Mostly San Diego Comic-Con

Mostly San Diego Comic-Con

what up? It's the glitch girls gaming podcast. Your placed, you get your weekly nerdy news from your nerdy gals. That's sometimes Powells yeah, sometimes pals never get in the future soon. Um, I'm Jerica, this is Kayla and we have a few things to cover today. We've got a lot of things to cover today. We're going to jump into some general news and then our main topics going to be about what happened last week. Jerrica oh my God. San Diego Comic Con. Am I right? MRI, the dream for all of us to go to me and Jerrica I want to go so bad. But you know that wait list though. It's a pretty difficult to get tickets. Yeah, I've tried many years. Nettie years. I try. All right, so first up we have some Overwatch news over arch news. Uh, we got a new character release. What on the day that we're recording?

Yes. Perfect time. Interesting. I actually played last night and I'd seen it. There was like a rumor of a new character. Um, but I did not know that had been confirmed. A side note, the Overwatch Summer Games have started, which is one of my personal favorite events that Overwatch has. Um, there's a lot of cool exclusive skins that you can get and exclusive like games you can play that you can't normally, uh, Jerrica. Tell us about this new Overwatch character. What kind of, yeah. Here we go. So from here we have Overwatch's a new character is sigma interests. I'm an anthro physicists, sis. I don't know how to say that. You know, it's, it is what it is. He's a guy that knows about astrophysics. Um, but he doesn't know he's a living weapon. Dude, this story comes to us by Nathan Grayson from Kotaku. Um, but it looks like I know who they had like a little trailer or a teaser a couple of days ago.

I don't play a lot of Overwatch. So my thing, I love overall, I know when a character is hyped, the world hype gets hubspot say it gets burned, but they are on fire. They're ready. Yeah. It's like everybody, it's like everybody goes in a good way. They're hot, literally burning before eyes. But yeah, today, blizzard introduced sigma in a animated story. Trailer. Gravity is a harness. Wow. Dot Dot. Dot. I love their character trailers. I really hope that they eventually make like a short film or animated series. They have to pick it all up. Like asap. They have comics. I actually haven't read them. I've read a couple because one of the characters is a lesbian. I think she could be by, I don't know. So I was into that. I love it. That's your, I read the comic. I was like, Ooh. Yeah, I'm interested in a it's tracer, right? Maybe. Yeah, I didn't that, oh my God. I'm sorry. Know sexual orientation. There's a gay character, I know about them. So, um, but anyways, episode nobody but sign me up, sign me up right now. Changing the episode currently, but I, but they've actually released

a few new characters this year. Surprisingly. I feel like this is not the first, maybe I'm wrong, but I don't, I trust you cause I do not know that. So that's why I'm glad you're here. Um, but it was cool because I gave like a little cryptic trailer. It had like all these equations out. Cause I, I see the announcements like oh here comes another character. Um, but when I saw like the reveal today, he looks really cool. He was like a huge armor apparently. Like he's a weapon but doesn't know it. So maybe I'm not gonna read too into it, but it looks like um, Metta things. Yeah. I don't know if he's evil but when it looks mad he looks like he's ready to blow some shit up. Move away from the camera. Cause I just burped. Oh sorry. If you heard you can do that anytime.

Maybe not. I guess that was nice of you for the listeners. I was just letting them know. Well cool. No I, I'm really excited about it. Hopefully they mentioned anything about like when he's coming out cause typically actually he might already be on like PC. I know they release it on PC first. Oh really? I didn't think that they actually do, which is unfortunate that I don't have one vendor's game. Oh yeah, absolutely. I was really stirring San Diego comic con they right. Okay. Here's the thing. Yes. But I teased it way earlier though, right? Yeti three, it was first announced and we got to see some very small bits of

game in a trailer. But here in the release state. But at um, comic con we don't, we don't, we didn't see anything cause it wasn't advertised to the public. That's how they sell tickets to comic con.

Do you know, closed door thing. But of course it got leaked. So, so more gameplay from the Avengers. Um, did you want me to take that one? I can do it that. Is it a mobile game? I actually don't know a whole lot about it. Oh No it's not. It's, it's a big title coming to playstation, Xbox one and PC. Uh, so the article that we have is from ign and it is by Adam Bank Hearst. The title is going to be surprising. No one marvel Avengers footage leaks from San Diego comicon in 2019. Shocking. I know. I mean if you're there and you've got a cell phone, which yeah, it does. So I watched the video is like, is it like super sketched? That's so funny. Attendees of the San Diego Comic Con 2019 Marvel Games panel retreated to an early look of squaring x is a vendor's game. And surprising, surprising no one the footage has leaked.

This early footage was meant only for those in the room, although crystal dynamics did confirm that it will be released to the general public in a week. So the same footage will sit a week. Okay. However, not everyone obeyed the rules in grainy footage taken on cell phones has leaked into the Internet at large. The footage shows Thor iron man in Holt gameplay as they fight on and around the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. That's so cool. I actually didn't see the footage, but this sounds interesting. This feels like something I would be okay for sure. Yeah, of course. So here's the thing, can I add something real quick? Okay. So when they first debuted this game at e three, we got a date. I cannot remember. It's early next year, may April ish. Um, but it got a release date, but we didn't really see too much of it at e three, so it was pretty cool.

Didn't see that they did show off more of the game at comic con. Um, that showed a lot more gameplay. I'm sure. A lot more like customization. I think like different characters will have different, um, things to where it's May 15th of next year. There we go. I was did I s I said April May. So Zach was on it. He's over here like the little guy in the chair and I just typing it in real fast. But yeah. Um, I was really glad to see like what they showed off. A lot of people were excited about it because it didn't get a lot of, uh, hype at e three. A lot of people were in little [inaudible]

like underwhelmed. Yeah, for sure. So the last piece of news that we have that's slightly unrelated to San Diego comic con is the Anthem News, which is interesting to kind of ties into last week's episode and take that Jericho. Yes. I would love to take this. Of course. Let me talk about it. Yeah. I don't even play it, but I'm a big buyer. We're supporters

more. So this story comes to us from Kotaku and by Ethan Gock. Gack gotch Gach I don't know, maybe that sounds more like it. Um, a new set of pre capitalism's challenges is live in anthem over the weekend BioWare's leader shoot anthem received a new set of challenges called the uncut or the oncoming storm. They appear to be a precursor to the game's upcoming cataclysm event. So apparently there's been this storm in the game and ultimately like I quit playing because, so you do have it. Yeah, I played it, I beat it. I went through the main main story. But after that there's not a lot of replayability as it was going to say. Is there anything, everything seems like identical and I just got burned out. I'm like, there's literally nothing else for me to do in this game. It's really just like xplorers and stuff. [inaudible] it's a free world conduct. It is this open world and it's very similar to destiny and that way you can just sort of explore the area, get resources, but you can't customize your cost cham or are you, that's costume your armor. And that's what a thing, I was really couldn't think of anything by you saying costume. I was like, Yep. The cost review, the costume, uh, the Africa, what the javelin suits. Yeah, yeah, you can update them. So I'm really excited to see that they are sticking to you providing updates to this game.

That's funny that we talked about this in our last episode where we were talking about how they've been pretty silent and kind of like stacking it as far as like releasing anything. But, but here's the thing. Hurt us. They did. It's not released yet. It's up right now.

This was supposed to happen in May. Um, so it has gotten pushed like this may pass me. So it got published and it looks like it's, it's happening. It's leading up to this big event, which will hopefully give players more things to do, which I'm excited for. I'll probably hop in and take a look at it. Um, I have a feeling though that it'd be something I'd really quickly and get through and then I'm like, well, that was fine. It's like kind of like, just like a side quest. Yeah, for sure. So I'll play it and I'll let you know what I think. Yeah. Um, when it, um, whenever it drops, whenever it drops, hopefully it's sometime in the future. Hopefully people don't have it very soon. Yeah.

Well I guess we can go ahead and move into the bulk of the news and our main topic, which is going to be San Diego comic con that happened last week. It did. Um, we're still getting news from it. It's, it's wild how much like content always gets released during San Diego Comic Con. Um, I really was impressed and Kinda surprised at the all the stuff that moreover released. Yes. So much information, so much at once. They didn't even spread it out at all. It's literally just like, here you go, here's all your face next to like two years. Right. Yeah. What's hilarious is I was looking at these dates like I was falling. Um, most of the news I have from that part is from at marvel studios on Twitter because they were just like pushing it out. Like every five minutes there'd be like the picture, like logo of the new movie or show and it'd have like coming spring term 2021 fall 2020 and yeah,

I was looking at him and I was like, wow, that's so soon. For some reason I like skipped a year ahead and my brain, I was like 20, 20, I'm already living there with age muscle that's stranding would be out. Cyber punk would be out. Um, last month, part two, you would be out. Is this gonna become a desk training podcast? It really could be. I am sorry. Speaking of, there is some news around that. You want to talk about that? Yeah. So comic con, occasionally we'll have game people, game game people, uh, creators, uh, companies come in and show off some stuff. We'll guess what you want to go. Just guess. Take a guess. You saw the baby pod. There was a baby pod there because Kajima was there. Um, he had a panel and this was his first time attending comic con. So, of course, his very good friend Jeff Kelly moderated. Um, I'm a big fan of their bromance that they have. They're really good friends. Um, but yeah, he had a panel, um, alongside, um, Nicolas Winding [inaudible]. Um, he's a director for a lot of cool movies and mads Mikkelsen, another actor has been in one of his movies. So I'm starting to put together in my head how all of these dudes met.

Yeah, I got invested, I clicked on the link that you included in our note and I saw Keanu Reeves and I was like, what?

Just wait for this bit of news because this is so interesting. Well, that was my knee, if anyone heard that have very poppy knees. Um, it's been a long day. It's been a long day for a grand old grandma. I'm always back in town. I was well a witness. Yeah. Let me cut well back to it. Um, shut up ne um, Hersh. Um, where was I? Oh, you're talking about Keanu Reeves? Yes. Hold onto that. Oh, but Nicholas Wining Ruffin, he, if I said your name wrong, if you're eliciting, I'm sorry, he's a director of a lot of movies, but he's doing this panel alongside Kajima cause guess what? He is in dust stranding and the director is in Deseret and he's an actor. His character is called Hartman. And apparently what you found out at this panel, that Hartman's character apparently dies every 21 minutes. The reason why gay?

Well, that's a great question. I don't know. Like every 21 minutes you play, not him. He's not the main character that's in Redis as the main characters, as an additional character that dies every 21 minutes. So he can go to the other side and see his family or try to save them. I don't know. And then he comes back, it's like this thing has like this thing on his chest. I think that just maybe he kills himself every 21 minutes, which sounds really gruesome and very code Jima. I feel like I've seen him in like one of the little mini, he's got his glasses. He looks like a scientists' more so than the others. Um, but yeah, his character is called Hartman and I assume maybe something happens with his heart every 21 minutes. That's hard. Men Get it. Okay. But another thing that was also talked about was, um, cause we know cyber punks gonna have Kiana Reeves at his big face is going to be all up in that game.

But apparently, um, Nicholas recommended Kiano for a role in desk branding. The character that mads Mickelson's could be playing. But Kim Jean was like, Nah, I want mad. He wants him, he wants him, he wanted him so bad. They also have a great little bromance that I'm a huge fan of. So I thought that was interesting. Um, that Kiano is recommended for that. But then I wonder if he like was trying to do both games or like, cause you know, he's in cyberpunk that guy. Yeah, I'm sure maybe there was like a conflict of interest there or something like that. Like, Nah man, you can't like be Kajima told him no, he's like, I want mads. So that's so funny. I was trying to be in too many games. One of the things that I saw that I was really interested in and it's surprised me that I was intrigued by this so much. The Witcher Netflix series, I knew they had already previously announced suit. Right. And they just released like a trailer. The trailer would look so good. It looks so like Nice. And I've never, have you ever read the book if you read the book? No. But you've played the game.

I just winked at her. Stay tuned. Oh, stay tuned. I saw you on PSN playing it early. Did you hide? Yes. As you know the secret. But we can, we will touch on that some more lyric. I'm glad you're mentioning this. Actually I was creeping on you earlier. You were, we're about to go meet up for this podcast, which she played. Watch you play and jerk. I'm trying to get some early news. It's it, I don't think we still have a release date yet cause it said expected later this year. I missed that. Yeah. Uh, so it looks like they have that trailer, like the trailer looks great so it shouldn't be too far off. Sensor me enough to where I kind of want to read the books now. Okay.

Um, so next up, something else that I was really interested in, and I don't know if you're into this cause we never talked about it, but Rick and Morty, season four, I'm watched brick and mortar. I have not, I couldn't tell you like huge character details but I've watched episodes here and there, but you're not like a consistent like episode one to the end like I need to be in because every time I watch an episode I have so much fun watching it. I just, it's such a goofy show. I love it. I feel like it appeals to me like adventure time appealed to me, which rip rest in peace time. Love it too much. It's on Hulu. I'll watch it all the time. But yeah, season four. It's interesting because the last episode of season three concluded in 2017 so it's been, it's been a while.

Yeah. But still I feel like it just, that just happened. It's weird as going back in November and they released like a little clip. Not like a trailer or anything like that, but there's like a little mini clip. Yeah. Um, so another thing, did you ever play magic the gathering up? I want you to be like, yeah, as in the gathering. So I wanted to say I used to do that with my friends or like do you play magic as in the gathering? Yeah. I used to play so much in college. I actually really loved it. It's actually, it was super complicated to like, it was like that. Yeah, it's complicated. We used to get like get really drunk and play and then I just fall asleep. I couldn't focus but I love playing up until then. But the Russo brothers are directing an animated series on Netflix.

They kind of let slip. I miss that details. I don't have much of the details on it except that it's going to be an animated Netflix series. Netflix exclusive series. They're creating it and the Russo brothers are directing it. I think it's going to be interesting. I'm curious to see like how they like wonder are there going to be like animated people throwing cars or are they just like the actual characters? Is it just like a group of college kids getting drunk and playing magic? The gathering. Do you ever watch the Yugioh show? I've seen episodes, but I was, you know, I was up in that Pokemon side of this. I love Yugioh. I love to just as much as Pokemon was to make me mad when the kids came into books-a-million plain Yugioh instead of Pokemon. Did you work it books a million? No, I, that's when I was a child.

I used to go there to trade Pokemon cards. Did anything else kind of stand out to you that they released just besides all the marvel madness, honorable man. I mean if you want to get into that or one quick thing before that. Did you see the dark crystal age for existence? Netflix series? No, I'm not a, I don't know the dark crystal. I don't know what it is and neither do I. Okay. So one from work that we're both friends with sent me like the link to the trailer. So it's the dark crystal age of resistance. Netflix series. It's not going to be movie, it's a series. It's based off of like a super old movie. I think it came out in like the 70s or the eighties or something like that. Never saw that. But this actually looks really cool and an interesting fact is it's going to be totally like puppets.

I don't know the technical work, but they're not using any like seat all. They might still be using CGI, but like, uh, I'm, I sorta know what you're talking about now. I, I ref, I can sort of picture something in my head because they're still using like the pope material. That's awesome. And it's all really cute and like mystical. That's what I really love about it. But we can get into some of the marvel stuff. There's a lot to cover with that. I want to know what you're excited about with that. You should know that. I am so excited. You should know cause I'm, you know how I love ladies that love ladies and any type of pop culture video games. So I love ladies that love ladies. What is that? A movie, a marvel movie on this. That and I am the super hero lady.

Really. I actually am not sure which one. You're super intrigued by your love and thunder. So excited about that one. We got Natalie Portman and she's going to be lady Thor hype level. Get high 5,000 and Wowza can't wait to see that. Um, and also Valkyrie, you know that she's going to be looking for her queen. Of course. Did you see that? She's going to look for her queen. I actually didn't see which I hope it's captain marvel. That'd be so clear face right now, which you guys can see here. I want that so bad. Please give it to me. Um, but that was really excited that like she said that up in, up on the stage was like, you know, and I gotta find my queen cause she's going to be the king of as guard, like she's taken over. Right. Yeah, I forgot about that because that's kind of how they left it off in there.

So I love, I just love Chris Hemsworth so much. I think he's such, I forgot about him. The or you've just kidding. Just kidding. That was a joke. That's so funny. If he's in the movie, I'm like, oh yeah, he's in it. I really hope he still fat from end game. That'd be great. It's a, it's a very good chance. I don't know how long, like this movie will take place after the event. He cracked me up so bad and the end of that fortnight and stuff. I love that. I'm pretty excited about, um, the eternals I don't, me and Audrey were actually talking about this. We do not know anything about the eternal, so I can't get hyped. I don't know who they are. I actually don't either. But what I'm intrigued by is Angelina Jolie's going to be in it. I did see that. That's interesting.

And the guy from stranger things, right? Which one was that? No, that's black widow. Yes. I got confused. I saw so many things. Do you watch game of Thrones or did you watch game of Thrones? Yes, the guy who played Robb stark, original Madden, he's going to be in it as okay. I'm excited about that. I

really liked his character rip him as well. Sorry, spoiler alert like six years ago. Anyways, but the terminals is, I have the timeline here of the whole like phase four that they released. The first thing that we're going to be getting is the black widow a, is it a TV show or it's a movie. I think it's a movie movie. Yeah. Yeah. I have like all of them listed here. Some movie that's gonna be in theaters May 1st, 2020 next year. Not this year in case you were like me.

No, but that I'm really excited about that. Um, it's like buck water's not like one of my top favorites or anything like that. It's nothing. I'm like open the main floor, but I think it's interesting, um, especially since like, you know, I wonder where it's going to fall on the timeline, like cinematically, like gotta be before everything. I feel like this is way before she like became an avenger. I hope so. And then we're getting a the falcon and the winter soldier, which could be again, it is a show. Yeah. Okay. It's coming to Disney plus exclusively also interesting. Most of the, actually I think all of the TV shows that are talked about all Disney plus exclusive, which is fine with me because I'm getting it anyway. I'm definitely giving Disney all of my money. It's only six 99 a month. That hope it doesn't go up.

I have it probably will. I mean everything wants to get some more content goes up in price. That's just how it is. Um, yeah. And so then next in the time I was gonna be the eternals, which is a movie and it's coming in November, 2020 2020 November six 2020. I also think it's really cool that they have these dates like so far in advance already. Like I don't know how has marvel done that before? Like given an exact dates and this early. I think that's why I think they did that with the last phase. Cause after we got really into it, I looked into some details when they did something like this and like similarly, um, I'm excited about Dr strange and the multiverse madness Chaim too. I think that's going to be really supposed to be scary. I like scary marvel movie. I think that's great.

I love all the scary you can give me and that's going to be May 7th, 2021 which unfolds. Roll. Yay. Did you see Shang try in the legend of the 10 rings? What's really neat? I'm excited because Aquafina's going to be in it. I've been trying to go and see her newest movie and I won't get on a side note, but she was also like a really good rapper. I love her music. Aquafina. Go listen to her producer. Zach's like, yeah, she's got some sick beats that's coming out. February 12th, 2021. They getting this all hype for all these movies. And like so far I like having this, especially just having an all Asian cast like that is so freaking cool. I'm ready. Freaking freaking cool man. Um, one thing that a lot of people that I heard like talking about it aren't super excited about it. They're kind of like, eh.

And to be fair, the logo's really ugly. The LOCI TV show that's going to come out. It looks a little sort of, I do not like the logo. The only one that I like, I sort of don't like get ordered the Hawkeye, the both of those look like cartoony but Loki is, they released some more information on that it's supposed to take place at like and talk about where he went after endgame when he like escaped with the tesseract. Oh yeah. I don't know about you guys but in end game I was like wait, where did he, where did look he go cause like they never talked about it and they never addressed ages. Nope. Disappeared through the floor. Cause he has a whole television show that's going to tell us, which is so neat. Like I think that's so cool. And again, that's going to be on Disney plus exclusively in fall of 2021, uh, spring of 2121 yet tiny, all of 2021 for Hawkeye, which I don't really care about.

I like just Mohawk, like his hair. I can't look at that for a little while. I liked his little like off storyline in, um, in game. Yeah. I'm also interested in what if, which is the first animated series in the end and m c you. Wow. Yeah, that was hard. Was there hard man, that's going to be a animated series on Disney plus exclusively in the summer of I'm so ready. I can't wait to see what type of art style they take with that. Like, I am so excited. Like I love a good animated series. It's crazy how much they can suck us in with

stuff that we have no idea I know yet or anything like that. I think that's so wild. But sorry is readjusting myself. Oh, well, you know, but all of that news that I just mentioned, uh, just so you guys know, you can look at it all on at Marvel studios on Twitter. That's where I got most of my information from as well. Um, one last thing that is unmarked related. I know, uh, I've talked to you about my love for scary movies, but it chapter two, oh my God man. Did you see the trailer?

Yes, I did. I'm ready. I on the best word maybe of our like even though it's, you know, a redone movie. Yeah. Uh, I would say a remaster like a video game, but like it's the music, the characters, it's actually scary too. Like in a, it's, you know, it's not real real, you know, some of those movies that are scary or like

more does suspenseful is actually terrifying. Yeah. The first one it takes a lot. I'm not trying to say that to sound like big and bad like no kid scurvy, you know it takes a lot to scare me because I love scary movies and I see so many of them,

especially with like fictional, like non like this character does clown. This thing doesn't exist in our world. We know it's fake, but man this movie. Yeah.

Yeah. It's so interesting but it is. We actually have a pretty soon really stay on that. That's coming out September, so we're going to go together and giving the guys a movie room. Let's go. Let 'em know colon it now. All right. Do you have anything else like for what you took from the city, your comic con?

Here's my last bit of things. [inaudible] thing. It's one thing, not things. Apparently I'll go back to the desk stranding panel. Surprised we had to come full circle. Surprise, surprise. Kajima also brought with him the BB pod. If you don't know what the BB Pod is, it's gonna come with the collector's edition of death stranding. It has a baby in this like cat like almost looks like a, it's a pod. It's like a little baby floating and it lights up and it's big as bell, as big as my torso. Torso. Thank you. You're welcome. I was pointing to it and she knew what I, what I meant. I got you. Um, and he brought it with him from Japan and apparently he got stopped at customs and they wanted to know why they were, why he was bringing that into our country. That's so funny. And he was like, like, it's in the game and I want to show my friends, they're like, why is this weird?

Why is this foreign babies in this foreign baby pies? Damn. Like if it was me, I would been like, it's my child. It's my child now. Obviously it's a plastic baby. Yeah. Funny. Another piece of plastic, but it lights up and it's so big. And he did confirm it's in the collector's edition and we got that big, it's like, it's this big ugly net with the game and everything. It's like, it's going to come in like this huge suitcase thing and with the BB pod inside and other things. But they also revealed the, um, the box art for the game as well. So like it feels it's so real. It's right around the corner. I can smell the BB pod, I can smell the juice inside. It probably smells like pee. You went on there you or is that too much? I was too much, wasn't it?

That was a little little t man. Alright. Jerrica what's next? What you been playing slash watching this week? Ah, actually, um, back to what you were saying earlier about the Witcher series. Um, and I've also seen the lion king, which I can chat about in a second, but I really want to talk about, I went and bought a physical game. Wow. Interesting. You know, despite our chat last week, that's, and I went physical today cause it was cheaper, it was cheaper. So like on the PSN store is a Oh yeah, we haven't talked about what it was price. It's a mystery game. He said, speaking of based on this information. Oh yeah. Um, it's the Witcher three wild hunt. I went and purchased that today cause when I originally played it I

wasn't into, I don't think I was in a mood for that type of story, but I watched a video and like it caught me up in like five minutes.

So like understand a little bit more of the the world. I've never read the books so absolutely knowing nothing into and I'm start playing. I'm like, yes, I'm in this mood. I get on the horse, his horses name Roach. Um, he's like, I'm on Roche and you would just like riding around middle earth pretty much and fighting griffins and I'm glad I got this game and I bought it physically cause it was cheaper at the retail location I went to, it was half off like any of them. But I've actually really want to is I think I'm good. I got Kinda hype after the trailer release. That's me too. Me Too. That's why I was like I really want to play this now. I just say I'm so intrigued by like the world. I really do enjoy like fantasy games and things like that. Um, I have still been playing apex of course.

Played that a little bit today. Today. Today, today, today too. So what did you, what were your thoughts then on season two? It's so hard. I don't like to play by myself. I we need to play together if I have play. I just kept dying and getting shot at like I did kill a couple people. I'm so proud. Thank you. Um, and I got really lucky both times was right when you drop into the map. Um, I just find I get the gun first and I'm like this, it's a good bit of chance with that game for sure. Did you play on PC or ps four? Yes. Four. Okay. Cause I was going to say if you played PC it's a little harder because people are like way, way better on not doing that. I know better. I know better. Especially from you having both. And I also noticed like the dinosaurs.

Yeah, you can shoot him down. Yeah. I didn't know you could shoot them down. Right. It's just like, oh my God, they're in the world now. I can fly near them. Which we've been like hinted at, they're going to do a story mode involving kind of like what's going on in the terrain. I want that answer. I need to know what's happening. I don't want to be in this space. Who's living here? Is anyone living here? Everyone knows kind of like semi destroyed. But yeah, the dinosaurs you can like shoot them down and they drop like they make sounds. I bet it makes it really sad sound when you kill it. But I also hide from apex. I'm trying to be more versatile. I'm still playing Overwatch. So this is not versatile really at all. No, I think it's great. Play what you love. Yeah, that's true.

Uh, but yeah I started playing more Overwatch again cause the like Kinda like season of the Summer Games has come along and they have really cute little like mini games that you can play in or in like special skins and stuff like that. So I'm all about that. I am curious to hear, let's Segue into the movie side of things. Since we've been talking about a lot of movies, this podcast about like marvel movies and stuff. That's adorable. Yeah. She was just like, we're going to have less, or I'm getting ready, getting hype, getting hype. Tell me about lion king. How was it? Lion King was really good. I loved it. There was a couple of things. I read about it before I went and, you know, went to the theaters and saw it. Um, but knowing that made me a little like discouraged. It was all like, animals tell me it's okay.

Okay. And the viewers, if you don't want to be spoiled by the fact that the, there are tons of realistic looking animals. This is the movie and none of them are real. They're all CGI bi, CBGBs CBD oil. They're all, uh, you know, digitally animated. But honestly, you're not gonna spoil anything. They original movie came out in like 94. It's very true. Have you seen it? No. I'm just, I know it's like, Oh God. I'm like self- proclaimed the world's biggest Disney fan. So yes, I've seen it. I'm not like a huge Disney fan, but lion king's my favorite Disney movie. So it's like I hadn't seen any of the live action movies. This is the first one I went to ash. Well I'm glad I saved up. I got this one. But no, I think the animals look super cute. It would be exactly if I was watching national geographic and they were, it looks really nice like adding vocals to when the lions move their mouths.

It was so realistic. Like the first part of the movie is like scene for scene and then they even give you this scene for scene from the animated movie and then they actually add some stuff in there that wasn't in the movie. Okay. So that's the thing. I actually, I love that. Some, some, some details that should have been noted that's noted actually haven't seen it yet. So yeah, Chan, there's a new song I do know about spirit by fiance. I haven't heard it yet. And then seeing when they a scene that's also different from the movie when they play that. Okay, good. That's good. I seriously like, I'm such a huge Disney fan. Anybody who knows me in real life knows this. Like currently wearing a Mickey Minnie Masha. You are get hype. Look at chicken Mickey. But anyways I am super, super big fan. I've heard kind of both side of the reviews for this movie.

Either way I'm going to go see it. I loved it. Some of my favorite movies have bad reviews. I mean so I really try to avoid any kind of other like don't listen to him cause I enjoyed it. The animals were so realistic. I couldn't tell. And the thing is I was worried about the sound trap cause that's one of my favorite parts of most Disney movies as a soundtrack. But they've already released it way before. Like the movie came out and I've already listened to it and it's great. I'll look great. So I'll definitely be seeing it, seeing something I've been watching lately. This tells me not a movie but it's the TV. Tell me, tell me, tell me. It's stranger things. Season three. Whoa. Which I know you said you've already seen it day behind. It's been out for awhile. I probably should have finished it by now, but I don't know.

It's sort of, that'd be a great show. Just had binged all three seasons. 100%. I'm going to be honest, the second season I wasn't super impressed by saying it was okay, but I think the first season was super strong. It's just a very different like, yeah, like different perspective on the show. Uh, but the third season so far I'm, how many episodes total Dino's and third season. Not many of them, like eight, but I'm like halfway through eight. Really. I could be, I'm either on the fourth or the fifth episode, but so far I've really love it. I really liked the director that go to, and I have seen a few spoilers unfortunately, but it's okay. No, it's fine. It's my fault for waiting this long. But yeah, that's basically it. Uh, that's all that I've really been, you know, watching him play and lately, um, I think you, nevermind. Scratch that. And that was a, my brain thinking to come back to them. Never mind. Yeah. Thank you guys so much for listening. Jerrica you wanna as anything else for us. I think that's it. That rounds up the business, a fitness, the fitness. This we felt like we had a lot more to talk about, but we just got so like hype train, going train desk, trending news. I will talk the whole episode of whole circle. All right. Thank you guys so much for listening. We'll see you next time.

Hey guys, thanks for listening to glitch girls gaming. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram at podcast g. G. G if you have any questions, comments, or corrections, email us@glitchgirlswiththeuwpodcastatgmail.com don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review on whatever platform you're listening from. Until next time, this is Kayla.

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What's Your Dream Console?

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Introducing Glitch Gurls Gaming!