night and you're going to be most comfortable when you feel cute. And that's going to be whether the inside or excuses, right. Exactly. All the time. So I think that I'm going in definitely feeling

confident it would be a plus. Um, one of the ways that I would go into a first date because I kind of had one a few months ago. It was pretty awesome.

Oh Wow.

Did it go well? It did. Oh, shout out. So one of the things that I wanted to make sure it was that I had my outfit together, and I think it all depends to be late in the night. And um, of course, where you guys are going. So mom was primarily dinner and then drink. So it was mostly jeans. I wouldn't go in like a, a dress, but I would focus on being comfortable. So I was comfortable in jeans, our heels. They weren't too, too uncomfortable or had that I would want to sit down the entire night, you know, it was comfortable walk in and move around in and I felt like that contributed to the success of my day. X was looking long. Yeah.

I'm trying to focus and help the people. Okay, we'll be back next week. Guys. I hope you guys enjoyed this. [inaudible] no, steer this guy really hot in here. Oh, I bet.

I think that the success of the date was on the fact that I felt comfortable in what I was wearing. Again, I'll always think of that scene of a thing like a man when they were kind of appearing. Megan, good in Lala. She didn't want to wear anything too short or too revealing or too fitted. She wanted something just right in the middle to where she can enjoy her night but also impress her date. Cause I mean at the end of the day as what we're trying to do, especially on the first date. Now come the fifth and sixth night. If I can get a little more lax today, you know, but on that first one you definitely want to dress to impress. So I think my tip would be, or tips would be just not to overdo it and wear something that that's you so that you're calling well unconfident and go kill a girl or guy.

So I would say that, um, I'm one for color. I love color. So I would say, um, don't overdo it, but don't be afraid to wear colors, whale. Um, don't feel like you have to wear, you know, dark colors, blue, black to keep it simple, have fun with it, enjoy your time, be you, um, and just be, be bright and be bold. Allow your personality to show, um, as well as a pop of color. I think BB mentioned earlier, um, even if that means a, as she said, a bode lip. Um, but just a pop of color. Um, a bright color, um, I think is a great tip for, for men and women, men and women for sure. Um, men and women. Yeah. Um, my second tip is think outside of the box. We like to think, um, that dress wearing a dress as the only way for us to look sexy and appealing. Right? Sure. Um, and I am far from that. That is a myth. It is a myth. It is. Um, and I want you to just kind of think about the options that you have. So instead of opting for the tightest dress you can find, how about an often off the shoulder top that's still sexy and sensual showed them shots.

Right? Right, right. So an off the shoulder shirt would be sexy. Um, or you could opt for some shorts. You know, we don't think whoa short. Yeah. Not too short, not where we can see. Um, but almost like not burn. No, please. No. [inaudible] you got to give me no, no Bermuda shorts. So you know, like [inaudible]. That's good man. That's good. I like the ones I would see, the ones that you always probably talking about are the ones that are high wasted and they kind of tie and they're not too short, but they're kind of Midland stores like you have on a little [inaudible]. Right. So you can kinda bend over and still be quite exactly right. Right too. I'm sure. No, nobody, nobody cheeks ever, ever. Unless you're in your bedroom. Nobody ever. Nobody except for you're on the, on the beach. Right, right. I heard there Rooney. Wow. Well you look cute when they're, so going back to the tops, you know, acid off the shoulder air, you can think about, um, a spaghetti strap, v neck top. That's cute. That, that's sexy. That's cute. And I already said short. So you just have options other than the traditional dress. Um, because

there are more ways to look sexual, sick, sexy and sensual than putting on the tightest fitting bandage dress you can find. This is true. I definitely agree.

So I do have some things that, um, I some tips rather than I got from a book called Nina Garcia's, what to wear for every occasion. Look book, I'm all about lookbooks. So your outfit should say, I am heart stopping Lee, beautiful, intelligent, witty, yet low maintenance, mysterious, yet totally approachable, sexy and confident. Yet not tardy and overbearing. Tasteful, but not boring. Fun, but not Blakey already, but not pretentious. Cerebral, but not too scholarly and then laid back but not frumpy. So taking consideration, all the tips that we said here today, we gave you six tips on what you should wear when you go out on a date as well as what your outfit should read to the individual that you're on the date with. [inaudible] [inaudible] girl. Alrighty.

Alrighty. So we're back in this thing and right now we're about to play a game. Y'All ready for a game? Yeah, I'm ready. So the name of his game is blind dates and the game goes a little something like this. So just imagine you being on or going on a blind date for the first time. You don't of course know what this person looks like and we want to see if you're either going to seal the deal with this person, turn be turned off by this person, or it's a deal breaker with this person, by the way, their appearance or what they have on,

there's sows. You have important appearances. I mean, first impressions. Those are pretty speaking. The three things are seals. The deal. That means all year he lose eight. I'm ready. Does that mean go home? It could. Oh God, it can be gone. Midnight. Okay. Anything go? Anything goes at this point? A turnoff. [inaudible] yeah, ain't do it sir. You know [inaudible] he can make up. Exactly. Okay. Make up for it. But it's a turn off. So that's a strike one. Okay. And then the third one was wanting to get my back and leave. Yes. Deal breaker deal. Mercury is grab your stuff. Get the heck off. You know what I'm saying? So that's what we got here. Okay. So we're going to give you three or excuse me, three what I'm talking about. We're going to give you six different blind dates. Okay? And we're going to say what that person has on and then from there we're going to answer if it's a deal breaker, if it's a turnoff or if it seals that deal.

Okay. Are we ready to play? Who wants that golf? Like Joey to go first. Joey. Joey, Joey. No. And I forgot to say that we are going to mention the place as well. So where did this person, where are you going on your blind date? We're going to mention that as well. So the place as well as the appearance? Yes, let's go. Okay ladies. So your blind date meets you at an upscale lounge. Okay. Okay, let me see. Got some money. Maybe. Maybe money man. So when he walks in the door and you all meet for the first time, he is wearing a polo short sleeve button down. Okay. Okay. Strike one. What color is this? Like why it's blue. Okay. Maybe blue. It's like a powder blue [inaudible] blue blue. He has on a brown belt. Brown belt. Okay. Okay. He has on blue jeans, blue jeans, little baggy, all the banging, a little bag, a little bag.

And he has on white tennis shoes. What type of tennis shoes already? Like running sneakers or they like [inaudible] or you know, Kohan or a white tennis shoe. So like thick and bulky. So thick and bulky. Are his pants over his shoes and his pants second from his book? Yes. Wait, how did you see his belt? Is this shirt tucked? His shirt? He got on there, a designer built, it don't matter at this point. Okay. For me, I'm already gonna say, Huh? Deal breaker. I'm right. There would be beyond grabbing my stuff or saying something. I guess [inaudible] waste my time or yours. We're clearly on two different levels. I'm sorry. Well you got a little powder blue

shorts, but now the upscale lounge, right? Yes. So let me, let me say this, Meehan men make the time. Take your time man. In 2019 we are not wearing baggy pants or no white. So all, we don't want them

skin, skin, skin tight. No, no, no. But we need them fitting. We do. We need them. Fit is your friend. Yes, we need them fit it. You can buy and baggy but go to the tailor. Right. And so when you buy them baggy in that sense, what are you getting back? Cause you could get it, tailor it, spit it to you. Right? So just make your pants look nice. Y'All know what it looked like. You know, wildly high. Wow.

You know, when you ask if his pants,

we're, we're resting over his issue. That matters. That matters. That matters. She's saying yes am on number two and you can go ahead if you want, unless you want me to go. I got this David Buster Saturday. Okay. He has on Jay's sweat pants. Okay. Did his shirt. Okay. Backwards. What kind of finish shirt? It's like, you know, I could be our money t or even that'd be good. We got our money t no, it fits [inaudible] it's like a good combination of like cool, but at the same time I have a job. I know, I know how to dress and I can mix things up. I'm not all kinds of trades. He got the ones on. See when you come it, the Jays, I'm going to need the own book. The look books I can see. Okay. Because I'm thinking like the toils but okay. Okay, cool. Cool. Seals the deal. Yes sir. Let's go

Zoe. Boy, what you got? Vv I'm gonna say

seals the deal. I agree. I feel like this location as far as even busters being super casually became an Aaron. Anything ready to happen? Ugly. Yeah. I like me. A little man with the hat would eat it on, I know. Super cute sweat pants. Yes. Alrighty. You guys ready for the day? So I gotta be like spunky. She was so specifics days of the week.

Yeah. So mine is his

helicopter ride. Oh, okay. Different helicopter ride. And your blind date has on a navies are a blazer, a banana republic button down [inaudible] white to be exact. Fannie has on Polo Gray slacks and brown belts

with Brown mach strips. Question. Sure. What time of the day is this? It is in the evening. Okay. Is he about to propose? No blind date. They do have that show though. It's like a, what's it called? 24 and end gates where four I was in engagement. You do? That's true. So we could have been mentioned that, but in this instance we just mean just let out. Yes. So are we going to seal the deal? I'll say sealed the deal. Um, so helicopter ride I at night. Grace legs. I would say so to do. You did get, I agree. I say souls them. Yeah, that's a good one. I feel like it would be a little different if it was during the date. Yeah. So how would you change it up? If it was in the day? During the day? I wouldn't have on the blazer and I probably wouldn't have on the long strips. Um, you could still where it's essentially where the monks reps, I'd probably, but I definitely won't have on the blazer. I may switch the monk straps out with, you know, maybe some really nice, um, uh, penny loafers or you know, something like that. And I suppose smoker, keep it a little more casual, but still nice looking. Right. Okay. Joel, when she got tired again. Okay. So you are meeting

[inaudible] your blind date at a music festival. [inaudible] and he is wearing a powder pink Pale pink v- neck fitted tee short sleep tea. Okay. And he has on burgundy shorts. Oh wait, did

I hear that guys yesterday? Okay. Okay. Barney shorts and um, he has on loafers with tassels and w. Oh, and where are we again at a, what did I say? A music festival. Okay. Ooh. Chelae um hmm. That's a no

go. That's a total dubrick. Yeah. What baby? What you got on? Wait, I'm confused by the loafers and this pink shirt and bargainy they ever go into the old tests, right? So I'm not a fan necessarily of the pink, but it does go. It doesn't go with the Bourbon. So the color blocking does does go gum. But when you say pink, I'm thinking of few show up pink or nothing saying power powder power. Okay. Okay. I need them. I need a picture. But that would definitely need to be a different type of shoe for a music festival. I gonna be out in the elements. And if you did, if you opted for that look, I think it would be more so I would enjoy it a little bit more if it was just, we're keeping it simple because it's going to be hot more than likely, especially if you're in Alabama or anywhere close to Alabama too. So I would do a fitted be naked men be next, are the best, but okay, we need to be in the gym.

I think in the most common [inaudible]

your body is intact. If your upper body is intact, then yes. V-Neck teas are amazing. Um, so a white crisp out of the bag.

[inaudible] t y crazy. They were gone. The bottom that they crispy right? With the camouflage shorts.

I could rock with it. Yeah. Or You could even do the burgundy shores. Yeah, I'd love Kim flat shorts. I'm not a fan, but I know BB would be definitely, you don't like camouflage? I just think que Omega Sappho when I see it. Um, and I know that may be a little bit college days and I think that you can totally pull it off. It's just, I guess preference at that point. I don't think it's ugly by any means, but in my mind I'm just thinking Omega stuff. I shut up,

don't you? Oh my camouflage. No, I was just saying in my mind is what I would think of art. That's what we should be. We will love it. Low Cammo oh my goodness. So with me, that would be a turnoff chemo, but it wouldn't be a deal breaker. It's just when I first see it, it will be sealed the deal. Come on. Why can't you do a of navy cargo short and as war is basically, I mean it's a god. Like it's not like a girl taking this boring and Creamy, you know? Okay. Um, followers. This is for my preference. BV Show. You're missing the point there. Tries to make my preference, their purpose. No, you're right. You, she wants her crisp white. Be Nic t with the boring blue [inaudible] kind of shoes with this Campbell's on elbows once.

Nice. Sneakers. That would be good. You could do a lot with that. You can even wear boots depending on how you run. You know how you, okay. Again, I need some [inaudible] about gold. That's when we got them out. Go boots. We not talking about the gold boots and the camel pants or short picture guys, I'm not knocking it. I'm just saying I see a picture. Oh, okay. Is it your turn? Yes. I'm back up to the mic so it's, I really don't like. Okay guys. It is Friday night. You're going to a closet upscale restaurant and then bars

following. Yeah.

So you're a guy shows up and it's so funny, I was just talking about cargo shorts, but this ain't to do it. But anyway, so you got shows up and cargo shorts Apolo Chuck's

my do Friday night. Okay. Close a restaurant, you know is not too casual. Not too upscale. Okay. And then you go follow bars after that. Okay. And thinking, um, go ahead. BB. Oh, in the categories are seals the deal, deal breaker or turn off. What do you guys think? What do you have on again? Say that again.

He has own cargo shorts, pillow and chucks on a Friday night. And we go into the bar afterwards. Yes. In any city. I mean, pick a city [inaudible] oh, this is Miami. I don't think this looks gonna work. But anyway, go ahead and off to me. Anything in Miami, one work [inaudible] casual tool and it's not even the look, it's just that look at that particular night and times

you would never like polo shirt and cargo van, cargo shorts and some shoes. Sometimes she liked cammo shorts. Wait, you can keep your navy blue. [inaudible] cargo shorts and Apollo. No, that's not me. But you throw some nothing in here guys. And tucks. Not with that outfit. I get so high school, you know like where you going bro? Okay. What about a casual shoe? Take the chucks out. Just a casual shoes. Like what is wrong with the wrong? Like I don't, I'm not, yeah, I'm not over the trucks. I like trucks. I like trucks, but I'm not, I don't like checks with this outfit. You just, okay. What would you, what kind of shoes would be okay for Joey? I'm a pardon partner. Hard nose is too to know right now. There's one label in a polo born navy blue cargo short [inaudible] these cargoes. I gotta go [inaudible] he is telling you guys out here.

You heard it first. Joey is not a fan of all. You dudes were in this other world though. I got you ladies. Okay, I'm down for the cargo shorts. Nobody on this couch is down the chucks with this outfit. I'm so he has on a tee shirt. No Apollo on guys pull [inaudible] carnivores. Okay, well you never told me. What was your thing? If you're going to do that, I feel like he could have on a tee shirt, so like a beaten egg, those cargo shorts and maybe some chucks, but might've been much better. Okay, so the Polo made a child. What is your answer of your mind would be turned off? Yes. I've turned it off. And you say, okay. Yeah, it doesn't, it doesn't, it's not a deal breaker, but he's definitely a turn off. He's just like, okay, we can work on you and don't get me wrong.

I didn't like this look either. So I mean, I didn't like it for that Friday night. Maybe on a Saturday at a art festival or during the day. Sure. Totally. No, you were filling out cargo pants. I was trying to do this. It'd be specific with the shoes anyway. Yet turned beefy. Okay, so our last blind date of the evening, we have, you guys were going on a picnic in the park. It's during the day and then you're going for drinks in the evening afterwards. Sur has on USDA Polo Green, Tommy hill finger swim shorts. Gucci flip flops. Nah, you as you watched the news and USDA Polo Bucca hat. I, we see we many good bye. Good bye again. I'm going to tell you why. Don't throw the whole person away. Those old person trunks. What is this like? Are you at the beach? [inaudible] he won't be comfortable and cool and breezy. So he got his swim shorts. [inaudible] duals. Don't even wear swim shorts to the pool.

Gucci slides and a bucket head. He got the Guzzis. Oh Hey. We can't even get it out the bucket hat. See that that moment where you just say, excuse me with that one finger up in the air and you did dom time slot on. You just don't return that. No. He saying he came out. No, he ready for you. No, don't do it. This. Don't do it. Yeah. Walk away. Walk Far Away. You're your, some people may actually feel that's a total total. I feel like this, he collected like fail. We definitely try to help [inaudible] dog and people they like, oh my God. As my dream guy. Every lie girl. You all it. Okay. You'd be all over it. It, you watch your Gucci Flip Flop Down Bucket had dude go get you a Gucci flip flop. Bugger head down. Where's short is ever be prepared for the stairs. Be prepared. What these stairs? Yes. You guys definitely get looked at when you're walking around. Yeah. It's like, yeah, you come up to dress the part because to me you said during the day and then you're going to drink that night. That's my, okay. I didn't want on the picnic than we do in drinks afterwards. First of all, it's a difficult combination for anybody dressed. Yeah. That one is, I feel like we got to go back to the house cause you talked about going out for drinks.

I need a shower. Maybe that's why he would've soon to live his best. Yeah,

I maybe, I don't know. I guess so. So before we wrap it up, what would you guys, and like just a summed up version, what would be your dream blind date? Um, as far as the place as well as the appearance, I don't believe how I'm just, I'm a very open person so I'm kind of just go with the flow. But I would like him to be dressed in a suit. I will let them come over. No.

Oh, you thought we could say save them for later. But

um, and for him to, if he has like a nice body and it's fuzzy in a suit. Oh yeah, no tie. No, none of that. None of that. Yeah, exactly. Open just a little bit go. Yeah. I'll try the Tommy. Booz. Yeah. Daisy we gone. Joey would that look, we can go anywhere.

[inaudible] anyway. What do you wear the messages,

but I might put on her dress that night. Yeah, you've got, you definitely have you, if he's wearing a suit, I'd probably put on a dress that night you have to them. So I'm going to be more reasonable.

Yeah. Where's the voice of reason here? Where is she? Oh, pants. So I'm all about is this,

oh, I just always my in my idea guy with met smart flies. So I would definitely want someone, if I'm wearing heels at least on the very minimum and have a button down on that [inaudible] I think that that can be fly with jeans and a nice boot or shoe that kind of dresses up is not a tennis shoe. It's not a hard, I guess the, the shoe that goes with the suit, but it's like right in between the kind of gives you that casual look but still dress up at the same time. Um, I think a dead looks worse best for me for a date. Cause I feel like he's not trying too hard. Not saying that a suit is trying too hard because if you're taking her to the appropriate places, that'll be perfect. Um, and you also have, you can wear a suit, please get the laser hit up his, yeah, that's true.

Because I mean to me I would show up in like really nice jeans on the first date. Yeah. So sure. If were going somewhere, you were in a suit, give me a heads up. I'll put on a dress. Like Joey said, I think that, um, with those ticker looks, you can't go wrong. In my opinion. I would definitely be pleased with either the button down and jeans or more like it's more laid back look. And if you want to step it up a notch and go with the suit, give me a, here's a, I'll put on a dress like Joey don't have to be bodycon right now. It could be flared out cause I mean, not trying to show or show everything on the first day. To me the first date means, you know, I want to get to know you. I'm China. Make this long term. And you know, if you're selling yourself short by just showing up your body, then you lose them. Like [inaudible]. Exactly. Exactly. Cause your body's going to fade. Everyone's looks fade. But personality and demeanor last forever. I agree him. So I would agree with both of you guys. Um,

to me, my, my dream blind date, not that I'm going to have one, but I'm, my dream blind date would either be at a nice restaurant or a musical play. I really like musicals and plays and all that kind of stuff. Um, but yeah, I would just like anybody very clean cut and I suit, um, if you want to wear a button down some jeans or some nice, I really like funky pants. I'm always a pants girl. So if you, you try to match my fly, I'm a little edgy, so I need to do to be a little edgy, but it needs to be king, clean, cut, streamline, you know, put together and I need you to smell good too. Ooh, everything. Yes. So you know, pretty much everything that they said, I'm all that times 10. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So to sum up everything now you have tips as well as you realize that we're kind of some hard girls to please, but not so much.

Exactly. I know we all have our different things. Yeah. We all have different tastes. Um, so we, we figured out, you guys realize what seals the deal, what is a deal breaker and what turns you off. And you just have to ask yourself these things when you go on your first date, whether if it's a person you know or a blind date. So keep those in mind when you go on your next date. Alrighty. So before we end this segment of you, Cutie says, I always in all of our podcast episodes with an affirmation or quotes, now that you have these styling tips on what to wear on your date night, regardless if you know it person or on a blind date, I would like you guys to also keep this in mind quote, this is one rule about mixing boys and girls, that a date always comes first in quotes. I know that may be a little confusing because spunky and Joey told me that it was so in, just for clarification, to sum it up in layman's terms, it's basically saying that before you do anything kids and be intimate, anything of that nature, make sure you go on a date with that person first. And when you do, you'll always have bees tips to remember that you are always cute sis. Ladies, make sure you follow us at glow up ladies and email us at contact at hate. Glow up ladies.com

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