You Cute Sis - Fresh Dressed

You Cute Sis - Fresh Dressed

All righty. On this episode of You cutesy is brought to you by the good podcast or glow up. Ladies, I'm your girl. Bibi, I'm Joey. Tell y'all spiky in the building. All right. So we have your three favorite ladies of globe ladies here to talk to you guys about fashion. So just remember that you [inaudible] is, is always here to give you that boost of confidence, letting you know that girl, you cues this. So we're always going to talk about fashion tips. Um, so today we're going to talk about a few different things, but burrs we have to talk about the met gala. It was super dope. I didn't see it, but I saw pictures this morning. Yeah, I was much easier to just sit up here and and see the pictures on rhyme versus watching it. Wait, so is this a show that could grammys? I, it comes on like that.

I mean you can, it was like on CNN and stuff like that. Like you could watch it. I didn't know that. What did I do like to do with just like the red carpet and I don't want to bother the met gala cause I know of it, but yeah, so the met gala is, um, w the met gala is for the, um, the institute or rather than the museum in New York. Um, so all the money from and the proceeds from the met gala go towards the costume institute, which basically holds so much, I forgot the, the amount of costumes that they have in there, but it ranges from years, from 1920s all the way up to now. While this has been going on since the 1970s, I mean, I don't know necessarily know what the met gala has been going on that wrong, but as far as like the costumes, so the costumes that they have in there, um, they range from age, from 19 20th all the way up to the present day.

Um, so yeah, it's definitely a big thing. It's always the first may Monday, first Monday, excuse me. No, or some Monday in May. Um, and so yeah, that's when the met gala happens. I know you do have to pay a pretty little penny, um, in order to, uh, be a Tyndie at the met gala, there's always a different theme. So no thing, no year has the same theme this year. The theme was camp. So people were like, what is that? Yeah. So it does have a interesting, like I was even kind of like what is camp or whatever, but camp is over the top being very extra flamboyant, um, anything that you could think of out of the box type of fashion. So it just basically, as you can think of costumes, essentially that's what you could have worn to the met gala this year. So you may have seen certain things like Katy Perry wearing a hamburger.

Right. Um, the, her first, her first outfit she had on it reminded me of beauty of the beast. It really did. Um, there was lots of people who had on different prints and different head pieces, a lot of head pieces. Um, I saw a lot of, uh, feathers, a lot of feathers. Um, Billy Porter. Oh my goodness. I love him. If you don't watch POWs, watch it. I love pose, but he came in, people had him, uh, he wrote in on a little sled kind of thing. Whatever he wrote on the rare happen. Oh my God, he's scared him. And I was still flying car club in New York. Okay. No, a metal club in New York. What is it about,

that's what I got from the free view. They build you. What is this? I would say you are right in the right, the right [inaudible]. I am so relieved what this all about. So boom, this

is basically about, um, so the transgender community, including the, all of LGBTQ plus. Um, so yeah, it's a really about, but there's transgenders on the show and so they're just basically living out their lifestyles in the balls that they have. Um, so yeah, I mean it's a really good show. Billy Porter, he was carried in by six men. It was beautiful. He looked just like a darn bird. Um, a golden bird. And then lady Gaga, she changed four times. Oh my. She work on this right on the damn. She changed four times on the steps. She, they literally peeled off the guys that were, you know, but that brought her in. They peeled off her outfit one at a time. Anything. Again, she's basically in a bra and panty. I'm stripping heels. I was here for it. I said, so lady Gaga, I say yes, Lady Gaga.

I expected that from her. Right. I was just saying. Okay. I appreciate it. Um, so yeah, those were my favorite though. Hands down. I love her all the time. I love her so much because she makes sure she, everything makes sense to me to her cause I was just like, you get every time, like I don't care if she's going into the grammys, the Oscars, the bet awards she always has on a great outfit. And I'm talking about no, other than I'm Amanay Oh, she loves Noel Ne. Like if y'all haven't seen what she wears to the met gala, please look it up. It's beautiful. It was super dope. It was like a, I don't know, like an art picture. Almost like a, yeah, the drawing. I agree with you. I agree with you. It definitely looks like that. Um, and it was just very cool.

It's something that I would definitely wear. I mean I've always liked Sierra. I mean she can't really like tourist too. Yeah. She was on my top five on top papers as well. Yes. I really do like hers. Body goes definitely for sure. Always. Oh don't why she ain't bring baby. I know. I was thinking of football. We'll know he's out. It does. I was just like, oh, you know, sometimes you just want to do your thing. God BB. I mean just cause she's married just like you don't mean you got, you know what, Hey, you know, lead a man at home whenever you want. Where is the Miguel has in New York or is it okay? I was a little disappointed that the two queens were not there when I'm talking about Queens on time. I'll Rihanna, she to me, she is the queen of the Mega Ella.

She always, she was not there and Beyonce was not there. So I am kind of sad that they weren't there. Definitely Miss. I mean when you got so much going on, you got most a million businesses running, you know, came to every event. Yeah. I think, I think it was the met Gallo where you notice stuff went down. The elevator would be on sale. That was mega. Oh Wow. Yup. It's $1 billion. Of course. Some, you know it was the met gala. No. Can we talk by worst dressed? Oh, we can have worked with girl Lala. Oh, didn't like it either. I did end in maybe not the worst dress, but I did not lie. Yeah, I did. I made her don't make her look short. I don't know if it was the picture that I saw. It was just doing a lot and I didn't, I didn't like, I was just like, I looked at it three times.

I was just like, mm, maybe. No, no. I've seen her look better. Definitely for sure. For sure. This, I was like, I wasn't a fan, um, of what she had on either. And there were are, there were a lot of people that kind of played it safe and just kept in their lane and I was just like, you know, that's cool too. But I feel like the met gala is not the time or the place for that on the met gala is too. It's the time to step out of your comfort zone and, and have fun because fashion is to have fun and you know, let your personality shine through. So, um, for all those people who played it safe, more power to you but save it for the grammys or Oscar, what about my personality? Don't go the extreme. Okay. In the whole fashion you have to learn to step outside of your comfort zone.

Yeah. I mean why you hit the Miguel if you're gonna try and be born this year I was supporting a good cause. There'll BV. This is true, but this is your time. This is actually the time that people aren't really going to judge you. Like, girl, what? You got that costume? Long legs and day it came out, there was Cinderella outfit on. So it's just like, you know, this will take, they're not going to judge you for what you have on at that time. So like if you want to be wild and crazy, that's the perfect time to do it. But I feel like people like general ne would blend really well in this environment because she's already very quick. That's different. So, but somebody, that's why she's one of the top dressed. Right. This is true. And that's what I wore the queen of the met gala cause she always spears the bold.

Oh my God that was ready. She always, she's risking definitely the t definitely. Okay. So since we talked enough about the mic gamma, we're actually going to get into the topic at hand. So today we're going to talk about how has hip hop or music in general influenced fashion. Isn't that a good topic? Yo [inaudible]

topic is one that kind of plays in your subconscious mind. Cause you know how music works. It's like you hear things repeatedly and you're like, well why am I attracted to this particular thing? And it's like, because, oh, this song, they mentioned that 3000 times truth into it. So there's so many different songs, especially nowadays that reflect and influenced what we were for sure. I shouldn't in general for sure. Are you of I guess music type person where you hear someone be like, oh, well maybe I need to try that brand or are you guys like that or are you, do you stick to your own way?

Not really like that. I kinda just do my own thing. Um, but in this, in society, that is what gets people, it's what I hear. And so, oh, I heard that. So now I need to try it or I see it. So I want to be like everybody else because everybody else seems to like this person or this particular thing. So, um, I have to gravitate toward what other people deem is fashionable or the hottest thing, the latest thing. [inaudible] yeah, but I just kind of do my own thing. I agree with you, Joey. I don't, I don't, I don't definitely, I definitely don't do what the music is telling me to do. Like, that may be cool, like what's in the music videos and things of that nature, but I'm always a person who, you know, sticks to my gun and it lets my personality shine through because that's what fashion is, is letting your personality, your persona shine through. Um, so if you can get that to extrude outward, I mean shoot you one to me, right? I mean that's the, that's the funniest thing about fashion because I mean it's always subject to change. It's everlasting, it's always changing. Everything is about, it is cool to me. That's why I really enjoy it. To me, I feel like fashion can be defined like somebody defining love and there's so many different definitions to everybody. Okay. I love this.

Okay. Their job day clothes bomb on that one for Biggie. Charlemagne the guys that shot up the Charlotte man. Right, right. Cause you know, he'll come from [inaudible] know this model. They've got to create some game back every week. [inaudible] pettiness. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'll stop you. I'm sorry. Sorry. This money. Um, but yes, awake are bashing

artists or excuse me, basically music artists, they extrude everything as far as like the, the things that they wear because just think, I know Joseph brought this up to me, my husband, like when Kanye West was wearing the pink polo, that became a big thing and like the black male community, like when I'm Kamran was wearing like the Duke rags do red, pink, then that became a, you know, a popular thing for in the black culture or whatever. So artists really do have a lot of influence when it comes down to, um, the things that they wear and their music videos and award shows and things of that nature. And they do have a lot of influence when it comes to their lyrics. Cause I mean, there are so many different things that they're talking about and Gucci and Prada and all this other stuff for Saatchi and all these different things in there.

Right? They got a whole song composition. So it was just like these little things, they influence a lot of how people dressed in day to day. So yeah, I mean you, you can't take away, it definitely influences to a tee. It moves the entire cultures. Right. I agree. And to piggyback kind of what you were saying, the first artists that came to my mind of course with Jay z can see one of my favorite quotes of all time, but he had that face tee shirt, jeans and then he was fitted suits and then everyone kind of transitioned from the baggy pants to the now. Okay. I want to clean her look. And I definitely think that he has some influence in on that because I mean, who wouldn't want to emulate someone like Jay Z in regards to his business minded? They see him leveling nothing that they getting. Okay. It's time to transition from the baggy jeans and long tees to a nice fit suit. Cause I feel like he, he had a great impact on us. Shifting from that, I guess, uh, MLI to, hmm.

I hated that. That the two down here,

thousands to the 2007 nine year. That was the era to me of urban culture times 10 and the introduction of bling bling. Right. But it was like the ratchet ghetto side up really. And it was, to me it was the movement of everything. All the brand names need to be matchy matchy that's the moment when Sean John came out rockoware maybe fan. Yeah. All those different things came out in the two thousands. And so it's just like those, those moved cultures. I mean I had Sean John Cause that was a male line.

Hey [inaudible] you want to tell somebody? You're like, Oh, where did you identify with males? At one point there was the layer member, she was a tomboy look like, you know, so that was the night. Yeah.

He's, I'm like okay. But yeah, so like I had the Rocco rockoware like I still had to that y'all, I just recently, uh, gave that thing to that uh, the salvation army.

Then I had a rockoware Bluejean Jack from when the time when I was in middle school to the time I was, yeah.


two years ago. And I could feel wary vacuum or boost some homes. And no say the home is, if not what? I'm laughing. I'm laughing at the pay. We could walk around Atlanta and possibly see somebody and BBC tech. That's what I love. Not to say the homeless guy maybe cause I mean that jockey that Jagger was hard to shut out the Rockaway or even clearly, you know you're taking this long to give it up. I was over here stuck on that end. He had the big old buttons and [inaudible] got them old but [inaudible]

right. It's funny because when I thought about this topic I thought wow, more so mill oriented as far as like how they influence fashion. I mean of course you had like the little cams of the worlds who would talk about designers. She knows she nail swag and all those different things, but it really was male dominated with me. I mean, it's like you hear a song and then automatically you walk down the street and you see people assimilating to what the song like now of course we were in the skinny jeans, skinny Jean Wave, and I feel like a lot of the rappers now, nowadays they were there or they talk about that in their songs and I mean certain brands like I think two changes is the most notorious for throwing out whoever is like they need to pay him because the chains when I beat them all spy. Yeah. Ever PB I'm telling you from head to toe. Oh yeah. He's going to be now don't get me wrong, he don't get it right every time. No he doesn't. But he is a fly tall gentlemen for sure. For sure you is. He is Atlanta for show, you know another, another guy that sticks out to me is t oh you love transitions from urban wear to suit and tie professional and he looks great both in both styles of clothing. So well,

yeah. [inaudible] what's going on? [inaudible] Whoa, whoa.

He does have this ability to switch up to both sides of it. The side of a, I guess going to a black tie event versus going to a trap house party. Um, yeah. I mean they shouldn't do that. I would like to take it back. Let's go, let's do it like a little brief little history lesson. Yes. Um, cause I'm always here for the history and of fashion and things of that nature. So yeah. Um, music has been influencing, uh, fashion, um, regardless for 'em in movies, theater, um, and a lot for a very long time. Um, even starting in the 1920s, you could see it exemplified in different movies, in theater. Um, going, if you fast forward, I'm in the 19th 20th cause it was more so the air for, you know, uh, I guess music to influence that of white women. Um, I didn't really touch into, you know, how it influenced black culture back then.

Um, but the swing era that influenced black culture, um, and basically the world in general. Um, some other things like if we fast forward into, I want to say like the era of, hmm, let's go to about the 1970s. Um, so like the era of like when our parents were a little older, um, a lot of them in 90 savings would probably graduate in high school. Was that like a bill bottom? Yeah. So the bell bottom error and to me the biggest thing that moved and shocked and actually made a wave in culture during that time was soul train. Um, when Don Cornelius came through, like people figured out what was cool. [inaudible] I agree. I agree. Um, and so like you cannot ever take that away. Like soul train lasted until, I want to say the late nineties, early two thousands, to be honest. Um, but yeah, it started in the 1970s and that was the wave.

And like you literally, I remember my daddy telling me, Oh yeah, we used to figure out two things by watching soul train the most popular dance and what to wear. And I was just like, that is so true. And so I was just like, you can't, you have to basically, you know, pay homage to them and give them credit because shoot, I mean, they had the coolest little outfit and then, I mean, you have to think about them. They didn't have social media or they had to rely on that. I guess it came and probably Saturday prom time. I'm sure it was the coolest outfits to me. I mean, you know, it, it as they always say a lot of different things, uh, happen on different sides of the world. So it happened in California, so they are on a different little a wave than people in the, you know, the east coast where, um, but yeah, I mean it's spread all over the world on like the different things to where the bell bottoms and a lot of things that um, men and women wore it in the 70s we're wearing now just in a different way.

Yes. You don't necessarily see men in bell-bottoms like that, but you know, there are some that do all styles kinda come back around is what I'm noticing this in like the areas and everything has their time, but then it'll circle back. It just repeats itself. That's true. So what do you guys, what stood out to you guys and then in the 80s for like music and culture? Oh is it go with and he's selling dancing. Somebody video. Oh my God, I love it. That is one of my favorite when you see song is, and that's pretty much what everyone was wearing. And the aides, they had the big hair, big colors, a lot of colors. Like she didn't like different lip shade. Yes. Dress tights underneath. I mean it was just a bold colors that she had on. So that's kind of what success to me with the 80s and there robotic weird stuff.

So like the custom track suits and the um, the bucket hats and you know, things of that nature though. Like you said, the tights and the slouch socks, as I always call them, people be like, what is this laptop? But that's what I call them. Oh yeah. But that's, I call this lout socks then, you know, that's, I think that's when, um, the, I believe Felize and [inaudible] really popular is that was when, oh, and we can't forget in the 1980s, 1984 exactly. When a Jordans came out. Um, and so, you know, uh, that, that Oh yeah, that took it to a whole another level. Um, to be honest, I mean, Jordan is one smart and gentleman because he makes the same shoe, same shoe, literally same [inaudible] over these shoes, the same


Who's, he bring out the same shoes every year, but a small little change of color. Here they are, whatever. But it's the same shoes. He didn't have forever. My favorites are the ones hands down, but I don't ever know really the numbers. But I know maybe there is some, like Lauren had it on during, uh, the Romeo do the episodes like white and black.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm about to get maybe 12. I don't know. I don't know. I think they either live in a 12. One of those.

Yeah. I want to say 11, but I don't know. Yeah, the Owens I only know are the ones they go cause those are my favorite. But other than that, I don't, I don't really know. But, um, we cannot talk about the 80s without talking about the one and only dapper Dan. He is a person who was basically faulted for the things that he was doing. So he was, he was, it was his own interpretation of brandishing at the time. So he would cut up Louis Vuitton and Gucci, uh, brand names and make his own type of style out of it and he would sell it to artists like ll cool j. Um, let's see, who else used to wear some of his stuff? Um, I can't think off the top of my head, but ll cool j was definitely one of them who used to wear oh, run DMC and things of that nature.

So they would have the custom track suits and everything like that. And so they actually ran him out of business, Louis Vuitton and Gucci because they were of course brandishing off of, you know, their stuff. His stuff was really dope though. Like they have to give him some credit for that, you know, and it took him a long time to get credits. Now Gucci actually hires him. Wow. To make quotes. Uh, yeah. So, um, he was actually one, I forgot the lady who wore it, but uh, one of the ladies wore a Gucci suit that has dapper Dan on the back of it at the met gala yesterday. Wow. She's a model. I can't remember her name. I'm still kind of pissed off with Gucci though. Gucci and Prada. Oh,

I can't, no, no. Yeah, I get what you're saying.

I totally get what you're saying. Um, but yeah, those, those are our, he's definitely a person who we cannot take away because if you just look at his, how he influenced hip hop, I definitely, he influenced hip hop so much and he was bashed for it, um, because of just his individuality and his creativity. And I think Jay z said it well that he was just saying that basically they, he made clothes for his own people. Right. Um, and so I mean, hey, that's what fashion is about. Making clothes for you and you as an individual. Um, so yeah, so I think the eighties were cool. I was with the eighties fashion. I'm gonna let you have the eighties I could feel the nineties yeah.

Hey, this was cool. I liked all the bright colors. The tie bill. Oh, the shoulder pads. Shoulder pads were in eighties right. Is Show were the only thing I did not like [inaudible] with the shoulder pads. I did not like the shoulder pads, but everything else I I I can get with the eighties shorter reminds me of Queen Latifa

shoulder pad reminds me of in a bit of Anita Baker like shoulder pack game. I like it. Yeah I do. But I agree. Showed pads enough for your body. They were really not, when I was thinking about the nineties I mean that was just the coolest decay ever. Let me just first start there and when it comes to music, I mean that's what I was born. Wait, I'm not talking about the people that have worn eight, nine pieces on what the, I'm just saying you just say, you know, it was cool because I was born in eighties babies. Where is it? But now 1970s y'all kinda weird. But Bibi's and anomaly. She, oh, she's different. Wait, where are you? Like early nineties? Yes. Okay. Because like is that the SRM Brighton 91 to be exact. Okay. You still kind of with the 87 88 crew? A little bit, yes. But maybe school. I like her, but I would say that was like the Lee is like we mentioned earlier the baggy clothes. I mean you had a TLC, you had all those different um, girl groups. I mean even this Michelle, Beyonce, before she became the infamous BSA, she was with Destiny's child. And I mean, yeah, it was just like a more cooler with the music and with the fashion to me. Cause like, I mean I was huge on telling me, Phil, he'll figure out, I hate to admit it mean I hate to [inaudible].

We probably used to say bring pitches, neighbors. We probably had the same overall. Overall, yes, like it was bad and I just support, I appreciate my parents for supporting my habit because they were the reason why I was able to go to school and, and represent, I'm actually the reason why I went to private

school on board break and it was a private, it was Catholic school and we were sweaters. So they made this rules where you had to wear like with the school logo cause I will wear like Polo and he'll figure it out like so [inaudible] so they had like make this rule and it kinda sucks. I got new sweaters and stuff for Christmas but you know, I saw they kind of spending my fish kind of weekends only but to talk about the baggy look or whatever. So baggy look also came in the 90s and it basically made its way through sitcoms is lot out a lot cause he, you know, um, will Smith and fresh prince of Bel Air Limits Gore and living single, all those different things.

You saw all the nice, cool baggy looks and you got to figure out what to wear. By looking at those different movies and movies. Just in lovely though. Oh my gosh, I love that movie. So yeah, that, yeah, I believe that was nineties too because he should lock. Oh my God. I love Alicia. Brandy was lying like Beyonce house, just [inaudible] but my parents ever bought from me. I loved her. It's like if we want to go to pop culture, another thing that kind of moved, um, the culture was preppy. Look, yeah. Oh my God. Clueless. Yeah. I just knew I was share back in [inaudible] like the preppy look. Oh my goodness. That was a thing like, I don't know about y'all, but I used to be the biggest Brittany Spears back hallways, 98 degrees span. And when she said, hit me baby one more time, you know, she was [inaudible] that became a thing and that was like, you know, then like you said, clueless.

That was the preppy look became popular in, it's actually coming back a lot now. I've seen people post recently with that look on. So like there's a, there's a brand name at target called wild fable that I wear often because it's very cute and it's very inexpensive. But go there, they have their whole look is designed, um, from clueless while seriously, oh, we have idea for Halloween guys. And then another thing, I know a lot of people where the, their tee shirts, but um, nirvana, they, I think that came out in the 90s as well. The grunge look, they became very popular. Definitely. Um, so yeah, that moved to cultures in that way as well. So yeah, I like the 90s. I like the 90s and then after tonight he's became the two thousands I hate talks about earlier and it just kinda took a step back. I don't think it really changed until after 2009 to be honest, from 2000 to 2009.

True. It was, I would not do that error again. Two thousand six thousand nine, because that's when you know what your bowls are more popular. And again, like we said, the baby fed the fat farm, you know, all that kind of stuff like that. Um, yeah, I just wouldn't bring that year back to be on as far as we can skip over that. Like I was, don't get me wrong, I was fly, I had all this, the fly stuff, I had all the air force ones. I was really cute. You don't totally see this, you know? So I had all the nice name brands, but I just would not bring the air bag because it was just too matchy matchy everything had to match from head to toe. There was no, let me step out of the box and mixed prints or anything like that. It was just like, oh no girl, what you got on the tank and death to Tall T. Oh my gosh. It's burned them all. Yeah. That was the worst. I hated ever being on animes campus and I'm just like, no. [inaudible]

for the word [inaudible] I'm making a salt. [inaudible] this is saying in like they did not make it better. I'm sorry. They made it worse. I mean the song was fine. I appreciate them, but no, the, the whole fashion behind it. Can we say what, can we add one more thing? When they started airbrushing the [inaudible] yeah. Airports used to be a [inaudible] is actually coming back though. People who have eyes who were airbrushed jackets, airbrushed shirts, just to talk to you, his depth to Air Bush, but definitely diff to talk t that should never come back. Yes. Ever come back. I remember I used to be tall tee hip [inaudible] yeah, don't be a short guy for your legs. [inaudible]

like that. Eric should never come back. Boy and on him came out and it was, it was just the thing. And in the word of ugly teddy glasses, their soldier boy head don't think he was cool. That's the era where you

had to have known yourself and then not even be sure open to it. That's another thing. So when it comes to fashion, I mean if it comes to trend, that just doesn't vibe with you. I say, don't go for it. Don't just do women doubt. Don't, it's gonna go away. It's gonna fade out. It's gone fade out. But again, fashion always repeats itself. So if you feel like, you know, Adidas aren't or 80 das rather are not, um, the thing to wear then don't wear them. But eventually they gonna come back out cause shell toes went away for awhile and then they came back.

So I was just like shell toes were introduced in the 80s when 80 das became popular, the sports wear became popular, whatever by again, like you said, Romney run DMC. Um, so yeah and then there are a thing now I remember one time everybody was buying some type of shield to, I know I did. Yes. That and what would you say new balances new has had this little era. Would that be, to be honest, like I really think [inaudible] balanced, really popular. I don't know exactly when the brand itself came out but yeah. Yeah. And now I feel like Polo, it was a thing because Hilfiger backed out cause you know, they made those come here. So we stopped buying low. Definitely became a big fish. And that was in a pimp. C's rap song. Polo became a very big hole at the heel finger. We can, I want to backtrack a little bit.

We forgot to talk about in like the 1980s nineties era that I'm Blake basically the black nationalism era kind of came out. So a lot of women, a lot of people you like to wear African garments that really started in the eighties and nineties. So that was something else that, you know, like Queen Latifa used to wear, the big go has a child and robed. They were so great. Um, so yeah, just, you know, kind of getting to that, you know, when I say Hotep, uh, mindset, I did not know a hotel. That is how it was a dear white people. And he was talking, so Kristen, I was like, oh, this is what they mean balance because she said it on the show and I was like, oh, that's the thing. Me. Yeah, my clean. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And like when I'm school days came out. Oh yeah.

Stuff like that. So yeah, I feel like that was a big move and it's fun. Now you can go back and watch some movies and then that determines what we were wearing during that time. If you want to know what reward there nays go watch jungle fever or go watch rollies or you know, like a different world and things like that. You know, what was it, what you saw on TB is what we will really is in real life. Definitely. Um, so yeah, I mean I think we really covered all of the, the errors I would like to say right now when it comes to fashion. Some of the movers and shakers when it comes to fashion our, again, our queen that we talked about in at the met gala, oh, she is one of the fears, um, by just putting Fenty Puma together. Like she moves a culture as well as fashion a lot.

Um, by her doing that, Beyonce just signed a deal with Adidas as well as Kanye West. There's a lot of people doing deals with the Adidas. They make that popular. She almost broke the Internet with Adidas when she posted that picture the other day when she had all them shoes and she had on the Adidas Leotard. Yes. Um, another person that I can think of who else has really been moving, I hate to say it, but Kale is he, I do not like his stuff. No, I definitely use [inaudible]. He's shoes are nice. Yeah. But his garments not no desert land. Mad Max. I ain't gonna tell him what is not, what direction are you, is he trying to go in? So I'm like, yeah, I guess he gets that influence from Kim cause I didn't dresses like that. Like she hasn't, maybe that's where she gets her stuff from. Yeah. Um, but yeah, another influencer is Janell Monae.

She always likes to take the risk. Um, if we like to go into like the pop culture world, you know, Madonna has always moved. Oh, fashion. A lot of, um, she definitely is. I'm Celine Deon. She's always been somebody who's really good. Jennifer Lopez is really good when it comes to fashion as well. The infamous fave snail. Cardi B. Yes. She and her fashion Nova Line. It's actually really nice. It is. You would

think that just by heart, you know, Cardi B being the individual that she is, that her clothes would match her personality. But she actually did a really good job of doing the opposite. Okay. And so like the, some of the stuff to me, she has the best, the best look on fashionable to be honest. Um, so she really did a good job. That reminds me of the whole scandal, uh, gear that limit the limited had at one point I was just in love with it.

They really, I'm sure brought back some customers when they brought it up cause she will wear their attire on the show. And then, I mean w immediately. I agree. I totally get that she's involved with the line I guess. Yeah. So, um, we have to wrap it up now because, um, our team is telling us you've got to good [inaudible] and they always stop in our flow. We begin [inaudible] and then we say, we've got to say Papa, right? So you know, we cannot be the good podcast and do you cute. Says, without leaving you guys with quotes or some type of affirmation, and you notice where I come in. Um, so tonight or today or whatever quote for the evening at this moment in [inaudible] today, [inaudible] is, don't be like the rest of them, darling. Dress like you're already famous. That is a quote. That's preparation. Nail. Yeah. I'm here for the Chanel. She just looked expensive. One day. I get a big girl job one day. How many Chanel purse? Anyways, but thank you guys for listening to me. Oh yes. And always remember your killed.

GUL. OWN IT ft. Joseph Hollis

GUL. OWN IT ft. Joseph Hollis