Nostalgia? We Know Her

Nostalgia? We Know Her

what of this is the glitch girl gaming podcast. I'm one of your hosts. Jericho. That's me. And we got over here. I'm your other host Kayla. And we've got a special Powell today. Yeah, we're Gamer gals with pals up in this business and this special episode. We have a friend. Um, her name is Shannon. She's a stray cat. Don't know where she came from. Dolce to Chechen. It's me. She didn't really does identify as a stray cat. Oh, we found her outside on the alley. Yeah. I mean that's a real situation that could have happened with me eating some cheese. I love cheese weed. I would have been there who just have a lot of cheese. Yeah. There I am. I found it. Shannon, introduce yourself. Uh, I'm Shannon. And what'd you like to do, Shannon? I like to be in the woods, especially if there's cheese [inaudible] to have on here to talk about video.

Yeah, exactly. I have no perspective of video games. Yeah, you do. Now let just a little eensy bit, just a little teensy bed. I know you've been talking to me about what you've been playing recently. You assassin's creed. I mean, I'm real bad at it. That's okay. Like anyone watching me play is one of those people that's like feels the tension like the have a controller in their hand and they can't control the game and it's going badly. Yeah, yeah. That's me. Just hit the bay button. Where's the Biba? Where is it? I forgot. I'm hitting like why and I swear to God it's be three. You telling me, I know you're really into assassin's creed, but you're like, I just hopped on my horse one day and just started. Oh, I'm in this mountain. Tell us about that. Okay. So, uh, I love to ski and rock climb and be in the outdoors.

So there's, at one point I'm riding this Unicorn and I'm just like, man, you know what? I want more than anything in the world to be on top of that snowy mountain over there. And I'm like galloping towards this mountain for 10 minutes and then the screen disintegrates and tells me you've reached a barrier. I'm so it's like the worst, especially a free roam games. Like you're like, man, I'm going there. And then like you're like what? This is supposed to be like free world and I can't go there. I'm more in Dover. It I've tried to force it to happen for like five minutes while someone else watched him. It was just like it's not, have you ever heard it's not going to happen. If you ever played Skyrim, I feel like you'd wear like Skyrim a I've watched skyram be polite. Think you would be interested in that game.

Yes you can be a thief and like I feel like you would love to be a little [inaudible] someone solve some of the puzzles but I think that just goes back to like in real life I want to be at con artists, puzzles somebody that needs to be like, then again we make you know RPG. Oh what was that game with the raccoon that used to pickpocket people cause I was all about Cuba. Slack was muddled. I did it. But that actually is interesting because we're talking about nostalgia games today is our main topic. Is it? Yeah it is. That's mine. I put it on, it'd be like add some suspense to it. Is it is as our main topic on this episode is, I'm just getting to solid Jake. Like what were some of the games that we played as a children or young adults, I don't know.

Years, you know, and like how gaming is strange too, but we actually just got done streaming for the first time, all three of us stream together and it was a ride, let me tell you. Yeah, cheese in the background. It's a good time for some, I've ever put a strawberry on my cheese, you know? And it was pretty good. Not on the stream unfortunately. [inaudible] stream but it's fine. But yeah, so we created a twitch. A jerk actually had the switch before but it's at glitch girl with sealer with a u because before then I did not know we were, we're going to multiply, which is fine, but English. So it's glitch girl with EU singular gaming on twitch and you should follow us. Hopefully update that soon and let you know. But yeah, we did stream that should be up there. I feel like twitch, they don't keep your videos anymore, but I at least hopefully 24 hours we'll have that up and I'm going to, you know, we recorded, so going back

to it, it's been a while since I've streamed, it's been a while since I've done anything technical over here in this corner.

The wind didn't help the wine for sure. We'd spent like 30 minutes downstairs hanging out drinking, which made the whole experience better. But anyways. But anyways, we did later in the recording. Tell us about them. Yeah, we, I thought we hit start recording as well as start streaming. We didn't. No we didn't. But we got some good contents though. We missed a few things unfortunately. But if you watch the whole stream, you can see everything if when it's still up. But yeah, we're gonna have a lot more stuff coming out. I mean, I don't think we'll, for a while we'll have like a, any kind of regular schedule, what's trip twitch, but we can definitely put some content up. Like I want you to guys are like a repeat offender guests. Just this stray cat. Yeah. I've already asked Shannon that like when desk stranding comes out, yes.

I think every episode I'm gonna Mention it. Why not? I will until it comes out that so I mean, yeah, that's what we're excited about. Um, Shannon stuff like going to have to play. I would love that. And I want to teach Shannon how to play apex and yes, I mentioned apex. I would love that. Yeah. Really I gotta teach share gotta play apex some help. We'll do this. Yeah. It's just such a huge learning curve for me. She takes like multiple days for me to figure out how to do like one action. So she then I just do that one action the whole time. Like assassin's creed. The only thing that I do is just assassinate all I know how to do is scoot around in the bushes and like kill people. If you asked me to do a normal hand to hand combat,

fuck me up on the synchronized immediately. I love how like, you know, just enough terminology too and like, you know how to like, this is cool to hear Shannon talk about grace and I love her experience with assassin's creed. What I love about our podcast is that like, I mean you don't have to be an expert about gaming to enjoy this goal here. Sure. And if you don't even like super enjoy gaming and like you just like hearing his talk. I mean come on fortnight. No, no, I refuse to understand it. I actually, okay, this is going to sound slightly against it. This is gonna sound super hipstery but I actually did play for nine before it came, like, became like this huge thing. Like shit I in into Jaeger rolled her eyes at me but I did no seriously. And I love the whole idea of the battle Oriol thing.

I was like, yes, I get to kill everyone like everyone. And, but then like it became very cringy and like it still is of course very cringy and like I was just like, no, I don't want anything to do with this. Like at all. You started doing the dances? Didn't you know? My little cousins started going. She does them in the mirror. Don't litter lot of you that hate it. I'll walk down one of the aisles. It's her high. You see her and she's just [inaudible] just alone. Shannon, do you play on a ps four Xbox? To be honest with Ya, I have no idea what to play on. Say me and jerk or verbose PS4. I think it's a ps four if I had to guess. Thank you. Do you have that? Is it a pos? Is that something, is that a piece of shit? What counsel is? Got You. You got it. I think it's nice. I think it's a nice piece. [inaudible]

cabinet clothing, like a plebe Ian of, you know like it's not customized. Please define [inaudible]. Lavian is like lower class and the ancient like Rome something or other. Plebeians yeah. [inaudible] unfortunately the bold, there's one speaking. It's definitely me. I'm representing my class. Well, you represented very well earlier because we were playing a human fall flat. I was gonna say, we didn't even talk about what was actually really fun game. It's a tall guy. I enjoyed it. At first it just looked like a little hacky sack. I didn't know how it was going to go. You guys describe the game we just played since I played it for a little bit and you both ended up being way better at it than I was. I don't agree with that. If you brought a hacky sack to life and told him to solve all the enigmas of its existence, everything that was ever

important to this hacky side would be represented in like a dreamlike state that I think that's so accurate and it gave me chills. Your name was juice charge of writing all the games. Synopsis's thank you for coming to our dead dog. That's it.

We're done. We actually do actually have a lot of news today though. I think I'm really excited about some of it. So yeah, stay tuned. We'll be streaming more things like human fall, flat, flat, flat, human flat, Stanley, human flat Stanley. We honestly can play whatever like guy, whatever. I'm excited about playing new releases and like desk raining in no man's sky, which we're actually gonna talk about today. There's a lot of updates to that high, was really excited about no man's sky and I played it a little bit actually. While we're pulling up our news Shane, and tell us why you have failed to ever listen to an episode of our podcast. So you heard that correctly. Our guests as never listened to our, let's, let me, let's ask a couple questions. First of all, how many episodes are there of this podcast? Three of them. Okay. Three weeks. Okay. Well there's two since I've been made of it in its existence probably five days ago. Okay. That's when I found out it existed. I had already been asked to come on the show. True. True. So I'm going to speak as a guest on the show without being influenced by any previous episodes. Okay. Or it's structure. I just wanted to come on the show like a stray cat. Just scoot around you and not feel pressured to just, you know, curl up on the carpet. It's sad. Yeah. And do that.

That's me. Jerica what'd you got for us? Yeah, we got some, a Nina. Nina. Nina. Nina. Nina News. Alright. This one's pretty big cause me and Kayla are big playstation, uh, fan girls. So this is a, this is record breaking news. Um, this comes to us from the verge. Um, but Sonya has sold 100 million PS4. So imagine all 100 million pieces of Bri. Oh man, that's a lot of cheese. That puts in perspective how many playstations are in the wild or Tacos or that. That's a better way cause I don't know if it's just like the triangle or like a bite size piece of Brie actually didn't know this until recently when I saw this news came out last week. But Sony's playstation console has been a huge hit for the company and it has now hit the 100 million sales mind milestone. Sony revealed in its latest earnings that a company sold 3.2 million ps, four devices in the quarter ended June 30th.

Wow. Meaning exactly 100 million have now been sold in total. It says also like this makes playstation four the fastest home console to reach 100 million until Sellen. That's wild. That is insane. Not only because like last generation I was an Xbox player. Yeah. Because I'd never thought like portionate playstation three just wasn't really good. No, there wasn't a lot of great first party games and like, I don't know, the online, like the net plate PSN, the playstation network wasn't like having Xbox live. So having playstation come back around and being this dominant and also only having one game, one first title or uh, what's the word I'm looking for? Title release. Uh, yeah, essentially what you're trying, you know, main first party titles that, so we're looking for, uh, this year is, and I think it's only, it's only been desk ranting, right? So yeah, I see here like p s t you also reach that as well.

It's right behind PS4 in the fastest to reach a hundred millions to was dope. It was so that, we're gonna talk about this later, but I found mine and I got, I did have a pst. You did. How was the dope? Is console all done by row. Oh yeah. I love good spiral. Good Shit. Yeah. It took ps to a total of five years and nine months to reach 100 million sales, but it took ps for five years in seven months. So just sell them all. Let's, congratulations Sony. We are looking forward to death stranding and last as part two and it goes so Shima in playstation five whenever they don't even need to have that name. That's what we talked about last week. So many playstation fours in the wild but next there. Okay, last of us two actor says game is larger than thought possible. I know this is Kinda your cup of tea.

You're really excited for last of us two. I'm excited to you but I didn't, I played some of the first one but not at the whole game through so you tell us about that. Okay, cool. Well this isn't like major news. That's fine since we're on the playstation bandwagon. But it'd be really cool to add, cause not a lot has been talked about it like they should have trailer like a little while, like probably like a year and a half ago. We haven't heard anything since. Right. But one of the actors, um, who's also industrial in con, so many cool things are happening. I'm going to know a lot about straining when she leaves, so that's okay. Um, but last of us, part two, we haven't heard anything. We don't really know when it's coming out, but the voice actor, this is, this comes from game rant. Um, uh, let's see.

Last of us part to Dah, Dah, Dah. I lost my track. Um, Troy Baker, um, plays one of the main characters in the game. Really well known voice actor. I'm trying to find his exact quote. It's in this article, I assume. Sorry, that sounds like someone that was in high school musical. That's what I was actually thinking. 100%. That's how we know that he was. Yeah, but Troy Bolton, at least he's breaking free Soren online. Oh my God. Doing something else. But here, here's his quote directly. Um, cause there's like a convention, um, this weekend and he's like, I can tell you this, it's hands down the most ambitious game that naughty dog has ever done. For sure. It's far larger than I thought it was gonna be possible. And that's awesome. That's pretty major goals. I don't know if you played uncharted. Yes. If you played every one them. Oh yeah.

Cause I love them pretty big. I think we talked about this, we did a little bit. Um, but just no way. And last was part too. Yeah, it sounds like it's going to be even bigger. I mean it's definitely possible from when I was seeing like the hype rounded. I think it's definitely could be there, but we'll see. We'll just have to see what is the release date. Do we know? Nope. Oh, they still haven't gotten yet. So something I'm really stoked about. I don't know either one of you two are stoked about this, but we got the full launch day titles for Disney plus. Yeah. Get hype. Your local Disney advocate right here. The last time I went to Disney was too hot outside the experience. I just can't with you. She, well, it just makes me homicidal. This I just, God, but so we got the full list of all the, all the titles and all of the like movies, TV shows that are coming out with Disney plus, which comes out November 12th, 2019 so I can watch all the movies.

Yeah, see that's exciting. Right? However, it is a monthly cost, but it's only six 99. I'm just trying to watch Tarzan for a straight month. Every, every single meal. Collins, the list that I have is from Dr disney.com which I love that also. Um, but it, I mean I'm not going to list every single thing, but basically all of the original Disney movies are coming out as soon as it launches and a lot of original shows as well. There's a whole new like lady and the tramp live action movie that's coming. I don't know about all that. I didn't know anything about this until I just saw this. I feel like I would be upset. He Spaghetti at that. Wow. Again, live action style. I disagree. I do like it to thank you. I think we're trying to do live action everything and I just don't know about a lot of action lady and the tramp.

There's a few that I'm like love action though. Did we have to do it? It was such a quaint little, I'm just glad to see any, I don't want to see the, we are Siamese Sade in lob action and I love cats, Noah and yeah, there's, I'm excited to see duck tales whenever I want. Are they making that action? To be honest with you, I've been listened to the ducktail soundtrack all weekend. Oh, that's perfect. Time to joke. But yeah, there's a lot of new exclusive stuff coming that we've talked about before and I'm not gonna again. You can go to doctor disney.com if you want to see the full list of, I said like an entire list cause I was interested. It makes me want to Turkey, like from Disney. You said it was too hot outside. Well, I'd pay $40 for one right now. I'm wanting to, I'm going to be there. Y'All tell for the convenience of someone bringing me a Turkey. Like I would pay an extra $20 like retail. It's only like $12 but I pay the

additional fee just to have one in my hand. I'm going to be there the first week of September. So y'all give me a list. Please bring me a check back there. So salty [inaudible] make it and be okay. Like I would trust that. That was my highlight of going to the amusement parks there. Have you been at Disney before? Yup. How many? Like recently? Oh No,

2012 because I remember I went right before me and Adria. Matt [inaudible].

Yeah, I mean me and hunter, my fiance go like, we have season passes so, so that's why I guess I know you do. Of course you do. We should get that [inaudible] come with you. I mean if you, I don't get a Turkey for everyone, you know, like we will hit all like all four parks in one day. Wow. That's two. You went to universal and Disney like a year or two ago. It was in the middle of August. I drank an entire bottle tequila. Then I for how to butter beer when I go hogs me and then got on dueling dragons. Wow. We all just throw up. We do have some. No, but then I decided that that was my lowest point. We have some universal news to you. Did you see that? Basically they the universal studios and announced a new park, epic universe. What's there that that's it. That's all we have. Oh, okay. Honestly, I thought it was epic games at first. Oh, there'd been like a polo. What is that? That's like, I'm pretty sure that's a fortnight, isn't it? Let's look it up.

Right. I don't know why that didn't click. In terms of thinking about it as an amusement park. You're right. Epic Games. Let me see. Hold on. They make that fortnight. I just want a game that's the same as what I see

saw used in ready player one. I'm ready for that. They did make Fortnite and they made a unreal engine. Yeah. Which is like the, when they have their steers hour and Infinity Blade and unreal the game they [inaudible]

but we'll talk about this on the next episode cause I have a friend that's super passionate and she was also like this may be too much information, misery lady time. And she was like, she texted me, she was like, I may be so emotional. There's a game that's coming to the epic game store. I'm sorry I'm derailing but this is really funny. And she's like, I'm so sorry that this is on the epic game store and I feel like I'm about to cry about it. That's a lot of people really upset cause they're not on steam versus epic.

I feel like I experienced emotions like that every day. Shannon does really wait two weeks to know Shannon a lot more in the past like a year. So Shayla will show me like a picture of a cat and I'm just like just one. It's hopes and dreams come to pass every single time and sometimes I do it on purpose. One last bit of a, we have a lot of extra stuff on here that added that we can add to next week. That's okay. I just, I just really want to talk about Disney. Just put in our arsenal. Yeah, let's get talking about Disney a lot, but there's one more piece of news that I had for about design and then I'll put a pin in it and we'll leave it along. Cause I don't want this to be a Disney podcast or Disney to discuss secret project that d 23 at expo.

So that, so this is like they're [inaudible] right? Yes. And I'm really excited about it. Um, but basically they, they said they will have a secret project release during this like convention or whatever. So, and it looks like it's only the announcements can be related to Disney land unfortunately, which is fine. I've ever actually been there. But the announcement is going to be made on August 22nd and it's just about their secret project. They had to have gone on in Anaheim, which is where it is. New Land is so new amusement part may maybe our new expansion baby and my thoughts are that they might legs, they

might have a marvel park cause you know Disney doesn't own marvel, they don't have anything like that yet. They have some stuff like in Disney world, Disney land that's like related but there's not like a total park dedication though.

So and it says they'll discuss more details about the project on August 24th the project itself will be announced on August 22nd this is for my news thirteen.com very interesting. It's not Disney related website but the convention is three days long. It looks like it starts on the 22nd and so the first day that'll be when they talk about it, but it's going to be a secretive panel. Doings, other panels and presentations. I feel like my imagination is really strong and I was looking at both of your orals and uh, Kayla's is like Disney, I don't know how to explain that color. It's green. It's like a light green interest and it's anom Bryce. So like it's darker when it's immediately around you and it fades out and it's like, are you high right now? All right, look, I'm just telling you what, this is what happens in my mind's eye every day.

This is the stuff that I'll see 100% years is like a red, like a maroon. Nice. And it's something else. Like I feel like you have a sword and you have a Kimono, but it doesn't fit like a traditional Kimono. Like it's a lot like what is happening right now. I'm just explaining to you what just occurred in my mind while you're talking about Disney. I didn't know how to wield the blade. Yeah, I believe it. Yeah. Keyblade that to any kind of blade picketer she can use any kind of blade. Don't let this body fully [inaudible] your body once wants this week. I can definitely swing his sword anyways. Did anything else stand out to you that was talked about like, well this news all come from like basically the last time that we aired our podcasts. I mean there's, there's plenty to talk about. Again, we just pick out stuff that we're really interested in.

What's happened recently, so did you want to talk about no man's sky? I'll let you talk about [inaudible]. I know a little bit about it. That's good. We talked about just like if you want to listen to our other podcasts, like the salt main guy, like I know that amount, whatever he's salting it with is how much I know about it or nice. I feel like that's a very, like the title itself is very like known for like it was a flop at first. Like I'm like, oh that's the game nobody wanted. Which is interesting because someone from an outside perspective so me that has like, I don't really have either foot in that door. I was just super stoked about it at the whole

time and everybody was just telling me constantly like, it's really bad. It's going to be bad and I'm going to be here. Just like, no, I love that. Awesome. Well actually a lot of people anticipated there's going to be good. That's what we talked about last week. It's like some people it was really good but ended up being, yeah, they, they promise things that weren't actually gonna be in the game and people were disappointed last year. They had a update that can be off. You don't know about our promises at broken. Like if a tree falls in the woods, you know, having my own company and I need a PR person, you're going to be a funeral. All negativity that comes forward to my company. So, so excited about them. Any who we got no man's sky is getting another update. Um, another major expansion. This one I'm super excited about cause I love hitting my face and on virtual reality.

So I, I wish I could do it more. I don't have it. I know Jerrick asset and it would be really funny to watch Shannon do VR. We stream that VR, this expansion comes out pretty soon in August 14th, which was not far from that. I want to do one of the height challenges and see how tripped out I get. Yeah. Like Don, you're walking on like a little pedestal. Boy. Let's do it. Yeah. But it's going to have VR and also expanded online experience. So like multiplayer online, which I'm all about. I love playing online so I think that'll be really interesting to see. That looks free expansion so that's awesome. Yeah. I mean they have to Sean

Murray, they have to at this point know what a redemption story this guy was hated. People just wanted him to like quit making games and turn off no man's sky.

But no, you know what he does? He buckles down figures, figures out what to do next and fix it and now people love it. They love it. A love, hate, love. I'm not going to be as bold as to say that it's loved yet. Oh No, I think I have to wait and see it this way. The fact that I gained that flops so hard [inaudible] back then. It's even still being discussed and they're adding to it and out of VR and like multiplayer elements. Like that's awesome. Like I'm Hello Games is, did you hear about like their Kickstarter, like some fan create a Kickstarter to like use like graffiti on this big wall to like draw a thank you note to that team or just cool. They took a lot of shit from people that paid $60 you know he got the game right, right. Yeah. And like that was so cool. This is awesome. I'm proud. I like that they found success. Everybody's got a really strong opinion about everything like that. You should all use turn signals when you're driving. That's my plug. That's not a suggestion. That's a, that's a demand. Oh you think think it is the chase. I'm surrounded by every day of my life to our listeners. Shane often creates fake

words. We talked about this on our [inaudible]. You can understand what they mean and using context clues. You just gotta you know, put two and two together, you know with her it just for cotta bread made the Takata better. Bread is real though and it's real good. I wasn't saying you should all try it. I wasn't saying you made that up. I'm saying that's how church became a thing. It's like pizza without as much cheese and like thicker bread, which sounds like you might not want it. You're like, I just want pizza then, but it's, it's just different and it's good. Any buttered bread is going to be a good situation. You know what I'm saying? Like this is all good. It's good. Right? All right, well that's really all that that is newsworthy that I have. Yep. Me Too. That's really so wrapped up the news real good.

Yeah, put a, put a blanket on it. But again, I like to know, man Scott, everything was too spread apart. That's all I have to say about it. And I had no information about the game really. It was just all too far apart. I had to do too much traveling. That is from the eyes of most babes or they baby gamer baby. Right. So I'm going to ask both of you a question and just like a few word answer. Okay. Okay. And we can elaborate later. Jerrica if you had to pick your favorite number one game from your childhood, what would you pick? Just one game. It can't, it can't be a series. It has to be a specific game. Think on it for a minute, Shane, and do you have your answer? I feel like I'm in [inaudible] play games when you're a kid. Oh yes.

I know you said spyrow. Oh yeah. I used to like, well, it's the difference between like, do I choose the game that I would throw the controller at the TV or do I choose the game that I would like bite the game boy when I got so mad. You know what I'm saying? Like just so aggressive about not being able to be out all their old teachings. Take a bite. I'm not biting your gay boy. I mean there's a scratch on mon still for whereby to, yeah. I just realized you had a full spread of like old game boys over there. I found out other day. I admired that earlier. I got them out for show. Yeah, I can look at them. That's awesome. Take a peak because they didn't think about it. Do you, do you know like, I mean it's okay if you have more than one answer.

No, actually like I, when you asked me that, I felt like we were in like a therapy session like right. I felt very relaxed as he took me to a place that I was just like, where did I feel like I just could escape as a kid and just have the best time with me and my friends was Pokemon. Yeah, definitely Pokemon. A yellow was my first Pokemon game and they got red and blue like after the fact and then golden silver, but I just remember going to books and million and literally hooking up my controller. We talked about this like to my buddies controller in the little true wooden train that was in the kids section. Do you guys

ever go to books? 1 million his kids? Yeah. There was like a train. Yes. That's how I found this where a boy asked me on a date for the first after we traded

mine [inaudible] you want to go get a hot dog? And I was like, no, I can't [inaudible] mom won't. Mom's at Martin and shopping next door. I can't leave so I'm going to get hit. Okay. I think mine is going to have to be, as much as I love [inaudible], it's gotta be one of the Marios and it's either Mario world or Super Mario World, whichever one, there's a whistle because I remember when I discovered it's the one where he can have a raccoon tail. I remember when I discovered the fact that on like the first castle, if you have the raccoon tail and you fly all the way up above where the door to like Bowzer is and you go all the way to the edge, it gives you this key and you can skip like multiple worlds with the key. And I felt like the smartest person in the world.

And yeah, like there were other kids that had the same game and they're playing it like some churches and I'll be like, look, this is what you gotta do. You gotta get the Ruck coon tail and fly up above Bowser's door. You don't even have to fight them and just choose where you want to be. That kid who had the cheat code book. Oh yeah, no I made the cheat code but I was like, here it is. Let's have it. Do you know what I'm talking about? Jay figured out like the little like I actually bought a book from like books a million to have like a shit ton on just like she cheat codes from like all games. Yes. You know what I'm talking about? I don't think I did but I think the way that I played games is I didn't necessarily like followed the structure that made sense to follow because I wanted there to be a different way to do it and I think that's how I would figure out like oh this is like a cheat for whatever this is and it just made me feel like a little batty.

You know like like hey, here's the to do this. You'd be like, man knew. When I think about like my favorite game as a kid. This is going to be very random and specific, but did you guys ever play any power ranger games? When were a kid did not. Didn't like the graphics of them. Is a memory triggering in your mind? Oh God, it's hitting me so hard. You know how they defined the muscles on the power rangers? How No, like I'm just asking you actually like in the games. I didn't like it. I just didn't like how it looked. I remember those.

I'm drooling a little bit. Thought you are good. Toby. Welcome to Kroger.

So I'm upset because the game I'm talking about, I'm going away. Oh No, you can tell us about it. How was it? What's, what's going on? I'm upset that you're not listening to my game's not. I'm listening to you. What I'm telling you is how they, anyway, go ahead if there's anymore, this is the, okay, so I looked it up to get the correct naming, but basically I had it on my pos too and it was called power rangers. Dyno thunder. This is what the game art looks like. Do you see it now? Let me see. I love, I loved this game. I didn't like it basically. Okay. [inaudible]

what I was talking about specifically turned into dinosaurs and I dunno what me and my brother would play this so often. I just have such good memories of light playing this with my brother and like just hanging out but also all the Mario Party games. Um, mainly. Oh yeah, I was, I liked those a lot. The mainly on Gamecube. Having that one. That was really fun. I wish I still had my game cue and Louise Mansion. Incredible man. The next one's coming in a new one. They all want to play it. I'm trying to play that isn't incoming on switch. Yeah. That's really fun. She didn't, I feel like you would like, have you ever played on a switch? Nope. It's like a, it's a handheld but also like a console that hooks up to your TV. You can do either one. I Have Mario Kart on, it would've continued to game if I had money at the time that my interest for that peaked.

Does that make sense? Like I didn't, I wasn't able to afford any sort of system or games when I was interested in them. Like when I went to high school in College, all I did was read books and then when I got into college I was like, well I just want to be outside and play in the dirt. That's great. So I've been playing in the dirt like since then I still do that like on the weekends and now I can totally afford gaming. But now I'm like I'm trying to retire at 40 so like slam everything back into investments, have $12 till next paycheck, it's fine.

So that's where I'm at right now. But like I actually do really enjoy playing games. Gaming is an expensive hobby though. Like it really can be, especially to get started cause I feel like the, the hobbies that appeal to me now are the ones that might be an investment up front and then that lasts you for like five to 10 years. The thing is I'm very much a person that like I'll hop on a bandwagon of a hobby and then completely abandon it. Oh, I'm like 150% committed to lot dog. Like if it kills me, so be it. No, I was like, you know what I'm saying? Like at one point in my life I was like, I want to learn how to crochet. Bought all the supplies, did not learn how to crochet. Probably still have him somewhere. I really recently, I've talked to you about this Shannon and I've done [inaudible] okay at like keeping this up, but like bullet journaling went to Michael's bought all the things before I even like knew how to do anything. I wanted to buy all the things, bought all the things and didn't really commit to it. So I'm on the other end of that spectrum. I learned how to crochet and then I crocheted every member of my family and my extended family a hat for Christmas. When you said you just made that a scarf, a set of slippers. I was crocheting until Eve at

1245 no, that's not a joke. I finished my stepbrothers hat last. Do you not like him? I love him. He just ended up being the last one that I was working on by that this year. That's the other end of the spectrum that that you're talking about. And I'm on a like it will kill me how hard I pursue these all, nope, I just want to pursue everything I want me to. And so then I get burned out very easily. So I'm hearing, you know, one thing that we're not getting burnout on during the [inaudible]

true. Exactly it. So that's what I was worried about at first is that like I would be gung ho about this idea and then like I know you've, you've had this idea for a long time so you came to me with it, which I really appreciate it. Zach, did he, he's the reason for the season producer. Zach actually is that out to him? Ball rolling. So we're really excited about it. But yeah, I was super worried that'd be like, yes. Podcasting, favorite thing, do it for two days and then done. But no, I plan on sticking with it for sure. I really enjoy it. Really. Yeah. I'll hold you to it at all. Visit FAMU as now. Yeah, I'm going to listen. November baby all back. Listened to the first couple of podcasts and then I'm definitely gonna listen myself and be like, no, I want a church.

But another thing that I wanted to talk about a little bit is, I think we touched on it a little bit was like how games and like gaming and consoles and everything, like all the outlets have changed so much throughout the years in good ways mainly. Yeah. But like I think it's interesting to think, and like, especially since October, I don't remember which episode I talked about this on, but I talked about how I was trying to get ahold of like my old console's cause my parents were moving and so I wanted to grab them all. I got my game boy and my p s two and so in preparation for this podcast I played a lot of those old games so I can kind of have that memory fresh. And I started playing, this is not an old console. Not really. It's a few years. The three D s I still have my Nintendo three Ds and I've been playing a game that I really forgot about and even didn't really remember that it had was kingdom hearts. Recoded did you ever play that one?

I never played any of the kingdom heart like 3d like the Nintendo Games. I've only played like one, two and I've gotten almost through three. I don't know if I'll ever finish it, but it's really good. Um, I've read a little bit about like the Nintendo Games and man technically no 3d asking you about kingdom hearts a Shannon. I never played it, but I always wanted to like I would see advertisements for it and be like, man that looks like something right up my alley. It's like Anna Mae and Mickey Mouse. It definitely like, I felt like [inaudible] a moment when I watched ready player one. Yeah, I saw, cause they kind of represent like each cast as the gaming. Give me

a moment of seen fake. I'm a fake Jason. Yeah,

we need to watch that one night. Here's my description of it. Okay. It's a modern day. Goonies. Oh, that was a, I remember you telling me that it was a good description. That's a good way of thinking about that. Yeah, you love it. You think you love the Goonies watch ready player one. You're not even gonna know what to do with yourself. I watched it eight times after I saw it for the first time and the first time I saw it I didn't want to watch it. We were at a friend's, he was like, this is what we're watching. I'm like, yeah, okay. Loved it. Bought it that night. Did you ever play animal crossing? Yes. Okay, good. Again, that's something else I've been like catching up on things. What went are almost too simple that I feel like in the levels, the difficulty progresses so quickly that I get really frustrated at it.

I need to be led on by a game, like I'm okay at it for the first like month or two and then you can crush my hopes and dreams of how difficult it is. You know what I'm saying? Like I can't play it. I don't need to play something for 20 minutes. And then it reminded me like I couldn't make money off of doing this full time. Right. Cause that will just destroy me. Are you one of those people that like it has to be good at things to enjoy the 100% yeah. I remember you telling me that when you played because you got spiraled the remastered like trilogy and just like you in, uh, your better half talking about like collecting the jewels. Like you couldn't beat the level until like what are the, what are they calling that game where you collect all the things you can perfect run, isn't it?

Yeah. Yeah. Perfect. Ryan. Brian. Brian doesn't want to collect all the, the juvies, whatever they're called. JV strobies the jewels. And so I would have to play a level that he would have saved without me of watching him play it through. And I would get so irritated because it's like, I don't know where the hell this last ruby out of one 99 Matt, like you are the worst for this. How am I going to guess where this is? [inaudible] green one in the grass of wire. That reminds me I another game that I really enjoyed with sonic all of a sudden at games and I would get so pissed off when you hit something and the rings go and all the rings go like [inaudible] collect them. If you don't then like the next time you get he hit you die. Yeah. That was you had to have a ring or you die.

I loved those games too. That really brings a light to me in shadow. Yeah. Was Mafia like the emo crush on him and me too. I don't know what kind of creature he is, but like he's, I have dark hair color. I just liked this color. Yeah. He just look I despite, yeah, bad boy. He believed in what he was. Yeah, he did. He knew who I like made tales. I always thought he's a little cute boy. [inaudible] the yellow one. Is he a boy or girl? I don't know. That's a good question. I always wondered [inaudible] whatever he wants to be that it doesn't specify no two tales. Knuckles as well. Saying knuckles was always a little shit head. The red one. Yeah he was, he was a little Gibran. He was like your friend. But then like he would like pull the bridge out from underneath.

You like him and he's like, you remember rogue? The one that looks like she's like the white one is she has a rogue the bat and she has got like lingerie on it. Like her. Okay. This brings up a topic. Okay. Okay.

So of the head before we wrap up, cause I know we're running out of time. Yes. Tell you one thing. I know, is it okay if I talk about this, cause I know how [inaudible] here and I'm excited as okay saw the hedgehog movie. You know, they're redesigning it and look, we, everyone did not like how sonic gloves, that was a whole other, you know, it's look at all the mains. So like, you know, there's this whole community with like Hedgehog fandom. Do you have kind of gross like, like furries, you know, definitely same lane. So there was a game that me and my friends were playing like in our little chat and they're like, Google your name plus the hedgehog.

You lady should do that right now. So look for me in Jerrica the Hedgehog, you should look up Kayla the hedgehog. Shannon the Hedgehog, right? What did look up? What am I Google images. Oh. Oh, I don't know if you want to describe what you see. Kayla. Margaret, the hedgehog is it is a hedgehog with wolf blood and is it genie? Hey, how I don't understand. What do you see? Look at this. Can you describe it? Producer Zach is showing us his head jog. It's actually real cute. Look at mine. This looks, let me see. There's a Rosta farm, right month's. A Rastafarian hedgehog that's got some looker. Is there a description for your, do you have like a big thing of corn? Yeah, I don't know. I don't understand where you got a description. That was your first thing that popped up. Do you see listeners, if you're listening, Google your name plus the hedgehog. So like listeners, a hydro description. I, Shannon the hedgehog 34 likes fictional characters. That's my description. I'm jokingly, for me, like my name I guess isn't as common. So like real pictures of hedgehogs show up. [inaudible] Jerica there was one that's the one found that was me, like was my name. Um, but I can't find it now. She's hard to like, mine was thick. Wow. Just like that. And like almost like a cameltoe. Everyone's got all my Antonia women is don't shame them. I'm not shaming them. I'm just like, man, I wonder if it's the same artists. Look, those are huge. Yeah. There was like a pip store. If it was a camel too, it was something. All right, y'all

buckle ones we don't need to do Rodeo is episode. Got a little weird. That's okay. Google. You know what your name plus the hedgehog. If you want to add, have a laugh. Have a good laugh. Shannon, thank you so much for being our Powell on this episode. Yeah. And you are a Gamer Gal with other pals and well, with pals we've initiated you into the Gamer community cause we have that power, you know? Yeah. And we're so thankful for you. Yeah, we are. I mean, anytime there's a snack, you know, so sweet every time. All right guys, this is it. Thank you so much for [inaudible]. Hey guys, thanks for listening to glitch gross gaming. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram at podcast g. G. G if you have any questions, comments, or corrections, email us@glitchgirlswiththeiupodcastatgmail.com don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review on whatever platform you're listening from. Until next time, this is Kayla.

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