GUL. OWN IT ft. Joseph Hollis

GUL. OWN IT ft. Joseph Hollis

right. Okay. So I'm this episode of the up ladies gloves. You ladies. Hello? Yes. You're getting better. You're not quite bare yet, but you're, you're, you're definitely getting better. Yeah, I mean it's hard to say properly. I mean, I see it the best because of course I came up with nick, but you know, you know, it is hard to say which is good. Oh, just rolling off your tongue Zoe. Got It.

Come on,

stay on with that joke.

Don't put me on the spot now again.

Yeah. Good. Yeah, we'll always, my center's nothing good.

You know it's bad at joints know. Oh, that's terrible. I wasn't supposed to like this. She just came in there with so much confidence

and so I am your girl. BB. Who else we got here today? This is Joey and I'm spunky. Spunk goons. I'll get it. Oh Shit. All right. So what's good with the what, what do we want to talk about today with what's new? What's popping? And I went to say end game on Thursday. I went to see and get a movie made up 1.5 billion. Go Ebay. [inaudible] we had matching shirts.

Oh my God.

Like the, the ultimate Avengers fan. I love it. Dance. Cute. Did you, do you know what was going on? I'm sorry. VB. Oh, he has made me watch every single marvel movie. Literally every single one. Every single one. Just for that moment. Just for that moment. So yes, I was well aware of what was going on in the end game. Yes. I think the girls are always just so eight. Um, we took one of the girls. Oh yeah. Nice. That's a long time to SIF. Especially a small child. Yeah, yeah, for sure. We had a good time. Yeah. I'm glad we had a good weekend and good. We can, you know, now we're into a new week and we are here on the episode of good. Um, so let's, today we have, um, a, a little twist today brings us the aghast. We have a guest. He happens to be Oh, handstand and unavailable

and yes, he is unavailable for all you ladies out there listening. Thank you for listening. But he is unavailable, but he is, um, he is our guest today. He goes by, the name of Joseph is [inaudible]. Hello everybody. How are you doing?

Oh, it's all good. How are you Tom? That's good. Thank you for coming onto our show. I appreciate it. Yeah, don't you, you know, are you happy to be here on our show was great.

Um, it's been a long time coming. Um, but it's very great to be here. We're going to have a great time. Let's verify it. Everybody.

Definitely. We're going to be nice. We probably, we promise we don't bite too hard. This is just true. It's just true. So today's topic, um, the first topic we're going to be talking about, how do we come a realtor

and these steps on becoming a first time home buyer. So our special guest today, Joseph or Matthew, Holly's whichever one you want to go by. Um, he is a real estate broker in the Birmingham area. Um, if you don't know him, check him out. Um, his Instagram is really true. Joe. Um, and then Facebook, he's just Joseph Hours. Nelson. Matthew homes. Oh, just Matthew Hollis. Um, so check him out. Yes, yes. Oh yes. Um, [inaudible] if anybody knows, um, our little story on how we met. That's the first thing he said to me when we first met. By the way, he is my husband. That's why he's unavailable. Um, so, um, he is the guest on our show today and we're going to be grilling him on, you know, his story and you know, just how to become a realtor for all those people out here who just don't know how to do it and are, you know, aspiring to become one.

Um, so, um, yeah, we're going to, and then people who really want to buy a home and just want to know some like topics and keep facts on how to become a first time home buyer. Um, so yeah, so Josie, I call him Josie. It's going to be hard for me to call him Joseph. He'd be professional shows. Sylvie, I'm sorry about that. So Joseph, um, what, tell us a little bit about yourself. Tell us, you know, your story, who you work for, you know, give us a little bit of Stockton,

Birmingham, Alabama, born and raise [inaudible] grounds worse. [inaudible] Burton,

I am Alabama. Well, like I said, born and raised went to Arthur elementary, Huffman middle and the illustrious Ramsey high school. A it's okay. Yeah. Illustrious, right. Oh yeah. We graduated with honors diplomas, ma'am.

Oh, okay. What does that do for you? 90% go on to college to finish. And it's still a freshman. My brother with his own blogging. No, it wouldn't be for me. I'm not much talk shit basically. Um,

because I went to a and m just like everybody else here suffer whatever you are over there in you, but

oh wow. Okay. That's okay. She didn't get the memo to go to a well, she gets [inaudible] scholarship. Good. She did what else I would have done without the scholarship. You know, they're shooting them frequently. No candles. I, I know. I wish I had her height. Yeah, you ain't get high. You had to scale.

But, um, but other than that, let's see. Um, when did the Alabama and m's where I met my beautiful wife. We've been together a long time. Um, yeah. Okay. Um, we've been married a couple months, but together a long time. Um, member of Kappa Alpha Psi. I'm a newt. Life is good. Uh, as soon as I graduated in 2011, I got my real estate license and 12, uh, two thousands. Well, what was your degree in business management? Um, all you need is a GED to become a real estate agent. So my degree is useless.

Yeah. I mean it matters is not useless. Yeah. I know. I'm self employed. It does not help me in any fancy. Even every know your business capabilities that could all played in parts of your degree. Right. Degree for me was useless. Migos probably were afraid to bring Matt on to the show, but everyone has their own opinion. Yeah. Just pop pay. But me

college was beneficial because that's why I met my network. Is that the degree itself, I mean I had a couple jobs and degree probably helped me with that, but as far as my goal of being self employed, that that didn't do this, not doing it.

Kids, they in school do not let, Matt says this, it's you to do your thing. Okay. Go on with your story.

Miss other real estate. Like I say it since 2012. Um, I've been full time off and on. Um, but I've been full time, probably the majority of the time at this point for the past three years. I know two years. I know I've been all full, completely full time. I'm doing real estate. Um, I've got a broker position offered to me lash late last year. I've been doing it since the beginning of this year. It's okay. I'm not much of a, I'm a leader, but I'm not much of a, I don't like management per se. Um, in what, what brokerage do you work for? I work for a vast realty. Where are they located? Six locations. We have one invest debut, one in downtown, um, mobile, orange beach, Florida, Huntsville and Alabama. And I'm missing the other one, but we have six.

Oh, like what was your process of like becoming a realtor? Did you, um, cause you didn't always work for a vast, so you know, tell people about, you know, how uh, your process of, you know, since you've been doing this for seven years, what's your process man? The

process to get your real estate license is fairly simple. You just take the class. The class is about $350. Well it depends on what class, what, how you take it. But I went in class. You can go online or you can go. Like I said in class, I went in class, um, to a satellite and it was, I can't remember, it's like I said it was a while ago, but I believe I went like two or three days out of a week after like from like six to eight or six to seven 30 or something like that. Um, if I did that for like maybe like a month and a half and then you pass it, you take the test and you pass the test and after that you got your license. You just have to hang. You just have to find the brokers to work for, which is extremely easy cause they're going to be recruiting you.

So can I ask a question for those who are interested in pursuing that, how much would it cost to enroll in a class like that?

You got $400 you should be able to enroll. Okay. You could probably find one of the lists, but if you got 400, you can definitely find a class.

So when you go to a different site, is it just like law? Like you have to take a bar in a different city?

So it depends on how the real estate law is, how they mesh well with um, with Alabama law. So unless it's changed, I know I could sell real estate in California without taking the, um, without taking like the whole course over. I think I would just have to take like the test or something like that. And I haven't looked at this in like seven years, but, but I know like it would be hard for me to go like to somewhere like Tennessee, I would have this like really start over cause the laws just aren't the same or something.

I can imagine New Orleans is with the French law. Does that affect you guys in reality? So one more time. New Orleans.

Ooh, that's, that's, that's real. I'm not even sure. Yeah. Um, so we're real estate you, you are going to learn more about your market and where your license is at. Like I in Alabama so, right. I'm a master of

my out of the Alabama Martin and so the Birmingham area. But they could they yeah, I didn't even think about that. Yeah they were cool. They could cause they would best with law too. Yeah. Cause real estate is crazy. So we have some of the color mls, the multiple listing service. Um, Alabama, Birmingham, we have one mobile got like two or three and it's like I only know how to, so they have to pay for two mls is, it's like com. It seems confusing, right? It may work for them. I'm not sure. But I couldn't imagine having to basically have one for Birmingham and one for Hoover. You see what I'm saying? It's basically the same thing to us.

I see. And mobile's waistband, well not way but smaller than premiums.

So where the stays wide open like that. So it's really market specific. Best to keep certain people in certain pockets. Could be okay. Real talk could be, or it could be somebody that is when it could be like the two cities weren't on the same page when it came to today and like, oh, we had already found a west mobile. Yeah. Since, yeah. So we use the real estate mls x as opposed and ya'll found real estate, mls y. I mean we just already had an agreement. So it could be something as simple as that or it could be something more nefarious.

Okay. So now I was asking you along the lines. I know you said you didn't work for a bass, um, the whole time that you've been abroad for a while, realtor. So what other company did you work for?

The first six years? I work for Cylo properties. What cylo properties and Zillow, Metro Realty, which was my family's company. Um, so I did that for my family. I'm, it's in my blood like a, my dad had the first black real estate company in Birmingham, Alabama. Him and his partner CHF wrote to that first black real estate company in Alabama. So I've been around real estate pretty much my entire life. So it's all right. So the first company I worked for was solo properties and then subsequently after that Sylo metro rotary brokers, which was the company that my sister started after my pops passed away. And then I worked there for like a year, maybe years and change. And then I moved to avast Roti.

Um, is that one of the reasons why you got into realty real estate is because of your family? Yeah.

Um, I've been saying I will, I've actually, my entire life I've actually said I was going to be a real estate agent, which is funny.


yeah, that was really funny. So yeah, that's exactly why I got into it. I saw how my, we PR we were perceived to have a lot of money growing up.

MMM [inaudible]
so I was like, well, is she a real estate? Must make some money. Um,

so Scott, he had the Lexus truck as his first car. Yeah. It was a hand me down, but yeah, they ain't do it. Right. Exactly. What I love to be hand me downs. Hand me down. Yeah. Yeah. My first car was a Honda

civic. Shout out to my mommy and daddy though they bought the thing brand new 2008. I put the beat in the back of that thing.

But um, but yeah, so I'll always said I was gonna be a real estate agent. Um, is my, my plan has kind of grown from that since I kind of see what the real estate business is like. Um, so I'm going to be more than a real estate agent now, but Marley development or something of that nature, but still going gonna be something dealing with land. I always something to deal with land. Have you got to walk on and I'm going to have a hand in it.

So what would you consider the difference between a realtor and a broker? Because you're a broker now. So I tell people that people that don't know what a realtor is and a broker, I tell them the difference there. More responsibility. Can you break it down? So elaborate,

right? As a realtor, um, you basically, you just work for yourself. Uh, well, so you work for the, the real estate brokerage. Um, so they, so when you sell a house, the check doesn't get written to you. It gets written to the company you work for and the company takes their portion out and then it gives you your portion. So as a broker, um, the company to check with technically come to whatever. So I worked for a vast, but I could make my own comments of, I had Joseph Hollis brokerage. That check would come to Joseph Hollis brokerage and then IDV out to funds. That's basically the difference. The checks come to me and then IWM out to the realtors and I'm responsible for like the real estate, the realtor, the action. So they have to go over all the contracts, um, all the files, make sure they're being ethical, make sure they're doing the business right.

Um, we most brokerages, you know, they do all of it. I just kind of just manage the file section cause we have a main hub that does a lot of the numbers and stuff like that. So slowly it just goes aside really just check the paperwork and make sure this all good. So you have to become a, you have to be a realtor for us to be able to be aware to became broker, Alabama. You had to be a realtor for at least active realtor for two years before you can take your broker's license. Is there more money in becoming a broker? Yeah. Yeah. So it's always a plus. Yeah. So depending on how your broker, just to set up a brokerage as a set up many different ways, um, Keller Williams, you would probably start at like a 60, 40 split. So their brokerages, their brokers are getting 40% well, they're getting way more money off of you.

Right. We start now, we started a 90 10, so I'm getting 10% as opposed like if I was a broker at Keller Williams, I be getting 40, but I get like a monthly, um, monthly income from and stuff like that. But it depends on how many agents you have. So more agents, more money in theory, right? Yeah. So you get paid when they close. So every time they sell the house list, the House I close in general or, and you get paid, like I said, of your brokers has a monthly fee or something. Like my has a monthly fee. Like I don't, not some, some don't have monthly fees though.

So now we kind of want to get into what are some of the first questions that first home owners, I guess have or home buyers will have for you when you, I guess so with you, do you do, is there a consultation? Yes. And then

so real estate is, like I say, is wide open. Um, you're starting a business from the ground up and there's, there's training, but the training is probably not what you, what you guys may be used to. Um, no, I mean like the home buyer. Uh, so I base my business off that. I always have a first time consultation and a lot of agents strongly recommend to, but some agents they don't. Oh Wow. Yeah.

So the first time I meet you, they're showing houses that have sinned down.

That is not a good idea. But some agents do that one meeting. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. So I always have a first time consultation. Um, so usually take 30 to 45 minutes if you have tons of questions that can go longer, but right. 30, 45 minutes, it could go less than that honestly. But um, yeah, I always have one especially cause you want to meet them face to face before you go anywhere with them anyway.

Definitely. Especially if you're a female, I mean I know you don't have to worry about this, but female roles, I'm a crawl my hands. So very true. I think it'd be scouting you out but uh, right and shit like look, that guy looks nice.

But um, so no, and then like I said, it's a safety concern. So you don't want to be just mean strangers. Right. And you also want to vet and make sure they can actually afford it cause people would just take you on a tour ride, just say, hey, let's look at this house, look at this house, this house. And then you're wasting your time as being informative because as a rule to eight, as a real estate agent, you can work for two months and not get paid. You know, that you only get paid when they actually get the keys to their house.

So that will be one of my questions. As far as like, um, our listeners out there who want to become a realtor, would you recommend when you first start

or when do you recommend doing real estate full time? Oh, it pays on the person. Um, it depends on the person really. Um, some people are riskier than others. Some people are safe, some people were, it really depends. You learn way, way, way more. If you did it full time, it wouldn't even be a comparison. But just cause you're learning more don't mean you're making money. So it really depends on your situation. Like if you got a husband or wife to making some good money and you know, you can tailor your lifestyle for you to figure out a really profitable business, you could do it. But if you, I mean I ain't gonna save you, you know, I don't know like your situation just strapped it. Don't do it cause you can make money off of it. You know what I'm saying? Like one house can I tell people like this all the time and you're making $30,000 a year and you got your real estate license and you just sold two extra house, two houses a year just to

this probably like a good seven five five to $7,000 extra.

But you weren't going to see and amount of work that you're putting into those two houses. If you're, well you could put 40 hours into one client, but if you're doing it right, you shouldn't have to put that much. You should really only have to put about a good 1520 hours until one client for real. For Real. That's true. So the amount of money that you're doing in those two years, I mean in that year, and you only did it twice and you've got an extra four to $7,000. I mean, you went in depending on how you work, because I mean, you have to pay your realtor dues. You have to pay your mls, dude. Well, you don't have to become a member at debarr. Um, Birmingham Association of realtors. You don't have to, um, I am, um, you don't have to join mls either. I mean, you really need that, but you don't have to.

So you can really limit your calls if you know enough. It can cause you don't need this stuff. It, it help you tremendously. There are other avenues, but man, you can set your business up to where you want to. Nobody's going to say, hey, you didn't pay. You know, you had to pay your dues. You've got to pay your dues best. They gonna get that, but you don't have to do all the other extra bells and whistles and stuff

like that. So that's really kind of what brokers you work for and what they cover. Um, of course, pay your dues, but all the other stuff is just how you depend on such a business up at apple. Don't want to spend $1 million on marketing. They don't have to spend $1 billion on marketing, but please believe they do it because it gives them exposure. So it's the same thing for you. If I spent, please believe I spent $1 million a marketing name, you know, just a realistic, if I spent $10,000 on marketing, I would probably be one of the biggest names in Alabama.

Right? Yeah, exactly what I'm saying. Cause real estate, you

know. But most real estate agents, I must say most real estate agents, but s that's hard for you to have a low pay. Your bills might have kids, you've got a car. No, you might have so many things to say. I this 10 is for nothing but marketing. So every agent can't do that. The average agent only keeps their license active like eight months before they quit. Yeah. Cause I ain't making no money. The training isn't that probably the training is that's you'd have to write the contract, they'll kind of use some game, but is um, you really got to figure it out.

Okay. So then you would recommend like seminars and things of that nature to go to, to kind of help, you know that

to me the best thing to do is shadow somebody that really making money. Okay. Um, you can go to seminars, you can learn a lot of stuff from seminars, but unless you know how to actually make money.

Okay. So for all those aspiring realtors or people looking to make some money and I'm and best and do all those type of things, what would you tell somebody who wants to be a realtor?

Um, the best lesson, my dad, I ain't say the best lesson, but one of the most important lessons and my dad taught me about selling real estate to be successful on the real estate. You don't get your real estate license to, uh, to sell houses. You get your license to buy houses, so have a bit different mindset. You're going to come across so many good deals that you just need to put yourself in a position to buy those.

Hmm. Yeah, that's, that's very good. Good. You said definitely means it meant a lot.

Yeah. Because think about it, there is no regulatory board to flip houses. There's nobody saying, well you can get some people in certain areas like historic neighborhoods that have called the police on you. If you make sure you're getting permits, but other than, than the permits, which is not a really a huge issue, honestly. You just got to pay extra like $2,000 to get department. But like there's nobody checking you like, so you could get portable workers and literally sell that House and still make $20,000. You know what I'm saying? It's a very risky business, but it's so many avenues that you can make money in it that you, that the real estate knowledge that you get is way better than a real estate license. You could just make money just from helping people get houses. But the knowledge you get in a network you get is like invaluable really.

So I guess now we can talk about, you know, you work with a lot of first time home buyers. Yep. Majority of you are a home buyer yourself. Yup. Our homeowner rather. Um, so tell us a little bit, I know we kind of touched base on a little bit before earlier, but tell us a little bit about that process. Like what do you, what should a person do when they're looking to purchase a home?

First thing they should do is just get preapproved cause you need to know if you can even buy a house. Um, there are a lot of different uh, loan products out there, especially today that you pretty much don't even need that much cash. Um, for example, we bought our house with um, pretty much no money. We had money but we didn't spend any money to buy it. Um, we had a no down payment loan. We had the sellers to pay our closing calls. Um, so that was pretty much it. We had to pay a $500 earnest money for 95 appraisal, but since they pay for all the fees, we actually got a chick at the closing table to buy our house. So we got a nine 95 check. So there's is little jam there. Knowledge is power. And like I said, if I didn't have my real estate license, why would I know to do that?

That's true. So like is we have an asset that we basically got a check to pay to get and we could sell this house and make money off of it and we didn't put, you know, nothing down to get it. Yeah. So what, since you're talking about down payments, like how much would you have to put down? There's like financing. Um, FHA is 3.5%. A they say conventional rule of thumb is 20%, but our loan was to come a conventional portfolio alone and it was a no down paying alone, but it really depends on your financing to financing is the whole thing. It's like VA, um, that's no down payment. USDA, there's no down payment. Um, it just depends. Um, and then they have like different programs for folks. First Time home buyer. It's like a something called the the lift program, which is probably about almost out of money at this point.

Um, but all you have to do as a first time home buyer is take a take class for a day, do have one on one consultation with the home buyer specialists and they give you $7,500 to your closing. That easy, that easy. But the thing is real estate is wide open. Most agents wouldn't even know about that. Majority of agents don't know about that. So do you know this information because you have a good mortgage broker? I have that because of, yes. I have a great mortgage broker. I'm a great one. Yes. He actually, we've helped, we've been doing it together actually. We got, he got his mortgage, um, I guess licensed around the same time I got my real estate license. So we've been, I've been teaching him real estate. He's been teaching me the mortgage side and anything he finds out, he shoots to me and vice versa.

So I learned that because of him. Yeah, they're a great team. Power of networking. Yeah. Networking is your biggest, my degree is useless, but the networking is what makes me be able to sell real estate. You know? So it's like that's what it's all about. Honestly. We were real estate. Yeah. Shout out to Joel Gardener. Yeah, we'll get them. We're going to get them on bank. We're going to get them over here at one time. Definitely. So are the people pre approved before they come and talk to you? Or most of them aren't. Most of them aren't. But that's because most people don't know what to do. Right. So they'll come to me and like said some agents do you know a lot of them, you know they're trying their best to figure it out. So what if they don't have a mortgage person? They'll have to, if they don't. And what if they're kind of antisocial, introverted and they feel uncomfortable just asking somebody, Hey, do you have a mortgage person? Right. You know, so it's like, it's like, yes, you got to go to the right person, you've got to go to the right doctor, got to go to the right lawyer, got to go to the right real estate agent. Yes, you really, it's really about the person.

So Joey, this question is for you. I know you recently bought a home. Was this your first time buying a home? Yes. So did, how was your process, tell us a little bit how your process worked. Um, my process was it wasn't as difficult as I imagined it to be. Um, a little bit stressful, which I would imagine for any first time home buyer, but for the most part, um,


It was fairly, you know, as long as that went step by step, if everything fell into place for the most part, um, maybe hiccup here and there, but for the most part everything fell into place. But I will say that in the process it's important to do your own research. Google is free, Google is free. Um, and it's important to ask questions, especially when you don't know. And it's important for you not to assume, um, a and not to necessarily go by everything that you read because you know, laws change based on your area where you're purchasing the home or state rather, you know, things of that nature. So making sure that you are aware, you're asking those questions, you're taking notes. And, um, again, speaking up for yourself when you don't know, cause I'm one of those people, this is not my field of expertise at all. So you know, to make sure that I'm making the right decisions, I have to be aware, I have to be knowledgeable of, of what's taking place with the steps are with the requirements and expectations are. And so I couldn't do that if I didn't, if I didn't do the research myself, if I didn't question the research and if I didn't ask for clarification

at this point and not even the sound bad or anything, if you didn't choose me, it would be a loss on you. Right? Cause I know so much about real estate and processes and financing and all of these things that grabbing somebody new ain't gonna do none for you.

Definitely. And also I'll serve as a closing attorney, you know, just kind of [inaudible] in there, up there. I need to close an attorney out like [inaudible] or like, man, spunky is out here. So if I guess this, this will actually lead up to this question. So when is a, uh, when is a time to not use your real?

Um, I really can't think of too many times not to use one. I guess if you've, let's say you had your real estate license before and let's say you Newton really knew what to do. I guess that's my mom. Yeah. And you got, but today just that you gotta had a network too. If, I mean, you could look up closing attorney on Google, but it's way better to it with somebody, you know? Definitely. So you can go about it that way. That'll be all the time. I can honestly say I would feel comfortable, um, if you really just knew how it works and you have, uh, at least some kind of network. Right? Um, well you can, but could you go in there green? Yeah. A lot of people do. And,

but at that point you're relying on the selling Gacy that's like, I'd be like, man, I can,
I could, I don't know anything. I could buy my, y'all gotta pay me six.
Yeah, I was gonna ask. So do get paid if you're represent both parties. I could. Oh, okay. Gotcha.

Like I said, because they don't, they don't, they're doing it to save money. But the thing is I could charge them, cause I man, they don't know what to do. So they're not getting the right exposure. Right. They're not getting enough showings. They don't the house tip, they don't know how to present the houses well

as far as like if you're buying without an agent. Yeah.

They don't know the basic things. So that's a strike. A couple strikes. Um, so if you actually get somebody who just sent me, I would get, I want this area, this house, and then we get to negotiation. Typically buyer, I uh, the buyers don't pay real estate agents. Typically they saying they want to change that. I don't know. I hope they don't. Um, but right now, typically the same buyer agents don't really pay the real estate. They unless just in some special contract, you know, John just, which I'll do, so the seller, we'll do it, but sometimes they'll have for sale by owner would think, well, I'm just not going [inaudible] I

ain't paying nobody. So I'm a for sale by owner and save me some money. You'll save them money cause you're not going to have representation. But man, what if you meet a green agent who don't know nothing or an agent who just really Bible shoot. I had to get an extra two three racks off y'all. Exactly. You know, cause they gonna need the house sold. Yeah. And then what they going to sit as a person that could sit here and wait like, oh well but two or three extra thousand dollars. I guess we ain't waiting for the next office. Yeah, you could do that I guess. But everybody don't wanna burden hands. We're more than two in the Bush

as far as if you come in with a house that needs to be sold, you don't have representation. So you may rely on the, you're gonna have two sellers

unless you got the knowledge or or something. If you ain't got denies, you gonna have to rely on that. A buyer's agent.

Yeah. That's scary. Yeah. Yeah. They had a conflict of inches almost where they don't really, they don't want your inches, have no interest in what you're trying to do. Right.

Yeah. None. So they can go in there and say, man, they can go in there and hit you with so much jargon and language and confusion and you just have no representation and then you don't know nothing. And just a greeting like, oh, well this agent did say we had to sell this House for 10,000, $20,000 less. Right.

Because at that point there is no fiduciary duty on this. I have no fiduciary. Yeah, no risky. Zero zero.

I worked for my client. I don't work for them at all at all. So yeah, I mean I wouldn't do it. Yeah. Unless I like didn't have my real estate license nor with me personally. And I just said I want to sell my house. I do it then, but I would try to really, I would try to rely on the agent.

Do you host any seminars for first one?

Uh, I haven't done it. Oh Man. I haven't done it. Probably like three years. Um, I'm going to do it some more. Okay.

We'll definitely put that up once you give us some dates then. Yeah,

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't quote me and they don't have no time.

No, no, no. It's fine. [inaudible]

official. Um, it just, it just takes a couple to get it going.

Definitely math. Because who all do you normally have at the seminar? No, my dad came to one and he had like the, it was a mortgage year. That was probably July or is yeah.

Um, but yeah, that's, you can get everybody if you can do it right, if you could do it right, you set it up and you get out to people who, who, um, participate to pay for it so you don't have to pay for nothing if you, if you can do it. Right. Gotcha. Um, but everything got to fall into place.

But that's if you organized, if you're attending [inaudible] you pay it and they say, Oh, you are going to pay to attend homey. The person is interested in buying a home. You get the,

Oh, no, no, not them. Typically they typically not. We, we now we get them inefficient lake as we can. So, you know, cause like you think about like this, if you get 20 people in there and you grab one or two, shoot, cool. That's enough. Yeah. Cool. Cause real estate agent, me personally, I get a hundred percent commission. Hey, hey y'all, I look at everybody like you buy $5,000 at least. Alright, cool. Yeah, I know. So, and then at this point we're all getting older so we're getting more money just because people are retiring. It's more money available. Um, so my prices are going up because they're buying more house, more expensive houses. So I'm growing my audience, so I'm working with it.

Most definitely. Yeah. Sorry, I have a question. Going back to, um, when spunky asked you the question about consultations and you said that, um, you believe in consultation offer that what, when coming to a consultation, um, with you as their realtor, what are some things that they should be expected to answer?

Uh, to me, uh, me, all I'm doing is trying to get to know what you're trying to do. Um, uh, so a lot of times they might, sometimes they don't even know. But what are you trying to accomplish? Do you, are you just trying to have a forever home? Are you just trying to have like little station it just to your home, you're trying to entertain? Are you just trying to get away open floor plan, Galley Kitchen? What do you, what are you trying to accomplish? That's pretty much what the consultation is about. Um, once I get all of that areas and all that, I give them what I call it, the game, like the most important thing you want in the house is the area. The most important thing, like I say this all the time, you would not take a house, you will not take a house, a million, a million dollar mansion and put it in gate city.

Right? But you would take a sh a one bedroom trailer on a private island, you know, you would definitely take that. So it's like, hm. If the most important thing is location, so you have to look at it from that perspective when you're trying to resale and all that type of stuff. I just try to give them all the type of forward thinking that they're going to need for when they do sale and, and try to give them like the, the best thing I could say about me when we go in homes, I have a full list of contractors, electricians, everything. So we, every house is going to have an issue. Even new houses have issues. So if you see a small issue, I always let them know like, oh, that'll probably be like $100 fix, $200 fix, 300. I've seen so much of it, you know, I'm not a contractor, but I work with so closely and I've seen so much of the same thing over and over again that you can kind of make them feel at ease or how easy, how quick of things can be fixed or get to sell. Let's fix it before they get it to you. So, um, that's the biggest thing. If you just come in and ready to learn and ready to get the house and kill you, you got some people who aren't really ready. They come in for other reasons, you know? Yeah, we're stuff and I'm attractive, but we're um, or you know, just cause they're trying to, they're trying to fill it out. You know what I'm saying? Like they're trying to, they don't know if they want to,

but that's what I need to come to the seminars though. I feel like there'll be better version of your own defense. I don't waste the realtor's time. I know this because I know single practitioner lawyers who say that, you know this, people who come in and they want this free consultation, but yet this thing, you know, this time is money and it's, it's not to be funny. It's not to be shaded. Excuse me. It's just that you could be with a client who knows exactly what they want versus someone who is. Yeah.

But the thing is you don't, you can't, you can't not talk to him. You just put him on the back burner a little bit. I mean, cause you can't, you know, you gotta you gotta when they're ready, you know, come

see. Yeah. But you can, you always hit them up, talk to them every other month. Just text them. Social media is my friend. That's how I can keep up with everybody. Like [inaudible]. So I use some,

will you introduce yourself? Do you normally give your social handle?

Oh, I follow them. I don't shoot. They don't follow me back. That's fine. Right? I'm a cute, that's how I keep up with everybody. So if as soon as I get a name, I'm probably gonna be, you're probably gonna be my Facebook friend that day. It makes sense to me that I can find you on Facebook. Fuck I your Instagram. Right.

So a question, as far as like a first time home buyer, what kind of credit score do you have?

Oh, six 20 I've seen the lowest, the lowest I've seen, which was a headache. It was a long time ago. So I don't know if they've changed it. This was probably like five years ago. It was a five 80, and that was a headache of a deal closed. So five, eight is the lowest I seen.

Also with uh, the home buying process. How long does it take? Like to close and go through the, of looking at multiple houses cause you know, folks just don't do one and done, you know, you got to go through the ringer and go through

class that no one had done it shouldn't that lately,

are they in a rush at that point? Like are they trying to find something before a deadline, like a holiday or school?

Some people just know what they want. Financing 30 to 45 days, typically 30 days. If everybody's doing what they're supposed to do.

Does like meeting with the bank and having all your,

if everybody got all day, uh, like say a lot of people, some people just aren't organized. A lot of people just can't go touch the last two years of tech statements, you know? Um, so they'd have to go Russell and try to find that and get that together. Um, and just random stuff and worked the bank web, it's like peak year and Pete and the banks are just swamped, you know what I'm saying? So it just depends, but it should 30, 45 days, so I just can't go and find the house and then we move into the next week. That's cash. You could, okay.

Got Head of cash. I'm go neighborhood drug dealer. So do you do a cash deal? How long does that do? How does that thing

in two weeks. But you can could probably close on a weekend. Wow, okay. Yeah, because it's really, you just want to educate. It's really this certified funds that's just a letter from the bank, um, or a statement or something. And then it's just like checking the title and stuff, make sure the title is clear. Yeah. Just make sure the title is clear and it's high explaining this pretty much the go.

I've heard those can be kind of, I guess worrisome or burdensome when you're trying to sell a property and it has some title.

Oh yeah, he did. Outside of issue. Yes. By the time a lot of time that deal pretty much gone. Right. Yeah. Right. No one wants to deal with it cause it makes sense to buy.

It's cause somebody's gonna have to pay some extra money. Exactly. Um, and if the seller is typically going to be the seller side, but you um, sell those, you know, they'd be like, man, I thought I was going to get, go can get tweeted. Nah, I'm just kidding.

What would you be about to do with somebody else? We'll try. Exactly. We wanted to raise the price. A Song I was going to ask if you have a hard time with you, I know you're young and so your net worth is going to be younger. So do you have a heart, not necessarily harder time, but do you mostly work with younger couples or individuals that are just,

yeah, most of my class are thirties, but I've had some mom, I've had some more courses, older, older class. The youngest client I've had, well I was younger then, but she was like 20.

So they would probably have a better credit score or would they have a worse credit?

It is. It just, it's, it, um, I mean, theory, they should have a better credit score, but it just depends on when you became an adult first. You know what I'm saying? Like when did you get a credit card and when did you start doing all this stuff? Or was your parents using your credit at a very young age? Because that's a lot of times, that's why some of my friends can't get it. I'm like, Dang, that's a real life thing. Dang, that's trash. That's

terrible. So I have a question. Can you explain earnest money? Yeah.

So the best I can explain it, it's Marnee and Annette earnest money and trust, it shows that we're really serious about this deal. Okay. So the money, they don't, you don't lose that money. It goes into the gloves, into the clothes. So if you owe 5,000 to, and then you owe 4,500 because you pay earnest money upfront.

Okay. So this a 500 like nurse. At what point do you pay the earnest money as a dark coat

once they agree to the, now once they agreed to the, um, to the contract, once you find a house, both sides agree to it, then you got like two days, two or three days.

Are there any benefits in putting up on his earnest money?

I mean, probably back in the day it was, and I mean, I mean maybe some seller might say, hey, if the deal is the same, both saying $100,000 one house and just say it's $500,000 mean this is a thousand. I mean, maybe somebody might say, hey, let's go to the thousand. Yeah,

right. Because they already put up their money towards the,

I guess, but the bank given up all the money anyway. So I mean, I guess it just, I don't know, to be honest, I, I really don't see the big thing about it. Um, other than, I mean, I'd get the upfront money, but I don't, I don't know. I don't see the big to do about it.

So you shouldn't get freak out if you come to deal with a table and one of the parties given up earnest money versus you're not paying

no, I will give it up. I will give up earnest money just because, um, just because everybody else is doing it. Okay. But I w I don't know. I just, I know I can see it. Yeah. Yeah. Every case is different, but I just can see somebody, I'd be like, where they give it thousands and styling it, unless it's a sale price is different, or an art, no closing costs amount was different or something like that. Okay. Because that's where it comes out to sales price and stuff like that. Darren's mind just kind of like, um, I don't know. I like for show or something, I guess. I don't know.

So all that was great and we really appreciate you giving us all that information about, um, your journey, how it, uh, the process of becoming a realtor and then the process of, um, buying your first home. Um, before we go into the next segment, can you have just, you know, give us a brief, brief, uh, answer about like one tip that you would give to a first time home buyer.


The one tip I could give is to listen to your heart and try your best to limit outside noise. People would try their best to help you from their perspective, but it might not necessarily be the help you need. Um,

so when you say people, do you mean like family members or like the extra rules?

Uh, anybody, family friends. A realtor could be a friend, a realtor. Um, I would try my best to listen to my realtor. I will try my best to find a realtor that I know. Yeah, I could tell you say Dan. I would try my best to listen to them, my best to listen to them, especially if I trust them. But you know, you have people who have never bought a home. Tell you that's a, don't buy that house. You know what I'm saying? Like if you read it and said, I want to be a homeowner, don't let somebody who's good tear their, yeah, tear it down. If you can't afford it. Different [inaudible] totally different boats where they kidding. I come see me. Their whole thing is, and you don't want to go see spot. Their whole thing is what if you can't afford it. If you already stayed in an apartment, what if you can't afford, you know if you can afford that, like you're literally throwing money away. Yeah. Right. With the apartment and you're paying $1,200 for two bedroom when you could be paying $600 $700 1800 square foot house depending on your air. You know what I'm saying? 1600 Square foot depending on your area. So it's like with a front yard backyard. So it's like man, way cheaper. You get money back when you sell it, the market stay stable and like, I don't know, it's kind of a no brainer and I already told you you could buy a house with no cash for real.

Right. Which isn't always recommended depending on your situation, because that's how 2008 happen.

Yeah, sure. That ain't AFO problem. Oh, here you got the relative. We didn't do face alone two definitely. Then the market crashed. I mean no one can predict that's buying the house. But no, Cassie has helped us out. Tremendous. Right. They're special though. Oh, we bought the house with no cash and didn't have to pay mortgage for two months after that. So it was good. There's lots of people that

you're like, man, I don't know Nevada. Yeah, it's cause you gotta use your boy

gotta use that. There you have. So speaking of that, make sure you give us before you, before you leave, make sure you give us your social media handles and the ways in which our audience can contact you. Yes,

of course. Of course. Of course. At realtor Joe on Instagram route to Joel. I'm also, I think, I don't know what my Facebook business page is actually just Joseph and hollows rails or maybe have you followed me off on you. You'll get that. You'll get that invite real to Joe on Instagram though.

So you all sit tight and we'll be back with more hot topics with guns.

So welcome back guys. We are here to discuss the next segment and that will involve, should I buy a house or wait for Mr, right? And then purchase a home. What are you guys' thoughts? My thought is no, as in don't wait for Mr. Don't wait. Don't wait for Mr. Right? These independent ladies. Wait. And because the thing is y true and you don't know when that's going to come or if it ever comes, right? So why are you going to sit up here and be dependent on a man to do something when you can do it by yourself? Huh? Yeah. And one of the biggest things,

if people did not know this when it comes to buying a house, when you're even interrelationship women are the

deciders of what? How she [inaudible]. So I'm just thinking if you didn't even have anybody there to tell you, right and decide with, you could just do it by yourself and you go ahead and get your house right? So glow up ladies and get your own house. And there's so many more options nowadays. I had a friend, she bought a house was working, of course it can afford everything on her own and then the mission, she got married and you know the guy, her husband now, then husband wanted to get a separate home because they wanted to make it their own home and I mean now you have the options of Airbnb. You could do other things. It's the property rented out versus just selling it back. She was saying that's one of the things that she wished she would have done was to rent it out or at least keep it in her in.

That could've been her own personal property that she was renting out to other people. I mean that's another source of income for both of you guys. So I think it's different ways to think about it. It's not necessarily, I guess being too independent or at the same time blocking out you got who you think may come into your life that will want to buy a home. It's just so many more options nowadays. And then you have to look at, you know, not even knowing what type of person you will even deem worthy of being mayor because even though they may have other qualities that are ideal in your eyes, they may not even want to purchase a home. They may love renting is very true. They may not want to deal with the headache or the hassle of maintaining a home. So those are the, and that's real life. Like there are people out there who have that mentality and so you have to keep that in mind. And, and again, why wait on something when you don't even have it in the hand anyway, this is the point. That's so true. You can't wait on life for the quote unquote Mr right hand because nobody gets mad stopping this premature

not I promised. And you know, if you sit up here and be like, oh, you know, when I get bay or when I get bullied, when I get married, I'm going to get this house. What's stopping you now? You can go out and get preapproved. You can go out and find the house that you desire. One day that man may come, why you have your house and therefore that man can move into your house and it can be your house in the you guys. I mean, you're our house and then you guys can move out into another house and find that

I'm together. But I mean, until that person comes, you know, don't, don't sit up here and wait for them, you know, by all means. If that's you know, your prerogative, that's your prerogative. But I mean, my thing is why wait? I

mean handgun, older or younger, right. Definitely noted though. Definitely in Lane Benjamin Button. I forgot that in my class. A women's and women. Anyway, I was gonna ask, do you have that question or do they ever ask you, you know, with you being married of course saying whether or not you waited for your spouse about home or like does that question ever come up? They may, no,

no. Uh, not to me anyway. A lot of times, honestly, it's weird. Um, cause the, to piggyback go with Joey was saying, people have a mentality. Um, some people just haven't mentality. Dental home ownership is not the way. Um, so a lot of times I'll, crazy enough, I'll have women who are kind of buying a house by themselves while they were married.

Wait, yeah, they like that. The husbands in their husband's not there the entire time. And it's interesting. You may know about it. Yeah. Okay. Let me say this. I think they know about it. They're just not a part of the plan, their skateboard or process at all. Oh Wow. So very interesting. That has happened to me. Right.

I mean more than once. Um, and

craziest thing is they really try to sub you in as the husbands. I can see that was your male expresses an opinion.

I get it and it's fine. But you know. Interesting.

Yeah. So like with that, you know, do you recommend a husband and wife or a couple, do you recommend, um, you know, if they're going to be two names on the mortgage?

That is a great question. That is a very great question. The reason I say that's a great question because I actually tell my clients if you can, if one person can afford the house by themselves, um, just put one name on the mortgage. The reason I say that is because if two names were on the mortgage, then both of your names are tied up on that mortgage. So what's, you could, if one person was free, they could go put their car in their name. See what I'm saying?

But what about the purposes of them establishing that as their home? So if they ever want to put you out, yeah, don't do you, okay. So you can still sign your name on the d but that board is totally separate. Okay. Yeah. And that way they can put you out out Willy Nilly, correct? Correct, correct. Correct. Okay. Just put your, put your name on the deal. Okay. Everyone listened to how they want to deal with it.

The deed, not the contract, is that right? Or will or
it's just the, okay. You signed your name to the d but you're on a set of sentence and a more equal. Yep.

But you can put both names on the contract because, so when you get preapproved joy, you called them or you've got to contact with a mortgage loan originator at some point but just don't involve the

other side. Okay. But contract and all that stuff, you can put the other side's name on it but it has nothing to do with the actual mortgage loan.

Mm. So say for instance, I'm sorry or you can close on the house and then just put their name on the deed afterwards. Huh. Okay. So would you recommend, if you know you're looking to be a preapproved for a higher amount that you put two people on the mortgage versus just one

if you want to get a higher amount? Yeah. Two people, if both of them have good credit and their dts debt income ratio is good.

So that is a benefit. And waiting on quote unquote Mr Robot in the whole waiting on Mr Right. Sales, this false stream. Cause like we all discussed that, that Mr. Roman never come so you can be waiting for forever. So, I mean, I don't know those were cases, but

I just think that it depends on where you are in your life as far as like your idea of when you even considered to want to be married. I mean if you want to get married to your 45 and you're 30 to buy your house,

throw money away. Yeah. Like will you sell your house and listen to market goes down. Like literally you're going to, you should get a chick, right? You should get something, especially if you did it the right way, kept the house lit up, rent have updated it and stuff of that nature. Like

there should be a benefit. You're shy

some money back. You know? Especially what if you bought a house in a gentrifying area, you should get a lot of money back. But if you bought a, have you rented a apartment in a ginger defiant era? Yeah,

yeah, that's right. Yeah.

When it gentrifies so you really just have to be mindful of, and then a lot of times people, oh, this is the big one. People think houses are, well, I don't know how long a woman will be here. So I don't know if I'm by house. You're written. Yeah. You got to stay somewhere. If you bought the house, rule of thumb is somebody else or buy it. Especially if I'm in a hot market, 30 days, 30, 45 days.

Alright. And as spunky said, there are other options. Yes. As both of you saved, there are other options, you know, Airbnb, renting. Um, so the, so it's not a like, and there's always someone in need of housing. There's always going to be someone in need of housing. Yeah.

So, okay. Are you guys fearful of books? So like I haven't seen of anything that flies B's walls. Oh yeah. Well knew I was, how about the creepy crawlers? I know I'll discuss this. So I mean those things are we to call those testings? [inaudible] exterminators those are exterminators they still may be dead wrong. Oh Bruno, you don't have to

dominators they're great. Like literally they came out, they come out every three months and they spray the outside of the house and then they can spray the inside of the house if you need it there. I mean they call it a fire department, but I have an issue with a wall. Would that be a waste of resources, girl,

thinker even know what you trying to do now you kind of, you trying to put out a fire. What about the fact that by don't have

the garage, I'm a single lady in his neighborhood. Is that an issue or something because, no, no, no, no, you're fine. You're safe. Safety wise, that is something that you're definitely going to have to consider just being in a house by yourself as a woman. Right. That's a part of the home buying process. The realizing which location you want to be. You want your home to be located, so don't get discouraged. If I'm out here, I'm single and I'm buying this home. Just include all those factors that you think will give you the most safety or the,

I feel safer. An apartment is I feel more, I don't feel safe at an yeah. Apartment. You can be walking outside. Yeah. Best is too much activity. Right. I feel safe. Red Orca has an issue every week. Every week. Probably a little safer going in my driveway knowing that this, at least this section better be clear. Right. You know what I'm saying? And guys, I, I have a friend who

actually they got married to her neighbors so she was single and he was single and they both were in new homes and then they end up moving to one home. He is super cute. So your Mr Right? Maybe next door. Right, exactly. It was definitely like a movie. That's cute. I like that. Hmm. Go knock on the neighbor's door, bring them a cake, bring them a cake and bring them a piece of pizza and say, Hey, are you looking to chill too? Yeah, I can make it happen cause I'm a home buyer and store. Yeah.

So guys, as far as like all four of us, so how many of you guys agree and just raise your hand? I'm gonna Count with the number as far as not waiting or Mr right to buy a home. Okay. So we've got four out of four cause I haven't done this decision here because I mean literally, I mean at the end of the day when it comes to buying a home, men are the ones who stick to the facts. Women tend to rely on their gut a little bit more so, right. If you, if you feel like it's something that you wanted to do and it was the aspiration of yours, don't wait on that man. Just go ahead and get it yourself because who knows, you know within at timeframe you could find somebody else and then you know, you guys can rent out the house that you have airbnb at.

Like I said earlier, there's different things that you could do with a home that you already bought before, but again, just look at it as it as, this is something that I can call my own, something that I did for myself. Like a business. I mean you're going to get a return or sure. Most likely. Yeah. You should look at it like, Hey, this is something I'm doing for myself. Yes. Look, you could buy yourself a car. Why you can't go buy it? Yes. All right. Oh yeah. I love it. It's $200. You got some little live condo space. Don't have to hear upstairs neighbors. Yeah. All of that. Definitely. Exactly. So there are different, some benefits and just going ahead and making them move on your own

and it's easier to buy a car. Um, just credit wise and other things. So yeah. Anyway, go back. Right. Definitely. You got a car on your credit, it's going to be harder for you to get a house less your money straight.

Hmm. So with the, if you buy, you're saying if you go buy this expensive car that you can't afford, yeah.

What do you look for it? But it just messes your debt to income ratio up because it can totally be able to afford it. I see. No, it might as you might still be saving an extra 200, $300, but right. You want to buy a house,

it also affects you. So don't buy this brand new car and then look all I want to buy a house. Not like be strategic about it is what you're saying. How, how long should you wait between the two? Because let's say, oh, at least a year. Okay. Well ladies, this, if you're looking to buy a home, we're going wait at least a year in between those two big purchases.

Let's see your money. Unless you're just making a lot of money and you living within your means,

right. Unless you, oh, that's a good, yeah. I love that. Living within your means, this is so missing in this lifestyle that we're living on Instagram. Oh girl. Oh my gosh. That the truth is so I'm not even going to go into the people I see in bankruptcy court. That'd be

good. I mean it's a real thing. You need

to live with the AME. His name means buying a home and being reasonable with that purchase and cars. Yeah, that's true because at least the house appreciates and values supposed to Muslim and boy does a car depreciate the moment she pull it up the lot. Definitely real life.

The House is the biggest investment that the average person will ever own. See, did you notice the he sit person? Can you say, say that one more time? [inaudible] house a home is the biggest investment that average person will ever own. Hurston. So it's all my lady. Yes. One more time. Um, be out with like Beyonce lady

[inaudible] Lady. Yes. One more time maybe. Yeah.

Yeah. I'll go ahead and get you out at home. No. Same and doing. Look, don't let nobody to the bay until you don't get that home. Oh, you need to wait on y'all, man. You know what man, right, exactly. I mean, you're almost planting from that. [inaudible] Matthew,

sorry. [inaudible] Buddha. [inaudible] I got it right now. She want to say it right because we send up, you're trying to wrap it up because all eyes on her. It's a good

segue into wrapping it up though. I appreciate it. Anytime. I'm so if there's nothing else that needs to be said, I want to appreciate our guest speaker for today. Um, Joseph Holly is, shout out to him. Um, he did drop some jams on y'all this evening. Um, so if there's anything that you are looking to get answered, always follow him on his social media handles. Joseph, Matthew Hollis as well as you can. Um, uh, find him at realtor Joe on Instagram as well as he has a, a website. Um, but you know, Joseph M hollis.com. That's it. There we go. Um, so yes, use him. He's up. Uh, he is a great asset to be asset that you're about to have in your life. Um, so yeah, before we go, you know, I always dropped that quote or that affirmation to let you know, ladies how good you are.

But anyway, just know these one thing. Okay. Know that you are enough ladies know that you are enough. No, that what better time? If you're looking to become a realtor, what better time then is now I'm don't wait on, you know, the right time because the right time may not ever be the right time. Right. Um, so just go ahead and if you're looking to, uh, to become a realtor, make that happen. Um, spend that 350 to $400 and make that happen. Um, as well as if you're looking to become a first time home buyer, let that happen. Go ahead and research and, and do your due diligence on your end and make

that happen. And search out the people that, um, that will assist you and, and, and like the realtors and the brokers in the world, um, to assist you into becoming a first time home buyer.

And then our lady, he's, please remember that you don't need to make on their main, yeah, let me to wait on the name for that new home. Okay. Um, and then lastly, if you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters is the heart. You'll know it when you find it. Quote by Steve Jobs. Oh, this part. I love it. I'm all about the brace that one more time. Okay. One more time. Quotes. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters is the heart. You'll know it when you find it. We out. Bye.

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