What's Your Dream Console?

What's Your Dream Console?

what up is the glitch? Girls Gaming podcast. Episode three. This is Kayla. And we have some wild stuff to talk about today. We have a wild wasp chase and this is Jerrica and I was chased by that was, and your record was in a real life video game earlier today. Yeah. Like seriously. I was just trying to change some blinds and the in our living room and there's a wasp just flying around and I was just like, oh my God, it's a wasp. I had a little bit more, I sounded a little bit like more scared than I was going to say, how are you or your Instagram story? And I was like, I was rooting for you. Really. I want you, I'm glad somebody was cause that was uh, climbed up behind. So we have these lights in the ceiling, you know, they sort of are, I don't know the actual term on cave.

Yeah. Cause that right there in the ceiling. Yeah. And it does that well, I hit it twice with the broom and it sort of like did this drunk fly off shots really Murray. And, uh, then it hopped on that lighten like car crawled behind it. What's that? Pokemon beedrill beedrill that's what it was. That's what it looked like. You were having like a full on, like I hit it twice. It's still like ice. I slapped it pretty hard with your bare hand. No, no. Gosh, no. Uh, just with the broom. And if you want to know you are in this space, it's still out here. Oh No, it's in the house somewhere. Hey, I gotta go potty gusts over that. That's what I've been up to trying to survive the wasp. So I've just been, you know, I've been working and I'm exhausted, but I'm so excited for this podcast.

This podcast gives me so much energy as, yeah, I feel like at me. Do you see it? No, I'm very animated. Good. So Jerrica earlier this week sent out to our little podcast group message, a very interesting game that I actually haven't read the synopsis of this game yet, but Jericho specifically told us to read the synopsis. The synopsis of this game. Yeah. And based off the title, I'm already intrigued. Yeah. Sheep inhale, sheep inhale. Are you guys, oh my gosh, just the name of this game. I'm so Alison is other podcasts, uh, you know, it's pretty cool. And they mentioned a sheep and hell is like a new game coming out this week and that's the game. They picked it like read more about and they're like, okay, we got to know what this game's about. Um, I mean it looks pretty cute. Yeah, it looks adorable.

It looks like you're not actually the sheep. You're a wolf. So, um, here's the thing. I want us to turn this into a game. Okay. So like every week we'll bring, um, we'll find a random game and we'll just read the description of it, but the description has to be a little weird. It's tons of games out there that are, you're like what? I mean, yeah, this is a little indie game. Like, I mean, I would have never found this if you hadn't mentioned it to me. The, I'm going to read it real quick. It's a dollar 97 on this way. Can't beat that. And it's, let me just read the dispatch. Actually get it after this. Okay. Well let me see if I can sell you. You haven't read it yet. Have, yeah, I haven't. I've been waiting for this moment for you to read it to me.

Okay. Here we go. In your voice. Okay. A sheep in hell. Um, you play as a wolf who has been bad and as a result, you've been placed in the depths of hell along with your most hated enemies. Sheep. Oh, these aren't normal sheep either. They're possessed demonic sheep that want nothing more than to kill you. In this procedurally generated dungeons, you will, you must take, uh, you must make your escape running from the Newmont demonic sheep that chase you while overcoming the challenges that you are confronted with. Yup. That's it rated e for forever. So yeah. Um, what do you think about that? I think that I could definitely spend a dollar 97 on this game. Me Too. And be entertained by it. I'm actually really curious what, like I'm looking at the game art right now. Yeah. It kind of looks like angry. Like there's little birds.

Looks like angry birds. No, I think that's like a candle. I don't know. Man can't, I'm really in shape. [inaudible] could be all in this hell for this wolf. Wow. I wonder like the, the extent of the content they put into this game, you know. Oh, there's only one way to find out. You guys stay tuned in the next episode. Right? They're probably gonna download it. And speaking of demonic sheep and what is this? Let's move into this moose. Yes. Cause there's more demonic sheep in our news. Just kidding. But there is some cool stuff. There is some real simple stuff. Do you want to start us off? Kayla? I'm gonna start out with what I'm honestly most excited for. And then let me say this, I added a lot of, I'm sorry I cut you off. You're so excited. I have a few things in here.

We don't have to go through all of them. These are, by the way, if you're listening to our podcast, we pulled news from the week that we like, it's something, maybe it's not like the highest priority, but you fill us right on that you fill us viewers too. Okay. Cool. There they are. I hear [inaudible]. I hear Ya Zack cause okay, go ahead. Sorry, I didn't mean to cut you off. It's okay. Um, did you see obviously you did see this, cause you put the news in here, Disney theme switch for Japan. Figured you had like that. Yeah. Uh, if you didn't listen to our last episode, I'm super into Disney and we talked about that a little bit, but this is so cute. Oh my God. It is the little pink and purple joy con. Basically this article is from the verge by Sam bifurcate. Um, it has ears.

That is so key. That's like one of the headlines, like the little buttons have ears and I can't like basically it just has a cute Disney design and it looks like it only came out in Japan. Is that right? I think so. So yeah, it has little, it has a pink and purple Joy-Con which is adorable. Yeah, the Nintendo has announced a new switch bundle for Japan. So it is just for Japan. That's, well I bet it's on Ebay for a lot of money probably. It's from this. I, I'm so sorry if I'm saying this wrong. I think it's just like an app that a Disney app that's kind of like candy crush I think. Okay. But it's super cute and I'm, I'm into that. I wish I could get it right now. Well, you should go to Japan. I really want to for real.

That would be a dream. A, did you have any news that stuck out to you? I know you wrote down a few things, but um, yeah, actually, let's see. Did you wanna did you want us to mention anything else about the, the switch? Well, no, except that I really want it. Okay. And I will travel to Japan to get it. Okay. I can't wait to hear about your trip. Oh, I'll still do this podcast while you're gone. Okay. So low podcasts for Jericho for the next however long and gone, that's just going to be really boring. No, well no, you're nice. Okay. The next bit of news is actually about cyber punk. So it's one of my most, I am so besides death stranding and whenever the last of us, part two comes out, cyber punks, my next most anticipated game. Have you like looked at any kind of trailers for cyber conquer gameplay?

Actually didn't see the trailer, but I have definitely heard of the game. Okay. I'm like, yeah, I've heard the hype around it but actually haven't watched anything regarding it, but I'm totally open to it. Oh God, I can't wait. I'm, so this comes to us from [inaudible] dot net I'm by Giuseppe Nova. I'm today CD project read, reached out with the press release detailing an exhibition, a cyberpunk 2077 at Gamescom in August. So very soon attendees will be able to watch the developers play the game live, um, at the booth located in hall six. If you're going by the way, we're not going. Yeah, we're not soliciting this where it's going to be. Um, presentations will happen between Wednesday and Saturday. So August 21st through August 24th. That's exciting. That is really cool. So media attendees will have their own behind closed doors, gameplay presentations as well. But what's pretty cool about this is that they showed off a new um, trailer at [inaudible] three showing them cause you can pick between a female or male protagonists, sort of like mass effect.

Oh Wow. That's why I'm super excited about it. Cause you like, it's like choose your own adventure RPG, um, set in the future. So hopefully we get to see more. Um, cause I think even behind closed doors at e three this year they showed off even more. So we haven't seen that. That's awesome. I hope this, um, usually after Gamescom a lot of stuff is shown on to the public online. Where's that located? That con, if I'm not mistaken, I think it's Germany. Okay. Well now our paths going to ask our producer, but you know, he's taken, I will get back to you. He's not feeling great. Gamescom is somewhere not here. I think it's in Germany. You know, I'll just chill. But he is so sweet. Look he's I back to live. So this is not video game related, however it is, you know, pop culture, you know, ask related, which we talk about multiple things on this podcast.

We do, we talk about everything and all in between things we're, you know, excited about it is Germany. I'm cool. I'm not going to be able to go there. Nah, I mean, okay, so Zombie land double-tap trailer release. Okay. So I'm interested, I actually, I didn't read that. So [inaudible] about it. Did you watch the first sound be like, yes I did. Did you enjoy it? Yes. I love it. It's so like, it's just so like dumb, but it's good and it's good. Um, yeah, a good way. Like, you know, like za I, I'm, I have always been fascinated with like Zombie movies and anything that's like, it's gory and like heroes. Um, but this article is from ars Technica I think I'm saying that right? Yup. You are. And it's by Jennifer Willette and it basically, the headline is very interesting. It says zombies have evolved to be harder to kill.

Great. And that's all we got. But that'll make all the great content, you know. But yeah, it's been a decade since the original, the original movie came out in 2009. It doesn't, it doesn't, I wouldn't have been able to tell you that it's been that long. Yeah. I'm also excited because it's the all original. I know that's the, I saw I watched the trailer, um, I think two days ago when you, when it said double tap, is that the name of the movie? I thought it was a mobile game or something. Like I'm like, yeah, I heard of the movie, but double this. That's the name of the movie and it, it sounds like a Gig is, I was like, Ooh, they're going to have like some kind of game coming at the same time. Yeah. And actually it comes out soon. It comes out October 18th of 2019.

Yeah, let's go. We should go together. [inaudible] I'm excited for it. Um, that's really all I have on that. Okay. Um, actually if you're cool with me jumping into the next thing. Yeah. Okay. Um, joy con drama. Did you have a chance to read those? Did actually just read that while we were talking. It's so confusing to me, but here we may have some extra. So like apparently Nintendo switch console's the joy cons, there's been some issues with them and from what I've been reading from multiple sources that the left joy comment I believe is the one that's having drifting problems. Specifically the left. Is it the left one? I don't know. That's your money. Read a little bit of this article to get a little clarification. Um, so this comes to us from the verge by Chaim Chaim Chaim Gartenberg. Um, Nintendo switch owners have been experiencing problems with the console's removal, joy con controllers for months.

This has been going on for months. Um, with users reporting weird joystick drifting, um, that causes false inputs and have been steadily growing over time as original switches, original switches, machines grow older as they get older. It's like the joy cons or drifting off. Oh my gosh. It's going to be like the iPhone going off and going off drama going off the road, drifting. They're going to sleep on a wheel. When you said that, I thought Mario, Courtney's in a way is a specifically Mario part that there's issues with makes sense. You know, that's a, it's a Weirdo. I guess that's the only word to use to describe. Yeah, I guess, I mean that's interesting that people were having issues though. You know, one of the biggest things, I won't read this whole article. You definitely can on the verge if you're interested. Um, but it seems that like if you were having issues with this that you would have to pay to mail them back and like at that point I feel like it was like $40 or something care at that point.

Just buy a new one. Karen is not going to be excited to send us on switch $40 just in Indiana. I'll just go buy another one for $80, you know? Um, but that's the thing and that's not like Nintendo so, but recently I as of now, like as of today, there may, I think I heard that now they're honoring like replacing joy cons without people having to pay. But that really sucks. Imagine having to pay to get something fixed. That's totally, you know. Yeah. And to know it was, I think they actually got into some trouble. Oh yeah. I think there was some backlash for that cause they didn't realize how big of a thing it was until like, man, this more people. So I don't know if you want to go to this next, but I think we should definitely talk about the thing that happened when we were discussing same time, that spicy thing.

Yeah. Hot and spicy. Nicolas winding reference. Deleted tweet. So this is a desk draining related. I'm sorry. There may be death stranding related things in this podcast until it comes out in way after. I mean, hey, we're talking about, it's the lead up. Yeah. We want you to be excited about it but this is very interesting. Okay. Yeah, go ahead. Well we actually, our story is, which is really cool. We were literally like working together and we were like, oh well like she came to me and she sent me a text, like a link to this tweet. Yeah. And I didn't have time at the time to look at it. I was just like, yeah, look at it in a minute. And so I go on about my day and later I go back, it's honestly wasn't very much later. It was like 30 minutes and I click on it and I was like, it's this tweet, delete it.

Jericho. So he deleted the tweet. So what I sit her was, um, so last week we talked about San Diego comic con and how could Jima had his panel and he actually showed off some game play, um, of, well, Zach was snoring. So cute. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. No, that was perfect. It's probably what's going to be industrial setting as well. This is all part of the Games. The tests. Um, so does stranding gameplay was, well a cut scene was shown, um, highlight any highlighting, um, Nicholas whining reference character, Hartman and which we talked about last. Yeah. So that was shown off. Well, I been looking online for this to get lead, nothing. And then that day that I sent you that the actual actors, so Nicholas shared this tweet that it looks like it is actually a Leete video because it's a phone. Yeah. Right.

Cause you were watching [inaudible] like it was really like in a weird angle. Like someone was sneaky and was like recording it so it was really shitty quality and like you can sort of see what's going on. And I was like, Oh yeah, I finally get to see it. But I was like this is weird. Cause he shared it on Twitter. Yeah. And actual actor. And he was like, Ooh, I'm so excited for me being in this game. We were like speculating. Like I was like wait, did like come and sit in the audience and record it and send it to you? And then it gets deleted and then it got deleted because now day later [inaudible] you can go play station, put it on their youtube channel. So like, and it's full resolution quality, the actual video. Okay. So That's interesting. I wonder if he got interested.

So he got in trouble. Guarantee it. I think like, I mean I remember in like previous interviews with mads Mickelson like and northern region is like being careful what they could and couldn't say and like Kajima just calls him up or someone from Koji and a process like you can't do that. Yeah. You know, so many people just like you had already seen it, you know, like he should know he's like a movie director and like I would, the last thing I would do is like tweet out a like league elite video of my scene. It's really weird. But anyways, like I would be really excited, but that seems awesome. If you haven't checked it out, check it out. It actually, it's, this game is going to be gorgeous. Like it looks like real people like the animations insane and that character is so cool.

He dies every 21 minutes. Like with a heart thing. He's like, I know what it's like. And I don't know if he's actually like having, if it's actually killing him every 21 minutes, but um, I guess we'll find out. Yeah. So that actually I knew that death straining is basically what it sounds like so far. It's like your ideal game.

Oh, it's, it's everything I want. Well, I mean when you want to play it on like your ideal console. Oh my God. I wish I was coming to play. I wish playstation five was out now. And I can play it on that though. That's, that's, that's what we're actually gonna talk about today. Is the main day topic up. Is that a main topic? It is. And you came up with it. I'm so proud. Thanks. Thanks. Actually going to get into talking about like what a few things like one like what our ideal console would look like.

Like what features we wouldn't want it to have. Um, and about like the current like upgrades if you say so that our like in the works for multiple different things. Um, the mysteriousness behind Sony's playstation air quote five, that's just the name. They've temporarily given it. We've gotten some information which we have here. Um, but there's not really a whole lot of clarification on it. I mean they weren't at San Diego Comic Con, which is kind of odd, but I mean that's what we're going to talk about today. So Jericho, do you want to start us off or do you want me to start us off? I don't mind getting this conversation going. Um, because it's so, I, I play on playstation. You do too. Like it's sort of like my only main console besides the switch. Um, I haven't played on my Xbox in a very time.

It's actually, I actually don't have it anymore. Um, I have my PC if I'm going to play those games, but like this has been the weirdest year. I'm not weird in a bad way, but you know, playstation wasn't an e three this year. Um, which was like the first time ever. They do, they didn't even show up cause they really honestly didn't have anything to show. Nothing's really ready besides, um, desk training, I guess. Yeah. Yay. I'm still happy about that. Um, but they weren't there and then I'm really haven't talked too much about the nextgen console. Um, so I'm mostly excited for the playstation five, whatever that's going to be. There is an article out that, um, I'll just highlight this real quick. We won't, I won't read all of this, but if you are interested cause there's a lot of features that both console's I've heard, you know, what's it, uh, hold on.

I have one of the articles to you is the ign article. There's one from wired, wired actually got an exclusive interview March Cerney is it the same talking about the same interview? Well the, I found the ige article that references it, the wired interview and it has like, yeah, again, there's not much information landing, it's not much information. So like it's basically just like trying to pull whatever they can from like what they said and things like that. So one of those things, something about God, what's the word? Every, it's like that jargon that everyone's using for like everything new. Something like the Ray Tracy. Yeah. The same time. No, that was the great talking about Ray Tracy. I don't even know what that means. It's something with the lights and like, I just wanted to reiterate, I'm not a professional, me, I don't know a whole lot, but I do know some things which I knew about.

Right Tracy. So only because I've seen it so many times. Yeah. It's like eight k. Yeah. What do you, what you guys have, I mean, the only really things that I've had are probably what I mean you're going to reference in the article is that the main thing that I took away was like, we're not getting it in 2019 which I kind of figured, cause I mean, it's kind of, the article I believe is from like march or something. I was earlier, earlier this year, which was probably better to know like, hey, it's not gonna be this year, but at this point, like I figured it wasn't gonna be this year anyway. Yeah. Um, but yeah, I mean, get into some of the little nitty gritty they'll like, I'll try to, so like everyone's up on this ray tracing thing and also eight k. Yeah. It's like a, it's like the next iPhone.

All the phones have to have this particular technology. Um, and apparently it's just supposed to be a really, sorry, there's an ad that just popped up on my device and no thanks. Okay. Um, but let me see. I think it's interesting that like all of these new consoles and things are saying they support eight k but like are there any even like TVs or like displays that can really [inaudible] they exist but there's so fricking

expensive. Buy One of those, like even someone that probably makes twice as much as us a year probably won't get one cause it doesn't make, I don't think it makes that much of a difference right now. But that's how it was with four Kane and Megan. Exactly. It's still expensive but it's more normalized now. It's just take a while, which I'm glad the next generation of console's, whether it be x, Xbox or playstation.

I'm glad. It seems like they are putting a lot of extra things that we don't need yet in it. So that's a good thing. I'm like, I don't know if I'll ever use any. Okay. But I'm glad it has it just in case, I don't know. Maybe I have like a 200 inch TV one day and I want it, you know, but it k 200 huge TV and play death stranding on it. Um, but what I want most, and that will detail this. Did you read anything about the hard drive? I didn't know. So like I know I did see you supposed to be like a custom solid state drive or something like that and say that one more time. Solid state draft. Yes. That's what I do. One, he SST. Say it again. It's like for him, I've, you know, saw lion king next week and last week.

And so I hit it again. I saw him in Sydney, Andrew, oh my God. Come on. Can going see it. We're from but solid state drive in our console's like my God, it'd take us this long to get here. Um, but the biggest takeaway from both upgrades that I've read and the thing that I want most is low times. Yeah. I like quick, quick, quick. I knew in the, I don't know if this was in the interview with wired but they didn't, they showed a spot. They were playing Spiderman far from home. No it's Spiderman for playstation's betterment for places I have it but my God it's one of my favorite, haven't beaten it but I do love it. But they were showing the difference between the PS four pro. I think they said 15 seconds to like relocate sound right that in the green but it's supposed to be like 0.8 seconds to big fast.

Oh my God. Yeah. [inaudible] from the webs building to building. It's just like lightning fast. That's my Spiderman. Sounds like you're sucking on a straw or that just drinking my drink. So that's what you're really excited about is the low times. I think that's really cool cause like I mean all the information on the hard drive. So if that, if they have like a customized solid state drive and the next place station man, I can't wait to play play a desk ranting on that too. And they did confirm that is going to be backwards compatible with at least playstation four games and God playstation VR games as well, which I wonder if they'll come out with something new regarding that, like a new kind of system that works with that maybe. Oh yeah, I can't wait. I think that'd be good. I thought I'd read a rumor like, I don't know how like take this with a grain of salt, but I just remember someone mentioned, someone was talking about the next VR headset and things, but they're supposed to be maybe gloves that Sony's working alone that's really like to really fine tune like how your hands move around in a VR world.

Wow. It's amazing the technology that we have now put a chip in me already signed me up so I'm, Yup. I just want to see the Mars buy everything. Me Biotic and knees so they don't pop Jerry in the be ex Mokena yes. Yeah, yeah. I'm fine with that. I love that movie. I was like sign side note. Did you have anything else about the like quote [inaudible] like yeah. That's really all we've been talking about. I feel like we don't give her other console's love. So yeah, that's it. Like Jessica said, I mean, I'm also a playstation user. In the past I did use Xbox and again, I'm not one of those like die hard. I feel like playstation is extremely superior. I personally just enjoy it more. I do think it's slightly superior. That's just my opinion. But I mean first party exclusives, I mean that's the reason to have a line.

Exactly. And that me as well that that's kind of where I come from. Um, but I think it's interesting the information. We do have a lot more information for Xbox project scarlet. Um, if you wanted to talk about that a little bit, but we got a lot of information at [inaudible] this year. Yes, we did. Um, and it's going to be arriving holiday 2020 and also same time it's gonna release with Halo Infinite. That's huge.

That's good on Microsoft. That's what they need to, that needs to be a launch cycle. That makes, even though I probably won't need an x box, if I need an x box to play halo infinite, I'm going to get an Xbox. And I think, I mean I enjoy the halo games, but I don't think I enjoyed enough to where I would want to buy the new console with it. But I do think it's really awesome that they're doing this a good.

Um, that's the only, the only launch title they have as of right now. And all the information I got about this was literally on xbox.com project scarlet, they have some information, they have a little trailer. Um, but yeah, basically it's gonna be a custom designed ams processor I'm in. They're also having solid state in there as well. I think it's ray tracing is that important. So I'm sure that [inaudible] I know it's in there. Just throw these really cool things out there for um, and up to, uh, it looks like they're actually going to be backed on palatable with like every x-box calling because they already have games past. That is one thing that x-box is just like hanging over Sony is their subscription service. Like I feel like it's like 10, maybe a little more than that a month. Yeah. Literally can download pretty much any game, like new game that I want to play.

It's awesome. And I knew like, like my brother, my little brother has so many x-box three 60 games that he can just play with this like an his old x-box, like all of them. And that actually is a little sneak peek into my ideal console would have backwards compatibility with everything. Same because I feel like it's definitely possible. And obviously it is because Xbox and Microsoft are doing that. But I mean, I, my ideal console, I mean would be, I would personally want it to be a playstation by Sony cause I mean I, that's what I use now. And so I would want it to be backwards compatible with everything. Cause I feel like that's just so conveniently they have to and that keeps you true to the brand, you know, like. Sure. And so, yeah, that, that really caught my attention. Um, but yeah, eight k resolutions, 120 frame rate, uh, all those smooth, all the smoothness.

Um, that's really all I have about that. Again, the articles from x-box dot com. Um, but I want to know Jerrica if you that you had this info for ps five in our notes. You were so great and I just didn't see it cause I'm a loser. I did pretty good. That's so funny that you didn't notice that I'd added it very recently though. I was actually sitting in your parking lot. You're the best and producers accent. I just saw you drive by warranty here yet and I was like, I'm adding notes. I'm adding less man. Thank you. You're a great cohost keeping it all together. Not, yeah, you are the whole, my whole a shake is that I don't have it together so I couldn't tell. Yeah, yeah, you're doing great. But I do have a question for you though. Like what if you could make a console right now, like endless possibilities, what would that look like aesthetically and like systematically?

Let me, I love that you asked this question because I had a dream one one time. Oh I, you know, and I, the dream was I was at Sony was at a three and that did actually happen. They were not there this year, but in my dream they were, and I was there and I walked up to the stage that it was at and it was, imagine your switch in playstation just had a baby. But it was like my design in my dream is not the best, but I'll just tell you what I would drink, dreamt of. I dreamt of. It's like the Saddlebag, is that what you call them? You know Saddlebag Satchel Satchel, that's the word. I'll not a saddle bag. I think you put that on a horse gear up and go run and play my playstation on my horse. No, but like you get, it's like a Satchel and like the playstation was pretty much like in the base of the Satchel, like as a playstation with a strap.

And like I had this like screen, you could like detach from it. Like the Gamecube handles pretty comfortable strap. And I got to play my playstation games on the go. Like Vita was a system that sorta did it, but like I do want playstation to have a portable option or they have like the playstation remote

app, but it's not a PSP. Yes, I did PSP and Aveda. That's awesome. And that's, that's ultimate like I want the cloud thing to work for. I want the cloud to be my console, but I want to pay Sony to have a really awesome cloud and I want to have awesome Internet so I could play my games anywhere you want to pay Sony? Yeah, I would give them money if they can get me better internet and a portable console that I can play, you know, all my favorite playstation games on.

That would be my dream. My, um, my ideal console is very similar to yours. I really have it laid out how, like aesthetically want it to look, except that I would like it to be smaller. It could be super portable, bringing on a plane, all that kind of stuff. Yeah. Um, but I would also have obviously like the ability to also hook it to my TV similar to this switch when you can play it and they got it so good. I just feel, I don't know why. Like with the switch specifically though, like I, I just, I do really enjoy it and I do love it but it's more like, I don't know why I feel like it's like inconvenient to plug it into my TV cause it's not, I'm just lazy. It's really cool. I really do like it. But I feel like maybe even they could do like a, like a standard version where like you have it sitting at your home, plugged into your TV, but there's almost something you can like take out of it to make it portable.

Like a little like, uh, like a PSP size thing that you could just like take out of it. Sort of like a nice Satchel old playstation dream. Such a place like a detachable screen, essentially quote a for this podcast plus playstation Saas actual playstation dreams. I love that coming next holiday y'all. It's kind of, Oh my God. Can I am bordered on with like your name on it? Oh my initials embroidered on it. That's it. But I think that that would be ideal. And obviously like I said, like backwards compatible. I even think like what if, you know we have a cross platform console. Oh God. That's like that's going to break the world. Kayla. I know that's too, that's too much. And obviously they would, that's what I would be awesome people wouldn't be for that. They, because you know, they're, they're trying to get money themselves.

They don't want you to be able to play it like everything and by other games. But things like that. Microsoft's already sort of blending towards that a little bit with Nintendo. I know it's coming. One more stuff's gonna come to switch, which is really cool because I'm going to play with my friends who have Xbox, you know? So it'd be really cool. I'm even thinking further, like of course, you know, physical things, media because I'm old, but I'm not having a console that you could literally like stick a switch game in stitches. That was my stick. A Xbox gaming or stick like a PC game and then there, yeah. What about like, I know you're, I unfortunately do not have a PC so I don't play on PC. What is the like ideal like, like would you want like a PC like that you could play on that?

Like already has everything set up? Did you build your PC or did you buy it the way it is? Great question. Um, I actually built my very first PC, but I don't have that one anymore. I bought this one cause I was just like, ain't nobody got time for that. So, uh, I got this, but is a gaming computer. Okay. It's a gaming computer. Um, and I updated the graphics card in it. Yeah. So I got a 10 80 in there and my monitors supports, um, it's 144 hertz. So like it's so smooth. Like wow, when I play on PC, it does surpass my experience on the console. Like my playstation right now. So what if you could like mesh the two together, you know what I'm saying? This is what I want. No, that's what I hope the playstation five is. I know it won't be cause like I actually don't understand why it can't be that.

Like I've never understood like why console's are behind like I guess cause pcs are modular and I can upgrade, upgrade them as frequently as I want. Um, but go ahead and make that push. I'm just like, it's taken us this long just to have a solid state hard drive and I'm making it, we're making moves, making money moves, you know, you're not doing it. Please say she's not making the right moves. We need to work at playstation. I'm like listen here we need to have two solid state drives in our, in our device. That

is interesting. I I've never really thought about the fact that you can't modify anything with a console. No. It would be cool to, if there was some kind of console that you could like update, you know, certainly can see the playstation five pro when it comes in. It comes out two years later.

That's true. Cause I mean you could just upgrade it yourself to that much quality essentially. Like, no, but they want to sell you a whole other console. I mean, yeah, but I mean that's, that's what I would love to have. Yeah. What you mentioned would be so cool. Yeah. If it was possible. If it, we should start, we should make our own console. Kayla, I honestly get started here in this room. I know that I've seen, you know, you've been playing a lot of things lately. Are you done talking about like, do you have any more ideas? I love hearing about your ideas, hearing about sure. Ideas. We should start a console company. I'm down. Let's just put this podcast. This isn't going anywhere. Let's just make a game console. No, just kidding. I think it's going somewhere. We hope you guys like it. That was a joke.

Um, what else? Nope, that's pretty much it. I know we didn't touch on like the next switch. All I would say is, I think I've heard rumors that that will be a thing. I first see a switch pro and I just want better graphics. Like the switch is awesome, but the graphics aren't like where I need them to be. I know you mentioned in one of our previous podcasts, you talked about the switch light. So now you're saying that there's going to be a switch pro. I anticipate and I feel like I've read a rumor also that that could have been a dream that I had. I don't ever look up switch pro. I will. I think it's happening. Um, I think switch lights the perfect holiday device on to pick up for your kids or if you don't have a switch and you just want to get Pokemon, um, that's probably a great option.

But for us users that Ha, I got the very first switch so far. My joy, cons aren't drifting. Right. Um, I'm, I'm gonna hold off. I'm not going to get the light in my hold off until like the pro switch happens. So yeah, I found, I found like a, this looks like just a rumor article, but uh, this is from [inaudible] dot com basically just a bubble. And this actually, oh, you're a great, great website. This came out like two days ago. Oh Wow. Okay. 26, it says Nintendo switch pro better battery life, bigger screen. And more requests. That's what I want, baby. So basically she said, yeah, it wasn't a dream. I actually think I read this somewhere. I think what basically I think they are also assuming with putting in some information that they have, but it says with the announcement of switch light, the inevitable release of intended switch pro has gamers thinking about what they would want out of it, which is exactly what we're talking about.

I agree with the larger screen thing. I want it, I want a bigger, I think that that would be really helpful for sure. But no, that's it really. I mean I, I think that, you know, we're definitely moving somewhere with new consoles I think seems to be holiday 2020 I mean obviously for Xbox says that's the date they already announced that. So I guess I'd bet playstation does like a week after, a week before which holiday could be in like I guess October to December maybe. Yeah, around that time. I got one thing now. Okay. Okay. So I'm a playstation girl. You are too. But let me tell you this, you know, this is my get hype moment when plays state, when Sony finally decided to announce the playstation five with the launch title of choice, you know which one I'm this, they're going to do it too. I mean that would get me, I'm like, oh my God, that was so fast.

And that's probably part of the game. It happens so fast. Um, but no horizon zero dawn to yes, that would kill. That would be great if that happens. If that gets announced, I will take off my shirt. You said this last, I know like just, I'm just waiting for one of these things I predict to happen. Things that make Jared could take your shirt off, mass effect remaster, uh, horizon zero dawn to you as a launch title, specifically as a launch for the new console. Gotcha. I would, I would really be excited about the, I loved Horizon Zero Dawn. I thought it was beautiful, so good. And I loved that it was a little bit difficult. Yeah, I

really liked that. It challenged me a little bit, but no, that would be a perfect launch. Every game they've talked about like, so the big three dust stranding, Goso Shima and last was part two.

That's like the only three games they've talked about for the last two years. So like, and they've all said ps four. Yeah. So like we don't know what's going to be, which they'll be, you know, you're going to play those games on your place because I was going to say, thankfully there they're going to work, they got to have a big game and they got to have a big game and launch. That's all I've got for that. I mean I really am interested in the new game, like the Games you've been playing this week. If you want to talk about that. Um, I'm trying to think because it's been a really busy, we, you have, you have, I just play Wolfenstein young blood came out Friday and me and Audrey wear suit. That's my girlfriend. And we were really excited to play because you play as co-op, you are the daughters, twin daughters of a, I think his name's BJ.

So the main character from the uh, um, the first, the main game and their sort of country and their sort of main each other and they call it, I'm all about like, they're so funny. So you want to play it with, you have to play with them, you have to play it with somebody but you can and like one of you can play as one of the sisters cause one's got like black longer hair and the other one's got like a blonde Bob and you just played together trying to save your Daddy, save Yo Daddy, save the Daddy, save the Daddy. So I literally just play the beginning with her and have it. I can't really tell you if I like it or not cause I don't, haven't had it long enough. Well I have a very quick frustrating to me story and reading. Yeah. So I, I've been playing that what I've been playing the past like year, which is apex and Overwatch.

Yeah. And I've been playing dead by daylight with our producer Zach and that's been really fun. I love that you need to play it with us. All three of us need to play it together. Um, and that would be really fun. I feel like I really enjoyed that. I'm trying to get better at that, but we'll see how that goes. But I actually, I believe I've talked about this on one of the previous podcasts, but I thought I still had my pst, my playstation two and my game boy advanced in my game boy color. And I do have, it was just awesome and I have a lot of the games that I remember that I remember being, I burped that I remember being like really excited about and loved and just makes me feel like so nostalgic and like happy. But I was helping my parents move and I found them all and I was super hype about it.

But I guess I got distracted. Which air go like that. That's just me in general. I just get distracted. I gathered my box together, I got all of, I've even found an old PC game, can't even play that sims for found it since three. You found it, put them in my box, put my game boy games in my box, put my ps two games, found ape escape. Really excited about that. I hope it still works. It's really scratched up. Um, I'm a chronic, leave my disc out kind of Gal. No, I actually had side note, I had one of those things. You put your disc in and you're like, I felt like it never works. Like for real, but like it was so satisfying. I would do spit on it and wipe it with my shirt. There you go. That's probably why they broke the girl who likes physical media so much.

Just destroys them. There you go. But anyways, yeah, I was so I gathered the box together and I left it, left it there and didn't bring it with me and I was so excited. Jerrica because I was gonna play them in preparation for this podcast and talk about, you know, all minus dog memories and things like that. Nope. Left it at the house. You don't have to say where they live, but is it pretty far? Uh, about an hour. Dang. Yeah. And they're moving further away. Oh Dang it. So, but I mean it's not like I'm never going to visit them again. I'll get it and I mean they can mail it to you maybe I think, I don't know. And I'll be a little scared like oh that's a mysterious box of a business. Like I wouldn't do that. Um, but no, I think that

I'll be able to get it soon and I may be able to talk about it in the next podcast suite or we can play them together cause I have multiple controllers and we can play together.

We, that can be one of our first streams. Let's do, we talked about starting streaming, starting up a youtube channel. We really love if you guys we were exiting, we will update you as soon as that happens. I haven't done that yet. I was supposed to do that. I haven't done it. That's me. No hesitation. Just not do it. Just don't do it. Okay. I was making a rap that didn't work out. Okay. I thought you were like reverse psychology in yourself, like telling yourself no, no. I was actually trying to say almost destination. No hesitation. Just don't do it. There you go. That was cute. I love that.

I think we're delusional. I'm, I think I'm, I, I'm been a long week. I'm done I think. Alrighty. Um, I think we've hit a good stopping point. I really liked this episode. I'm glad we got to talk about our ID. Me Too. I hope my Satchel playstation comes to fruition. Copyright, Jericho, Satchel playstation. Yeah. Don't let that pro x 30 pay for that trademark. I don't want to, I don't know. Yeah. Whatever. I Dunno. We'll see you guys next time. We hope you enjoyed. Yeah. Byeeeee hey guys, thanks for listening to the glitch girls gaming podcast. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram at podcast g. G. G if you have any questions, comments, or corrections, please email us like glitch girls with a u g U, um, podcast@gmail.com that's once again, glitch girls with the u podcast@gmail.com and also don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review on whatever platform you're listening from. Until next time, this is Jerica.

Nostalgia? We Know Her

Nostalgia? We Know Her

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Mostly San Diego Comic-Con