Sumner - Executive Producer - Host (Off the Highway)


Sumner Nesbitt is an avid, passionate appreciator of film, and one of the most obsessed Disneyphiles you’ll ever meet. Sumner’s love of motion pictures began at an early age, where you could find Sumner providing unique critiques of The Neverending Story to the other members of his third grade class. Sumner took that cinematic passion and obtained a degree in Film from the University of Central Florida and has a hand in creating several short films and documentaries.

Central to Sumner’s story is his best friend, his loyal companion and unparalleled wingman, Mosby the dog. Mosby has stood by Sumner for years, even through Sumner’s deep depression during the Cars era of Pixar Animation. It could be argued that Off the Highway would not exist if not for Mosby the dog. For that, we are eternally thankful.

In addition to knowing the exact brand of cigarettes Walt Disney smoked, Sumner is a prolific photographer. You can see his work at

Chazz - Producer - Director of Photography - Host (Off the Highway)


Known as the wild child throughout childhood, Chazz tried to experience everything he could get his devious self into! He snuck out, broke all the rules, and especially despised authority. It wasn't long before he picked up a camera and started filming everything he could, catching things on film he probably shouldn't have. Chazz could probably ruin people's lives with blackmail today, but you gotta have a code. Those videos will go down with the ship, he promises.

Naturally, Chazz went to film school and jumped into understanding the industry on a professional level. His passion for film-making turned into desire to know the ends and outs of all things filmmaking, from pre-production to post-production and everything in between. He worked on a few 'micro-budget' (less than $5 million) Hollywood films, like Chu and Blossom. He also produced commercials for companies like Publix before he realized this ain't the life for him. Why? Story for another day.

Today, Chazz is a full-time Android/iOS developer, founding his app company, Adrenaline Life. Chazz had an integral part in co-founding Freeway Productions. His goal, along with an amazing group of people, is to build a production company designed for the future, an internet-based media company started by the very fans of media themselves. You can download his Spark app on iOS.

Wes - Producer - Host (Off the Highway)


One of the last True Romantics, Wes exudes true Southern charm and chivalry at its fullest, along with a little Cajun influence. He makes jokes, writes stories and poetry, and has an intensely wild imagination. His whole life has lead him to this one, very important moment: making a podcast and production company with his best friends. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Zoe - Producer


Zoe is a creator through and through and especially loves to create online content. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Communications and has a true love for sports and entertainment. She joined Off the Highway before the name existed and desired to create an identity for her unique group of friends. Off the Highway is not just a name, it is reality.

Zoe has previously produced for CBS and is excited for the opportunity to work with friends. As a determined young woman, Zoe’s goal for Off the Highway is to help people explore their creative potential and to make a difference in people’s lives through entertainment. You may not see or hear her on film or audio, but rest assured she is behind the scenes keeping these guys in line.

Zachery T - ProduSir - Host (Millennial Prob Pod)


Born in small-town Jacksonville, AL, Zachery T was destined for millennial greatness. Being fat, super gay, and with parents who always told him they were proud of him no matter what, it is not wonder he has turned into a huge, millennial monster. 

Zachery T has a $100,000 piece of paper in marketing that he is currently not using in a professional capacity. His long-term relationship with Adam finally turned into marriage July 2018. He enjoys not working, reading, gaming, playing with makeup, and hiking with his pups, Bambi and Raja.

Slime T - Producer - Host (Under the Bunk)

Slime T - 2.jpg

Born in Saudi Arabia, Slime T is a half-American, half-Turkish singer and songwriter. The host of Under the Bunk, Slime T is driven to create and share content inspired by his unique worldview. Slime's goal is to promote local musicians and artist talent through conversation-based interviews, live performances, as well as to create a platform for collaboration.

Brielle - Producer


Her name is Gabrielle, but she goes by Brielle. She doesn’t know what she’s do here to be honest. Maybe someone can help her figure it out. She’s a strong believer of just going with the punches, because life has tossed her a lot of curve balls. Hobbies consist of interior design, fashion and trying to get into medical school. She enjoys a good movie binge but you can also find her by the pool.


AG - Host (Millennial Prob Pod)


Born and raised in Birmingham, AL, AG is about as basic as it comes. Pro drinker and fantastic flirter, there’s nothing she can’t accomplish. Currently working on her journalism degree, AG writes pieces that conveniently will never see the light of day.

In AG’s spare time you can find her on a mountain with an IPA and her insane canine. Currently single, she enjoys self exploration, watching Fantastic Mr. Fox on repeat, and the occasional French conversation as if she’s still fluent.

Trish - Host (Winning Ugly)


Trish was that child who did not stop asking questions. Her mom shares stories that she would walk around with a Playskool cassette tape recorder and ask people questions and record ‘interviews’. She was born to podcast, it just took 35 years to realize it.

Throughout her life, Trish started to notice and distinctly remember the encounters she had with complete strangers and realized how comfortable they were to share their stories with her. As an empathetic human being, Trish truly has a gift to genuinely listen and care.

Trish has been through monumental life changes: she married, moved to a new state, opened a business, then moved to another state, and opened another business. This is not normal for most, but Trish and her husband, Emory, reject normalcy and accept who they are as people through and through. As a team, they accepted the cards they were dealt and learned to win ugly throughout these life changes. Through bravery and perseverance from their stories and others’, Trish and Emory began to look for people who would share their Winning Ugly, to not only inspire themselves, but all of you. Trish gives much credit to her entrepreneurial, overly spontaneous, and joyful husband who motivated her to jumpstart this journey.

Trish is a foodie, home cook, book-worm, and deep thinker who would rather be on a hike than eat a piece of cake. Yes, she is that weirdo who does not like sweets! Please send chips and salsa in lieu of cakes for this Southern girl.

Emory - Host (Winning Ugly)


Start his own production company? Check. Produce his own TV show? Been there, done that. Create a podcast with his one and only, Trish? Why not? Emory has a zest for life and is going for it. His ability to see what is realistic for himself to accomplish has always been a bit skewed, but when he sees something he wants, strides for it. Whatever it may be. He follows his dreams.  

Originally his incredible wife’s dream, Emory jumped at the idea of being the co-host for Winning Ugly, and now the rest is history.

Winning Ugly seems to be the theme of his life because we all know the more you go after your dreams, the more stories and experiences you will have; but with perseverance, grit, and a jolly spirit, you will stand victorious to share stories to encourage yourself and others along the way.   

Emory enjoys lifting weights, writing poetry, eating steaks, and sharing and hearing wisdom. Give him a balcony, cigar, and a good book and he would call that an epic day.


Jerica - Host (Glitch Gurls Gaming)


Jerica learned how to play video games before she could read, which explains a lot. She enjoys breakfast burritos and a great single player narrative-driven video game. Her favorite video games of all time are the Mass Effect trilogy. She loves spending time with her girlfriend, Audrey, and her dog, Otto. Jerica is known as “hype” woman and is a sneaker collector. She also is highly knowledgeable about LGBTQ characters in the video game world and is a huge advocate for diversity not only in gaming, but in the industry of making video games.


Kayla - Host (Glitch Gurls Gaming)


Born and raised in a town with fewer people than you can count on one hand, Kayla discovered the joy and social aspects of gaming at a very early age. Along with video games, Kayla is an avid reader and appreciates multiple creative outlets to express herself. Since childhood, she has been fascinated with anything DC or Marvel: comics, movies, shows, any of it (she’s more of a DC fan but understands this is a very unpopular opinion, please don’t email us). 

Kayla enjoys being outside with her pupper, Lilo. She also enjoys constructive debates and hearing others’ opinions, especially on the topic of life. As a YouTube content creator, she always wanted to be involved in a podcast to pour all of her creative energy into and share her love and excitement of all things gaming and nerd.

BB - Host (GUL)


A talented curator from Atlanta, GA with a school of style, and strong creative skills. BB has been effective at fashion blogging, event planning/coordinating, enhancing personal style, marketing the culture and developing an avid network platform. Her vivacious and determined ethic has created a delightful foodie experience, podcast, writing entries and a charity initiative. While creating, she’s had the opportunity to style retail/awards events, contribute to magazines, and be an influencer for tech/retail organizations that are extremely engaged in local communities.

Spunky - Host (GUL)


A former collegiate athlete with a love for music, sports (ie. Lebron James), and traveling. After five years in the workforce she went back to receive her JD/MBA, and is currently a practicing attorney. In her spare time, Spunky enjoys working out, trying new restaurants and napping.

Joí - Host (GUL)


An advocate for vulnerable populations, mommy and entrepreneur from Birmingham, AL. She is a proud graduate of Alabama A&M University and the University of Connecticut (UConn). Joí loves style, enhancing the lives of new/expectant moms, spending time with her family, listening to music, journaling, traveling, adventure and creating opportunities that align with her purpose to enhance life. She is a light to those who have had the pleasure to meet her, and is affectionately known by most as “Sunshine.”



Joli - Editor (Off the Highway)


Quite Possibly the youngest member of Freeway Productions. Joli is the editor for Off the Highway. A new media artist (mostly a cartoonist), who is a giant weeb and whose aesthetics are very vaporwave based. Ever since childhood he’s had a very active imagination and craved to create content. Technically still a kid, who’s really just trying to do whatever he can for the things he loves. He is also part of another podcast with his friends called The Lunchtable Podcast, which replicates the lunch experience back in high school (Only Available on Youtube).



Chadwick - Music


Chadwick Hamilton McDowell is a pianist, guitarist & composer currently residing in Birmingham, AL. He teaches all 3 of these at Mason Music.

Aside from teaching, Chadwick plays jazz/blues music at various locations around the city. He also writes music for various projects and organizations and enjoys the occasional game of disc golf.