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From Gamers to Game-Makers

what up is the glitch girls gaming podcast. This is Jerica, uh, one of your hosts.

This is Kayla, your other host who may or may not have ticks on near God. I said that earlier and Jerrica like flipped out. So I will know the backstory behind wanderer cause scared of [inaudible].

Yeah, I needed to know the backstory of how you got ticks on your body in this room with me.

This is true. Yeah. I was just a, my parents live out in the country they live in, uh Oh. Oh Miss. We were live. Just kidding. Kidding. Well I don't live there with them, but I just went and was hanging out with them. They live kind of in the middle of nowhere. Um, but I love it there and we were just hanging out playing in the woods and you know, just honestly what I was trying to do, I love horses, love them. And so I was trying to get to where I could see them. Like I could see a pasture in the distance and I was like, I want to get there. Kinda like how Shannon, like when she said she was playing assassin's creed, she was like, this was on our last episode. If you haven't listened, she's hilarious. It was a great episode.

I loved it. Um, but I saw horses in the distance and I was like, I've got to get there and got to get to yours. Or my fiance like went around. My parents, they have like a big pond and so like there's no direct paths. We had to like scurry through like the foliage and like wow. Get through it all. So I may or may not have, I felt some stuff crawling on. Oh God, I've changed before I came here though. So I mean it might be left at houses. Things can live for a little while. Yeah. You have to like burn them and they pop. Have you ever done that?

No. God, no. No. I, if there's a tick I run like for real. Yeah. I've definitely had them attached to me before it. If you catch it early, it's not bad. That's actually, I've never had that happen before. Yeah, I've had it happen many times. I think it's just where I'm, how I've just, I just don't put myself in self in those situations, you know? Tell me the story, like what you said that something happened like third grade I need. Okay. So like my best friend, uh, Courtney, she, I hope she's listening to this because this story is so close to our hearts. Um, we were just like in third grade and I'll, but we were in a line like going to the water fountain. You know how like kids take turns in line getting water and I look up and she's in front of me.

I'll look up and I see a tick like in her hair and like it's not cross yet. Was it got attached? Oh No. Cause like I was just like tapping her and she just like bursts out, cry when I tell him like, you got a ticket in your hand kick and she's just like cries. Like from that day forward, I was like, I didn't realize it was that easy to get these suckers on your body. Yeah. And [inaudible] itches. Yes. It's making me itch. Um, and it's funny that we talk about this cause one of my favorite podcasts, kind of funny, Greg Miller, that's also one of his fears and he talks about that on at a recent episode. I'm in California. There's ticks there too. Yeah. Um, I was just

scary in here a little late and I got, uh, ambushed by producers act for being late. Oh, sorry. Make a comment Zack. No, there you go. Don't do it again. Um,

but yeah, I'm afraid to tick. So I'll be looking, you'll be very lucky if I see something you're crawling, I will kill it quickly and I just hit the mic with my foot. That's okay. Jerrick or what you've been playing this

week and I talk to you a whole lot. I want to know what, you know, we haven't really talked to each other in real life in a while. Um, plot to us. We don't like educate, plot quit and we have plot to us. We are not friends. Um, actually I've been still playing the Witcher. Yeah. So, and I've actually started this thing, um, where I'm taking pictures of all the characters. I pretty much interact with that are just beautiful that you have sent me a few of those. Yeah, I was getting prepped cause Jericho let me know. I don't think it's still on sale.

Do you know? Um, it may be, but basically the Witcher three, you went on sale on the PSN store and it was like $11, 11 bucks. Why not? You know, it wasn't like $40 for anything for $11. Yes. Me. Um, but no, I downloaded it and I'm really enjoying it so far. It's very pretty. Like I really liked the game besides some of the characters, like you said, whether or not pretty, they're beautiful. What are you talking about? It's terrible. They have like a bowl cut and like multiple characters have this bowl cut and I can't, they just really put that I the, the, the character creators were really a creative with that, that hair cut style for a lot of men. Um, I like, I like Siri, the curator sir, but every time they say I can't help but think about, I know and I'm just like gonna put my phone away.

I just feel like something's gonna activate it. I was like, I dunno. Every time I hear it, but I like her. She's really cute. Yeah. But like, like you were saying about the Polka, it's like everything so pretty except like the hair doesn't move with it. No it doesn't. It's like stuck. Yeah. And that one weird that like a game like that cause at the time that was like the latest and greatest and likes, it's still $40 or it was, and now we can look at and be like, the hair doesn't move. Right. Whereas like graphics, you know, before they were like, Oh wow, there's HD hair or there's actual like strands of hair. Now it's like it doesn't move with the wind when I was in the lab. But I think we, I mean this is kind of what we're talking about a little bit is like, I mean the character development, like design and everything like that.

Like, but I like I noticed stuff like that now. Yeah. There wasn't like, I would have never noticed anything like that. I know, but, and everything else looks totally good except that some reason some of their hair messed up. A little weird. I think what really like set a bar for me is horizon zero dawn. How pretty it was. It really did like this cotter reminds me of it a little bit. This game, again, I'm not very far into it at all, but I can get like the open world you get on your horse, start riding around Roach. I love him. Yeah. Roche is a great name for a remorse. I literally like just started so I'm not very far in but so far so good. I'm really interested in are you playing anything else? I know I didn't come here. No, that's about it. What about you? That's just I've been playing my normal, you know, apex and Overwatch. Um, there's we us, we can expect a creature

of habit say like I'll know it well now, but I mean I again, I'm just kidding

prepping for, you know, all the new games that aren't going to come out that I want to play. I'm sure I'll shift. I always,

oh you are going to shift so hard. Yeah. Cause I used to be even just staring at her right now because there's so many great games about the Kamala, there's a, it's gonna be too many games. It's going to be a problem again. Uh, but I yeah, I used to be [inaudible]

I'm really big on like w like I used to play call of duty black ops three, like nonstop. That was my game of choice like a few years ago. I used to consistently, do you ever play that black ops black ops two? I do remember that. Three of them, the first one, there was a lot of them. There's a lot of, actually there's

probably more than three, um, the black ops series in general. But the first one was my favorite because the zombies like I really liked planes on me is that's like how I got into like the Guy Kinda like the multiplayer verse. Yeah. And like I would find people on p like, no, I had an x Xbox at the time I think. But I would find people to play with and like would consistently continue to play with them and not know who they were. Like yeah, you're like get me to form a whole squad. And that'd be like, I don't know you in real life, but like let's play. Yeah, you're good. [inaudible] fun. There's still 500,000 players for the original black ops.

That's really whoa producer Zach came in with some information you said 500,000 players currently still playing or at you know, playing online. Black ops one man, I'm very first one get it. That's also what I've thought about before

cause I got rid of it. I'm pretty sure I got rid of the game. Yeah. Like how many with games that are mainly online like that I wonder like like older games that are still online. How many people were so actively play then like if there's still enough of a cue to like go in and play the original modern warfare and like some other games. Like I wonder how many people still actively would like to know that information. Yeah, we probably could find that we should. Like Zach said. I mean, the black ops original game came out like a while ago. It's old.

Nope. Twenties back when I had an Xbox sack. If I think about any games that when I had an ex boss and like yes, that was a long time ago. Yeah, no, no offense, Xbox. That was a long time ago. Yeah. That's so funny. No, I, yeah, I definitely, yeah,

I'm curious about that. Like sometimes I wish I would've kept a lot of my older games. Like again, I found like my whole PSCU but like some of my older, like when I did play Xbox, I probably saw him laying around somewhere, but I don't have my console anymore, so I had no reason to like keep them. Hopefully one day, you know, cross platform will be like a thing. So that'd be [inaudible]

maybe, maybe. But yeah, that's all I'm playing. Speaking of modern warfare didn't mean to cut you off. Any other games you've been playing on that's been, yeah, that's been it. Um, you mentioned modern warfare. Would you be cool with, um, you know, we're going to segue into the new years. Yeah. There's some actual a modern where that's a hard one to say. Modern Warfare News. Would you like to touch on that Kale? Absolutely.

Yeah. This article comes from ign. Um, I've heard a little bit of a lot but not much. So some of this is going to be new to me, but basically everything we know about call of duty, modern warfare story, multiplayer release day in more what to expect from 2019 call of duty. Again, I probably will like dwell into this a little bit cause I'm an original fan of like some of the original games that they've come out with me too. Um, but I know some of them were kind of a flop. Some of them were good. Hopefully it's going to be a good game. But basically the articles by Jordan Serani call of duty returns in 2019 with a reboot of the popular amount of warfare sub series. The FPS will be the 16th. Wow. Six. That's insane. I was just wondering actually in my head like how many games they're 16th main line and call it the big game.

That's no idea. Like I remember pause. I remember getting call of duty for PC and that was the first gay online multiplayer game I've ever played. I used to hide in this tree and shoot people. It was great, you know? Yeah. I feel like this is something I wanted to touch on a little bit later, but I'm going to go ahead

and mention it since we're talking about once he player. I feel like it's gotten so much harder to be good at like online games is it? That's why I like, I try to play apex but I keep dying so I get mad and honestly, yeah, it is. I think that apex has a ranking system now that's kind of helpful for you. Don't just like get like killed it instantly. I W I wish that the newer games were more like beginner friendly. Yeah.

And I think some like limitations that are added onto that as like like loop boxes you can pay for things like that. I know there's drama with ea in that, like how it's like kind of pay your way. Van, loot box news finish. This really killed my will. But basically, yeah, basically there's some news on like the new game is basically going to be a reboot of the original modern warfare series, which is exciting cause I really did like those. Yeah, that's really all that we have. It's going to be, I think it seems like it's just me called call of duty Martin Warfare. I'm sure it'll have like reboot or something like that, but basically what it's going to be, we don't have a released it yet. Okay. No actually yeah, it was in the fall. October 25th you have a release date. Playstation four, Xbox one and PC.

Cool. Yeah, that's really all the news we have. I mean there's a little bit of detail in the video but, and going back to like, you know, just us playing the Witcher and like we're nitpicking all these graphical things, it's going to be like modern war warfare for me was like one of my favorite call of duty games. Like I liked the gorilla suits. So, so I, I'm excited to see that. Um, you know, with the enhanced graphics and like this day and age technology, you look back and like play with one of the like, oh Geez, it looks so bad. Oh God. I remember thinking I'm on my like seven 20 p t v that like call of duty black ops original. It was like so crisp and clear. Yeah. But it was for this was, yeah, I mean, you know, like it's, what's the Luke box dramas? So we, let's segue into this because this was actually pretty, it's interesting. Um, and sort of cool. Actually, let me get this pulled up. Just waiting for my slow Internet. Okay. Here we go. So loot box and this is some of

the biggest news we've had yet. That's more of a positive thing. Yeah. Playstation in Tinto x-box and major publishers to require a boot law boot box. Let me just boot box. Beatbox [inaudible] I do that in my spare time. Beatbox um, loot boxes, they'll require loop box on disclosures. Okay. And this comes to us from gamespot by Steve Watts. Um, um, at the fee for the Federal Trade Commission. I can't talk. I'm having her [inaudible] tonight. [inaudible] I didn't do my warm up. Oh, that's it. [inaudible] I told you you were just going to do it. Oh, I just did it. You've heard my warm up. They willows. Okay, here we go. Back to the article. A Federal Trade Commission, public panel on microtransaction and video games. Um, the Internet software, the salon, the long words, you guys, the Internet, the n. Okay, let me start over again. The entertainment software association and now it's that all three console platform platforms will have agreed to a voluntary change in their policies towards loot boxes.

That's so interesting that I brought this up. I didn't even read this article. I don't know. I feel like you did. I feel like you did. Just kidding. Just play those. Held the soil, Huh? Huh? What? Oh boy. Here we go. Play about loop boxes. Yeah. And it's cool because like the biggest problem with loop boxes is that, and in some areas, you know, it may be, it is sort of, it's almost like gambling, like, yeah, sure. I mean you are giving money for a chance to get this item. So it's love about, I'm so sorry. No, no, no. What I love about

Overwatch and yes, I'm going into this, it's like I think they really changed the game with lead boxes because yes, they have them, but they don't up your game any at all. Like it doesn't give you any special like ability or anything like that. And literally Overwatch's loot boxes are just like skins and like,

but this is where it's a different. So even though you're, they're not enhancing things for like your character, you're still giving money without knowing the odds of what you're getting. And that's the problem. So

the free ones in that game that you can also pay for it. Yeah.

Yeah. So Microsoft, Nintendo and Cerny, um, have indicated to the Esa, I should have just use the acronym. Yeah. I'm a commitment to new platform policies with respect to the use of paid loot boxes. So specifically this would apply to new games and game updates that add loot bots features and it would require the disclosure of relative rarity of the possibilities. So essentially putting out the chances are the odds. Yeah. Just like if you were to get to Las Vegas and actually play like a slot machine, if you can, you can actually find like what are your chances, what are your odds? Um, and I'm, that's it's unlike that that's being put out there.

Yeah, definitely. Because I mean I think that some, especially like younger kids, they're applying, they're like, mom, you have to have this like

pink pants that for my coordinate care I gotta have it.

And like what if the odds are like one in a thousand and every hour a little Johnny is trying to buy this loot box and it'd be better if little Johnny knew the odds of, and that's just an example. I don't know how a fortnight works.

No, I don't either. But like I, but I get it for sure if it even is the same with like things I know there's other games that probably are like Overwatch where they don't technically like enhance your abilities, but like, yeah, it's almost like an addictive thing. It is where you feel like destiny,

I spent so much money in destiny for like uh, the Ingrams that give you like,

yeah, dances and like items. I will say that I've, I've been pretty good about like not spending money on video games. I used to spend a whole lot of money on like stupid. Like I would play like Webkinz a lot when I was a kid and I would buy some but there, I don't remember exactly like what you would get by by, you could get like a like clothes and stuff like the stupid stuff I spent 99 cents on. Um, oh I forgot animal crossing pocket camp. I've been playing that. Oh yeah, we didn't talk about that. Yeah. They will have time to get to it. But I bought 99 cents worth of in game currency. Oh, okay. Yeah. I forget about like end game parents and stuff like that. I typically try to avoid that because I have a very addictive personality. Yeah. We're getting a little deep here, but I know myself and like I go down rabbit holes, like I would just continue and spend all of my paycheck on, be careful coins go down that hole full of loot Kayla loophole.

Pretty much like a summary of that. They're, you know, a lot of companies are on board, good bed of Activision, a Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, electronic arts, bungee. Um, but as a lot of um, heavy hitters, organisms disclosed.

I'm glad that they're paying on all of this too. It's awesome. I know that some of them probably gonna be a little salty that like they can't get as much money out of it. Yeah. It's the tides have turned. Yeah. Cause that what people say, I don't know. The titles have turned, maybe not the tides. They don't turn the tables do little off tonight. So I'm going to do my warmup. I have, we're going to coin and all that. You're going to do your warm up. Of course. I have to throw him a little bit of Disney news every single time. No, I'm intrigued. There's always something going on with Disney. Um, I would do bits of news from them. One is um, disease scrapped a bunch of this stuff in the works for Fox cause there's about to be a Disney Fox merger or there already has been, I'm not sure exactly Wowza what the timeline was for that, but they scrapped magic.

The gathering this show. Oh No, I remember you. That's how I knew cause you told me. Yeah I know I'm going to go cry cause I been was thinking, I've been thinking about it every day. I don't think you were a few of the things like they did scrap, apparently there was going to be mega man movie animated show. Uh, and the magic, the gathering and a sims movie. Man, I would pay all the money into the world. It goes through that. I would watch all of that maybe with the subtitles if necessary. So basically this article comes from Ian and the gamer.com. Um, and in the wake of the Disney Fox merger, Disney has decided to shelve all but a handful of the currently in development film projects at Fox. I love how they can just decide to do that. Yeah. Just Nah, it was just not, nearly 300 films have been canceled.

So like they just have like the big tiles that were already talked to you about the title. I'd like to see that too. You're going to have that. Well, I didn't love the first one. Yeah, I don't, I haven't seen it and I'm glad it was not a good idea. A Disney will be moving forward with James Cameron, his avatar franchise. I hope they are because I feel like, which there are currently four sequels and that's insane. I remember, I remember hearing about that, but I'm like, I wonder if like heaven is Avatar and that don't they have like the new like world place. Absolutely. Okay. This is going to be funny. Pandora is what the world is called and like Disney world jewelry store, right? Yes. At the same place. Yes. Okay, cool. Uh, no, it's, it's [inaudible] the world of Avatar. Um, and they'll ride.

It's amazing. The whole little worlds. So cute. I've actually never seen avatar. The movie. What? Yeah. And I love the ride. I love the whole world, but I know nothing outside of that. That was seven been years. That should be another episode, like three movies. Cause I was like the first real three d movie. Yeah, I saw it. It was like I went and saw it like three times just for the three d three d movies. Man. I, it makes me sick to watch him. Yeah, I can, I can, I don't, I couldn't see like back to back 3d movies makes me like, like you can't see me, but like, um, she's waving her arms around, don't say any takes on it. You're still good. But yeah, I, I've never seen it, but I'm very intrigued. Every single time I go to Disney, which is often I go into the world and I'm like, wow, I really need to watch this movie.

And like, it's like one of the top grossing movies, like money wise I think. Right. Yeah. Actually, um, wasn't number three or four wasn't one cause it end game beat it. Yes. It did. Like right underneath. Yep. Um, but yeah, I've never seen it. Um, when you add that to our lists that we need to watch together. Yeah, for sure. We need to make a list. Uh, yeah, I've never seen it. And that's basically all I have from this. It's Kinda sad that things that they're canceling. Um, but maybe it's for the best. Maybe they have a lot more, they got better. I was scrolling through this article so it says wow, the sins movie has been presumed dead for years. So no look for you. So definitely go see that movie. I love the sims. That's something I haven't talked about on here yet.

I love my mom. He used to not let me play it when I was a kid cause they wait to get in the bed and looney and see the little blurred. They Amazon, Apple Watch. There's like a, I saw like in a store one time

that there was like a bath towel and it had the blurred out little pixels I really wanted, I loved it. Walk around the house in that like you take care of things. I don't know. I've always due to [inaudible] valley and like animal crossing now, but I my favorites, anything it was sims pets three. Yeah, that was my Xbox I think. Or maybe my one of my older playstations but I know ps three. I know P is three. That's what it was. No, I loved it. One last thing. I'm just news. I had two articles I was going to talk about.

This one is ready, super short, super cut and dry from the rap. Um, Disney to offer Hulu Disney plus an ESPN plus bundle. That 12 nine the is are bad. That is a great deal. I think if you're already planning on doing Disney plus, which is only six 99 a month, um, and they have a yearly price. I don't think they've released a re a yearly price for the bundle yet. Yeah. But I already have Hulu. I don't know if it's the Ad Free Hulu that bundles with it or not. That's a good question. That would be a deal breaker for me. I'll need to know that the all in one offering will be available when Disney plus launches on November 12th. So I don't really care about ESPN to be honest. Like I don't, I don't watch a whole lot of sports less as ice. Curling what?

Ice Curling is one of my favorite sports to watch. That's so interesting. I don't know what that is. I shuffle board but on the ice, yes, I do know, I love watching the Olympics that is featured in the Olympics, the Winter Olympics. Winter. Let me specify, I have no use for ESPN plus but if I add it together and it ends up being like worth it to just do the bundle of Hulu and Disney plus then I'll definitely do it. Cause I'm definitely getting Disney plus and I already have Hulu so if it works out maybe we can get into ESPN together. That's fun. A sport to watch together. I love watching softball and I know you played softball. I did, yeah. So maybe that. Do you like watching it though? I can watch it. It's impressive watching people pitch. Yeah, that's hard to do. I, yeah, I was a catcher.

So like I know how hard it is to pitch and one time, like our picture wasn't there and I had to try to pitch notes. Got Off of same. Same actually same story. And then I got hit by a picture one time. Well the ball. Yeah, I got it was the worst. Yeah. So many to the ground immediately. I'm so sorry. Yeah, I was catching him one time and the ball got stuck in my face mask. It was, it was pretty bad balls everywhere when you're playing softball, watch out. So I always have Disney news. I know you always have desk training, newspapers. We always get new gesture, any news and it's like little breadcrumbs. God, I'm so glad you said bread, bread crumbs. So I cannot wait to get the whole loaf because listen, we're just getting all this little little bits of information like up until November, but this one is actually going to be probably pretty big. Um, I think last we talked about gains con. Um, our previous week is in Germany and they're actually gonna be live streaming their event, like opening an event. I don't know if they've done that every year. Um, but death stranding is gonna lead the way with the opening act.

Um, at Gamestop Gamescom um, we're gonna get live stream game play. We don't know yet. It's, it's something we don't know what it is. Anything on. It could just be, you could Gemma's face up on a slideshare holding the baby, caressing the baby's bed. That could be all week and I wouldn't, I'd be actually be okay with that. I think I'm at this point, like, honestly, I don't need any more information about the story. It's almost like the like mysteries what makes it super intriguing a little bit, but at the same time I feel like he can keep showing things and we will never know what is happening. It's a 50, 50 flip the coin. Yes, true. Yeah. But one of these, um, yeah, the, the, the, the news I had is that it's going to be, they're going to lead with best stranding something. Um, but I didn't add this to the notes, but some other Scuttlebutt Scotto that I've, uh, scurried upon in reset era, which is like an online forum like reddit sort of with threads and stuff.

This and that, that's relevant, right? It's got threads, it's got threads. It's got threads for people to talk on. And usually that's where I get like a lot of insider knowledge. And someone said that desk training may be coming to PC. Oh, and the question is, would you get it on PC or do you just have it on ps four? Oh, I gotta play it on PS4. I need my trophies. But you get both though. Oh yeah, but you, I mean there's a difference with my, of my playstation. Incredible. I got my trophies. It's four k looks great. My PC on the other hand on that monitor that I have is way better like frame rate. So it's like the smoothness is, I had to show you, I need to show you that in action. It's insane. Playing human fall flat gave it justice. No, no, no.

It didn't check out the show you that a little bit. But, um, yeah. What if this is cause it was supposed to be just a playstation exclusive. Yeah. And it's true. I think that's a, that was the biggest like what it's coming to the PC but I'm sort of thinking that if it does it won't be at launch. I think it'll launch. Yeah. I think it's going to launch on playstation but then like six months maybe the band and next year it's going to be my predictions. The epic game store. I mean you never know. Like did we have some news around that? Uh, well we may reference it here in a little bit with the main topic. That's right. That's right. So, but yeah, that's all the news I had uh, one last thing, cause apex is getting limited time. Solo mode. Yeah. Or at this point it's not next week.

It actually starts tomorrow and blah, blah blah. The 13th through the 27th. I don't know why they're doing like only a limited time. I think it's so they're really good. People can just like be really good on their own and that's awesome. I actually, well I'm, I may want to try that. Yeah. I mean it might be, I don't know. It might be easier cause a lot of times you can get stuck with like a really shitty team. Um, and like they'll just like, you'll just have to carry them the whole time. And I'm not saying that like,

I'm great cause I'm not,
yeah, you're pretty good. I've seen you in action. Okay.

But I will get stuck with like, like a team that's really bad and like isn't really trying and like, so I think the solo mode has potential. So we'll see. I'll let you guys know next week when we talked about that. But uh, yeah,

I don't know what that was. That's the end of the news animal coming up out of here. Say it. It's over. Okay. Main topic this week, Jericho, what was your main topic idea? Yeah. So, um, I sort of want to talk about like from, um, you actually gave it a title, I think, and I liked it from gamers to game makers. Yeah. BombBomb. Neither one of us makes games we don't know. I would love to. Yeah. I'd like to learn more. I tried teaching myself for a little while and then I fell off. Yeah. Um, we started this podcast and that sort of took up more of my time and I still have to play games. Yeah. So like videos, certainly just teaching myself the, the basics, but just to like coding and things like that and just sort of like, I just want to know the backbone of like how everything works because when I play a game I'm just like, how is that here? And flowing in the wind.

The thing I feel like we can almost be like critical if things like that because we don't know how hard it [inaudible]

for sure. Yeah.

But I definitely feel like there's been a shift in like the focus of games at least like, like the more like pop culture, like popular games, you know, like there's, there's almost like we talked about with the whole league boxing almost like a little bit of a like a money hungry vibe that I get like, but I don't think and that that takes away from like the art that really gets like the really solid like RPG, like really well thought out years in the making games. Um, and that's why I'm trying to move from like more like um, like social aspect, like multiplayer games into like RPGs again. Cause that's really where my love for games came from. It was like a really good story that is being told. So like I really hope that I get that from the witchery. I really wanted to start and good like RPG game, but

well it's a good one. There's tons of stuff to explore and finished it yet, right? God, no, I'm so far I'm like, Oh let me do this quest for you. And like, this lady's like crying in the corner is I have to go check on her and then like scout out this mansion for her.

I'm really excited for desk training for this reason. Cause like how much thought has been put into this game. And like you can just tell like the creators really care about like I think that, you know, they didn't just slap their name on it and be like, this is going to be hit. Let me just, let me just scoot along.

Yeah. They weren't like trying to, you know, make the money. Like they are making them, obviously it's a Pur, but like you could definitely tell a difference between, um, again, that's five to seven years. That was, you know, people were working on it. Um, and back to your point with like horizon zero dawn, so guerrilla games made that. Yeah. And what a cool story for a developer that originally made a first person shooter, they may kill zone. Like that was their, their bread and butter. And that's what, yeah, so like transitioning into an open world RPG with a redheaded female characters or lead and like fighting dinosaurs. Like what a risk they took and that team care too. Right? It did incredibly well. Yeah. It, and I wish I wouldn't have came out at the same time. The breath of the wild did is what happens.

I actually haven't played that. It's okay. I know Longy played horizon. That's good. I care about, they're both great games suggesting given to me from somebody at work that like they, they let me do that. I should play that cause I actually haven't played any of the Zelda Games cause I never got into that like fandom. I don't know why all he had just skipped pie that I've always been super interested in like that games I can, I've seen game place. Beautiful, super beautiful. I just like when he cooks stuff I've ever made that thank you. The sounds that he makes when he cooks you send me a video link to a, it's titled Very Ominous, the dark side of video game industry, the Patriot Patriot Act. So there's a, I had no idea what the show is about, but I saw like it's a Netflix show. Yeah, isn't it?

I think the host name is Hassan. Uh, Hodjat Hassan, Min Hodge. It's like Nikki Minaj. That's how I try to, it's a, yeah, I messed up. It's, I know his first name is Hassan, but I've never watched your show. And I saw like I'm another one of my podcasts that this was a topic was essentially like video games and how they're made and like all the toxicity and like horrible work hours, like majority of Game Devs, like, like a big word and the industry is crunch. And I think this goes for like any tech driven companies, not just video games. Which reason why this is making like headline news is pretty, it's, it's cool in a way that yes, this information needs to be in the mainstream news because crunch is not a great thing. When companies talk about we, oh, we are, we're in crunch mode. We're in crunch time.

It's basically working, you know, 80 to a hundred hour work weeks. Um, most time no overtime. Um, and maybe if the project gets done, you're laid off, you know, like, imagine that scenario which has like all the bad, that's like all the bad stuff, like layered and like, you know, you've worked so hard it seems like on like, yeah, you probably never be recognized, you know, I mean, your name may be in the credits

somewhere, but like, yeah, I just, I think about that as, and it's really sad. It sucks, you know, that they can't say for sure there's tons of NDAs that they have to sign and like all this stuff and then like, poof, like, you know, it's just, it's out there and the big names get the attention. But you're right. I've never thought about that. Is that what mainly they talk about in that


Yeah, a little bit of that. And also workplace toxicity. Yeah. So this is a female led podcast. Otherwise, well, Zach helps us produce, but um, yeah, he's female. Look at as a woman. Um, but as being two ladies talking about Games is, is still very rare. Um, and thinking about being a lady that works in gaming. Um, like right now, like, um, well not right now. This happened a few months ago, but riot games, there was a first ever like, um, strike like serious strike that happened at a video game company. First time ever. Like all they call it the, the worker's zero called rioters, which is funny cause they are rioting. Um, but they basically like there was sexual harassment and like people getting people getting promoted that shouldn't be there and literally a person that was in leadership, that sexually harasses woman. It's still there.

Yeah. I mean like since I'm in the workplace, especially like in things like that where it's mailed dominantly, like led is a very real thing still. Like it seems very like, not like taboo but like very like hush hush. Like nobody would buy that anymore. Like, but it definitely is still there for sure. I mean especially like, I mean when you think about gaming, like they're like, oh well I'm going to go like, ask this guy or this man. Like, you know what he thinks instead or like I see that all the time. But I mean, I think that that we're trying to change the game, not like us personally. Yeah, we can help. But like

we're only five episodes in. We're trying to get there. Yeah,

we are. We are. But I definitely see how that can, that's, that's so frustrating. [inaudible]

so like so much negativity around making games has hit the headlines this year alone that like a lot of game developers are workers like in that business are considering unionizing, which I mean it's pretty wild to think like video game debs unionizing. So, but that's at a point where they need protect their time, they need to protect the things they're working on and, and have work life balance because it's not good. I mean like, and I know I feel I start feeling after all of this as hit the fan. Like I feel like certain gains if I hear like they had this rough of a time like, and Burt like and makes you feel bad. Like almost like this game could've been so much better or this game's great. But it was these people didn't get to see their families. Yeah.

Well, a lot of drama happened around that. Exactly. With anthem didn't like it. Get like they worked really hard to make out like scrapped and then they like started over or something like that.

Yeah. I think at some point in the development with mass effect, Andromeda did for sure an anthem who if that happened with mass effect and you know certain certain that it probably happened a few times with anthem. Um, I'm looking

it up right now. But yeah, I think that exact thing happened where like, okay, yeah. Basically like they had a whole set of team, like a working on it and they got like scrap and they started over and I think

that's probably why. I mean the original name wasn't even anthem. Like it was a totally different beyond or something. Yeah.

That's just wild to me. How like, you know, I mean there has to be a reason I'm sure behind it, but like it's tough. I mean these things take so many years to make like almost a decade. Imagine working on almost a decade on like one project. Yeah. I can't imagine sane and I'm sure it's like very tiring too. Oh yeah, like you get at the point where I feel like I would never want to play games again. That's what's scary about it. Yeah. Imagine like, I don't know if this is a thing yet, but I'm kind of backtracking a little bit, but like a whole like women led game Dev company, that'd be so heavy. I feel like there's a couple of companies out there that have a lot more women. Like I remember reading something where like Nintendo actually hires a lot of women to work on like certain games.

Not saying that this game would be great for a woman. I didn't mean it like that, but like they put, they put it for inside, they put up, they put a focus on that. Like hiring on more females though. I love them. They're great. They're good. They make good stuff. Yeah, they are. I'm just, besides the joy con situation. I mean, so yeah, I honestly, I since we talked about that actually when like plates and stuff on that switch, do you test it at yeah. I don't go ahead and say it all again. I just might not be affected. I'm just not, I'm not affected by Joy-Con drift. Um, you know, people would just try to get a rise out of things. Yeah. And speaking of getting a rise and a thing last bit that we'll touch on with this topic, you know, you have to be sort of careful on how you give feedback and to people that are making the games you love or the games that made you mad if something doesn't work right.

And the one thing that I love to like make sure I spread, um, is that be nice to the people that are making games? Yeah. I mean just to people in general. I mean in general, yes. That's a, be nice to people. Um, that's what this be nice to people that you can take from this podcast. But I've seen situations where I follow certain people that work for certain game companies and they'll put out an update for something and like just get bashed on Twitter. I mean that's a world, that's the culture we live in where anyone can say anything on the Internet. I mean it's like there's the whole cancel culture now start with like, you know, I didn't like sonics design and I feel sort of Shitty for saying like sonic look bad but I didn't, I would never want them to like go back and like redo sonic for real.

That definitely was part of like that's definitely something that got like that air quote cancelled or whatever. Like yeah I feel a little bit bad. I think I get it on both sides though. Thinking about how much of a fandom there is around really Amy thing like video game wise, like true and how like, you know, they, they hold that image very like, you know, I'm not one of those people that really care about it that much. Like, I thought he looked kind of weird. But I mean like you gotta think about your changing a completely animated character to like, like semi stick. Not really, but like I think they were just trying to go a certain way and it went south, you know? But again, there's so much of a fandom around it that I think people almost take it personally like, oh my childhood, this is, if this is affecting your life to that extent, like, like I think you need more than a different, yeah,

in sonic. I can imagine if they tried to do like, uh, like a, I'm sure they will. And maybe this is already a thing I just don't know about like, um, like a Mario, like Super Mario movie. I feel like that is in the works. I think dreamworks maybe maybe working on that. Yeah, that's true. I could be wrong. Um, but imagine like if he came out looking like, I dunno, I'm trying to think of like a specific way, but like, like a grown plumber that would come to my house and fix my plumbing, had a polymers crack and everything. Pants were falling down. Oh he's a plumber. He looks like a realistic plumber. Yeah. And I got a little short round man that you know has a cute round nose and stuff. Yeah. But no, imagine like you

know he looks completely maybe like different than he does. Yeah. Games people go wild. Oh yeah they would riot. And I don't know if that's necessarily justified. I'm just trying to see like I tried to see both sides of that but

can be you. They could definitely be angry, be mad. But I feel like just actively finding someone to target on Twitter. Yes I know other it's, it's stupid like what they name with like epic versus steam. Like anytime a game is announced, like for epic and not on steam, which I still need some more clarity around why that's such a big deal. Cause like for me I just download the installer and downloaded the game and I never have to look at it again. And then for some people like that is their entire libraries and Steve, yeah I sorta get that.

I also don't, I don't really know a whole lot about that cause I don't play on PC. I'm aware of what steam is and like how that works. But not so much the epic game store. We talked about having a whole episode on this, which probably will. Um, but yeah, I totally agree. And also it's kind of like ignorant to feel like you can target one person. Like it was that one person's decision to make.

It's always like little Jimmy. I mean he, he, he's on the art team, but he didn't make sure that piece of hair was full flight in the wind. I don't know,

like it's, it's obviously it can't be like, so, and I have to believe that like one singular person made it this way for real. I mean that's, that's with anything, but for the most, especially for our listeners, you know, you're, you know, whoever you are, um,

don't do that. You're, you're not gonna do that. You haven't done that from wise. But I see it all the time and I'm just like, what's your problem? I wish there was like Twitter plight as social media police. I hate Trump.

Feels like, oh this patrol police week probably used to be one of them. [inaudible] that's probably most, you know.

Yeah. Um, we could, if you want to move into a little bit, I know we don't have too much time left, but I know that we have a sham. We have left sock. Okay. Okay. We can wrap. We can do that. But I don't want to get political cause that's not what this podcast is about. We are not politic cult public politicians. We are not politicians cite some. There's been a lot of very scary and bad stuff happening lately as far as like mass shootings and things like that. And a lot has gotten brought up around like video game violence. Um, and Jerica actually sent me this article from newsweek.com, um, basically titled, uh, Dear President Trump video games are so much more than violent. And I really liked this article who wrote it? Thought it was really good. Greg Miller.

Gosh, he's such a weird dude. Just kidding. No, he's a great guy. And one of my favorite part. Yeah,

casters and podcast. Susie fro kind of funny. Oh yeah, that's right. I haven't listened to that one yet. I need to for sure. Yeah. Um, I, yeah, I read the article and I really, some points you got from, I really aligned with it all. I mean, basically like not every game is a first person shooter. That's definitely what he brought up. Um, and even the ones that are like, it's not, I'm just going to say like, not like me, the

average individual would not like play a first person shooter game even when I was a kid and be like, I want to go do this in public. Like, you know what I mean? Like that's not just like twice a game. Yeah.

And you don't even really think about the act when you're playing cause I just want the points or I want to win this match or,

and like I kind of get like, I'm not going to say I get [inaudible] yeah. Trump's coming from, but like he's saying like, we must stop the glorification of violence in our society. I agree with that. But not video games is not just, that's not the way to go for sure. But yeah, I I, yeah, I just wanted to touch on that and see kind of what your thoughts were too. Um, but I mean I, I agree with the article. I would definitely get rid of it. Again, it's newsweek.com if you want like Greg Miller, Newsweek, you want something, this is firstly news week, like

a opinion piece. It's really good. So anyone listening go check it out. Newsweek, Grad Miller.

Here's one more quote. I really like this, but the idea of these video games that dehumanize individuals to have a game of shooting individuals and others. I've always felt like this is a problem for future durations and others. Again, like, like I said, I don't, I don't really agree with that because like it's, I just don't think that's the games are glorifying that. I don't know what kind of game like makes that like the focal point.

Yeah, it's not, it's, I don't think it's a focal point in most like 90% of the games I play honestly.

Again, like, like the games that even are, they talk about law in the article. It's such like a, like a way for people to engage socially or with like people that they align with. And I've talked about this before, that's a lot of what I used it for cause I didn't have a whole lot of friends in school so I was like this is my like escape or whatever like that. I'm sure that's what it is for a lot of people and yeah, I just don't think the average person would ever be like this is what I want to do in life. Yeah.

He mentions this in the article too. Like there's so many games that like it's really an art medium and like Celeste, those a game that um, I could not play cause it was really difficult but Adri late beat it. But that whole game was all about like fighting your emotions and like getting over depression and anxiety and like finding your true self, like you were getting to the top of the mountain to fight yourself. Oh, that's, and then that's the whole story. And like, so like out of all the games that violence driven, like there's Wayne, oh, as a whole video games or just telling us stories like that. Yeah, for sure. I really think that, you know, in light of all this that like video games are a really great form of escape and like, yeah, good for everyone. Good for, I can't get for everyone g good for everyone.

That's what I was trying to do. The writing voice come out. But yeah, we got, we got a little heavy but like just enough. But you know, it's in the news and it's in like, it's a big video games, you know, or in the news and I want to make sure we talk about it. We'll go away. It's been there before. Um, but I think it's important to talk about it and always be thing no matter how much like canceled, canceled. All right guys, thank you so much for coming to our ted talk. Yeah, this way. And that was our ted talk. Kayla, you should do a Ted talk. Wait, what? Yeah. On attracting ticks again or getting rid of them. Nope. Pat Stayed on, so I feel something rolling. Thanks guys. Hi byeeeee. Hey guys. Thanks for listening to the glitch girls gaming podcast. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram at podcast g. GG, if you have any questions, comments, or corrections, please email us@glitchgirlswithaugurlspodcastatgmail.com that's once again,

glitch girls with the u podcast@gmail.com and also don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review on whatever platform you're listening from. Until next time, this is Jerica.

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