Introducing Glitch Gurls Gaming!

Introducing Glitch Gurls Gaming!

what up is the glitch girls gaming podcast and we are your hosts and me being Jerrica and me being Kayla. We're gonna start up this first episode. Yeah, this is it. Number one. Who'd a thunk it? It's actually happening. Yeah. We've had this in the works for a little bit. We always talk about it, but we're actually doing it. We're doing it. We're sitting here in microphones and we're talking about games. Yeah, so our podcast is going to be about a bunch of different things, but the mainly gaming and why we enjoy gaming and some news. Also kind of just what we've been playing this week and whatever the main topic is. Yeah. What's the main topic today? Jerica well, today we are going to be talking a little bit about a physical versus digital game, EAD, also a little bit about stadia and what that future looks like for.

Are you going to be able to play your game in the cloud, maybe not in it physically from cloud, from physically and in the cloud at the same time? Yeah. I'm pretty passionate about physical media. So we're going to talk a little about that. Do you want to start with kind of like why we want to do this podcast and what gaming means to us? Yes, we are so good. We're ready to get into that news, but just hang tight. Let me find my notes. Yep. This surfers episode, so I need that. Yeah. Well why she's doing that. I'm gonna talk a little bit about what made me get into gaming and how I did that. I got into gaming a little bit later. Um, I plates like some games when I was younger around like six or seven, but I didn't really get into gaming until I was like preteen now started with the game cube and the game boy color.

I do still have the Gamecube. Uh, it sometimes may or may not work. It just depends. I, what I love about gaming is I feel like it's an escape for me. If I'm feeling stressed, if I feel like anxious or tired or anything, I can just put on a game and it totally escape and put myself into that world. And I just love that so much about gaming, man. I love the game cube. It had a handle and it was great at that time. That was, it was portable. Honestly. It's still great. You know, I'd still play it if it works, just carry it around. Just [inaudible] it's my new purse. Like a boombox. Yeah. Boom. I knew his heart. You could probably mod one and sell it on Etsy or something. Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna look that up later. Okay. Am I talking about like a what I'm into?

Yeah. Why not and why? Uh, so I did think about video games is like also a form of escapism. Is that a word? Is sure. Why not? We just coined it. TM is a real word now. It's girl gaming. But, um, I literally started playing games, uh, when I was very, very young. I couldn't even read yet. And I remember playing sonic the hedgehog. Also, remember my mom like having to help me get through the, just the title screens and like the settings because I couldn't read the play. So, um, I've been playing games my whole life. Um, you know, up until now, really, and I'm 30, uh, so it's just one of those things that I haven't really, it's just evolved so much and the games that I played, like sonic the hedgehog on my Sega genesis all the way to like, you know, I'm the last of us in like naughty dog productions and what they do is like a real movie.

Right. Um, but I think about playing games is like going to the museum, you know, like going to look at some good art. Yeah. Um, and you get to interact with it, then you get to interact with it. Yeah. And consider like all the teams that develop these games. Like you've got these amazing writers that write all these crazy stories and um, moving stories and like animators that make the for on this character like bounce and flow like, to me, that is super cool and I get lost in it so easily. Yeah. I totally agree.

Um, so yeah, that's, that's just a taste of what you're gonna get from just a sample little sample of what we're gonna dive into. Slurping. Sorry, this podcast. Alright guys, let's get into the news. [inaudible] news is it's time for the news. We're professional. Yeah. That's going to change every week cause I really can't

keep, but that's what's authentic about it. You know, it's just, it's just new every time you get something new. Every episode with that. Yeah, we're okay.

Nothing fake. It's all real baby. Okay. And with the real news, I'm the first one is all about the new switch light. Hey, yeah, there's a new switch. Did you hear about that? That's crazy.

Actually. Hatton when Jerrica brought this to me, I actually had not seen it yet, surprisingly, but I have the original switch. Yeah, I talked to you about that in a second. Oh, g one now it's like the old one. Yeah. So I still had to say that. I feel like it just came out. I feel like this wasn't that long ago that came out, but you know, so the news, his

Nintendo switch is a smaller, cheaper switch, but it exclusively for handheld play as a key word. This comes to us by Andrew Webster, um, from the verge. And I'm going to read a little bit from his article. Uh, there is a new switch on the way and it's a whole lot smaller today than to know, revealed the switch light design is a less expensive alternative to the original tablet console. Hybrid. [inaudible] we have a price yet. Oh yeah. I'll may comes in at a one 99 $100 less than the base unit. And for that price you get a streamlined version of the switch, but there's a few caveats done. Done. I don't use that word a lot in my real life. I need to, um, but yeah, it's a smaller switch. Um, I was immediately like, Whoa, this is cool. Just by the colors. Have you seen the code?

I want to see you. Um, I don't know the actual names of the colors. I just know one, sort of like a teal color. Um, Cyan. Do you call that side? I don't know. Um, gray in the next teal teal. It's a teal color. Um, and then yellow. I love the yellow. It's ugly and I love it. So it's like not the best yellow but I really like it. Um, the, yeah, it looks like it's just a smaller switch and a couple of things that I wanted to that I also have read through this articles. You know there's going to be some issues with connectivity, right? Apparently if you have any downloaded like digital games, like you have to in system settings you have to make one of these console's like your primary switch. Do you know if you can change that, like you can change it. Luckily you can change it cause I was really worried cause I really want this cute little ugly switch. I'm little ugly swear to take on the go cause it's lighter lit. He cute. Um, but yeah. Um, now that I found that out because typically you have to be connected to some kind of Wifi. But what if I'm on a plane, I don't want to play my digitally downloaded games.

Yeah, for sure. I, we talked a little bit about this before the podcast, but I have a switch. We both have a switch. We both have switches and we both don't play them as much, as much as we should. Yeah. I don't, I don't honestly play mine very often. I have a few games I'm, I'm excited for animal crossing on it. Uh, but now it's pushed back to March of 2020. So that's unfortunate. Um, but I really enjoy mountain have. Let's go pick at you. I have a Super Mario Odyssey, which is really fun. And then I have Mario Kart too, which is of course great. Um, I liked the fact that I can display it on my TV. Um, but honestly I don't do that as much as I play at handheld. So this switch light might be a better option for me, but whether or not I want to spend another $200 on something that's basically the same. Do you know if the Games are compatible

with both great. The Bicycle Games? Yes, absolutely. But there are some games that require, because this one doesn't have remove removable joycons. Yeah. It's all one piece of hardware. So there are some games that require the joy, cons to be, you know,

that's thing, I love that sound. I know what you're talking about. Trademark sound. That actually is a sound and it was really great and I love it. Thank you. Okay. You know, separate and separate from the switch. So yeah, it's supposed to give you like a, a notification if that's the case. Yeah. So yeah, so that's really cool. Uh, it could be exciting. Uh, and I might get it right.

Oh, I'll keep you posted. We'll stay at, stay tuned. I really want it. It's cute. That's the only reason I want it. I like the yellow color.

So next up we have news that Cuphead is getting an animated Netflix series, so that's going to be interesting. I really love all the Netflix original shows and that's who's producing it, which I think is super cool. I've never played Cuphead personally, but I always have thought is super cute. I love the animation style and be Jerker we're actually talking about this. We think that mainly the reason we've kind of deterred from playing is because we've heard it's super hard,

hard, it's super hard. And I'm like, I don't know if I'm ready for that.

I, so I typically, I know myself and I rage quit very easily if it's like a storyline where you can't advance without passing, like certain points, which is most storyline games. Um, but if, if I get like on something repeatedly, I just like give up and that sounds really painful. But I do like, I also don't want to like toss cause it's on the switch and I thought about getting it since it went to this switch, but I don't want to switch. But then I'm maybe should get a switch light then if I break it down as soon as the only on switch. No, I'm, I think it's on everything. Maybe not playstation, maybe on, well switching places. I mean it was on Xbox. Oh, okay. PC. Um, so yeah, basically, uh, it looks like the animations again, really cute. And it's hand drawn animations, which I think is super like old school and Nice.

It's gonna be called the Cuphead show. The series will Chronicle Cup head. There you go. I was oddly worded, I've been waiting for that to get chronic cries, chronicle Cuphead and Mug Mans Avengers on inkwell aisle expanding on that bizarre 1930s animation wonderland. Oh, okay. It's based like 1930s animation. That's cute. Yeah. So the, the official announcement gives scant de scant details on the plot of the upcoming series and interview with ign game creators. Chad and Jared Moldenhauer probably said that wrong. Say it's not a little kid cartoon and that it will expand upon the same kind of vibe that the game hints at. I forgot to say this article is from [inaudible] dot com that's right Mike Favi and want to get copyrighted. Gotta mention that. There you go. Uh, yeah, so that's all there really news on that and just kind of men didn't really go into the plot like they said, but we did get the news that it's just coming out and just, and I think it's interesting.

Yeah. Netflix is, you know, jumping on that bandwagon of video game IP. Cause you know you heard about the Witcher, right? I did. I'm actually excited with the actors names. What does that guy, that guy who did the thing and he looks really nice and then I was like, I don't see him as the guy from the Witcher, but I saw some light print promo photos. I'm like, yeah, he looks like Geralt. I feel like video game movies and TV shows either go horribly or they go pretty well. I felt like there's not really in between a lot more that don't go well. You know, let's, let's see if it, ah, you know, I'm willing to give it a chance even though I haven't played the game. I think it'd be interesting to watch the show without having played the game. Yes, we should do that.

Yeah. And pretend it's not a video game show and it'd be like, what's this cute Little Cup animation? Then we'll be like, man, I wish there was a game and oh my God, there's a game. I will play it. Then

beauty and the beast is my favorite Disney movie. And he kind of looks like a little chip, like the little come right? Yeah. I think that's adorable. Think about, oh, I now hand it to me. So we had, we had one more piece of news to cover and Jared is going to talk us through that. Yeah. I'm going to talk to this right through that. Um, little do you know, you may know this, but I'm a huge bioware fan. I do know that. Do Ya now I want the whole world to know. I love bioware. I love all the games they make and especially mass effect mass affects my favorite game of all time. The original trilogy, hands down and got attacked to a on

my arm to prove it. Can't see it. Maybe one day you will, but it's there. Um, but this story sorta has something to do with bioware. Um, this is actually from the words of a, a gentleman named, well not the article, but Sean Murray's words are in this article Sean Murray ever heard of him have yeah, he created new man's Guy, right? That's right. And I'm little, a little bit just for you to know and our listeners to know. Uh, they may already know no man's sky was, uh, a game about space exploration. There was ton, like literally an endless amount of planets for you to explore and at launch it was not really that. Yeah, I heard it was a flop. It was a flop. Marino for sure. Um, I was intrigued by it though, cause I love like free room games and it's very much free room.

Yeah, I was super intrigued, but then I kinda hesitated. I believe I was working at best buy at the time when it came out. And of course being there, I saw everything about it. Everybody wanted to, everybody got it. I have, I heard people taking off like a week at a time to go play it, which so set. Well I did the same thing for mass effect Andromeda. So I feel for these people, I remember drama was okay. Yeah. Not the best, not what I wanted, but needless to say, um, no man's guy was not what they were promising. So there was a lot of backlash from that and a lot of hate from people that are mean. Don't be mean to your fun earlier. A that how much it must suck to like work so hard on something and then people just like crap all over it.

You know, it really is. The whole situation was sucky even though like it's on the other side. On the flip side, and we'll get to the, this relates to this topic. Like what part of your game do you show off? That's the right amount. Sorry, that was a computer noise. Um, but I'm a PC. You show up your game, that's realistic and what's to be actually played. Um, and trying to find that balancing, you know, that balance with marketing and what are games about with no man's sky complete flop like you said. And recently we have anthem from bioware anthem and um, fall out 76 from Bethesda. Both those games are something brand new. Those developers have never tackled which, which is online multiplayer. Um, and it's interesting because, let me get to the article. We ramble a lot. But this is such a intro.

Interesting topic. Relevant. Yes. Um, so here it is. No Man's guys. Sean Murray explains why it's best for anthem in follow up. Study six is developers to stay silent now after launch. And this comes from Games radar by Alex, Ava ARD. Um, and here's a little bit from the article. Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games and famed creator of no man's sky knows a thing or two about how to deal with, shall we say, feedback that's people being mean. Um, but the games original release back in 2006 saw a huge backlash from players who felt misled by slacked of a promise features. But since then, the indie studio has since worked out it's way out of that situation to actually post, um, add healthy postlaunch support, most notably the release of no man's sky next last year. Um, and actually, and then the upcoming launch of no man's sky beyond in the next few months. So literally this game now I'm going to come away from the article now has literally done, you know, what's one 83 60.

What are the, what are they flipped around? I turned around, they turned around this game,

they've added a lot of cool stuff. They took everything that people were saying and put it in the game. And now it's something people truly enjoy and they're like, this is a no man's sky that we wanted.

I feel like that's such a good, like practice to have as a company, you know, to be able to take that feedback and actually use it and give the consumers what they want. Absolutely. That's really cool. Even if it took a while and of course people are gonna be unhappy either way. You're never going to please everybody with a game. But it's really cool that they took like the main criticisms and like actually, right. And Yeah. What's really interesting in back to, um, you know,

anthem and fall, fall out 76 Sean Murray is basically saying, hey, cause this is why they shut up. Shut up. Yeah. Don't talk about anymore work on what you need to fix. You know? Um, and ultimately like, don't let that backlash be something that drowns you in like, well, we ain't going to do this anymore. Or, you know,

well, there's always room for improvement and why don't you just, you know, it's better to, instead of just being like, no, don't hate on our game. Like, just take that and like use it. Yeah. And it worked

really well with no man's sky. They went radio silent and the next time we really heard from them, they were like, hey, um, let's, let's come out with this next expansion and give players like this big, what's a good present?

A huge rapid present. A big present. Me, I'm the president of Kayla. Kayla's in the game.

I'm just kidding. That's, that'd be so fun. That would be cool. But essentially like with anthem and followups and I e three they announced fall at 76 is getting, you know, where there's actually going to be nbcs in the game it launched, there was, it was just players, which is a little weird. So they, they're adding that they heard the feedback. But with anthem they're in the same boat that God I Love bioware so much and I want them to succeed cause they make, they make some of the best games. They have some of the best like storylines and the team is like so talented. They're just be quiet. Yeah. Take all this feedback. Let, I want you to put it in the oven. It wasn't ready. That cake.

Preheat it. You didn't keep it long enough. You didn't did [inaudible] yeah, I know ea was rushing

you guy let it sit too long. And then they were like, get the cake out of the oven. We have no time. And the cake was soggy silo cake. Nobody likes soggy cake. It was, it needs to be put in there a little longer. It was either soggy or the little edges are a little bit too burnt, you know, either one. Either one of those. Yes. We want the perfect yes, moist but not soggy cake of course with good cream cheese icing. So that, so hopefully, um, in the coming months we'll see that from both bioware we've already got it from and stuff. So, Hey Jerrica what's your game plan this week? I've been playing some games, some games, some games that's good for the podcast, some games and most really I've been trying to play apex. I know you've told me, hey, you gotta play apex. Yeah, you can get seasoned to a try. I've played a little bit of season one when it first launched, so it's on my to play list. Um, that was a funny playlist. Um, but right now I'm, I'm Dowling. The update to it. It's got this, it's updating. Yeah. I walked in and I saw it on her computer and I was like, Oh, you've been playing at apex. I'm still crying. She was like, no, I, I'm so lame. No drop, not drop the ball.

Say it's very addictive. So once you get started and you're like actually get in the groove of it, I get frustrated with it a lot, but that's what I've been obsessed with lately is that game. But what have you been playing?

Okay. And, well, it's a sort of a weird story. That's fine. I like weird stories. That's what, so you know, I, you know, you've told me about you like animal crossing 100% and I have animal crossing for my three Ds. Um, but guess what, I've never really played it. I just had it and I think I've started at Belzoni for me, I'm not feeling this, this type of game. Believe it or not. Yeah. And I love starting valley. I played that a few months ago and I just cannot stop. It's different than started different, but like I feel like it has a lot of that collecting, selling and finding the right fish. Right. Am I right?

No, you're right. Okay. It's very similar in like the entirety of the concept, but like starting valley is very much more game of like chance whereas animal crossing at least this one, like the new leaf a is very much like you kinda just get what you get and like it's not really like a game of like I could lose everything at this point. Whereas starting valley like you could, you could have to like start over on some things. It's a very like progressive, I think ama crossings a little bit faster, like progression. Um, I just really like it for nostalgic reasons. I've always loved animal crossing. Um, it's surprisingly, I typically don't like that Kinda game that like, but with that, if we feel like it's different, I really enjoy it. But sorry to tangent.

No, cause I started playing it on my, I actually had to

go find my 3d s cause the switch has taken over my Nintendo life, but animal crossing isn't there yet. So I'd come up here to my video game closet of doom. There's so much shit in there. Um, and I went through it and I finally found my three Ds and its charger and animal crossing new leaf. And I started playing that. But while that was charging, I actually found my old game boy color and I played Pokemon silver. Yeah. I posted a picture of it on our Instagram. You should also follow it. It's at podcast g g g give to follow. That's what you call a plug. Shameless plug for ourselves. We're going to be putting some cool stuff on there. UPDATES and stuff. So you should definitely follow Sarah for sure. Yeah. And that game boy color, you need a real light to see it.

Yeah, it's got new backlash. I remember I had to give him what color too. And I remember sitting in my bed like I was supposed to be asleep at night and like my mom would peek in there and make sure I was asleep, but I have my little flashlight. I would actually hold a flash. Sometimes I'll put it in the crane and my neck and like hold it between my shoulders. Like I am just trying to catch these Pokemon for sure. Um, but actually had like a book light thing that plugged into it and I wish I could find that I needed that today cause I'm right underneath the lamp trying to play Pokemon silver, trying to hold it where you don't get the glare. It's it man. Times have changed. So does that mainly what you've been playing? Yeah, I got back and discovering some old favorites.

Absolutely. It was definitely on accident. Um, and I'm getting into animal crossing. I'm trying to get out of debt with a nook. Tom Knuck that's, you know, it's, he pitched a tent for me, but he's like, you need like 10,000 more cans of beans. That's why they call them bells until they upgrade the house. But no, it's, it's, it's cute and fun. I'm excited when it comes to switch. Yeah. As I mentioned a little bit earlier, uh, apex legends is something that has been like taking over my life. And I'm like, man, we're starting this gaming podcast. I gotta play different games other than just apex. Cause I'm the kind of person, like I like hone in on one game that I'm playing. That's great. I wish I could do that more. Yeah. Cause like

sometimes, uh, I get very distracted. Right. So I like do the opposite when it comes to games cause I have very little like free time to like do things like that.

So when I play, I'm like, all right, I'm dedicating this time in this game. But, uh, our producer actually mentioned, um, dead by daylight, which I know is not a new game, but tell you about that, cause I've been wanting to play it too, so I actually didn't recognize the name when he first told me about it, but I had played it before on my friend's PC. We have played, um, they had a youtube channel and we would like do stuff for that. Um, but I had played it before and I enjoyed it. I really liked the concept. It's like four players are the survivors and then there's one player that's the killer. Um, and it's, it's actually really creepy. It's, it's not like a straight up horror. Oh actually it might be like a horror game. Like there's killer involved. I feel like it's not that, it's not a good time.

It's not a, it's a great time. I love the funny game. I love horror games, but yeah, it is pretty creepy. The music's very like, uh, like horror ask. It's super cool. I know that's not okay. Uh, but if you're, you can, you can actually pick, which I think is really cool. You can pick to be the killer or the survivor. So like if you want to be like, uh, sent to a game where you're that specific like character in that moment. Um, they also have characters to election that have different like super good, that Kinda cool. Um, and I suck at it really bad. Uh, I'm actually terrible, which is not surprising to me at all, but I've only played it a few times and I really, I'm really liking it. I think it's definitely geared towards more like play with your friends kind of thing cause it's all mine.

Okay. I think it's a lot more fun to play with like people, you know, and like be in a party and that kind of thing, which I'm hoping to do soon. But it's really neat because I mean you get to like escape like from the killer and there's like a very like almost anxiety that's created around it. Cause like you can hear you like yeah I was about to say you can hear like footsteps and stuff. You could as a survivor you can be a lot stealthier and the killers just kind of like walking around looking for the survivors cause the goal is to like start up these generators. There's like four or five different ones and you get, yeah, you gotta start him up. Um, and you're, you and your like three other survivor friend people um, are trying to like start the generators without the killer like coming to kill.

You all want to play this intense like it like down three play together. I think that'd be a lot of files. I've been playing that and I've been playing apex a ton so I'm hoping to expand my uh, my game choices question is dead by daylight. Dead spy daylights or just singular? It's dead by daylight. Thanks. Uh, I just wanna make sure I wasn't messing that up. Is a first person or third person? It's their person. I've actually never watched any game play. Go there person for survivor. First Person. That's cool. That's sort of different. Yeah. In weapon of choice. Like for the killer to be different days. Yeah. You can choose different, like not low dots but basically different character choices and there's like DLCs where you can get like, like this specific, yeah, that's my stabbing. Yeah, they can't share, but no, like I played as the, like I played as the hillbilly killer. That chainsaw incredible can chainsaw people's faces off which Wowza of course that sounds like a great time. We got to do that. Yeah, for sure. So let's segue into our main topic now. My bow and Wellman. Hey, let's do this.

Okay. That's

key. Physical, physical, digital. Let's digital, physical, digital in the cloud. All right guys, we're going to start with our main topic now. I feel like it's taken us a minute to get here, but we've got lots of things to say. I'm doing. We talk a lot on this podcast. It's all talking. So this came up very authentically between me and Jericho. We were just having a discussion and I am very passionate about physical media and if

you're confused by that statement based media, you ask. So I want to, I say physical media. I mean like, you know, having a paper book, having a act going and buying and like an actual blue ray or a DVD or even the physical video game from like a gamestop or like best buy or something like that. Well now we live in, definitely live in an age of like digital media, which is fine.

I don't think anything's wrong with that subscription. Yes. Subscription services, digital downloads, the cloud now that is there is that being like a whole game system that's digital. Everyone has their own cloud. Yeah. That's wild to me. And I know I'm fairly young so I mean I should like more than likely you would think I would be into that, but I dunno. I'm Kinda feel like a little Mamo like rejecting it little Malmo. So Jericho, I want your opinion on this even though we have talked about it a little bit. But yeah, tell our listeners like where you stand on this.

I don't stay on anything cause guess what? His digital baby can't stand on it to do chew like that. Shannon can't hold it, can't touch it. You can just look at it. Look at it on a screen.

Yeah. Well what are your thoughts on it? Like why do you think that you choose to mainly do dude,

and I actually used to be, I obviously I'm a collector. We're in my game right now. So I do like to collect things and have always been that physical collector and, but now certain things I've gone completely digital just for convenience. I've done it. I'm like man, just let me pay $10 a month and download what I want. That's pretty cool cause I'm not spending as much on like individual games and having to try and be like, well I wish I didn't spend that money on that game. But no only I'm only paying 10 bucks a month. I can try it and uninstalling it. Um, but at the same time, like games that come out that I really truly like, can't wait for like death stranding. I'm buying physical cause I want that, but everything else, I'm just going onto the playstation store, downloading it because guess what? I can play it at 11 o'clock. I don't have to wait till the next day when it comes out. So that's a convenience. And

I like a headstart too. Yeah, absolutely. So I've sort of gotten to that space and it feels good. It feels good. It feels good. I don't know. I think that's totally fine. And I think with some stuff I may be like that eventually. Mainly Games like I don't, I don't feel like I care as much to have the physical in regards to gaming. Um, because again, like convenience and if I don't like it I can just, you know, uninstalling it or whatever. But I also really love to read. I'm a huge bookworm and I have so many books spread out like and again like that that can get like kinda cluttered pretty easily. But I love the way books look and movies. Like I love organizing exactly. Usually by color, like when people do that, I don't do that. I organize it by like category.

I have a lot of horror but I make sense of them like together and stuff like that. But I just love like besides the way it looks and like having them for collectors purposes. I love the feeling book-wise of actually having it in my hand and Wa like looking at the progress. But as far as games and movies and TV shows go like I even still buy cds and like records and things like that. She just a little Mama, I'm in the wrong generation. I swear to God, which is actually not the truth. I feel like I sound like a mom. All I mean time, we all have our moments. We all have our mall mom say mom, all moments. Oh No. But seriously, like I, I don't know, especially like hearing the new, you know, news about the, like what was it called? The cloud-based game was this, what's it called?

Gosh, brace yourselves. We got stadia that's, yeah, we're in schools thing and then we have the x cloud, which is Microsoft saying, I just, I, I'm very like turned off by that idea. I don't know why. Maybe because

like I, it confuses me a little bit. I get it, but I also just don't really want it. Like, I don't know. And I think that like that is part of my nature of just like loving to have physical copies of things like, and I'm kind of like youtube definitely if I really enjoy it. Like I am like Disney, I'm obsessed with Disney as most of you know. Um, if you're a new listener, don't know me personally. I Love Disney. She's a Disney girl and I have all of my, all the Disney movies that I love. I have physical copies of the movies. But what's interesting is moved most blue rays now come with a digital download key bar or like keep on like coat mom all again.

I'm like, you've got money pawns my coupon book. No, but they have a digital Dan lives too, so you can download them to your phone, which yeah. Opinion with travel. That's pretty. So I won't realize that. It's like kind of counterproductive if you think about it. Like I have the physical copy and download, but yeah, that's also nice that you can have both. That is cool. Um, but yeah, I really liked that about that and I loved that. Like with a lot of new movies now they're having steel book covers, which I just love the way those look too. I mean those in my shelf to eat in like I have the DC subscription service which includes school, which includes all digital comics. Even like back at shoes, I still buy physical comics. Yeah, I know I have that subscription service that offers me comics digitally.

Like I all, it's another thing like comics as well. Like I love, I don't read a whole lot of lines because I don't want to get super confused with that, but I read a few like different runs and I love having those physically to me and a hundred my fiance have like piles everywhere of just like, like different issues. We needed to get bins for them, but that's beside the point. Um, I just, again, with comics, like I, even though I have that offered to me, if I ever like, like don't know if I love like a run or something like that. This is the same with video games. Like I can download it or look at it just to see if I like it and then only have the digital copy, which makes more sense. Cool idea. Not sure. Yeah. Um, I know marvel does that too.

They have, I'm pretty sure they have a subscription service that's like that, but I think it's just with comics. Dcs has like media as well, like, like TV shows and movies. Um, uh, I don't know if I've taught you of this before Jericho, but I'm pro DC over marvel. Wow. I don't think I've ever met someone that says that these days. I'm not like a huge comic book person. I'm like, I know of the character. The semantics. Yeah. I've seen the movies DC. That's interesting. That's cool. I know a lot of people are gonna have a lot of people are not going to like that. A lot of people at work don't love that but, but I don't know. I've just always been, and that can be a whole separate, whole separate podcast. But no, I'm definitely pro DC over marvel, which is, well let's talk about like marvel DC, like video games on like injustice.

I love and justice. Have you ever played that? No, I have it. You can borrow it if you want. Throw it my way. Uh, um, cause you have the physical copy, right? Yes. Yeah. Seeing I can, you can share physical copies lot better. Very sure. Digital copies. Right. So I can with Audrey on, which is my fiance. Yeah, me and her. Um, if I download a game on my console, like she can, we can swap in between primary console's that we were assigned into on our playstation, but not with each other's games. Yeah. Not with like somebody else. I don't know for sure. Like PC and Xbox side. I don't think so. Maybe maybe PC cross console. But like if I have a ps four and you have a ps four and you only have the digital download, could I share that with you? You could have my playstation was the primary one.

Whatever game that's on, it has to be, you have to be like that is your primary console. I see. I knew x- box does something like game shit. No, I haven't done the Xbox thing. And so he's talking about no, I'm all playstation two. Yeah, I had an box one Xbox one or is x spot one is, is that one of those, I had the one one in the one s I'm not really sure which one's the newest one. I think it's the one s what if, so on

this topic, what if, um, so with the cloud base gaming and the streaming and everything, so Google stadia have you read about Google Stadium? I have a little bit. It's okay. Cause I'm obsessed with this topic. I saw the news that release during eight ether. Yeah, they actually, they talked about it earlier in the year, but he like the, a few days before he three, they actually unveiled like the controller and how it's gonna work, how it's to work. And I'm doing

the quotey things with my things that write with my fingers. Um, the only dilemma is because just imagine this is what the ideas, especially for listeners, like I can grab my phone and launch and add the stadia app and pick up on destiny where I left off or pick up on borderlands three when it comes out and play on my phone on the go and they are promising certain speeds of Internet. We'll give you four k and all of this. But on compatible devices you'll get forward, which next year there's a lot more devices coming. Like eventually all the devices will have that access. But the biggest thing, and it still is our Achilles heel with like technology in general is Internet speed like you even in like, like we live in a pretty large city but like outside of like the large cities, like some people can't get good internet girls from a small city real small.

And I don't really, even in this our large city, like we still struggle with getting good internet and especially on the go with our carriers, right? So I'm really intrigued about how this will work. I see it at like I, I'm, I'm a, I'm a fan. I see this as something I can, could be positive. I can whip my phone out and go get something from Zer on destiny cause he like once a week he'll have like something cool you can get from it. I'm like, I'm at work, I'm gonna grab my phone and get on there and like play a little destiny. That's what I want it for. So I have a question. I did see you one time at work with your iPad and a controller one. What was that? I know you probably explained it to me, but, so like playstation has remote play.

It's an app. Um, and you can play, it actually boosts up your place and playstation at home and streams that gain to your screen like tablet or whatever you have. Um, it works to that extent, like grabbing something from Xer and buying it, but like actually playing destiny competitive, I couldn't do cause the lag. Yes you can do like online features. No, but what stadia and x cloud are promising is that the cloud is your console. So that's in the playstation remote app is literally having to Ping a signal to my house and Ping it back. It's mirroring your playstation and I'm very surprised that works as good as it does. How does it look like? Does it look bad? That's good. It looks decent. Um, and I'm not asking for four k all the time with this service, but it would be really cool just to play on my iPad on the go. Now is it also like a compatible, like you could be playing it on your phone and then pick it up somewhere else on a different device? Different Games. Like it depends on the game. Um, but yeah, ultimately you may have to buy the game twice. There's some things we don't have answer because thinking I like this stadia is your console, right points. You have to buy the game on stadia yeah, I have to buy

the game on playstation. I have to buy the game on x Bads. True. Yeah. Well the stadia is it an easy sentence? An app? Is that what it is? I don't, I don't know for, I assume it's going to be an app, but essentially you'll get like there's a founder's edition on Google's website you can get, it's one 49 I think maybe even less than that. You get the controller, get the Chromecast, so odd plug in the TV and then you use the Google controller. They got cool colors. Like that's again, I just want one cause they're in cool colors. Same as the switch light. Yeah. I think it's odd to think about that you're paying $150 you are paying for a console. But it's weird to think that you're not going to have a lot cheaper. And then considering like if you, I think like the service itself is like $10 a month.

Okay. Okay. That's not bad at all. And just think about this. So for us we're, we're prime gamers but think about somebody that has never had a console before. That's, that's a good entry point for them. And that's something that they can, I just, I'm excited to see who are gaming expands to win that option for some people cause that's like a, like a pretty brand new concept. Like Sherri, that playstation has the app, but like the concept of the whole console cloud is your console and long as your internet is good. Yeah. That's Lincoln Avenue. Hopefully you can have a good time. So you will have the ability to play on just like cellular networks. It's probably won't be as great as far as like lack goes on the website. You can look up details of like you need this much. I think it's like 30 megabits at least to get fourK , which isn't, that's not that bad.

That's most, most people I feel like have at least those speeds. Yeah. Unless you live out in the boonies, somebody when he's out in the boonies, you may not get that. But for most people that's, I have to see it. I would have to see it in action before. I'm like, I'm a firm believer release date. Um, I think later this year, I'm so sorry. I don't want to the actual it's it is this year though. I think it's September because destiny, um, the latest expansion is going to be available on it. So that's not very long. Then we'll have to cover that when it comes out. Absolutely. Oh I I'm going to try it. See how it is. I'm gonna if it works on my iPhone, I have an iPhone so I don't think it's supposed to work on Ios devices until next year. Oh interest. That could be also wrong but I don't think it's coming to iPhone just yet.

It's not going to be ios. Yeah. So we may have to wait, but that would be cool also to play it like on your, could you think you can play it on your iPad eventually? Like yeah cause that'd be cool cause you got the got team. It has to come to Ios. What is the dom does a controller like bigger, like a playstation or Xbox? I'm from the pictures I've seen. It's about the same size but it's, I feel like it's a little flatter. It's a little, it's so simple looking. I wonder if it would be compatible with other controllers like a, it is like a modified like controller. No, it's actually compatible with playstation or Xbox controllers. Wow. I wonder if you could opt out of the controller that they would send you and say funny. That'd be cool. That's a question for you. You email Google

email, email the Google. Can I speak to your manager please? So yeah, I'm, I'm excited to see where it goes. Um, the cloud is my console. I like how it is my console. I like seeing that sounds pretty cool. It's got all the teraflops and everything, apparently physical digital. So cool. Well, I mean I think that pretty much covered our main topic. Yeah, I think we covered it real good. We put a blanket over it, put a blanket. We tucked it in until the next day. Yeah, pretty much. I'm so, we're super pumped about this podcast. Definitely let us know how you feel about it. Wherever you're listening to us. Give us a rating. Hopefully it's five stars. That'd be fantastic. Hey guys, thanks for listening to the glitch girls gaming podcast. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram at podcast GG. If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, please email us like pledge girls with the u g U RLS, um, podcast@gmail.com that's once again, glitch girls with the u podcast@gmail.com and also don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review on whatever platform you're listening from. Until next time, this is Jerrica.

Mostly San Diego Comic-Con

Mostly San Diego Comic-Con