GUL. Your Hair, Your Crown

GUL. Your Hair, Your Crown

Oh, right. Yes. Thank you for tuning and to this week's episode of good glow up ladies podcast. I'm your girl, Bibi. I'm spunky here on the ones and twos. You know, I always wanted to be a DJ. Right? Me Too. How I was going to be DJ B boy, DJ people buddy. Hey y'all. I'm Joey n we are good. Oh my gosh. You said small victory. So sparky has some, some trouble saying the name of our podcast, but I understand because it's not the easiest thing to grasp. Um, you do have to, again, just like I told her a few minutes ago, you say good first and then just roll your tongue and say yeah, and then it will just flow every time. Every time we say that I picked her earth, the kid. Right. Is that Marlon [inaudible] good picture to have in your head when you're saying so.

Yes. But yes. So everybody who has a hard time saying it, it is good. The podcast too. So yeah, so a, I hope everybody had a good day. I had a good day. I was pretty busy. Yes, very busy. So we're going to to hearts. How can about, did y'all watch, um, or hear or see all the little meetings and things in that nature about Ayesha Curry? It was hilarious. I'm sorry. I have to say I enjoy each and every one of them. The means, the means we're, we're definitely something. It's so funny how, um, just to, just to drop this black people take things and run with it. Oh my God, Dave, we use that towards economic development ourselves. B. Oh my goodness. This was saying like, but literally they take these memes in a run with them, but when they were doing the means about her, I was just like, okay, let me big route what all this hype is about, what going to say, what is really going on.

So I took the time out to actually watch red table talk, which I'm a big fan shout out to jade or her mom and willow. Like I'm a huge fan of red tabletops. If you don't check it out, you watch it on Facebook. It's an awesome show. It's so nice to see all of their perspective and their points of views. Um, from different stages in their lives. So I really, um, respect her for putting that show together and bringing on those persons that she brings on. Um, so yeah, so she brought on Ayesha Curry and um, her family as far as, um, Steph Curry's mom, then Steph Curry's two brothers, fiance and wife. They were also on the red tabletop, also his sister. Yes. And in the sisters. So they had the women of the curry families, um, was on the red table talk. It was the largest red table talk they had this far.

Um, and I issue was a part of the red table who was, and she had a part on there where she was really vulnerable with people and she shared one of her insecurities. And it's crazy how that dominated the whole conversation. I don't even remember anything big. Yes. It can be anything else except for that 1% black. Wow. I remember that. The mom made it clear. No, I'm black. Yes. And she's also 53. I think that was another amazing, she does. She'll be amazing. Um, and Jayda was surprised when that happened too. She was like your what? 53 so you say to Jay, she'll be right there with her cause we'll just, we'll just start at 50. I'll go, we're going to have to Google and figure out how old Jayda uh, they all look amazing, don't her mom is in her 60 [inaudible] mas promotes and amazing is great. And I was just like, oh great jeans. Right. For Real. But yeah, I feel to me, in my opinion, I feel like they took the whole Ayesha Curry statement out of proportion because from what I remember from watching the red table talk, I remember them having a conversation. Oh she's 47 years old, thanks to our, our person in the, in the audience, you're bay. Thanks cousin.

But yet Jadah is 47 so she came here and she almost, yeah, yeah. It's like all of our famous stars, like so now late then Regina hall, Nia alone, they're all right there and they definitely don't look, oh my goodness. Especially Angela Bassett. [inaudible] she spot you agree coming as a married woman, BB, do you agree that there is some kind of, I guess differences. And I guess the guy getting more attention in her in this to case scenario as far as step in as huge athlete and her being I guess Quantico stay home

mom and I know she has her own business with the cookbooks and the cooking channel and things like that. But did you see where she came from? I did see where she came from. Um, to the extent where she's just saying that, uh, Steph curry gets a lot of attention by women.

Of course you, he's a famous basketball player, you know, people may find him attractive and things of that nature, so and so he gets a lot of attention. And so when she's that woman on the, you know, he's right hand man or woman in the sand saying she doesn't get the attention that he gets. Then sometimes yes, you may get a little jealous because there is, there's always a phase in a woman's life where they do want attention regardless if they're not looking for it or, and she may not necessarily be looking for another man to tell her, Oh, you find you beautiful, you this. But just to feel quote unquote by somebody else. Every woman I feel have been through that phase in their life. Um, she may, I don't, I feel like she wasn't saying that, hey, I want another man's attention because my man is not giving me any, I don't feel like she was saying that.

I feel like she was just saying like, Hey, I want to feel pretty, I want somebody to tell me, hey, I look good. I've had three children. I've had, um, you know, I'm not just Steph Curry's wife, I'm this woman who's built this stuff for myself, my own brain, right? I'm my own person. I'm my own person and I want somebody to tell me I'm beautiful or I look good. Just because sometimes you need that extra boost of confidence and sometimes you want it from, you want it from an unwanted person. Like, you may not want that individual in your life, but it's, it makes your day when somebody else just tells you, hey, you're beautiful because it, if she already had the insecurity in herself that she is not quote unquote beautiful, then she, she's going to seek that all the time. She's going to be like, well, if somebody calls her beautiful, she that may make her day, her husband probably tells her she's beautiful and gorgeous all the time. But sometimes you do want somebody to just, hey, hey girl, you look good today. You can't see

right easy. Is this joy you wish you'd been? And I also think I'm going back to what BB just mentioned, is that not just women, but a lot of men were, you know, bashing her as whale. And I think that we lose sight of the fact that whether you're man or woman, we all desire validation exactly some way. And so I think that, um, that, that we just lost sight of that and it was just so easy for everyone to bash her when the reality is we, we desire validation. And because I am my mom, I did four year old. Your perspective when it comes to postpartum, you know, we think of postpartum depression. I didn't necessarily experience postpartum depression, but I experience the, the harsh reality that hey, my mind and body is not what it was. Yeah. Well I can tell first of all, joy, you look amazing. Thank you. Thank you. [inaudible]

real quick. Thank you. Slap. Still no phone. The, but the reality is prior to me getting pregnant, I was like a size six. Yeah. And then after I gave birth, now I'm a 10, 12. Right. You know, which is the biggest I've ever been. I'm used to being like a zero to four, six, you know, and it took me forever to even get to a size six. Um, so when I looked in the mirror, it's like, man, you know, I think I'm pretty, but it's like day you put on a lot of weight. Like this is a total difference in who you were or how you look prior to giving birth. And, um, it's just, you know, it takes some getting used to, especially when you, when we live in a society that says you have to be assessed to, you know, depending on, you know, how you look at it and what you're looking at in social media and things that nature.

But um, you know, and it's a cultural thing as well. But you know, for me it's like I had to get accustomed to seeing myself heavier. Yeah. It took some time to get used to. And not that I had a problem with being heavier, but I had a problem with the pectin. None of my clothes fit. That's like that. That may be sand really made me in the bag, but not that I, not that I had a problem necessarily with being bigger

because black men love thick women. Hey [inaudible] but you know, it was just the fact they may in like, I had all these nice clothes and now I can't fit any of them in addition to, I don't know if y'all know, but you think you'd be it too? Yeah. So it was just a lot, a lot. And then just being tired all the time and you know, stressed about not breastfeeding enough, not pumping enough. All of these different things that are going on. You need a pick me up right here. Imagine, yeah.

You were dealing with all day and your husband like this huge MVP star who right. Women are just adorned by because of the,

he doesn't have to, you know, he's not a mother so he's not going through any [inaudible]
which is why it is life is [inaudible] regardless of him. I've never thought about it like that. Right answer. Like sometimes you just really need, again, like Joey say that validation.

Right. My perspective on it initially, because I started off hearing about the situation based on the memes and I'm sorry to means were hilarious. So I honestly took the whole thing as a joke because the mames made it so funny. I mean they did kind of downplay, I guess the seriousness of what she was actually going through. So when I went back and watch the actual show, I was sorry to putting things together and starting seeing things from Joey's and Bibi's perspective. In the sense of, you know, just that validation piece of you do gain weight cause I mean she's been pregnant pretty much but a Pez I guess five or six years. Our kids are pretty static so why don't you put all that into being, I kind of understand why she would want to I guess have validation from outside people, but I was still in the back of my mind. I was just thinking, you know, you have, you're married to Steph curry, you have beautiful kids, you have your own business going. I just thought that you would be comfortable I guess within your own shoes because you had those, all those things don't. And so I guess it just goes to show that even though you have, I guess what everyone else on the outside would think is the perfect world, you still may have those own new security's going on as well too. So,

oh yeah, for sure. And I feel like the way that the world took it and ran with it was just right. I don't know, innocence kind of inconsiderate, but you know, that's what the world does. Typical [inaudible] exactly. Is, um, but I feel like, you know, we, instead of bashing her, you should kind of like value her for actually being vulnerable and telling somebody about, uh, one of her deepest insecurity. She told the world yes. One of her insecurities that she had, she didn't have to be vulnerable, right. State. She didn't have to be so transparent and candid with everyone what she decided to. And so I feel like we should pray, we should value her for at least doing that instead of bashing her for saying something like that because of the world that she's from, right in the, in the husband that she has.

And the plus, you have to step outside of it and put yourself in her shoes and say, hey, you know what? I have a husband or I have a significant other. And there's been times where I wanted to feel validated because you know, hey, he gets all this attention and it's sometimes I just don't feel like I get as much attention as that other person does. Right. So like, just take yourself out, step yourself outside of the situation and put yourself in that person's shoes and just say, hey, you know, I do understand where she come in front of it. Right,

right, right. All the hard. But I do understand, and let me put out or just put, put, put out there, the fact that from a different perspective is that they were dating when they were so young. Yes. And they

married, they married at what, 20 years? I would certainly right out to college. So they were young. They don't know any better. They just know each other. And the person that I show was a, you know, at 15, of course she's not that, she wasn't that person at 20 and she's not that person now that she was at 20 years of age when she married. And so, you know, I just wanted to make that clear that, you know, that probably has something to do with it as well. Or it could, I'm not gonna say probably, but it could for sure. Um, because we're just not the same person.

Right. We're not the same person. Um, and we're changing everyday. Our perspectives are changing, you know, our desires are changing. And so, um, just, you know, I, I just understand, um, being in that place, especially, you know, marrying young, and I didn't marry young, but I'm just like, man, like I was still out there trying to, you know, have fun is that know we were in a club, like I was in college having the my best lies and able dogs, you know, living my best life on the Alabama ANUMs campus. So I wasn't even thinking about marriage, you know, but for somebody who, and I know people who marry young and, and just like, not only did she marry young, but she's 30 already with three children. That's very, you know, I'm 33 with one child. So, you know, it's just that, that's a lot in right. Marriage alone is a lot and you throw, not one but two wet, but really children in here that say whole, I live in that life, I don't know, open. And then you have to look at your beautiful mother-in-law and just be like, I hate

you were just so fit in policy. You know, she's, she's trying to struggle or she's not struggling, but she's just working towards getting back. So I'm sure the place that she was in before. Sure. And understandable. Yeah, totally, totally. I mean, I agree with all the statements that you were saying, but like to piggyback, I hope let Joey say like you're trying to find yourself and that's what she's trying to do. Like she's literally been married to this man for a very long part of her life. She's been only with this man for all, for since she's been 15 and now she's 30 with three kids. And during that point in your life, you change, you go through different phases. Um, she, it may have been an insecurity of hers as far as her looks for majority of her life. She may not struggle with that, but right now in her life, that is one of her insecurities.

Um, and I just feel like right now she just trying to find who she is and become that woman that she wants to be. And um, yeah, I mean, I feel like every woman goes through that phase. I know I have. So it's just like I could feel where she coming from. I ain't gonna knock her. I'm just gonna sit up here and be like, girl, I feel you on, you know what I said? That was the last thing I was going to say. Did I? If I didn't, I was thinking that, but it's not. Um, I also want to say one more thing is that, you know, when you're in a relationship or you've been in a relationship, I know for me, you know, I like, I like to get dressed up for my man. You know, I, I liked that and I'm not, because I'm competing with another woman know that they even married to me, but just, you know, I, I want him to be like, man, like she bad.

And you know, when other men make comments, like it's just like, it makes me feel good, not because I want that I know me, but it's just like, man, he lucky. Hey Bro, you're lucky you are, unless you are lucky. And not only am I thinking that he's lucky, but it's like, man, when he, in his mind it's like, you know what, she is bad and that are my family do have something special. So that's, that's another point that I wanted to make that it's not, it's not negative. You know, they're, they're different ways to look at this Ayesha Curry, um, confession. But, um, but I don't necessarily see that it's, it's, it's in a negative light. Listeners, please, um, tune and let us know like what you thought about that Asia Korea situation. Did you feel like it was, um, taken out of proportion? Are you on the rest of the Twitter and meme and Instagram world against her?

Just give us some of your thoughts. So now we're going to talk about the topic of the hour. Hair, hair, hair, hair. You can't get enough of hair. Oh yeah. Hair is a thing. It is a real big thing, especially in the black community. Um, so we're going to talk about one. The first thing is everybody has heard this once, maybe twice, maybe a dozen times in their life. The words good hair. So we're gonna talk about what good hair means to us as individuals. Do we like it? We're just going to sit up here and talk about that topic and then we're also going to talk about our own hair journey. So what a hair means. Y'All, when y'all here. Oh girl, you got that good hair. Um, well I think it means that when they say it like that, that means that you have this extremely fine curly, um, hair.

But when I think of good hair, I think of hair that is healthy. Yeah. Oh, that's good. Yeah. I would think of hair that is healthy. That's good hair to me because a lot of times people equate length to health. There's not already misses, not the same. I, uh, I think that sometimes too is also his misconstrued to be considered long straight hair though. I mean the good hairpiece normally comes with the length. Like people normally associate good hair with how long it is. And I just think this, like you said, a misconception cause long care doesn't equate to good hair and you really have to maintain and make it your own. I mean everyone doesn't have to have long hair to have good hair. I mean it'd be beautiful. I look at baby like, I mean she's epitome of you do not need hair to be beautiful.

No Way. Wait, it doesn't mean everybody can put it off. Cause I knew I couldn't pull it off because I got to know you're still, I think that you make your own good quote unquote good hair. Yeah, for sure. Like just cause you have long hair, you have long hair with splitting ends, you could have long hair that needs to be layered. You can have long hair down your back, but it's not healthy. So it's just like, just cause you have long hair doesn't mean you have good hair per se. And I agree with what you guys said as far as, um, to me good hair means healthy. Good hair doesn't mean nice, Silky, wavy, um, straight or anything like that. It always just means like, oh, you have a head full of healthy hair, whether that be fic, core spore, whether that be curly, wavy, long.

I'm straight, you know, just if you have healthy hair, that to me equates good hair. That's a good definition. Yeah, I agree. I agree. So now we're going to talk about what kind of here we have on our head and our hair journey, um, since we've been little girls all way to the point that we are now. So I'll go ahead and start. Um, I have currently a fade and I've had a fade for, I wanna say almost four to five years now. How did, like, I always wanted to know like where you are in the shop. They just, they just could have, I'm just going, oh no, that was definitely [inaudible] that was not, it all happened. So, um, when it comes, when it came to me, excuse me, I'm cutting my hair off. I always contemplated going back and forth with cutting my hair because I would see pictures and I would see, um, women with fades and I would just be like, oh, I think that's really pretty.

I think I want to try something like that. But I was too scared to do it. And then I always thought my mom and daddy was going to kill me. So I just never did it. And then I came to a point, I was in graduate school at the time, they all burn and I really was getting tired of doing my hair before I cut my hair. I had a pixie cut. I always had short hair for a very long time in my life. Um, and I have like chorus for hair. My hair is a fade now, but law Jesus, I got some thick hair on my head and you can see it. Um, but before at that I had a pixie cut and I loved my hair. I had real short sides. And then I had a long, I'm here in the front and I cut that from time to time.

I, I, we could it really low. Then I would let the top grow all the way out and have the swoop bang and all that kind of stuff. I would flip it up, all different types of little hairstyles I would do. Um, but I just really got tired of [inaudible] of doing my hair and during that time I've always been back and forth over

learning how to do my hair and tame it and keep it together. Um, I got to a point where, you know, I would get relaxed and I had a lot of bad experiences getting my hair relaxed in state Alabama when I was in Undergrad as well, well in Undergrad. So I learned and I just stopped going to people in Alabama. So I just decided to always go back to my hairstylist in Atlanta. She'd been doing my hair since I was in 11th grade.

Shout out to her, Cindy. Renee is the best when it comes to short hair, long hair, but definitely short hair. She kept me in text y'all. Um, but yeah, I would always go back to her and get my hair relaxed. But in the meantime, when I was doing it by myself, um, I would always have to figure out how to try to mimic her styling my hair and I could never quite get it to the, the hell, the healthy quality and how it felt and everything like that. Um, so I would just get tired of and be like, you know what? I try my best. I would try different things, different products, different ways of curling need. And I just went, you know what? I'm done. I was just like, you know what? I think I really want to cut my hair off, but I wasn't, I was kinda riding the fields.

I was rattling the fence of like, okay, I can cut it. But I was so, so, and social nervous. What was your initial feeling when you turned around and you looked into the mirror? The initial feeling was just like, oh my gosh. It like, this really looks really good. Oh, Hick likes amazing. But it was still very nerve wracking. Like how I got to the shop to get my hair cut was my husband. I was literally in the car. I remember we were here in Birmingham, we were in the car and we were driving and I was just like, you know what, God dog, I'm tired of my hair is getting on my nerves. And uh, I said, I just wish I could cut it off. And then Joseph was just like word. I was like, yes, I was, I'm told tired of it. And he was just like, at the time we just passed his barbershop and he said, uh, you, you, you for real.

I was just like, well, wherever your foot takes you or you know, whatever. Not Thinking that he was serious and he literally drove past it, did a u turn. We pulled up at the barber shop. He said, okay, we hear, you know, Oh my God. And I was so nervous. I was so nervous. I was like, you know, I'm not getting out the car. He was like, yes, you are getting out the car. He was like, you're getting out of the car now. And I was just like, he's like, I'm not leaving. He was like, you keep complaining about your hair and I'm tired. You complain about your hair, let's go. And I say, okay, how's I let's do it today. I was like, you know what, who is the least that can happen, you know, whatever. Whatever. Yeah. And so I was barely nervous, a wet, my hair was going look, my head shape was going to look like, cause I always thought I had a big head until I cut my hair and then they really have a smaller head than when I envision.

Um, but yeah, so literally he took me to his bomber and his, his Barbara, Dave, he charged me $10, cut all my hair off. Oh, I'm shout out to him. Um, [inaudible] literally when it all hit the floor, Joseph had it on recording. He literally, we recorded the whole thing. All the hair was hitting the floor. I was just like, oh my God, am I God am I game? I saying, I just kept saying, my mom and Daddy gonna kill me. My Mama and Daddy gonna kill me. My mom and Daddy gonna kill me. And literally he turned me around and I was just like, oh,


And I was like, I actually liked this. And, and ever since then, every day after that, it has grown on me thus far. And it's just being, when I say liberating, it's been the most liberating hairstyle I've had in my entire life. Wow. And I will never have hair again. Um, I won't like people always ask me, you can grow your hair out. [inaudible] I think about it. The only thing I would do is grow the top out, but I still don't

want to do that because I don't like the in between presses. I don't be with it. So I just went and cut the junk off. And so like, I just will never have hair again. It's the most easiest, most, uh, less easiest thing to maintain. All I gotta do is brush my hair. Y'All, I'm so, I love here, but I don't, and I just, yeah. And then it goes back to the whole what works for you and what you're trying to particularly it works for me because I know personally I don't believe that I could do it.

I mean, yeah,

I feel like anybody can try to do it and that's a huge shock. It isn't tried. What's it been like? Anybody can really try to do it. Um, one thing that I feel like it just people Kinda, they'll do it and then they just put on a wig or something. I'll grow their hair back out is when they feel like they don't look nice with it. And then too, you have to have a certain type of competence with the yes, yes. You have a short yes or even the bald head as a woman. And so if you don't have that competence within yourself [inaudible] you can have this hairstyle. Right, right. Yeah. So, yeah. So that's been my journey when it comes to like, um, the fade game. Um, but before that y'all keys is Lord, I had some issues with my hair. I've had quick weaves.

I've had, uh, solenoids that went wrong where I was balling in some spots. I had to cut my hair out because I had a dread growing up my head. I have to, um, I've had to, uh, I've cut, I've cut my hair really, really short. I've had it longer in their front. I've used, I used to wear a Bob for a really long time. Um, when I was the longest my hair has ever been in my life is when I was a little girl, like five years old. My mom relaxed my hair when I was a very young age. Um, I think I was like, hm. Anywhere from like five, six to eight, cause she didn't know what to do with my hair cause it was really, really thick. And so she's like, I need to relax this stuff right here. Growing dashes, what people did when, oh yeah, back in the day.

And so I was just like, but the longest my hair has ever been was when I was a younger girl. And then moving forward, uh, I just, I don't know, as my daddy say it, I never knew what to do with my hair. Um, which I kind of really didn't. I was always trying to figure out how to do my hair and learn how to, um, do my hair to make it mimic what my stylist did. And it was just very hard and I just realize, I was like, you know what you're are, you is not a hairstyle if you are not a cotton town. Right. Let it go. Right, right, right. But I did, I did enjoy my journey and my n in being able to wear different hairstyles. The most thing that I miss is a braids. I really love braids. Braids were fine. Um, I know when I was younger I couldn't get, uh, braids. Uh, I can only do cornrows. My Mama wouldn't let me do. Um, what do you call it in microbrews?

You said little micro braids, but my mommy when the moon. Um, but yeah, so my hair journey has been, I've done everything. We breeds quick weaves, sewing jeans, all that kind of stuff. I think it's fine. I live here, but I don't know parents, saints. Right. Maybe I love your story because it reminds me of my mom. My mom has a fade. Oh No, she has a fade and her hair can get down her bag and she is just like you. She's like, I will never have hair again. And she's actually told me she's contemplated, but she's actually told me that when she looks in the mirror, she doesn't even know who she is with hair. Wow. I get the Newfield natural anymore. Like it's just, what is that? Like who is this stranger? Oh, who is this stranger? Almost like Amber Rose a fake too. Cause I want to see her [inaudible] take that week off. Right, right. But yes. Joy. What would you say your transition or your motivation is? Lord, I think, I feel like I have kind of a long story, so mad. The most boring.

[inaudible] so I have,

my mom has, I feel like I don't even know if my mom, that's a good question. I need to ask her. Has she ever had a perm? Um, but as long as I can remember, she's been natural. And so she raised me to be natural. Like I couldn't get a perm. I had to beg her to get a perm because, and I didn't even really know what a perm actually did, but because everybody had one, I'm like, oh, please let me get a perm. So I think I got my first perm in maybe eighth grade. No, no, not eighth grade, I think 10th grade. Very high school. Yeah. 10th grade or 11th grade. Oh, I would have known this maybe a few years ago. Mommy brain. Um, but I think it was 10th, 10th or 11th grade. I got a perm, maybe 11th grade, but it was for prompts or maybe 11th grade I got a perm.

And, um, after I got it, I was like, hmm, this is what it does. Right. And so I was like, man, I just wasted all that energy begging. Yeah. So I ended up going back to, um, back to mum is natural state and then 12th grade prom came around and I went and got a permit. And so again, I'm like, okay, so here, like, man, I wasted that again. So I kept the perm though. And then I think I got my last perm in my freshman year at a Alabama and m go bulldogs elbow dog, I'll wait for you here and this entire day we die. Um, but I think I got my first per my last perm up freshman in high school in, I mean, I'm sorry, a and m. And um, I realized, I was like, you know, where I've always wanted locks just like you, you know, you always want to try the fe after that.

I always want it locks, but I was so fearful, so fearful of how I would look because of that pressure. You know, everybody knew Joey with the long hair and you know, what would I have to do? Cut My hair, of course. So that would be a major change that I didn't know if I was ready for. And so 10, 10, um, I'm sorry, sophomore year came around. I was like, you know what, to heck with it. I'm about to, uh, I'm not getting a prime again. I'm gonna start my logs. Yeah. And so the summer as started, I cut all my hair off, cut all my hair off. I'm talking about all my hair off. It wasn't as short as BB, it wasn't an actual fade, but it was like Pixie cut short. And so, um, as I get went and got, got it all cut off, get, um, two strand twist braids.

And then after I got, after my hair grew just a little bit more, I went and got it twisted to start my lock journey and I locked for seven years. Oh Wow. So, um, Yep. So I lot for seven years and then one day I was off work, um, in Knoxville, Tennessee. I was working for the y WCA and I was looking in the mirror and I had already been contemplating cutting my hair, but I didn't, I loved my lungs. Yeah. So I was just Kinda, Eh, don't really know what I'm gonna do. So I walked past the mirror, got some scissors, and I was like, okay, here we go. And, and so I was like, what the hell did I just do? And so, and keep in mind, my locks were literally down to my butt, like [inaudible] how long, where they were down to my butt. So I'm no exaggerations. So I cut them up to my shoulder and I was like, but I didn't, but y'all, I didn't cut all of my hair. I only could one side. And I was like, what I just do? And I said, well there's no turning back man. Yeah, one side is down to my butt and the other side is up to my shoulders. So I just had to do,

I'll just wait

and could all of them showed shoulder land and I said okay, by way. And so I picked my locks out so you can, you can this level calm your locks out. I picked my locks out with a Bobby pin. Oh Wow. With a Bobby pin and it didn't take, I heard stories where it took weeks. It only took me like a couple of days, but then also I'm sure it depends on the texture also. Depends on the texture of your hair for sure. I realized that after the fact. It does depend on the texture of your hair. So a, since about 2012, I guess I can say I've had a natural, no more perms. I'm only those couple of couple of occasions where I went and got a perm. But I've been natural ever since. Um, I typically wear my hair up because of the work that I do.

Um, and are we there yet or am I jumping the gun? No, you can say that. Okay. Yeah, that's fine. I typically wear my hair, um, uh, because of the work I do. Sorry. Um, spoiler. So at this very moment I have my hair loose and like a curly fro and it's actually my favorite way to wear my hair, but it takes so much time and effort because being natural, it doesn't last long. So I have to roll my hair every two days. Um, but it's my favorite way to wear my hair. And I've said as of one to two weeks ago that I was going to be more intentional about wearing my hair down and not up so much. So that's my new, that's my new goal. That's my new goal. What about the color? You have to explain the Co. So my colors blind.

Um, I've went blind when I had my lots healthy and blind. Yeah, I went blind when I had my locks and I remember walking into, um, my, my stylist shop at the time and she, she looked at me. I was the far because I've been away from way at school. It was the first time she had seen me with my life. She did your life. A natural hairstylist. Shout out to Sheena, the Laco aces. She and her, her girls did my locks. Um, so I love you Sheena. Um, and um, I'm sorry you got me off track. What was I talking about? You were saying how you got to the color of blue. Oh yeah. So I walked in my stylist at the time and she, she looked at me and was like, I,

no, y'all always helped me when I, when I [inaudible] no, y'all just always to get me back together.

Sometimes it's a mommy brain. So, um, so as you, I walked in the shop and she was like, oh no. Well, she say your locks are beautiful, but you're, that's your locks are just too dark. We have to do something about that. So I've been blind ever since I transitioned to red. I've had red locks that res never last. Um, but I am blind. Shout out to Courtney Kirk at Salon, Picasso in Birmingham, Alabama, where I went to get my, yes, she does my colors. So again, thank you. Courtney at Salon. Picasso. She was in one of my cousin's wedding. Okay. Okay girl. Yeah, she does my colors. So, um, she, she has fun. I've had a wild orchid, which is a purple color. I've had fiery red, like fire engine rage. I'm always scared, been scared to do that. I've had, and I don't know how many variations of blind, so she has a good time experimenting on my hair and I just let her, um, so yeah, it's about time for me to go get my roots touched up.

But I do love the upgrade. Look, right now, I do love toddler. I don't think I'll ever live my life without color. Like you're like my best friend. Like yes, yes. I love colors fun though. And I never would. The crazy thing is I've never wanted to be a blind. Never. I was like anti blonde. Like I would never be a blind and I didn't think it would even look good. And so she, she brought that out cause I had a disaster. My hair almost fell out. It was like that, look, it was this real pretty, it was real pretty. My other styles, which is why I switched. Um, my other style has been with me. I had been with her for a long time and this time I was like, oh no, this is enough for me to change. Um, but my hair almost fell out.

It was like a pretty wild, it was actually probably a little bit darker than then. Your, your throw a one color almost like the man. It was really barely, but I think it started eating up my hair and I was like, okay, this, I can't do this. I'm too particular about my hair. So somebody I saw a picture of Courtney's work and I called her and I was like, okay, keep me in. And I've been rocking with her ever since. Well, it's really good. You got the blonde, but it's a super healthy like I can thank you. Take care of it. Yes. Yes. So not in my boring story, my story because I mean to be honest, once you tell your story, literally I've never met anyone like you. [inaudible] I haven't. It's very, it's very interesting. So much pressure guys. I'm so, my hair story started, so for I guess when I was younger I've always had pretty long and thick hair, extremely thick. When I was younger and my mom, like it was deployment during Easter, she was hot comb and then like about it afternoon of Easter, it's time to do something else. Do it again. So big.

And so I would, I started going to this lady named Miss Earlene. I'll never forget her. She was laid out first went to w so I can say like, you know, you go into like a beautician. We used to just be my mom, but they was the first lady didn't really touch my hair outside my mom and she did a great job of like doing it with the hot cone. We did not have flood earners back then and I mean she would do like the whole little cute little twist and then curl and the points too, like a Braden in the front end. So I would mostly liked that. Of course when I was a little endurance during, during the summers I was able to give braids. And by Braise I mean I'm sitting in Mitsui, my mom's legs and she's breaking my actual hair. Um, I've never worn weave or extensions?

No. Oh wait, you mean like the to like down the middle and then like the to my grandma's around side. Well, I'll only do that in the house though. My mom, you can't go outside like, like that. But I will braid your hair in the house like that. You can not go. That is terrible. Why is she willing to pass on? No, no, no. She, oh, she won't play it. Oh No, no, no. She's like, no ma'am. You will not go outside looking like that. Bad. You call them Sealy braises sweetest braid. Isn't that Zealy? Well, I'm sorry.

That's just water. That was the first thing that pops up. So I danced that transition from there and I never had a perm until, and this is my mom went, we'll never do it. Study went out to my parents, went out of town, my best friend's mom, part of my hair, elm with the shop. Got My hair person, my mom with that parent's permission. Yeah, it could have been really bad. I've heard now that people that you've been sued over there where they come back and like the kids, they don't either with this like Ooh, she bombed it. She did it. And I mean real bold. I mean it looked nice. It was of course, you know, with the prime it makes it super straight. And I mean, I played sports, I played basketball in high school and college, so they helped a little bit as far as like me sweating a lot.

But I mean my parents, they would never like really? Okay. My mom has never had a perm, so she's from the age of just natural hair always. I mean at one point she had a phone when she was younger, so she's just never understood the whole pairing waves. So eventually I transitioned from that to a texturizer and I reward that pretty much throughout college. And primarily, I mean my hair has always pretty much been long. I mean I did go through a brief period in college, Bro was shoulder length, but nothing to the extremes that I've had of you. Chances of color. Like I did the unbury look and I ended up having to cut my ass off because like I say, you have to be with a person who's like extremely well with color because it ended up breaking off my ass and I was just like, I'm just going to cut it off because it's just, just not working out.

So I think when I started last, that was 2014 I cut my hair and then since then I just wanted just natural. Um, honestly when I came back from college is when I just transferred it all the way just straight to natural and I had to go through that period of, you know, training it and heaven and humidity blowing up. Cause I mean it's just, it's just not used to it and you do have to go through that whole process. Um, so transitioned from then, now I'm natural. I do the twist says now to quote unquote be natural. And I mean I um, my hair is pretty much, I don't really know how to describe it. I guess it'd be like, I don't know, like Joan, I guess off of girlfriends maybe that would be the most comparable I can think of. It is nice and long and it's beautiful. It is what? It's shiny, but thank you panting.

So yeah, that's my short, sweet story. Okay. Person tool to use painting. Yeah. Well it's the [inaudible] and leaving conditioners. Oh. And during the summers when I play a you best lock of get my hair, car and road. But I couldn't go to school with my hair color. Like what breaks. Oh. So, so have you ever had weeds? No, I've never had. I've never have. You had, have you ever had braids? Yes. No, never had rose. See that's why I told you I've never met anybody like sparkler. Nobody. She never, never had break freak

everybody out. Cause like my friends joke with me all the time and I'm like, I'm just, cause they said they'll get their hair braided. I'm like, I'm gonna do that too. And they're like, just like whatever role. But the row day eyes, I just, I've never done it. I don't know.

I mean I don't think anything is wrong with it at all. I mean majority of my friends they do. So if they all look beautiful with it, they do braise. They all look gorgeous with, I mean, it's just not been my thing, you know? That's why I think you just got to dance. You need to, you right. This ain't like, that's really cool. I'm like, when you told me that, I was like, really? I know she's never had any type of weaves. She's never had any type of, uh, braids. I thought that was neat. Everything. I went to college and I got my hair micro Brady with my hair and when I was taking it down like my, you know, you'd be in the roommates and all that. They were, they were thinking, you know, they all had like, right, exactly. They never lay down. And when she one line like it's true. I mean it's just, it is what it is. I mean, your stories have the

make me think about my sister's story. Um, I guess my mom learned from me. She did not give my sister a relaxer. She was just like, no, I think she's just going to be natural. So me and my sister have totally two different hair textures. So, um, her hair and her texture is that Nice, soft, wavy, curly type of hair. I had that course for Nice, thick and thin.

Okay. And so, um, so

from like forever, she's never like, she's still never, ever had a texturizer. She's never had a relaxer. She's always had her hair and live in her beautiful until it is. It really is. Um, her hair texture has changed over the years. Um, the only thing that she's, and I don't think, well she has had weed before. She's had a couple of swings when she was an Undergrad, when she wanted to do a Bob cause she wanted to play around with shorter hair. Here's always been long. So that was her way of saying, okay, I want some short here so I'll go ahead and do a so n and then she's played around with breeze. She definitely loved braids as her protective style because you know when you're an Undergrad you just don't want to do your hair [inaudible] you try to do things and things that, I think that's a common misconception though.

I just always feel, I hate the stigma. You know, all black women have extensions or we they want to create it. If it was first we had to understand that started with other cultures that brought that in and then we kind of took it on and made it our own. But don't get it misconstrued. Not every black person is warn. We've not, every black person with long care has extensions. I mean, I get that all the time. It's like, I want, that's all you, that's what I say. No. Like that's the cue. It's like, I was like, yeah, what you mean is okay. It's possible.

Exactly. Yeah. It definitely is possible. This was like, I feel like more now women wear their natural hair. Oh, it's a wave. I love this way. If we a whit now, it's become a trend. It's become, it's even gotten to the point where so mainstream that it's become super acceptable. Right. And which, I don't know why it's taken so long, but whatever. Um, but I, I really love the whole natural hair, uh, wave that we're going into. Um, you know, just to take it back to, you know, our ancestors and things of that nature. They would probably be rolling around in a grave and they saw my head because, you know, the short hair, like mine is a woman. You, you know, that was just not a thing to do. Um, it was, you know, you loved your hair, grew it out, right. Um, women didn't start chopping off their hair until they went into slavery.

Um, so, you know, it is a different way to look at that. Um, you know, I don't necessarily see it as in that perspective, in that light. Um, I don't see it as, you know, me cutting up my hair. I don't love myself. I

saw it as, you know, I do love myself and I, you know, I see that a different, yeah, I love myself enough to chop off all the hair that I grew on my head. Did you ever see 'em Napoli aircraft? It was not late then. Oh No, I never saw it. I really want to know. So good. I really just spun it cause when she first got her hair off though, people would answer about cancer. So I don't understand why people love to associate short hair bald and as you have cancer, that is not the same thing. There's a lot of women who cut their hair off for the first time and they don't have to be sick in order to cut their hair off.

It is something that I want to say, it's something that women like to try to see, one, how liberating it is to, if it looks good on them and three, if they have the confidence to pull it off. So I don't think it has anything to do with, you know, you being sick. There are women of course that have cancer and that are balled and that have a fade because of such. Um, but and then shout out to those women and lots of them all day. I have a girl in the gym like that. She comes in, I mean just literally ball hit and then she just, I mean walks around with the most confidence. She's far being the most confident person in the room and I love it for sure. This was like shout out to the survivors who have cancer and that have um, who've gone through, they have a definite care journey.

Yes. Um, so yeah, shout out to them in, shout out to my nail tech. I know I came to you in a while cause I've been sitting up here trying to, you know, do better in life, but shout out to her. She's bald head y'all. She beautiful. And I love her a ball head. And sometimes I almost think about being going bald, but I just get a little slit. You have been here for it. She really bored. But I still be kind of skeptical like boy and how long would I be ball because my hair really grows fast. Um, so I don't think I would be bald that long, but I think it'd be something that I'd like to try. Um, but yeah, you know, don't sit up here and be talking about women because they, shit, they cut their hair off making the sick.

That's not nice. That's not nice because you really, you targeted folks who have, who are sick and they look like that. Um, so yeah, it's definitely not accurate. So, so when you had your many styles, and this goes for you too as well. Oh, Joey, what, what style got you to most compliments, I guess either from the opposite sex or same sex, like who knows you the most depending on how your hairstyle was, like who gave you the most couple minutes on that style? Either one. Wacko purse. Um, to be honest, I receive the most compliments in my entire life since I've cut my hair off. Oh yeah. I'm not, we actually have a model out of town. They asked me if I'm a model, they asked me if I'm from Africa. They just come up to me. I understand is gorgeous. Beautiful. Thank you. I get it from my mom and my dad.


Um, but I, I literally have gotten women who stopped me in the, like the mall in the middle of the street and I'm walking in there say, you know what, I'm not gay. I'm, I, I just really have to tell you how gorgeous and how beautiful you are. And it just caught me off guard because I'm not an ugly woman, but I've never gotten that in my life as much as I've gotten since I've cut my hair. Oh. I usually carry, maybe you cut your hair, maybe you can get some color shade.


Oh, I love my chance. And I was like, I, I get it from men. I get it from women. Um, I, the compliments has, has been, it's like I'm not even, I'm walking down the street, minding my own business and I have random strangers come up to me with the, they let me know, like, we're sitting at the bar. People just

tap or soda. I'm like, I just want to let you know. Yeah, you're the most beautiful person. You just literally cut it up just in your life.

Well, what about [inaudible]? Like literally

like, Yo, he catches me off guard because before I cut my hair, I would not get any type of compliments like that. It would be your teeth. Cute. You got pretty cheap.

Well, I think if we're going to,
no, you're very unique and yeah, I did come here. And because you're, I mean, I don't know

what it was like before, but because your hair is so short now, people are able to just take in your beauty, your features through your future, your features. Yes, true. That's true. And if it's not, let me tell you. So I dream of having a fade. I do. I do. I really do. I really do. I love your hair. I drew, I hadn't drowned. Love Yours. I have dreamed of having a fake. Thank you. I've dreamed of having a faber years year. I mean, just a mess. My big four here.

Oh, what
this, look at this [inaudible] do not have a [inaudible]. Yes I do. Yes, I do know. Yes I do. Yes.

Thank you. [inaudible] y'all don't peanut gallery do earlier. [inaudible] I own. You have a big, we told you wrong. We told you wrong. How did they like, maybe you need to go back and get better. Maybe you smell Nice Mama.

Let's say it up. I'd be like, Oh, I love short hair. And if I didn't have this big forehead, I would so cut all my hair off. I would cut all my hair up. So I would be one of those people that would just randomly stop you and tell you how gorgeous you are. Oh, thank you guys. And shout out to all the random people that have given me compliments. Men and women alike, not to all the women with fade and balled out to y'all because it takes a lot of confidants to pull that off. And you guys was married to medicine La [inaudible] not a doctor on there. She was extremely tall. She had a literally a ball head and she rocked it. I mean, like I said, she had the most confidence in the room. Yes. Beautiful. So, so what about you Joey? Who Do you, how do you get, or what style gives you the most compliments or where?

I'm sure you're a lot, Scott. You a lot of attention. Yeah, my locks can be a lot. I've been here too long. My color gets me a lot of attention. No matter. I'm like, clearly I said earlier, it's time for me to go and get it. Let people act like this is fresh color. But when we looked good though, cause you know, to be honest Joey, it takes a lot to get your hair that color and your killer is like really defined and beautiful. And a lot of women cannot pull off no plan, no leach bond. They try, but everybody can't do it. And like your color, it looks like, I don't know how often you get it done, but with a year. Oh, your hair really good.

Wow. I will say, Oh, I'm gonna, I'm gonna do better this year and it'll come back around and it will be a full year before I get it done. And my birthday is November 1st shout out to all the Scorpios out there. Um, or, and going back because I'm a bulldog. Um, I get my hair dyed every year before class. Yes. So

that is my, the class [inaudible] Alabama was class. Oh, classic is where we, um, go up against our arrival. Alabama state who is, oh no, no, no, no, no.

Oh No. We have support or me fired me, handle it, I'll get [inaudible] Alabama state. I've always worried about them. My parents went there. I didn't roof with mine. [inaudible] no, no. Yes you can't. No. It'd be like love me for my differences.

No, but that's the HBCU experience. I'm like the Alabama, Alabama state guys. It's been Birmingham, Alabama. Yes. Yes. So you will just witnessed all of the right witness, all of the culture, all of the football fans. Um, it is just an amazing experience. So I look forward to it. So yeah, every year, every year, right before classy, my bubble classy classic comes and my birthday's makes so okay. We can, we set for the year for like, you literally get your hair dyed once a year. Like there's women who have to get their hair dyed, that color align and your color looks like you get it dyed often. So maybe one theory. A shout out to Courtney Kirk again. It's a lumper. Caso yes. Seventh Avenue South. You want to put the phone number? Email, you can Google bed.

So I'll have to say that I get the most compliments all the time is a curly. I'll have to say that. That's when I get the, I guess maybe then from guys and girls it would be when it's curly. Um, and sometimes when is straight, it just depends on the individual I guess their goals and then they see me and it's like, oh, this is what I wanted this to look that I'm trying to achieve. But definitely what is cooler than what most is going to be. Then I have uh, highlights in my hair right now. I'm going to get some more, he knows some of 2019 coming upon that as a dazzle. Yeah. I'm at the tone at tying up a little bit. So y'all, we are going to take a quick break and talk more about hair. So stay tuned. Stay tuned. We'll be right back.

What about like at night, how do you guys prepare for your head as so it depends. Um, I would, if it's just story, I mean, of course that due to typical rep as I do not sleep in a bunny, I sleep with a scar phone star game, right game where my hair is natural. Of course I have to sit up at night and that's a whole different process. Like Joe was saying with the national, it does take a little bit more work than just when it's twisted and use perm rods or you just twist it sleeker cities people so they can look like me. Oh, okay. Oh, just miss me. Oh No, just joking. No, I would definitely would probably give more definition at the end. We can do a whole, like I guess picture now that we have an Instagram up and put up some natural hair products and tell you guys our processes at night. But I definitely do the scarf game over here. How about you Joey? What you do?

Yeah, I do absolutely nothing. Nothing. I am terrible at products. I'm terrible at products. I buy them for Noah and then I just kind of randomly test them on my hair. But I am terrible air products. Um, I literally washed my hair and yeah, just valid that, whichever way out, feel, lay it too. Um, but I don't do anything. If I where I go between two styles, two styles only, that's either the curly fro which I told you I have now and my favorite or my up do. Um, which is, which is like, uh, two twists in the back and a full. Yeah. Um, but I don't do anything. I literally don't call my hair every day, regardless of which style. I sleep on a hot pink set and pillow. And so you might coworkers, my coworkers laugh at me. I actually had one to ask me the other day. Joe, what do you do to your hair? How do you sleep? How do you maintain? I literally flip my hair up the one side.

Oh my God. I thought you'd like that girl on Friday who like hit her. Hey. Rested our hand. No, no, no, no. Why are you leaving? Oh, I'm gone.

When I first got my hair done, I am going to sleep.

No restrictions here. I'd literally flip my hair to one side just up as if I'm like trying to look cute or something and I go to bed. Wow. You sweat

at night. [inaudible] that's my issue. No hot at night. I don't sweat, answer my ac, the AC and all, it's just my body temperature is you need a fan as little things that we go sick personal problem. But now that gets you to the point to have, wait, does your significant other care about what Joey, you can say it's going to jail. We're not N***a head baby. I know my cousin showed me lay back, so I figured he probably wouldn't say anything. Oh no, he doesn't care at all. Um, so I just before, um, I've been wearing a scarf. A lot of people ask like, you know, [inaudible] right, I do. I want a scarves. Since I've had a fade, even before I had a fade, I wore bonnet. Um, I would go back and forth between a, um, a head wrapped and upon it. And then both when I had my fade, I do, all I do is put a scarf on.

And then recently Joseph bought me a do rag. And so that looked like teenage mutant Ninja Turtle. Um, when I put my dude rag on at nighttime, um, but I got to get these ways y'all gotta keep these waves on swim, you know, I know a lot of men, um, for some reason, uh, this is one thing that I, I just don't understand about women. Men for some reason, love to ask me, can I touch my, can they touch my hair? Oh, I don't like that. Um, and so I just, I don't get asked to, was like, well, I'll, you know, I got waves. What you try to put this shit [inaudible] you know what I'm saying? So it's just like, and then they always ask me like, how you get your wave like that. Right. Okay. You don't know you like, you don't know you a man, you don't, you'd have met through this phase. But anyway, it's there. They just show me flirting or whatever. So it's, I, you know, the flattery's nice. But Eh, until I can cut her off, don't touch my hand. Touching him. What you do at night. Oh well you guys are out the game now so you don't have to worry about dating new people with me and be saying I'm out shoe Boomi. I'm just saying like so my special friend now that Reno recall and

he sends me his me me's all the time about the me,

it sounds about like direct and I mean this is one in particular about this dog and the bathtub and they had the shower cap on their hair and it's like I wish we could get intimate. But you got there

so wait, first of all would never get into bed. So my hair wrapped though. So I would say I've done that a time or two. My [inaudible] that's what I'm saying. Y'All had the game, you and Josie. I don't have to go through those. I learned, remember on the first day I was like yo tonight as long as you [inaudible] it really it's just me though. We had to deal with things we have to consider cause I know you had the [inaudible] crazy the next day either. So it was like you got to choose.

Yeah you do. You do. So do you, you, so you always tell them that you're gonna wrap your hair up at nighttime in this particular instance of me meeting my sister right now, yeah, I told him at dinner, I was like, Yo, so you know tonight like I'm going to write with, it's considering

no surprises be ready but it may have a leper print but that's all you know. But it's wrap after cutting link because I'm only maybe listening to shout out to my mom.

Do we call you cuddles? Easy. Pelosi's he got a rep in heroin and Carl Huddle. Deer remedy my bed cuddling you pain but damn get it right. Get it tight. There have been no, I'm here for eight.

You guys think about weeks. Women in wigs. I never thought about it. Don't you take it off at night? Well I mean in those situations when you and with your cuddling, do you really want to take it off? No, I didn't think about that. What are you scared is going to fall off?


We've got to get somebody over here though. That where we is. I feel like I've heard both, cause I have friends who, um, uh, wear wigs. Um, shout out to my best friend Kat. She makes the best weeks herself. She's just great. Oh my God. She colors them. Um, she does take them to go get cut, but she colors them herself and she makes them herself as well. Um, but yeah, I've had friends tell me that sometimes they keep them on. It depends on the person and sometimes they, if they're feel a little bit more comfortable to take it off and be like, Hey, this is just me. This is who we need. Right. Um, but yeah, man, I just, I feel like it just depends on the person. Right. Who you're with at the time. If you really want to show them, hey, this is what my hair looks like underneath the week. Right. So yeah, because I always thought that it was tied down with burgers or something underneath. I don't know, I just felt like I'll movies out and see people. It depends. Most of the time it's usually braided underneath. Okay. So you just take that off and just go with it. You just, you literally take the wig off, you put it on the bed or

did they ever be on the side? On the tables thing,

you know, afterwards you have the wig cap on so you can either sleep with just the wig cap on and your brakes will be underneath or you could take the whole week cap off and you let your brain show your cornrows. Um, so I guess it just depends on the person. Interesting. Innocent. But be like Joey said, they may just fall off. So then you gonna wake up in the mango that, oh this one is like a different person, but different votes, different shows with different books. So this is true. Make it work. Um, for the weeks though. So now guys, I would like to talk about the topic of how you wear your hair to or interview or a date or just any special occasion to where you want to look your best and be perceived as your best. Like what is your goto hairstyle and bebe, you can start off with that cause I'm sure you're pretty straight forward. I'm pretty straight cut and dry. There's really nothing else there. I'm because I don't wear wigs. Um, nothing against wigs. Shout out to the girls who do wear them, but I just don't wear weeks. Um, it's just not my thing. So I literally wear when it comes to date night when it comes to interviews, when it comes to everything, right? I wear one type of hairstyle and that is my fade game. I do do designs. Um, so there been times where I have designs

in my head and I will wear a design to an interview. Um, I don't do crazy designs like some women do. I always try to avoid looking butch. So I, I don't do the dude looking designs either. Um, it's real nice and dainty and simplistic. Um, so I will do a design on my hair is always really nicely, freshly cut when I have an interview. Um, date night. It depends. Sometimes, you know, sometimes I may need a haircut and go on date night, you know, at school too. Um, I do do colors. I have gone on interviews with colors in my hair, my color, my hair is only been burgundy, um, twice and it's been a platinum blonde before. Um, I've actually done a whole presentation with my hair platinum blonde. I was kind of skeptical about that one. Um, but um, I did it and uh, nobody said anything to me.

Um, but yeah, so literally straight forward it's all I got is a fade game over here. Um, and then papa color every now and then. But usually my hair is always black and I also too will say when I wear my hair natural, I'm more particular about my clothes. Like, so if I were to go to the interview, I'm getting my, I'm going to be dressing a nine. Yeah. I'm, I feel like I have to be on just 10 with everything. And like you say, you did the presentation, but I'm sure your demeanor was so on po on point or on the car that they didn't even consider your hair, you know? Exactly. Cause I definitely could have judged me. They could have just been looking at me like, oh, this girl got bleached blonde hair. Right. You're talking to all these people. I was just like, yeah, cause I really was skeptical, but I went about to dye my hair back black just exactly. No, you take me. Right. Oh, and etre is in Birmingham tonight. We wish we could have been there. I know. We wish shout out to her. I'd love to see her. So that's really good to know. Joey, do you have any special tricks for interviewing?

No. Take me as I am. That's how I feel and you know like I really feel that way. Like it doesn't matter how big my hair is, it doesn't matter. Like, because I know for one, I'm always going to, my hair is always going to be neat for one. Exactly. It's always going to be new and healthy. Fall Line between natural and just like a mess. Yes. Yes. Because yes, that's important to note too. Just because you're natural doesn't mean it can be just all over your head. Right. That's not right. You need to, it needs to be tamed. It needs to be kept up. Um, you can't just have your head here all over your head thinking that, oh, I'm natural.

No, I know. That's real hot mic. Nevermind. [inaudible] right, right.

That's my mentality. I just feel like, you know, take me as I am because my hair is neat. Um, you know, other, other people of other races, they get to wear their hair in long ponytails and things of that nature. So you take me as I am and on a spiritual note, sometimes I have to drop that in there, but on a spiritual note, I truly believe like 100% that what is for me is for me. So it doesn't matter what I come to you as, how do I present myself, whether it's bone straight, I'm kinky, curly in an up, do whatever. If it's for me, I'll get it. If it's not, it wasn't for me in the first place. That's, that's a really

good spirit saying because sometimes you think, okay, if I call in like this and they're really gonna like me, and unless you came in, they're different. They may like you more example are so fickle, you can never really gauge [inaudible]. Right. And it's not, I don't, I don't feel like, you know, again, being neat is, is key and I don't feel like we is so like anyone has any right to judge us or tell us how we should wear our hair because it doesn't meet their standards because it's not their cultural norm. Right. Yeah. And I think too geographically location, like, I mean I would definitely feel more comfortable in a Atlanta or DC or Chicago or la with a natural state going into an interview than I would in Birmingham, Alabama. I'm just going to be totally 100% management fusion. Especially in my industry. I feel like you have to, it's a certain, I guess picture that I would think that the interviewee has in their mind is what is associated with a lawyer looks like.

And if you come in there on the opposite end of it, they're not going to be receptive. I don't care how polished of you, I don't care have accomplished you are, there's not going to see you for you. So in my opinion or in what I do for any areas, I want to say money. Right. And it's like you can't even see me because of my hair. You're thinking, oh where she's going to be too radical or maybe, and I mean my hair naturally isn't extreme as like, it's not like Angela Davis fro is a curly fro like it is and I want to, I would be cautious with even the, using the word fro cause at my hair really doesn't throw up, but I'm still just conscious of it when I walk in and I'm definitely going to show you my hair and it may sound crazy and maybe some people don't agree with it, but that's just what I'm going to do and unless you're going to hire me or join a business with me, I don't want to hear no criticism.

It's, that's me thinking that I have to strain my hair topically in interviews though, it is what it is. And definitely for date night, I think on the first time I'm going to show you my hair. Okay. So way. I just, I feel like that's just what I would prefer to be received as on the first it goes back to the interview. I mean dating is the interview I want to, on that first particular instance, have my hair sharing. I don't know why I'm just trying to go, well do they like the history? I mean I haven't gotten any plan so far.

Oh well we'll own it. No I don't cause she got me to download real point. No complaints. You know this, I was like, okay. All right. No, no, that's the truth. I think it's a little bit about, is that, um, the only thing I would like to say before we wrap it on up, um, what do you guys think about, cause I know we touched a lot on women here. What do you guys think about men here? Because I feel

like men nowadays in especially black culture, they're going from the fe game to dreads, to braids to, they're really getting back into growing their hair out. And women are going to the opposite fate of cutting their hair off. So what do you guys think about men growing their hair out?

I don't think it's fun. Um, I think it's fine now. I am okay with braids. I just do not like the old school braid supply. The [inaudible] straight to the bath looks terrible.

Yes. I'm not a fan of that. I'm not a fan of that. That's my only no. And if it looks a mess, if it's, you know, if it's uncapped, but you know, locks neatly braided hair with a style, I'm, yeah. For it. I'm here for, I'm here for it too. That's fair. Um, I'm the opposite.

Ah, [inaudible] bottle.
Is it important to have, I guess every city and you know, joys for, I'm for it too. And VB. I'm always here on an island by myself.

Standalone don't like whatever. Why you don't like it them, you just prefer the traditional logo. Well, I'll go wear high. I mean, I have no issue with that. You just don't like longer hair, like dreads and braids. My preference is in Jersey. I love trees. Yeah. I can't get with it. I don't know what it is about it. I can't.

Right. I'm here for

do a lot there. I used to. Oh yeah, I use a lot. Josie is here when he had locks. Y'All are real one. Yeah.

We went through the process together, sparky and be like, getting that like lock the door. That's the only thing we lacking over here. You can get out cause you think I'm a door lock your Arrow Bay Bay. Come meet him with the real quick math. Right. Then like dragon. Right. And this ain't what it is. Dialect. I mean this is preference. No preference.

Because I mean there's lots of women who just like no long hairdos don't do it for me. Right. You know, I ain't with the whole pulling your hair, you pull them hair. We can't do the same thing right now. What I'm not weird is men who wear their hair straight. Oh my hair. Oh yeah. Now I can no try. No, I don't even take a picture. No, exactly. Don't even take a picture like this. We're going to have some words. Don't talk. I'll be just like that. Yeah, no. Yeah, that's definitely not cute. This is nice. It's not that.

So, um, if anybody, if they have nobody has anything else to say, we're going go ahead and wrap it on up. I really love the topics that we touched base on today.

I hope you learned a lot about our hair journey. I hoped you learned about, um, just hair in general and how there's different phases of it, how it makes us feel as individuals, how with different hairstyles. It makes you feel like a different person. How you have a personal preference when it comes to your hair as well as others, other significant people in your lives here. Jason Fields, you can find him on Instagram at CUPE fields. He's awesome. Has definitely grown out. My national has a point where I'm loving it and I appreciate him and he's always available. Not always, but he's [inaudible]. Got You. Okay, great. If that's what you want him to do, done.

Well, I don't, but I appreciate it anyway. Um, I'm sorry. Okay. I just wanted to say one more time that no matter what your journey is, there is a perfect stylus for you. Oh, you don't visit Courtney Kirk Gets Alum Picasso. If you are strictly natural and you want that kinky curly look or braids, go see Sheena at the Lako aces. Google it. Sorry, I don't have the information, but salon, Picasso or um, Sheena at the LACOE aces in her team. Yes. And if you are in the Atlanta metropolitan area, specifically Stockbridge, Henry County, and you are looking for a hairstylist, she has her own shop. She's been in business long time. She's taken lots of classes and she's better, very, very knowledgeable when it comes to hair and color. Um, you should always look up Cindy Renee, she's awesome. Look her up on Instagram. She would make your hair grow back.

She would make it long. She will hit give you a popping color. She's been my hairstylist since I was in 11th grade. Um, and I actually went to her to die, get my hair colored before, so she's awesome. Just look her up if you're ever in that area. So before we am the knights, um, back to India, I re um, I always like to go and leave the night with a quote or affirmation. So I wanted to take the quote or the lyrics from her song. So just remember this ladies as well as gentlemen, I am not my hair. I am not this skin. I am not your expectations. No, I am not my hair. I am not this skin. I am the sole that lives within. So just take that within your daily lives when you're going through different hair phases, when you're experimenting, when you're, I'm taking a chance on a different hairstyle and trying to step outside your comfort zone just to know at the same time, regardless of what you're looking like now or what phase you're going in your life, you are not your hair. You are not your skin. You are the soul that lives within and let your soul extrude outward because literally who you are as an individual stands out way more than what you look like on the outside. So who you are inside stands out more than you do on the outside. I'm just remember that and just remember, have fun with hair. I always say it grow back, so cut it off. Um, but anyway, thank you guys, um, for tuning in to this episode of good bye. See Ya. Bye y'all.

This is go and you've just been glowed up ladies. Thanks for listening. We wouldn't be anything without freeway productions. Social media strategist, Shana Boykin music was created by Justin Williams. You can follow him. Ed J u s the number ten one zero underscore w follow us on instagram@globeladiesandsendusanyfeedbackandloveviaemailatcontactatheyglobeladies.com stayed til next week. Bye.

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