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You Cute Sis - You Did That

Okay, alright, teas go, I'm this. So brought to you by, that's good. Come stay with me. Glow up ladies podcast. This is the segment

you [inaudible] this. Okay? You hear me? You're cute. Says, okay. So you, you know when you have that framed or you need that boost of confidence and you always have that friend, it's like girl, you Q says, that is what this is. It's literally just giving you that boost of confidence. That person on your shoulder just saying, hey, you look good today. So the segment is really about styling tips. We're here to tell you about how you should dress when you go out to certain functions because everybody needs a little boost when it comes to styling. Me and Joey loved fashion. Unfortunately, spunky can be here today, but she sends her love. Shout out to her, spunky. Um, but yeah, she couldn't be here today. She said Y'all got ass. You know, I'm not with the fashion temps, but anyway, we're going to take care of it for her and we're going to enlighten you guys about how to dress for one graduation.

So a lot of people are graduating regardless if you're graduating from high school, if you're graduating from Undergrad, postdoctoral program, professional schools, there's people graduating all over the world in the end of April, may all the way through June to be honest. Um, so you know, you want to dress appropriately and then some people have issues on like how to dress appropriately when it comes to either attending a graduation or being the graduate themselves. So we're just going to give you some tips on how to make you look cute. This, okay. So the first thing I would like to say is the color. We're going to start with color that okay, Joey? Yes. Okay. So the colors, I say when it comes to graduation as a graduate, there are specific colors that you have to wear when it comes to certain schools. So I know I'm a and M, which my sister's graduating in May. She said, um, which is Alabama a and M in Huntsville.

She says that they're, they have to wear a white are either black, which some schools may, you know, have a strict type of a wardrobe and dress code that you have to align to, are adhered to. Some people don't do that though. They say you supposed to wear white and black and then they wear red gold, whatever other color, which is cool cause I mean you're graduating, who really cares. You're done with the school and it's under a cap and gown anyway, but you still want to look good. So if you have a specific dress code, try to adhere to the dress code cause you could still be cute with just wearing white and black. Um, some other colors that I would like to say are like, since we're getting into spring, summer, I would say anything past stale. So like if you know lavender's the light blues, the Greens, the yellows like a canary yellow or a mustard color, yellow paint, core rolls, pink and coral.

And those are premium. I love coral. [inaudible]. I, yeah, I can see that. Yeah, for sure. Mint. Oh man, it is really pretty. Oh my goodness. I saw this mint suit that, cause my sister wants to wear a suit, she doesn't want to wear a dress. And so she wants to wear a suit. So I saw this suit on Zara. It's meant color. Ooh, it's nice. I was just like, this is nice. And I think, um, also one color that people don't often, often don't consider is royal blue. [inaudible] yes. Royal [inaudible] you're blue. It's a very pretty color and it looks great on all right. In it. It particularly, I think it looks best when it comes to dresses and suits for sure. I like, yeah, I definitely like a nice royal blue suit. Pants or dress. Yep. I agree. All those colors. So like it doesn't really matter what color you wear, whatever is your favorite color or whatever color you look good in.

You could essentially wear it at graduation. Right. But again, it's how you wear it. So, you know, I know sometimes women like to wear, um, scantily class dresses sometimes, but that's not really appropriate when it comes to graduation. You have to sit up here and accentuate your flies in different ways. So, since we Kinda, you know, touched on the colors, um, and even if you're not a graduate and you're a guest, you can wear all these colors as well. Right. So, you know, just keep that in mind. If you attend

somebody's graduation, you don't really have a restriction. You can wear whatever color looks good on you. So when it comes to like dresses, since we're on the topic of dresses and you know, a situating the, um, all the nice care, uh, basically how your body looks. I would say for the dress length, I would say either a little above the knee, either t lymph, a pencil leg or either right under the knee. Yeah, anything like mid thigh that's too short. Um, even when you're a, a person attending the, uh, graduation, middling skirts and dresses, no,

because you, you ladies, you have to consider everything that you have to go through to get to the graduation. You have to often times walk long distances, you have to cross over numerous people and you don't want to be in the feeding area and trying to pull in constantly. Um, I know for me I've been there, done that annoying, uncomfortable and annoying. So keep that in mind

and keep that in mind. In general, when you're dressing for any occasion, it's just de realizing the setting that you will be environment, your environment, um, and how much maneuvering and moving you will have to do. Yeah, that is so true. Like even trying to get through all those people cause there's tons of people at graduation and if you have on a super short dresser's skirt, like you could, if you're, you know, some women have hips and bigger booty and things right up when you're walking. So just think about how you have to constantly pull that down or just worry about, oh, is my, is my dress or my skirt too short. So like you could avoid all that if you just keep in these lengths when it comes to dresses and skirts. So now I can move on to, we're going to move on to like dress types.

So there's a zillion types of dresses that you can wear, but I think these would be appropriate for the occasion. So anything from pleated Chiffon, lace, Bell Sleeve, a line, pop-over, meaty, floral fit and flare or shelved. Is there anything else you can think of when it comes to like the dress type itself? Um, nothing else that I can think of. I think you did a pretty good job of covering there. So with these examples you may be like, why in the world is a Chiffon, you know, but cause there's like so many different types of dress times you just made like what you like and you're just like, oh, I want to wear that. But a Chiffon dress or a, uh, it would be kind of, I would say it's kind of like a, uh, a flowy type of, it's more so for like a skirt, but they make it in dresses as well.

But it's like a flowy, it Kinda is like that see-through material innocence. So just think of anytime when you're going to a beach or something like that. A lot of women like to wear Chiffon because it's nice and reversible. It's flowy, it just reminds you of spring and summertime. So different things like that or cues. Um, a pop over meeting would be something that is off the shoulder. Um, and then it kind of literally what it says, it pops over your, um, your bus line. Um, and then it just gives you, you show off your shoulder and your, uh, your clavicle. And for those of you who still may be confused because you are not, um, into the world of fashion, um, it can also put you in the mindset of a fold over top. Yeah. It folds over covering your bust as BB mentioned.

So just wanting to make that clear to make sure everybody's on board with what and understands what we are, what we're talking about. And usually with pop over mateys they can either, the bottom of the dress could be a fitting flare or it could be more of a, um, kind of pencil skirt or a lime material. It, it can vary. So your, your pop over full. Um, Midi can be a different type of dress. It could be a combination of a fitting player, a, a pop over meaty with a, um, more of a fitted dress. Um, so just keep in mind they're very cute. Um, and I would like to provide examples with these so that way you can know what we're talking about. Just to give you an idea. Um,

and I, and I like to break it down so that people are very clear on what we're talking about, especially until you're able to see the examples. Um, but kind of sheath puts you in the mindset of a chic tee shirt dress to me. Um, and um, it typically follows a book just a little bit above the knee, right? Yep. Typically falls a little bit above the knee. Um, and you typically found them in solid print such as the pet pastels. They make them a lot in the past deals that we met, the colors that we mentioned earlier. Um, so it's like perfect for spring, summer and perfect for, um, graduations because it allows you the room to walk, run if absolutely necessary, um, while still looking chic. Cause you may have to catch up with that person in front of you, right. While stealing the licking while still looking chic and fabulous. So, um, I do, I do like the sheet, the dress, um, just because of the versatility.

[inaudible] I agree. I totally agree. So I would say any of those type dresses would be a great, great, great choice for graduation as a graduate or guest. Um, no I like to go into the pants. So as a graduate you can wear pants, you have the option to do so unless your school says no pants. But as a graduate you could do that. Um, pants are very, very instyle. They can be very, very chic. They could be very comfortable as well. Um, some women are not skirt and dress women and they really just like to wear a nice pant. Um, and you can wear depending on if you graduate in, cause if you graduate in the fall or or, yeah, if graduate in the fall or winter, you can always wear the whole suit itself. Um, but if you're graduating, say for instance right now, which is the springtime, then I would just recommend you wearing the pants.

And then if you want to, you could put the jacket on after you take your cap and gown off. Um, so if you want to wear like the colors that we mentioned earlier, a nice mint would be cute, a nice canary, yellow mustard color, yellow. Um, you can even wear red. You could wear whole white pantsuit if you would like to. Um, and even with pants you can keep in mind, you can wear a jumpsuit. Um, jumpsuits are very nice to wear as well. Um, they're very, uh, they make you look very streamline, um, and so to pants. So I would say consider doing those if you're not something, somebody who's comfortable wearing a dress or a skirt. So certain different pants that you could think of would be a nice cigarette. Pant and cigarette pants are really, really skinny. So just think of like when you're literally smoking a cigarette, literally that's how they will look at, look like on you when you're wearing them.

Um, another woman would be a why leg kind of flared leg, um, pant. I wouldn't necessarily recommend wearing those, but you totally can if that's your thing. Um, because you don't want to get it too long where you're tripping over your pants. And if you do get 'em long enough to make sure you were on a high enough heel, that way you won't trip over your, your pants. I'm a Palazzo. So that would kind of go into the hole, a flare leg pant so you could consider wearing something like that. And then straight leg, so straight leg, it's a little different from a cigarette pant. It's not as tight. I'm fitting to the ankle and it gives you a little bit more room on your, your at the end of your leg if you want to wear that. Any other pants she could think of?

Um, no, but I do want to say that, um, I loved the idea of wearing pants or jumpsuit to a graduation simply because most times when you're at a grudge present for graduation or you see, um, pictures the women have on dresses, yeah, that is the norm. And I hate looking like everyone else. I hate looking like everyone else. So I would encourage you to try something different, step outside of your norm and throw on some cute, um, cigarette pants or, um, Palazzo pants or a jumpsuit. Love jumpsuits. Oh, I love jumpsuits. Um, but, but try something different, um, and step outside of your box. So I would highly encourage, um, some type of pants I went to. If I could go back and graduate again, I will wear pants because both times I wore dress. Um, and I would say if I did it again, I would wear pants because I love pants.

I actually have more pants than I do dresses. But you know, I have, I love dresses at the same time. But if somebody sits from here and says, what are the one of your favorite garment? I would say pants all day. So a, at the end of the day, if you can wear a pant and you like wearing pants, wear pants and they're comfortable, yeah. And versatile and then you won't have to worry about pulling anything down. But I will put this in here. Sometimes women like the weapons and lots of tight. Yes. So keep in mind when you're wearing pants, you don't need them to be snugged snugs snug to your booty. Like they, you need to be able to breathe. You need to be able to sit comfortably. You need to be able to, your pants shouldn't be pulling at the, at your, your hip area. That means the pants are too tight or your thought, your or the fight. Yes. BB that's a great point because that is a great point and necessary

because we think that the tighter they are, the more they pull. Yes, the, the better they look. And that's absolutely the farthest from the truth that your pants, as BB said, should not be pulling. They should not be rolling in the thigh hip, but area they should, I think they should. They should lay against your skin, your body smoothly. They can still fit snug but also be smooth. Yes. Snug and smooth. Remember that

every new SNF, that's our tip for today. That's our tip for in smooth ladies. Come on. So, yeah, like I, it's just, I know a lot of women love to, you know, be sexual and sensual when they wear things. And that's great if you have a great body FloTool but at the same time you don't want to sit up here and accent things that don't need to be acting right. I can't, we go back to the occasion cause a time and a place for everything and that baby ain't it. Right. Okay. So we're gonna move aligned to, we kind of already touched based on like the suits because you can literally work where a full pant suit if you like. Um, again you can wear pastel or dark colors like just because you get, you graduate in the spring and summertime does not mean you cannot wear dark colors.

Like do not think that in your head dark colors are year round to be honest. Pastel colors are year round. It's just that people kind of like to steer away from them because it's just like, oh no, I feel like I look like an Easter egg. No, it's just the way you wear things. And then Dick, to me, white is all year round. I know some people don't like to wear white after Labor Day, but it's literally a myth. You don't have to do it right. I mean you, you can do it like, but I would always say I wear white all the time. Right.

Um, can I say one thing maybe. Um, so when we talk about color, I do want to point out that because of the seasons seat, um, spring and summer in addition to the pest Dale's, I think it's great to keep in mind and um, such a classic relaxed loose chic look. Shim Bray. Oh, Chambray yes. So for those of you who are unaware of what Chambray is, just a simple idea, um, is just like denim, a lightweight denim in a sense. Um, and you've seen it plenty of times, I'm sure on a s another person or as you were shopping. But Sham Sham Bryce skews me is one of those, um, materials that perfect that will be perfect for, um, spring and summer. And they make them in soups. Yes, they do. So you can find any suit in that, in that material and um, you would look so comfortable, so chic. Um,

and I just, I just love it. I love it. I totally agree and I love it for the occasion. I do, I love it for the occasion. And then that would be definitely a chambray suit or pant would be definitely good for a guest. Yes. That is something that I would definitely recommend if you're a guest to definitely wear. Oh. And as I guess just making me, it just came up. It just popped up in my mind. Um, if you're going to an outside graduation, which a lot of high school graduations are outside, um, you can always wear linen. It's a great time to bring out linen. Um, so just feel free to wear linen in different colors. Um, it's very nice and uh, keeps you cool and it makes you look nice. It does get a little wrinkly.

I love that was nice very much though. Look, it does get a little wrinkle, but you know, it does look, they look great and you in addition to that

getting wrinkled, you also have to consider whether or not you are an excessive sweater. Yeah.

If you sweat excessively, linen may not be the choice for you. Ain't true. Let's go back to the Chambray. Let's keep it there and let's keep it fair. It may not. So keep that in mind. Keep that in mind.

True. So true. And then I would like to add, when it comes to suits, if you want to wear a suit, you don't have to match the top with the bottom. You can always Mitch mix and match prints if you want to. I know a lot of people like to steer away from that cause they're like, ah, I don't know if that goes. But how fun with it. If you're somebody who likes to mix and match prints, do it with the suit. Do with it a best skirt and a top, you know, just feel free to play around with it. Let your attire speak about who you are. Um, now we can go into tops. So with tops, a lot of people don't really like to wear tops under, you know when they're going to, excuse me, that when they're going to, when they are a graduate, most of the time they wear dresses.

But if you're going to wear pants or pantsuit, you need to have a top on underneath. So keep that in mind. Um, so, um, you could literally wear anything from a lace top because lace is nice and breathable. It's year round. You can, lace is always great. You can wear something with a bell sleeve, you can do a nice little camisole. And then if you're wanting to put something underneath it, I mean, um, overrates afterwards, say for instance, if it's a little cooler you can throw on that suit. Jackets. Um, and anything silk or satin is really pretty to to put on, put on with a pair of pants to wear underneath your cap and gown as long as you don't sweat excessively.

Let that be clear. Another tip, if yes, sweat, don't put it on. Okay. Cause those types things matter cause

it's like you're sweating a lot and then they appear on the clothing and then it's not so cute anymore but exited everybody sweat. So it's not something that you can, you know, uh, get away from. But again, just take these things in mind when you're dressing for the occasion, just remembers Silky and sweaty, Silky and sweaty, Seddon and sweaty. Keep that in mind. I'm liking all these [inaudible] so I've been the last thing we could talk about our shoes. So shoes are a really, really, really, uh, it's a focal point. It really is. Cause just like you'll, you won't really see everything underneath your cap and gown until afterwards, but you will definitely see those shoes. Please see the shoes regardless if you're sitting down, standing up before graduation, after graduation, the shoes are a focal point. So I know a lot of people, um, don't like to wear heels.

And then there are women who love to wear heels. So we just have, you know, to play on the Beth best of both worlds there. So the women who don't like to wear heels, you can wear flats. You can totally wear flats to graduation. Don't let anybody sit up here and tell you that you can't flats or your best friend flats are better for your feet anyway. So go ahead and wear those flats. They're great. They're awesome. Um, just make sure it is a dainty looking flat. Don't put on your mas, um, flat. That's not cute. You want it to be cute. You know, you want to be cute. Remember you cute cysts so you, you don't want to put on grandma shoes. Okay? That's not cute. Not saying that grandma's not cute, but you know, so, um, for the ladies who love to wear heels, there are a different type of heels that you can wear.

There are women who like to wear wedges. You can wear a wedge to a graduation. That's perfectly fine as a guest as well as a graduate. You can wear a high heel or pump, you can wear those. But I would like to keep in mind that heel needs to be either wearing anywhere from three to four inches. Anything higher than a three to four inch hill is too much. Those stripper heels, leave them at home, leave them for the club that is not, or not inappropriate this saying or not at all. Throw the whole shoe away. They're not appropriate for the occasion. They're not appropriate for a lot of occasions, but if you want to wear them, if the shoe fits, wear it. Um, but yeah, I just, three to five inches or a nice wage would be perfect for a, as a graduate or for, I guess make sure that your shoe is the correct size. Oh yes. Make sure that your shoe is the correct size because the audience will be able to see that shoe. If it's pretty flopping flopping you coming out your shoes, you're coming out your shoes. Since I see you, you look cute, but you're coming at your shoes. Yeah, it happens every,

how are we going to bring it up? [inaudible] must bring that up because it happens too often. It happens too often. Yeah,

please, please shop in advance. You can find a shoe that fits your foot. Perfect. Yes, yes. They choose shoe per your foot perfectly.

And if the, if the shoe, if you have to get a shoe that's a little bit bigger because the other one was too tight or too small and the other like if you wear a size seven and for some reason the size seven was too tight and you had to go up to a size eight and it was still just a little too big, but this two, the size seven was just too tight, then I would advise just sticking some type of little tissue in that size eight that way can fill up the rest of the shoe. That way you won't be flapping every or you can go to Walmart and get you a doctor. Shows Insert. Yes. Because those are great plug doctor shells. Hey, hey, hey, have you ever want to sponsor us doctor Scholls we'd love that. Um, but anyway, um, it would, it would definitely, uh, it would, it would help you in the long run because not only do does your, your shoe fit, but your feet are comfortable.

So you're gonna be standing up, you're going to be walking around, you're going to be doing a lot of different things during graduation so your feet may hurt. So hey were those doctor shows? They'll help in the long run. So I would say the only difference I will point out with between a guest and a graduate is as a gash. You can wear jeans. Just keep that in mind. Jeans are appropriate for a graduation, the distressed jeans. So, so I am, I'm not going to sit up here and say no totally, but I'm just going to know. I'm not going to say I highly recommend them. There's a different way that you can do things. Me Personally, I wouldn't wear distressed jeans to a graduation, but there are people that have, I would wear, if you're going to wear jeans, have a nice boot cut, a nice fit and player. I'm a nice y leg pants. Something like that would be appropriate for a gene. Um, so if you're going to wear a Jean, so just keep that in mind. Distressed, not so much, but if you really want to do it and that's how you want to be cute. Hm. Oh, I'll take it.

Just a quick thing about accessories, um, for graduates. Um, be mindful that your tassel will be hanging. So large earrings, um, would probably be a no. Agreed. So make sure that you pick an earring that preferably a nice stud, Nice Day, a nice study doesn't have to be a small stood, but a nice size stood is more appropriate, um,

considering the fact that your task. So we'll be hanging, um, dangling school, uh, swinging all that. So just be mindful of the earring for sure. For sure. And then also since you brought up assessors, I would like to bring up here, so with every hairstyle, you know, it's not necessarily appropriate underneath a

cap. Um, so if you're trying to wear in rock up, do that because you're going to have a hat on your head. Um, and if you're trying to do like half up, half down again, I don't recommend that. So if you're going to wear a cap on your head, make sure you that your hair is down regardless if you wear your natural hair, if you wear braids, if you wear, um, straight hair, if you have no hair like me, you know, whatever, just make sure that it's appropriate for to be able to wear underneath a cap.

Um, because you know, I've actually never really seen anybody try to wear a up to, but I have seen some times where the hairstyle, the hat doesn't really fit on their head the way it's supposed to. So just keep in mind everything matters from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes, how you look regardless if you're the guest or the graduate really matters. So before we end, if Joey has nothing to say, I'll go ahead and wrap it on know. Okay. Okay. So before we, and I just want to give you some boost of confidence. I love affirmations and I'm always here for them. So our affirmation of the hour is going to be, you will go on to do great things. Let no one, I mean no one or nothing dim your light as a graduate. You're about to go into a new part of your life.

And so with that, there are going to come obstacles. But just keep in mind that you're going to go off to do great things and that you yourself are there to surpass and surpass those obstacles and do great things. So again, when you meet those people that are going to dim your light, just remember that we told you, don't let anybody or anything dim your lights. And so now that we have given you the fashion tips on how to dress for graduation, regardless if you're the graduate or the guests, always remember in the back of the head that you cute says

GUL. Your Hair, Your Crown

GUL. Your Hair, Your Crown